How To Paint Eyes : Digital Painting Simplified | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

How To Paint Eyes : Digital Painting Simplified

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Outline Basics

    • 4. Skin Base

    • 5. Eye Base Coloring

    • 6. Detailing In Eye

    • 7. Painting Eyelashes


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1. Introduction: Hey guys wondering to learn Dutch to painting, but sometime it's good, confusing and hard to follow up. Don't worry. Here we are with the best solution for you. I'm coming up with the miniseries off digital painting just with a photo shopping mouse. How are you guys on this time? It's how you paint eyes with me, your school share due to a graphic designer and artist here on Scotia. This last, I will be making you guys long from outlining to the basic coloring, the dealing off the eyes, maybe shadows and highlights all just in this class with me on your friendly photo shop. Most if you are rough designers or artists or here just for fun and Explorer dis glasses for you. So in Rollo on, let's begin. 2. Class Project: class project before we begin to the class process. Now understand the all those step Mr Process listens that I'm having and discuss for you us will be able to draw the decision. I like you rational. I digitally in the photo shop with me, huh? Just submit the final project. That final outcome in the stories project. I'm here like this, so let's begin. 3. Outline Basics: So I'm in foot shop. The size that I'm having is 1920 by 10. 80 in front as the document with the resolution off 300 then RGB mode called over fighters SRG. So that's begin. I'm already hot Dragon. Draw this sketch that I have made Ah, on those people and scanned into the computer. You guys can use your own sketch on this sketches every label in the down trajectory, So stab So check out on download it for your cross. This too. So now going ahead to the layers panel. I'm just Weiqing a new bill above this so that I'm Chris ing it the sketch manually here. So you might, as outlined go to bend due from the toolbar. Make sure you are having the full wrong color as black or you can use the cable short. Could be to make that So now, starting with these goes lewdly using the handles at this polling, all can click on the new If I don't from the handle any more on the other side. So you and no rightly stroke Sorry with the simulate pressure on the to last brush beforehand. Just check your brush tool properties. It should be around stiff rush around doing stuff with the size off your choice here and making a dad toe anything eat or 18 13 is good enough. So the men do shot would be right click stroke part with the brush tool and stimulate pressure on it. Okay, so here far be leading the bad just to control Lex. I have already made this paying the digital, inking the out planning thing off Any sketch visually in photo shop in a my other class, that is. Did your thinking masterclass by me? You can check this from dealing in description. Below are from my profile on. Just get there. I'm already making wise learned the bento step by step over there on Do you really digital inking styles that you can use if you're using just the mouse So now that's going to you He'll do control x every time If you I run the deep present stroke completely for the inside Lying off the I like this which I introducing now, amigo. Completely in one go like this and then right plague stroked paths understand? Without strongly pressure Just you don't give it the brush. The properties for the brush Is that we that I have, said Arial for the eyeball. I'm using two different course No one from the right border into the door. Next will be from the left. Got into leader like that that would assume like pressure only have yes, stroked it. Control legs to delete the back for making it a small girl I'm using point in between the dog and bottom like somewhere here so that it's wait smooth walk with getting the site through. Similarly, I've just stroked it. So for do highlights off the pupil and the life I'm going to use in its true from the shape right clicking to live their lives school here. I'm just during with the fill color. I'm just making the stroke with a 0.21 points. You can also, if this automatically, it's not opening the properties here. Even check the properties above below that to build a mean over seeing going further. Hey, light bar on you via the I'm playing up. I it is doing completely 4. Skin Base: skin days. Now it's time. Do faintly basis skin of the I or below 12 For that, I'm using the skin color. Oh, Neil. Yeah, Something were like you. You can just copy the good and nickel a group of beforehand painting. I'm just selecting the layers all the layers off the airplane just right. Click and merging the layers, renaming it as outlying. Now it's all in one. You can just copy. Be good for the skin color on a vehicle. New polio. Copy the record for the color and choose the brush tool from the