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How To Paint Valley Of Flowers | Acrylic Painting

teacher avatar Debasree Dey, debslilarts | Acrylic Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome back

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Sky Part 1

    • 4. Sky Part 2

    • 5. Green Field

    • 6. Distant Trees

    • 7. Grasses Part 1

    • 8. Grasses Part 2

    • 9. Flowers

    • 10. Final Touch Ups

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About This Class


In today's class, I will teach you a very easy way to paint the Valley of Flowers. 

I'll also teach u

  • how to create the Sunset sky
  • how to paint the grasses
  • how to create amazing textured leaves and flowers.


1. Acrylic Paints (listed below)
2. Canvas Paper / canvas board / stretched canvas
3. Brushes - 1 flat brush and 1 small round brush
4. A plate - something to mix paint on
5. Water
6. Tissue paper

Colors I used in this class:

1. Titanium White
2. Chrome Yellow
3. Orange
4. Crimson Red
5. Prussian Blue
6. Black

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create this painting.

I recommend this class for everybody - no prior art experience is necessary. If u haven't painted in a long time and wanting to brush up your skills or if u haven't found anyone to mentor you in your creative journey,  or if you are not sure you will be able to paint, or if you just want to paint pretty landscapes just to feel good - this class is for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the class


If you are new here, do check out my other classes and create masterpieces:

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You can purchase all the items I use by clicking on this link.

This is an amazon affiliate link, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission, if you click and make a purchase. Thank you for your support :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Debasree Dey

debslilarts | Acrylic Artist



Download my eBook. 


Working as an artist for 7 years, I have carved my own path into the art world. There were many big stumbling blocks and also bigger accomplishments. All of which lead me to become a Thriving Creative.

Collecting my experiences, I have built this ROADMAP for you!





Hi, my name is Deb. I'm a self-taught artist, acrylic art guru and a creative entrepreneur based out of Pune, India. Academically, I've done MS from BITS Pilani, worked in corpor... See full profile

