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How To Outsource A Custom Chrome Extension

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. FB AdSnatcher Outsourcing Blueprint

    • 3. BONUS How To Use FB AdSnatcher

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About This Class

Have you ever had an idea for a simple Chrome extension or web app?

A lot of people have, but they never follow through with actually getting it created because they think it'll be way to hard and expensive.

In this short course I walk you through the exact process I used in getting my first ever Chrome extension outsourced, to hopefully give you the confidence to do the same.

Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Introduction: Henry Jeffreys here. And this short course, I'm going to show you my exact step by step process for what it took for me to outsource and get my first chrome extension created. So if you're interested and creating your own chrome extensions and Web APS either for yourself or to sell on market places out there then than this short course will walk you through my exact step by step process of what I did. The tools that I used and exactly how I use those tools to create this very simple chrome extension, which basically cuts, automatically cuts out the sidebar ads on the right side of Facebook and cuts them out a nice and neat and saves into your desktop so that you don't have Teoh uh, use your use your mouse to manually scroll over them and cut and paste them out on your own . It just automatically crops cuts, then crops them out automatically with the text and the ad text in the ad copy and the images, and then saves in both to your desktop. So in this course, I'm gonna walk you through step by step. How I had that created Teoh, hopefully give you the confidence. If you have an idea whether it be simple or complex, Teoh, take take the action and go out there and get it. Get it done basically because it's probably not as complex as you might think, and it's probably not nearly as expensive as you might think to actually get it done. So so, thanks again for checking out this course, but I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 2. FB AdSnatcher Outsourcing Blueprint: I want to just give you a quick run down off how I got FB add snatcher created just start to finish, and this is gonna be a very short video because it actually didn't take very long at all. And I just want to preface this by saying that this was my absolute first chrome extension that I've ever had outsources over with my second outsource project ever. I don't have really any experience with this other than knowing kind of where to go, you know, the different marketplaces to find freelancers to, You know, that I can outsource to, but I have never outsourced a programming project before this For those projects out, I'm just gonna walk you through what I did so that you can basically duplicate the process . I know you've probably seen other W SOS and products come out about people showing and teaching and telling you how easy it is to go out there and get kind of plug ins and Softwares and stuff developed and then flipping nose and selling those products because they're actually pretty popular and hot people want push button done for you kind of software is even if they never use it. It's It's kind of nice to see what you know, what they do and how they could potentially save you time again, even if you never use it. But I'm gonna walk you through real quick how I got to this point, basically, in all the tools that you so first I found an icon for first. So the first thing was, I had an idea. My idea was to create a from extension to easily swipe these right hand sidebar ads here on Facebook. Because what I do a lot as I take screenshots and crop the images and the as I like just to save his my own reference. But I wanted to be able to have a plug in to cut those out. And crop does for me automatically, you know, that are all the same dimensions in case everyone to put him and sewer an ad role index for myself, keep them organized easily without having to go into open them in photo shop and, you know, make them all the right size and things like that just cause I want everything to be kind of uniform. But this that was my simple idea there wasn't anything complex. So the first thing you need to do is come up with some sort of an idea, some sort of thing that you want this plug in to do. And, uh, you know, it doesn't have to be anything revolutionary. It can be something as simple as you know, this FBI snatcher. It's not something new. Other people use different plug ins to go out there and, you know, capture the screen and capture the Facebook ads. But I just want to plug in that did that same thing. So that's kind of the angle that I would approach, creating these plug ins and extensions. You know, don't come with anything revolutionary. Just see what's out there, see what out, see what problems people have and see if there's a way that you could tweak it or, you know, save them some pain by creating a simple plug in. So I first I had the idea. Second was, I want to go ahead and grab an icon for on again. I really didn't do much with logo here. I just had some text that through this out, this is just a straight far. I didn't edit this in any way other than making it a talent size. But the icon I went to a place called the Noun Project, which is awesome. Scott. Probably the largest database of icons, really high quality icons that I've ever seen online, and I know a lot of different resource, but this is the best one that I found. I think I starts for, like, a thief or something. That may not be the exact one that pulled up this particular icon, but it was. I think it's called Thief. So yeah, there it is, and I purchased it. You can, like, download a version of it for free, but I purchased the rights to it or something for, like, a dollar 99 So super, super cheap. So I had my icon. That's what I was going to use, kind of for the logo a zoo. See here and also for the little icon of the browser extension up here. So once I had that, I went over to up work, which used to be, um, which used to be Oh, desk oh desk and the lance merged with up work and created up work instead of oh, desk. So I just browse for chrome extension and, you know, grown extension developers and found this one called That's names like Last Can't Say his last name. But, you know, just luckily stumbled across. This is a second guy that I reached out to basically just looked at people's profiles and saw if they did, you know, chrome extensions and then just looked their rates. This guy's pretty affordable. I think it's like 22 something an hour and, you know, he looked like he could do the job and was affordable. I didn't want to pay somebody like $100 an hour or something toe to crank this out because I don't know a lot about progress, because I don't know a lot about programming. But I knew this, you know, probably wasn't that difficult of a task. So I reached out tune and just saw and then reached out to him and just saw. Is this something that was even possible? You know, could we somehow take a screen capture and crop out the ad with the text there so I could have the full image and, you know, just I started this project on Saturday night, I got a reply back from the first guy reached out to I didn't hear anything from. So that's when I reached out to this of lost guy. And he's a young guy in the Ukraine and he was actually cheaper than the guy originally reached out to got a reply back from the next morning set. You know, is this something that you could do? And he said, Absolutely. We hopped on a Skype call for maybe 5 10 minutes. He had a few questions about, you know, exactly what I wanted to plug in to do. And