toolbar on. Select the soft round brush. Make a new layer below the airplane rename it does the skin. Mase. So just painting like this. Yeah, something like this just at random because it's a part off the whole painting. It could be. So I'm just not really defining any outlines for the skin. Just painting it random, covering all the edges like this. Something like this. This is like doing pretty national on for making the details like the shadows on the course regarding though, really about the skin base. Rename it has the dark skin multiply or just more reply it's different for you, right? Sorry. Just changed the layered lending More fear more the blending more off the layer to worry Play Angelyne on the I just with the normals in same brush. I'm in with the same color that I have used come gonna being over the Benz on whatever I want the shadows to me a dimension you so increase or decrease your brush size You can do it with the right rectangle record to increase on the left rectangle record To decrease the size off the brush You can see how the different blending mold effects the color the same color I'm using. But you're looking quite different with this kind of blending mode that I'm using in this Leo. It's just strange innovate and looks natural. Do you like I'm doing it above the I with a small brush size. I'm doing neo the skin and slightly been answer. It's very low art in inside. The strokes are according to that. I am just increasing and decreasing the amount of shadows and pain with each bend. I'm just using like this, so it's giving ah quite natural for you, Judy painting also like here it's too dark, too harsh or do in focus too much in focus. So I'm just lowering the layer opacity or they are Phil, so you can choose any off them on lower to the 50 persons you can see. It's now very well blend with the base color fogger near that, the inside the flesh off that I amusing or rose gold color because it should not be too much, Doc. Still, it struck. So I'm just lowering the flow off the brush to about 20% on just ranging over there like this. So now it's looking very based in really natural, So yeah, now it goes to the white space that 5. Eye Base Coloring: So now when we are done very based skin color speaker. You, Leo, about the A restaurant that airs on below the outline here, Obviously reading it as I watch on for this, go to outline silly the magic wand tool and select the areas that you want to that have within that I will. That big I'm a all the unions that traveled in it just selected. I'm using the adversely after the selection property from the But you can also used the Shefki on horror shifty and select continuous election toe Ron. Now, just make sure that you're having a degree not totally black, but a dark gray color in your foreground and used the paint locker room. So should I want Leo now looking? Switching back to the outlying Leo Cynic, those two small circles that we have made expand the selection by going to select Manu Modify expand, expanded with blue pixels. I'm doing here we can you Leo format bright side, um, with lower obesity off, like your 47 bullets in time having here just, um, being far increasingly Hello. I'm just double clicking are clicking 10. I'm just We've been clicking over there so that it's again and again putting the color over that circle are you just used the 100% capacity and just to make a new Leo, I mean, I have just undo it. So it has gone on making, you know, uh, no mooning at this. I've been to highlight, or you can see you boom anything like that soonest with a colorful backer tool. Are you, Steve? Focal over there like no, Going back to the eyeball will make a new arable it on red click and create clipping mask. Now make the black color the dog black alot the complete black color full crown. You can use D shortcut and then go to brush tomb with the the so from brush on sizeable, you just meet the shadows, like from the outside to inside to make it a truly feel like this act have done right now. So this the base coloring off the I is completed 6. Detailing In Eye: so No, we have really with the beast. I Hello with all the beasts, Shadows and de Dios. No, I'm going a week on more so called of small circles didn't back. I've all like this, Andi. From the properties of all I'm choosing it to a wife. So right click on that, Leo, make sure there is no Stroup. And definitely over the I'm the so called little that I have me is about all of the rest players on below the outline. So lower the filler. Lower the opacity off that Leo. Andi, make it blood. The caution filter blur, and then caution. Love. It will ask you to restaurants that ship search service. Okay, I'm having you feel a 15. I think it's looking quite nice. Seven is very low. So I will be remaining at 15.5 like this on head. Okay, so India, this giving armour reflection. You don't want that right reflection even just lower though, Phil, off that layer like I'm having here as 17 or close person. So it's quite good at