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1. Hello & Welcome back: Value flower was such a beautiful sight to witness. If you've been to any of the value of flowers, he would know how mesmerizing it feels. So in today's class, I'm going to be teaching you how to create this gorgeous valley of law was painting with acrylic paint. Hi, my name is Deb and I am an artist best out in India. I had been teaching painting professionally for the past five years. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my skill ship profile or you can connect with me on Instagram. In this class, I'm going to be breaking down this complex painting into small individual steps. Make it really easy for you to follow along, even if you are a beginner in acrylic painting. I will be telling you all the art supplies that you would need for creating this painting. And then I will take you through every process of creating this painting. Starting with this gorgeous sunsets chi, I know the sky looks really complicated. But with the step-by-step guidance, you will be able to create just fine. And then we will move on to creating the lush green field and all the trees in the background, and then creating the grasses and finally creating this gorgeous flowers in a very loose abstract with, so we are not going to get into detailing of all the objects that you see in this landscape. However, you will be able to create a really beautiful, easy painting at the end of the session. So I hope you're excited to create this painting all on your own. So without further ado, let's get inside the class. 2. Art Supplies: Hey guys. So at this video, I will show you all the art supplies that you need for creating this painting. So the first thing you need is a face to vent on. So I'm using again this board for this one. This is a I think a nine by 11 inches. Okay. So what I'm gonna do is take off alone. If you are not being, I always recommend that stock by being democratized. This I know kind of span the aphasic spacing. But if you'd come to, if you don't want to buy it at this board, you can just buy got loads also that avoids them better. But I always suggest that 4 billion US stock, but means you not gotten this data would be most because so much easily on the kindness is young. So you need a selfish to paint on and you will need some equity goals. So on the colors that we, that we in a way thus are white, chrome, yellow, orange, red. Caves ended Prussian blue. And so these are the six others that team at glad for the safety and go. I'm not using any deem blouse because I put them together and create clean, so I show you that. But if you want to use green data, being free to do that. These colors are electric vehicles. So this is how they come in. This kind of buttons, these up by a 108 million mines, you can find them in the Amazon leaned back and shading the description below. And what do you do is I board the scholars into this nozzle bodies because they are kind of easy to take out. So even in the kangaroos, not any dat critic follows. You're going to need some accurately brushes. So these three branches that have money for this dig. So foreign 911 inches Canvas, I am going to use a is Dan eight and did wrong brush size three. So these are two brushes I don't want to be using. And I actually also keep lighter brush and d, just to simply mentioning him. Because unlike Rashi's own misfit importance. So you'll see how Kim this is. I think there's a side of CO adopt. So it's very important to have liner brush. So signing. And for doing some of that eugenic world, we don't have too much of descending walk in this painting. So here is the painting. This is a base model version that I did or you're just figured out how to do it and you see this small lines that are coming. So if you have one liner brush, really looks really nice young. Okay, so Canvas condos, brushes and lead to mix your colors on. I'm using a glass plate to over your, you can use anything that you have, John Watteau and some tissue papers. So that's pretty much all you need to get started on this class. So let's get to our first step. 3. Sky Part 1: I'll start by taking out all the colors. When I take coat colors, ideally take them out in the base quantities because as you know at Boston, okay, that's all TO begin with. I will take the weight of the image, delete them. Okay? So I'm starting with size Damon brush, which is like the beagle one out of this Jill's lab brushes that i have stopped by mixing. Lag and blue, absolutely tiny bit of that and lots of blue. W mixing it up with the same ticking Alinsky flat, but is really list quantity. You don't want to take a lot. Okay? And so since this is the Muslim, you are going to need a bit more of things. So we don't talk internally to make sure all of your white spaces in the catalyst is covered. Okay, so I'm mixing quite a bit more faint. Notice one thing that when I am picking up the color from the plate, I am mixing it up and beginning in them, right? I am not mixing a lot of pain to like a black and blue mix and keeping it. And every time I need the beam to me, I'm mixing H on the cannabis mostly I'm not treating mixing a lot in the bleed. So I'd really like mixing my colleagues on the canvas because it just gives you so many different shades and gave a lot of textures in the canvas at the bonds we'd love to actually trying to do much. And you'll see I