then he got started. I didn't really have a hard deadline. I just wanted to see if it was possible again. This is my first chrome extension I've ever had developed. So I just want to see kind of what it would take on things like that. And I paid him $300 paid him $100 upfront to open, you know, come to start the project and then had $200 set aside once he completed it. Well, he had some other projects, and so he gave me an estimate of about a week or so so I was like, whatever just kind of want this done just to see how it turns out. And the next day, he was done. Hey, said he got eso excited about working on the project, that he just went ahead and knocked it out. So that least me to believe that this, you know, this kind of functionality is very, very simple, especially for someone like him. And I paid him $300 total to complete this based on his right and just looking at some of the other home extensions that he's developed for other people, I probably could have got this done for about half the price. So hey, probably would have been fine with just 150 bucks. But, you know, I didn't really know kind of what the range of what it would take, how much would go into creating this plug in. So So I was brand new to you know what, what the prices would be for this particular plug. And I just kind of heard some ranges of, you know, other Internet marketers out there that said they've gotten plug ins to vote for a couple 100 bucks, but definitely no more than 500. So 500 was actually what I was shooting for. And then I said, Well, let me just kind of bring it down the 300 C if someone will do it for 300. And like I said, I think Hey would be comfortable with 200 or 1 50 just for those of you that if you're considering getting the chrome extension, developed into something along, you know, kind of like FB at special, very, very basic features that will kind of give you a gauge of what you might could offer him. So that's really all that went into it. It took about two days for this to get completed. And, you know, he added, that I kind up here and everything and just kind of double check to make sure it worked. It worked great. You know, he sent me a video before showing that it did work. And then once I made the payment, he went ahead and sent me the files. I installed it, double checked it, and it was helpful afterwards, an answer in a couple of questions, Um, and then I basically, just as far as the sales paid. I used click funnels. If you're wondering what you know, I used for this tool. I really like Click Funnel So and then obviously JV zoo to sell it. So So That's basically my whole process here through in a couple of bonuses, because these are things that I have created for myself. So I just added those as bonuses. But that's basically this entire product here on and the bulk of it, obviously FB add snatcher, and that's all that took into creating it. So I mean, you want to follow the same blueprint, you can come over toe the noun project, pick up on icon that you know for a couple of bucks and then use that as your logo. If you have a photo shop or adobe illustrator, you can create a simple logo. That's all this is. There's, You know, I didn't outsource this so that it just took me about 15 minutes to do in Adobe Illustrator and again, mainly just the noun project for the icon up work for the chrome extension and that that is all again. I didn't spend too long on this video because it actually didn't take me very long to make it so there's not a whole lot to explain. So hopefully found this video helpful. I encourage you to go out there and at least just try this. I mean, just for a couple 100 bucks. Just think of a plug in and you can use the same guy that I used. Or you could go try to find another one that you like and just go out there and try it. You know, plug ins and software like it's at the beginning. These are very hot products on. This is something that I didn't think I could do before because again, I'm not a programmer. I didn't know if I could have, you know, communicate with a programmer and outsource on an idea that I had blood. I figured, you know, this was pretty simple. It was either yes or no answer of whether or not someone could or couldn't do this. There's not a whole lot to explain, S I just want to start out really simple. But like I said, you know, these tend to sell a lot better, you know, extensions and plug ins and Softwares. Ah, lot better than information products. for whatever reason, if you see on JV Zoo and sometimes with click bank and other products on, people are just really attracted to push button kind of software and solutions and done for you products as opposed to information type process, which may be higher quality. But people you know, while they maybe get excited about screenshots and results of other people that they know they're going to get, they know they're gonna have to put in some work to actually get those results themselves. And so a lot of time those information proxy ticket purchase, they never actually get used or implement. So the cool thing about software as soon as you downloaded you can go through, click through and check it out. See how cool this so? So again, hopefully found this video on this explanation helpful. I encourage you to go out there and just take what I showed you on this video and go out there and start creating your own plugging drone software's and I just see how it works for you. 3. BONUS How To Use FB AdSnatcher: I don't want to shoot this quick video to show you this cool extension for chrome that I just had developed. So if you're anything like me, I like to, you know, view all these ads here on the side bar and collect them. Create and create these add role indexes, basically, is a reference for me just to see what the competition is doing. Just a help. Give me some ideas when I'm creating my own ads for Facebook, but typically, the way I go about doing this has taken a screenshot or since I'm on a Mac all do like command shift three, and you look a crop screen capture of the full ad so I can get the image and the text of the ad. But I just had a developer create this cool plug in that cuts and crops. Both of these sidebar images for me so much show you how it works. So first. So first you'll download the extension. Does it follow? You? Unzip it. It'll be in this extension folder, and then you'll come over to chrome colon, Ford slash extensions, click, click on load unpacked extension, and then you'll find wherever that folder is, and it will automatically add it to your toolbar once once you install it there. And then whenever you're on a Facebook page, Andi, say you want these ads and you don't wanna have to manually crop these ads on. You know, sometimes these ads you may get distracted while you're viewing another ad are reading something. You see something other, corner your eye and you don't get to swipe it and enough time and it goes away and you you may never see that ad again. And so and so to help that never happen again. Whenever you see an ad other corny I that you want, it's just going to cut both of these ads, but you'll come up here, click this button, click it and it's just going to download both of those ads. And then what's going to do is going to download these ads directly to your downloads folder. So I'm here in my downloads folder and the advert change. But this is what it looks like, so it cuts it out nice and perfect there with the image and the text of the ad, and it also can cut out the smaller ones, too. So this is These are the bigger ads. But when your own like other pages and you have the smaller adds, it will cut those out, too. So that's how it works. Hopefully, it can help you and your business on what you're doing on Facebook, but it definitely help save me some time.