How To Organize and Plan Out Big Projects and Ideas- With Worksheets | Angela Lee | Skillshare

How To Organize and Plan Out Big Projects and Ideas- With Worksheets

Angela Lee, Consultant For Creative Entrepreneurs

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About This Class

Welcome to Planning and Organizing Your Projects and Big Ideas! Grab your pen & Paper!

If you are a multi passionate creative entrepreneur like myself, there are SO MANY things that get in the way of us completing projects. We have so many ideas and seem to flip-flop from idea to idea that we never actually complete that many.

This is why it is critical to have a guide and a plan that you can use and repeat over and over to gain CLARITY, FOCUS, and start actually IMPLEMENTING! Because implementing and CONSISTENCY are the keys to wealth.

I hope this will help you! Have fun watching the video and don't forget to download your FREE PDF worksheets with defined steps created to help you navigate easily through the video!!

WANT MORE? Grab my Free Secret Resource Toolkit here:





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Angela Lee

Consultant For Creative Entrepreneurs


Angela Neufeld is a Consultant, Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Junkie for multi passionate people in creative business who want to create or seriously grow a sustainable business online. It is my mission to provide practical, creative, out of the box ideas and solutions to inspire, motivate, and support your business success! I have created several successful online and brick & mortar business to six figures. I sleep, live ...

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