did the color. And now what I'm doing is I'm using just a White to join him down and at the same time give it some texture. And I'll just quickly mock for much. I have to come to this much. Okay. Just keep coming. So novel, I'm not picking looks blue and black and mostly ticking White and toning it down as I uncommon download. Okay, that's it. I am going to add a bit more, but for the time being, what I'm going to do is. Use this other branch that I have and I am going to add the yellow and orange in-between. So for that, I'm taking just a wide mix it up with yellow, but of orange. But mostly light dawns. Save not patching the bugle with your I'm just going closer to it, but not all the way. And I'm trying to kind of clear horizontal lines, jokes. So I'm not really trying to blame the entire thing. I ever fatal spleen and on with all these three palace yellow, white, and orange, and trying to create some forays into the veins of litres at night picked up and you just blew over there. But that's okay. It's not getting mixed up. A lot of them AUC days knew their second critical, which a fresh white right? Up to more and more go in the background. So don't worry too much about it. And what we want to do is just at the Sun overshot. And for that I'm using my finger just to make a small round effect. That's our son. And all you can do is just go around it and just leave it out. Just a bit not to ones. Okay? So this brushes work is done. Knowledge may move back to our blue brush. And you see what I'm doing very softly. I'm taking morals. Light, bluish shade that the plate and going around dude. With mostly white dish No, because I would add a book peaches doc of big later. So as is known what I'm doing as Maddie, model the light at dawn in coming on top of it and you see the process. What's happening is it's kind of getting blended up with the orange a little bit and we will be one that color. That's how you create a beautiful sunsets guide. Okay. So pretty much my canvas is colored on the job area on BPMN models. Now we need to play around exceeding need to adjust a bit tomorrow. Okay, so see how that is happening, mumbles. So what I'm gonna do is use up this in black mix and a beautiful white do it me. And we'd have worry, my gosh, she lose joy and pizza. Which is chuckled off the lines and adding all of it in the form of textures. I sometimes might take a bit of dark ones. I have actually quite a bit of darker ones. Just very loosely and in some of these blue textures. Alright, let's make some more paint because it's almost look. So making a one this time. Okay. You see it a little bit more than flatMap. And what I'm going to do with the political show. And just add a bunch of dark ones. Adding them in a really lose weight. I'm not trying to blend them to the background layer because the background layer is pretty much dried also by now. It's not really valuable for it to mix up. On. I've tried to do it is just a bit of black sheds unit there. See it's almost all water from the brush, so let us become a bit more to few strokes of Doc OB. Well, okay, my being disposed, I'm mixing it again. 4. Sky Part 2: And I don't want that. So I would add a B2C, white weather coming up and let me just add all them knock ones that I wanted to add on this top area. Really there is no right and wrong. And as much as you want to add, just make sure it's not just one way. Now I'm moving towards lighter tones and I'm adding it just took these tools so mortified. So what I'm doing is I'm just picking a lot of weight. You see how we went from dark to light or toys. So dearly duty shades as you can see happening. No. This is mortal white light. I'm beginning to open a new brush. Just a cup. So due to the sun, but this new one. Okay. But among the exchange time only though I studied in the figure nice agenda, each avoids on the domino. And then you see I'm holding my production GET knows while doing this. Just lay it out a few strokes here and there. Like I said, it's totally known. It's stuck up too much on what you are seeing. The huge jump. Just have funded surveyed exhibit extra strokes if you want to. Because it was all no good at the end. Adding just a moral voice in the job because the weight is not too much visible. One will deed I want you to notice is that I'm not using this entire flat selfies to paint your what I'm using is mostly the corner. Notice how I'm using the corner to do lending. The inability to lose weight. So they added the way that I had on the back of my flesh now abusing the corner only do kind of laid it out like this. Seaworthy might rationally news. And in the way of achieving this is if you have a noun brash. So something like this league, you can do the same effect with a round brush, will be just in case you find this difficult to do with it. A flat brush, feel free to switch to a round brush and you can do the same stuff with their own pleasure. However, I find more comfortable doing it with a flat brush. Stopped whenever you feel you don't heavy the textures that you're getting on your canvas. Have a look at it to your camera. That is one important technique that I realized. When you're looking at your being Dean. If you cannot really understand what is happening or you have a doubt, just take a picture or just look at it through the camera up and you will see what is happening. Decide whether you are happy. We did already want to