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8 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Introduction to the class

    • Supplies list: What you will need

    • Find your inspiration

    • Color theory: learn about your color

    • Tree practice

    • Painting your forest

    • Additional thoughts for your painting

    • Conclusion


About This Class

This class is made for anyone who wants to learn how to paint a forest watercolor illustration. Painting a tree is fun but painting many trees is even better. This class will walk you through my process in how to create a beautiful piece for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. You will also learn the concept of color (monochromatic) and layering within the world of watercoloring.

Get your brush ready, grab your inspiration and let's begin our journey into the woods... 

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Thank you! Helped me understand watercolor technique better, especially as concerns making backgrounds.
She does a great job at explaining this technique so just follow her along!
Fun, easy class. I was always a little unsure of how to go about doing pine trees, and this class helped to break that down.





Riana Samaroo

Artist, Mixed Media & Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Riana, Owner of and the creative behind RiCreation!

  I believe that anyone can create!

              We just sometimes need the encouragement to believe we can and the push to just do it!

My goal is to stir up your creative juices inside and encourage you to grow in it!  

I have always lov...

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