How To Paint a Dimensional Watercolor Blackberry | Samantha Cabrera | Skillshare

How To Paint a Dimensional Watercolor Blackberry

Samantha Cabrera, Artist

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5 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction to Painting a Dimensional Watercolor Blackberry

    • Painting A Watercolor Blackberry (Part One)

    • Painting A Watercolor Blackberry (Part Two)

    • Painting A Watercolor Blackberry (Part Three)

    • Painting A Watercolor Blackberry (Part Four)


About This Class

Welcome, students!

In this class, you will be taught how to paint a simple yet detailed + dimensional watercolor blackberry. With layers, blending + using lighter and darker shades of only a handful of colors, we will form our dimensional watercolor blackberry.

This class is broken into four segments that all naturally flow into the next.

What You Will Learn in This Class:

1) Lightly sketching our blackberry

2) Creating white space as highlights

3) Using the layer effect for added dimension + buildup 





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Hello, everyone. My name is Samantha Cabrera. Aside from my full-time job as an English and Art Teacher, I’m a watercolor illustrator, realistic oil painter, and creative business owner based in Waco, Texas. 

Originally an oil painter for 10 years, I wanted to find a new medium to explore, thus, my love for watercolor began.  

My goal for teaching these classes is to help others paint beautiful and detailed paintings with fun, simple, step-by-step art c...

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