do. What I'm doing is I'm just making a little bit of Docker daemon Twitter cookie. That's kinda just a bit of the clouds. And it just seems to be to water to have a really smooth flow Luoyang. You came. My n, We'll just talk mature and IT gets looking really fantastic. Well, one thing that didn't like is that the design is not that from Minnesota struck the gall. What angle is this? Lot rushed him at the beach, more often white and just extended a bit on the site. Right? As you can see, the white is not Video. Ends up deciding existed between white on dopamine. We've got lots of textures. So if you, if you have done that, just delete the booking for you once again in stock with 3D doctrine from the DOM. And then you get to a middle zone and then you get to a later don't by adding mortal flight with it. And you keep adding on district strokes in pretty much four isn't stroke but it's not absolutely horizontal. It's little bit wavy. And what you're doing is you're using eaters John Branch until you're comfortable or the corner of your flat brush to make this kind of okay. I hope you guys got that and now we'll move on to the next step. 5. Green Field: So I was just my blue blood, but it's not completely watched as the concede, this pretty much blew remaining and it's OK. You don't have to leave the clinic completely ideas much to get rid of the maximum Black from it. And now what I'm sorry, epitopes. You don't need to take a blue again on I'm going to do is become yellow. And you see I'm not really watching my flush money. All I'm doing is just a wash of greens. You need lots of no for this one I'm going to do here. Is that then putting it on my plate and reach a border could amount of white, yellow on my canvas. Ok. All I want you to do is give it a really good bosch BC, the beautiful pretty that is being created by mixing blue and yellow. Now, as we're coming down, what I want you to do is don't go all the way down to that. He said I'm holding my canvas afflict this is that I don't have much. I like coloring the sites by the way. I think it just looks really good. Okay, next, what I want you to do is pick up on the same place. Okay. No, no strokes and appeasing fortune. Just go all the way and just completed a facts. But and he did that gives almost epstein. Now what I'm going to do. Any software not good to put a lot of S shall be my brush. I'm just going to go vidi softly on this little NPV and add the Dhaka ones that I have. Justin something. I wanted to document the bottom area of the tube. So one of you to do is at the bottom on the sites. Just go to, I'm done with this. Have fun with this. Don't focus too much on what's happening because we'd go into background. So I love adding all this abstract way of coloring the landscape. This baby free-flowing. You don't have to think too much. And the debt. So if you notice what I'm trying to do is I'm adding more dock on the bottom and upon that to sites. But data that is the vertical direction I am doing it for the documents and each mole of black. I loved the weeds textures that bone. Now what I'm going to do is just give it some time. Hey, because it's pretty weird to stick it out. How well, this is the automatic, right? So I just let it dry a bit and then we're going to do little bit of a dry brush technique to give the final desired textual C. As of now, there's a lot of textures or like, but these are pretty much random. The weak form, I didn't try to clear it up XOR with OK. But once it is dry it you will have more control on how to give the desired texture. Ok. And while we're waiting for this to dry whatever we do in between, and add little bit of stuff on the dog because it's dry enough to do this at the disappearance over here. Ok. Now I feel this brush size, it's a big deal for me to continue. So I was reach to the to the smaller one. So you can use either this one, the one that I used a size, and that actually leads to an even smaller one. So this says psi six. Okay? So what I miss eyes you have is fine. Now what I'm doing is mixing little bit on yellow and black. We can make some little bit of Russian know also. And P into green. And all you're doing is giving a dock right now because it's kind of the sunset. So everything is looking like silica is pretty much blackish. It's absolutely dry brush. And you are just going and adding. This kind of anxious right inside is done between line and we'll then starting doing the same thing on the left side. So all you're doing is sticking the dry brush less band. And you undoing kind of like this that is on your effortless and creating this leaf length back the shoes on the distant trees. So I mean, I've seen mostly black. You are not using any bean. I'll yell because I just wanted to create the singlet. And one of the chief list. Once you've gotta do is add a codon site. And now I'm taking this to be two federal spending fees. Just to make it look like these old black, you won't even understand what's happening to them. So just to get to the dimensioned, I'm adding the yellow x Joe to make a joke of Bisulfite Griffiths of because we don't want to make it to night because it's in the distance, strike K. So it's pretty much done every job. 6. Distant Trees: And next, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use my small round brush. And rather than using the flat crash was it's kind of difficult to batch to do it with a with a