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How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

teacher avatar Boomy Tokan, Startup Consultant.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction To YouTube

    • 2. Setting The Right Foundation: Scheduled Releases

    • 3. A Vital Section For Ranking: Video Description

    • 4. Create The Right Image: Channel Art

    • 5. Create Credibility: About Page

    • 6. The Trigger To Drive Traffic: Titles

    • 7. Get Your Content Found: Tags

    • 8. How to set up your channel for success

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About This Class

With over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (, that is a whopping .75 million hours of video content every day! 

Anyone serious about excelling on the platform must better understand how they can lift their content above the noise.

In this class you will learn at least 7 tweaks you must make whenever you upload your videos to help your video content stand out.

You have the opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I teach you to optimize your YouTube Channel for success! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Boomy Tokan

Startup Consultant.


I firmly believe that every person should function in their area of gift/s. Therefore, it is my conviction that the primary assignment for every human being is to discover their core gifts, develop them, become an expert in that space and serve it to many.

My role in life is to help people discover and package their gifts and abilities into a sellable product/service.

This is the premise upon which I have joined Skill Share – to create courses that can help "1st Time Entrepreneurs" and "New Startups" uncover the Step by Step process to starting and running successful businesses and to enable those in employment increase their value in the workplace.

Hence, my courses are Simple, No Fluff, Actionable Content, that will help save time, c... See full profile

