How To Paint A Cactus Wreath, Step-by-Step, Using Watercolors

Riana Samaroo, Artist, Mixed Media & Illustrator

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13 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Introduction to class

    • Supplies list for cactus wreath

    • Cactus 1: Prickly Pear

    • Cactus 2: Daisy anemones

    • Cactus 3 : Golden barrel

    • Cactus 4: Fire stick

    • Cactus 5: Zebra cactus

    • Cactus 6: Aloe

    • Cactus 7: Hens and chicks

    • Cactus 8: Desert rose

    • Layout of your wreath

    • Painting your cactus wreath

    • Final project and closing remarks


About This Class

Welcome! This class is focused on cactus painting with watercolors. I will walk you through a step-by-step method into painting 8 different types of cacti/succulents, and then teach you how to create your own kind of cactus wreath. This process will give you an idea on where you should start by understanding the basic forms and small details of cacti. Join me in learning the art of 'cactus painting.'

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Amazing Class... Go for it
Judith Fernandes

Lettering and floral enthusiast,

Thanks for such amazing class!!! I've been looking for some lesson on succulents for a long time! This theme is really popular and you show a lot of different variants. This class will be interesting both for beginners and advanced students. I'm not really good in watercolor, but anyway step-by-step painted beautiful succulents-cards.
Great job teaching all the different cacti and succulents. I learned a lot watching you watercolor. Love how you kept saying "that's okay" regardless of what the paints did on their own. :-)





Riana Samaroo

Artist, Mixed Media & Illustrator

Hi! My name is Riana. I'm a mixed media artist, crafter and illustrator.

I have presented mixed media in various forms for different causes that I am passionate about, such as breast cancer. I have also illustrated for religious children books in the past.

I really enjoying creating and helping others be encouraged, especially when it comes to art because I believe anyone can do art. You don't have to be artistic or have the just have to believe you can do it.

Follow my art journey here: Instagram