flat brush source which to some bound rush and just to visit Lizzie small areas of Chines and do it's done. Finished. And on each hand because my rational because you'll get more control and you need to be done. And the ground. And then deflectors. First-world luggage with the honored, with the black ghetto exist. Do it exactly the same way as we did on them. And to use my liner brush now. Because n t, the T.DIST and nice King lines also define us months you make. Don't be conformed to exactly what you see in front of that of the term WWF. Paid to do it in your own style of old souls event. It's a different goddess than what you see. That way it's more fun when you don't feel good. And you can do your old style also. 68, I have my best, so I just use it to get to that. So by now after they're finished at the top, but that budget is not completely dry, but it's just clusterings might get more money and so on. I want to do is I have to be just like this. And you see now the textures are going in the way I want and not really to see the change. That's good to know as we add features, agenda and a white flower suddenly to come at the same time, it is only this much to black. And I don't want I want to out and governor of this yellowish area, so I'm just gonna stop being young. So what we heard, you see a little bit of lice bomb that's buying these ads like that. Because when we come onto a sulfate and, and we act although flowers and the leaves and the days just distal line, we go. Okay, so let's not get too much bothered by quite a few of these 2D line that you can see here. My days all cool. Okay, so now I lead you to completely dry and then we will get back to it and do all this stuff on top. Perfect. 7. Grasses Part 1: Alright, now at this stage, we are going to add other leaves in the flow field. And next to it, maybe we can add the flows. Ok, so before painting on the leaves want to do is add a bit to morph black because they know the quasar is backed out. The leaves are going to look for that and I'm just taking out individuals that see my previous then has completely dried. So add one more layer on top of it. So I'm not going to add the blacks just buddies obsolete. That's the best. Show and say, okay, now, what about this? And I, to use this one now, which is size three. So let's click some greens. So you can create being either by mixing yellow and black and you'd get this olive green color. Or you can mix up little bit oppression laws. So I am going to mix a little bit of Prussian blue or yellow to get lit with brighter yellow. Sorry, project. Okay. This is one green and then yet TNT and one hoping that says, that's fine, right? So you have two shades of green to lock it down and start from the top. So one thing you would notice that I create alerts and just talk to them. I keep switching back and forth between. So if I don not getting into all the details because I will do more with the liner brush that I have. So right now, I'm just creating some once just to figure it out and where to go, how to call use Bhutto. Fortunate in this section, I think is tedious because in our dry brush would not give you a very nice to use. B took water. Okay, so this is your NOX. As we went down, I am going to switch to more of Kellogg as if the light to store. And this is two independent on that in a bit more. And now let's start working on that motivate. So you see the reason we did the black back boundary so that the leaves of our tree better. And now we take this lighter one insight. So I'm adding a pixel by each with my yellow to make it even more right down. And keep going inside at the center. I'm kind of mixing up different shades. I've never walked with the signature the week on throughout. Cdc I can keeping adding some of the debt to have distributed data. Why not to have your dream? It's really a bad state. It is nothing much to do other than just keeping some vertical lines in different directions. Okay, now what I'm going to do is I will just suites to my liner brush and just create that little bit more detail optics lines. Ok, so this is my Docker one. Stuck up area. Since the same process, just that the brush is also, you may get more defined lines. You see empty the shade of the p-naught. Between in some places, that's what I like doing I give or the sheets. One important to always keep in mind is kind of in the background, so I'm just a bit more color into it and then adding the leads and that the line is not batch prominent. Use water because the more water you use, the better off. You will have a GED baselines. You'll not stopping to apply the line. Okay. I teach a lot. I've been at switching to little bit reflected what's in between. You see I'm mixing up all the sheets. I'm using pieces of yellow, kids on green in-between. So all different. Coming up on effect. Now, let's start coming down. The axon. 8. Grasses Part 2: You see the density. And so that's why it's important to have a huge amount of water. You rush to get like beautiful lines at once and you don't have to Google it twice. Okay, that's good amount flights. If you want to call it a tour and it's more, that's totally fine. I will just stop here. And just click to add to just a few strokes like this. Lots, lots folks, stocky, they just fused to us. I know I've got to use it fast. Just watch it tended boss and then until age seven to age. Next, what I do is I take my