that. You can move your ellipse five a ball below, so that, like if your eyes are looking up it can make the feel like it's going is really like it, adding, The truly reflection, the life's reflection over there. So that sort we are doing here and now it's come to the vibe side off that I would allow kind select a magic one We on select does life side off the eyes on Go to You can even go to select and mortified if you want to modify it. I go to select manual modify, expand the two big cells and heard. Okay, so for that I am a bean The same I'm gonna be canoe Leo below every you know, every look like I think I will below the skin girls even you hear story flashing the dark red bar. So I'm going to make this new Leo below every years, like below the student bloggers of the West clear off all and now fill it with the right color control Lee for these electing disruption reading the Leo as the White Space or Aibel White space. Whatever you want, make a new layer. Lucky. Right click, Create clipping mask. This is what I'm doing for giving. Ah, nice blue shaped Well Oh, I will. That be generally have as a part of reflection or something like that. Very slight. The brush I'm using the soft round the bulbous city is 100. I am flu Is me or 20 coursing? I am using the very slight sky blue, the very base stolen on just randomly placing it like that. So here we are with the details off the eyes. 7. Painting Eyelashes: No, we are done with almost everything over national. I have. This time it's Stein Fall eyelashes So good. Really brush to selecting how? Point Steph Brush Andi make this size I think I will go with a 12 person Still for 12 point size on Go to depend too. You guys know if you have learned it with me in the inky We've been rebel We are going to me the stroke But with each strokes that I'm gonna have the stimulate pressure on I'm great groups are probably to make the default foreground color as black. So are you just doing all of do all those things? No, but there is something missing that's you. This it right. We're not having the flow off the brush as the 100 person serving, editing all those things, making the brush color black flow 100 with around one stupid sizes up for you and then stroking it right like that Make sure when making me part for those eyelashes. They are a bit coffee from the below side, like the They're not very street natural eyelashes on with never ever really straight. They, like, kind off very bending from the downwards to the up force like so just continue punking each stroke off those eyelashes We've been start from your leg bone. Actually, I Russia's come from that This point that have started from to the end off I did so going on. This is a long process off the continuation off, making the eyelash shows. So just making the process school faster for you guys. Otherwise it gets boring. So here, yeah, with the our last eyelashes from the other side You can you see that I've also makes intermix with the left ankle and right and the eyelashes abo Now it's time for you know that eyelashes And for that I'm gonna be pretty small. Uh, I licious because they're not very heavy ever. Also the brush in the brush properties I will end it the flow to 45% or so so that it's like, great less in focus on the size to be off off the brush, to be like from it was having courting or you're so we having nine or six like that on against Roe, part with the Bengals in hand, on head, Okay with a brush to and stimulate pressure on sewing funnel. I'm going to me a few more eyelashes on the lower part of the eye, something like this. So it's suiting national for the lower part. Also, make sure that you are not making the eyelashes from, like from that border line the border black slang, because it will be very vector ish or very good ish approach to make that very internationally. You can also refer to any I picture your own eyes to refer like they are. There is having us in space between the i word. We're the end studio I on where the eyelashes grow. So for that, remember that Jamaican imaginary line in mind on big toe, the beginning off the eyelashes below. From that only for others. It waas the bees flying waas, the that bull black line, but not for the bill. And so just make us like that again. It's a long crosses. So completing it fast, something like this. Yeah, always remember to do control X after each stroke. By sometimes it's good smoldering but eyelashes to find your eyes very well. So they have worked off making a time to that. I hope you guys also enjoying the listen the barge on our on the same page like making me highlight shows were naturally So here we are the final outcome off the eyes like this. I am happy with my results. Hope you are too. I also don't forget to switch your lovely out film off the eyes in the class rejected below . Also, any solutions for class or any confusing in this class or any requirements Or what do you want to learn? Just let me know in the community dab Hope you see it in my next well.