small flat brush completely Jade off some budget, two days to do this in two different ways. Iraq, which one actually works as feel light. And this light yellow. So I took it on the tip of my brush and I'm going to get rid of the maximum, began to have a really great passion. You're very softly, you see I'm adding this kind of now. This is one way of doing IIT. I didn't like doing it this way with a blood pressure with its gets done faster. But I'll show you another way of doing the dog zone, which is with a small brush and agitate this. We tend to do it this way because I, I didn't write commute. In fact, if you want to anions that flat brush being free to do that. I feel that we really joined with us monographs, you pass on the ships that till 12 with the flat gradually dawned on this path. So much of control. Doing pretty much take the sheep that to a recent odd give me. Okay. It's tempting to create lines. These are again, these are between the background and peoples of flavus and need to get a final layer of this ain't doing this. You can consider pretty much though. These white ones, that white yellowish ones. These are basically the small flowers. Flowers that edge. I'm not going to define all of those flowers. If you want, you can to it it's going to be a norm d HIS process. But I'd probably show you guys one not to wait for two flowers. After doing that, you can do it. Now, if you're working on campus, you have the liberty to go and define each of these small ones if you want to. But I kind of like Louise abstract pay. When you understand that they are small flowers without really defining Damon today. Why was it disrupt it? Quite as these as problems as of now. And the red ones, maybe we wanted to be the pianos. That's it. So good. 9. Flowers: So I have to take out the red and work on the flowers. I'm working with a small brush, number three. And what I'm also going to do is use a bit of orange in between to give it a light fixture. So we are going to create the flowers in a very abstract way. Not define them. Define them as much as too quiet. You can look at cities are shapes that are giving to these. They look like. And that's absolutely fine liner fresh. Also understood. Ito. No. Okay. It's starting to look really nice, just having more, smaller ones. Okay, so now I will switch to my liner brush and see what I do. It's not really a big thing, so just watch it a bit. What I'm doing is I'm mixing up black. And with that, and at the bottom of the flowers and PGM case for them, that just gives them a little bit more definition to the flowers. And we'd read immediately before decision has dry it because it will just mix up a bit and give it a very nice look. So you don't want to reach for the flowers to dry completely and then do this budget. You can do it immediately. And legit mix up of it. Not all it has to be done, especially the prominent ones. The bigger ones are the ones that I am doing this. Okay? And now the very final thing that I want you to do is mix up that black and yellow and get that replenish the one that we had. And just below the flowers just create one more off the lights so that they look like the popping up from this field. We thought with all the lights were created at the beginning. So just to make it on a goal together in New York, we're just adding a few, just lights out from the plots. But now's wash off your brush in and we're going to add some final vegetable flowers. Absolutely. And that's why we're using this remains brush, which are basically the distance flowers. Because the more they are smaller they are, right? 10. Final Touch Ups: So all you're doing, one really nice. So you're adding quite a bit shocked, quite like this. And then you are adding one yellow in the sector. Isn't that a pretty flower? So all you're doing is adding, dismantling white flowers like this. So you could just take white and at quite a few of them, except the ones at that's why didn't it permanent? And then in between you are Catholic Dutch. I looked in the mice. Necessity by the OCD me just wants me to add big mall. That's, I think I'll painting. It's a pretty much dine. And yet I feel like adding I just a bit tomorrow is lifts. So all I'm doing is adding some more distant ones. Okay. I didn't pitch of white with it. A bunch of people. So we are done. Of course you fainting is 3p. I hope you guys enjoyed the process. I've just wanted to add a beach nor of finishing touch ups, which you can ignore this insist need. We extract that humidity co-ed by adding a mode of definition to the stuff that I have added at that distance. I hope you enjoyed the class. Let me know how you like to buy a review of the glass and definitely poster project. You know, a big tick, how you created. So most of the time what I see is most clase, take a picture of the painting, but it would be really nice to see where you can get in your house. So take a big turned up to your hanging. So that would be really nice and encouraging for me to see how nicely you decorated your species. You know how you lactate. And finally touch up is signing my 15, so I'm using yellow. It's thought that is available. So I hope you enjoyed this session and had a great time creating this painting. These take a picture and post it on the projects and I would love to see what you guys have created. Thank you so much for joining this glass, and I'll see you in the next class.