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1. Introduction To YouTube: in this video. I want to draw your attention to some amazing facts about YouTube on why it's important for you and me to be working on this particular platform. All right here. Some key facts. YouTube is the third most visited site online is also the second largest such engine on the Internet. So everybody looking for something after they go to Google. The next place they go to is YouTube. YouTube now has over one billion use us, so it's a great place, really to belong to Watch time on YouTube is over 900 million hours on growing there, more than 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute. So you can just imagine how many videos are uploaded every single day. Thousands of videos. There are more than five million channels now on you, chip. So those people who go on there and open a video channel more than five million. Right now, you tube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than any other company or a business in the US Those starting YouTube home page is as increased by more than three times a year on year. A guy called Pew Die Pie. The highest paid you tuba has earned over $12 million so far. 80% of YouTube's views are from outside the U. S. So it's a great market to be at, really. You can never get YouTube in a total of 76 different languages covering 95% off the Internet population. So really now language is not a barrier on YouTube again, the average mobile viewing session is now more than 40 minutes. That's an increase off more than 50%. Yeah, yes, my time we get to next year. We have even more people viewing more videos on YouTube from them, about the number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube as increased by 50% year on. Yes. Or there's a lot of money to be earned by working on YouTube. And then finally, as off October 2000 and 14 YouTube had paid out over a $1,000,000,000. So here's what I want to conclude on. Number one is that YouTube is a great platform for you to be working on, and secondly, YouTube is extremely competitive, so just sticking your video online without having its optimized. It's not going to get you the results that you want. So there's going to the next lecture as we begin to look at how we're gonna optimize our YouTube pages talk twosome. 2. Setting The Right Foundation: Scheduled Releases: Let's begin to look at how toe optimize your YouTube channel on the first. Probably most important thing you need to decide on is your shadowed release dates or what I call shed old releases. How frequently are you gonna put out videos? Is it gonna be once a week, Once a month, once every two weeks, once every three weeks, some people will even go to the extent off publishing the days they will have the video releases, they will probably tell you. Okay, On Monday, we're going to release a video. And then on Friday, we got over this. Another video. This is so important to the success of your YouTube channel. If you're not prepared to release videos frequently and regularly, then having a YouTube channel is definitely not for you. That sounds so hard on so hard to hear. But really, YouTube is not for you. If you're not prepared to have proper releases, I've done it the other way and I know doesn't work on every successful YouTube always released their videos regularly. Now, let me say something else somebody says, Boo me. Yeah, I understand all that, But what I'm gonna do is my first video is gonna go viral. Let me just reassure you on this point, out of the over five million channels on YouTube on Lee ah, 114 have over a 1,000,000 subscribers. That's a lot less than half a percent. You know, it's like a figure, not even registry. You cannot build your business with the hope that your releases are gonna go viral. But what you need to do is to release your videos regularly and as you build on your releases, then your channel becomes known and people would broadcast you and then you would have the credibility that you want. So that's going to some of the reasons why you must have shuddered. Releases. Number one is a money before Reasons number one is your credibility. People are not gonna think you understand your subject or you are a subject expert. If you are not releasing videos regularly on on a particular shadowed release dates, The second thing is no one is gonna take you serious, because if you put our video today, you don't put another video from the six months. Why would someone take it serious? You got to understand that everyone that comes to YouTube has a lot off choice that they could make. They have choices, you know. There's no subject you can think about that. At least 10 15 2030 people, 100,000 people are not already doing videos for that particular niche. So you need to understand that it is highly competitive. So the more you can increase your credibility by people trusting you on, the more you can let it would know how serious you are, the greater number off subscribers you're gonna get, which is 1/3 point. So I against subscribers. One of the ways you gain subscribers is that people revisit your channel. Then they tell their friends about your channel. They share your videos on other people, come on board. That's how you gain subscribers. This is a real serious business, and you've gotta do it seriously. The fourth most important reason why you're gonna have shadowed releases is so that you can generate revenue. Revenue is generated from ads. If you open to monetize a channel, that is which I hope you do. You're gonna generate revenue. The more videos you have on the more views you have and the most subscribers you have. And that's gonna happen. The happens from the 1st 2 things that I said, which is establishing your credibility on people. Start taking you seriously. Then you're gonna gain subscribers and you're gonna increase your views on have more on more revenue as time goes on. So I'm gonna give you a few more ways for you to optimize your page. But the fat end point is you've gotta have shadowed releases. Talk to you, sir. 3. A Vital Section For Ranking: Video Description: video description is one of the key ways that you can optimize your YouTube channel. So we're gonna talk about that right now. Therefore, reasons why it's important for you to always include video descriptions and let's explore them. Number one. Your video description is the reason why someone's gonna decide whether to actually watch your video or watch another video. You would notice that when you do a search on a particular long tail, you'll discover that it gives you the 1st 2 lines 1st 1 or two lines off the videos that I rant now. The point is, there are times when a video may not actually be the first rank in video. But you may choose to watch the fourth video simply because it answers your query better than the first video. I mean, I don't know. So many times I read the descriptions and then I'll decide what I'm gonna watch. So if you don't have descriptions than there's no way for the viewer to decide, that's what your video or not. The second thing is that your description also tells the viewer what to expect, and it kind of helps their decision making process. Third really important reason why you must include a video description. This is how it helps YouTube to decide whether to rank your video or not. You would notice that, actually, I was thinking about this just now. When I do a such a new YouTube, have not seen YouTube come up with a video that has no description in it well past when you drill down to pay 50 or whatever, you might find videos that have no description for the 1st 234 pages that the such results would be. Always have videos have descriptions in it, and number four reason why you need to have video descriptions is because it's actually a huge a great opportunity for you to sell yourself. So let's go on and decide what should actually be included in your video description. What's gonna make your video description? Very, very good. Number one is Your video description has got to describe a problem your video is solving. So this is how to or find out how you can is gonna have a problem solving statement to it, Or you can have a question. Have you been thinking about losing weight? Have you been thinking about how you can start a business. Do you want to know how to? There are questions that you could put in your video description or a call to action sign up for. They share this, whatever it is. Any culture actions always good to having a vivid description, at least in the 1st 2 or three lines. You can actually transcribe the video and included immortality in the video description, or you can embellish it with some new information as well. You can put up to 900 words in your video description. Again, your video description is an opportunity idea. Affiliate links say you reviewed a product. You can add the affiliate link to description Download link to description that you can capture their emails. You can direct them to a website. You can direct them to your social or the social media sites that you have, like your Facebook or instagram is always a good place to put links. Thirdly, you can include any of video description contact details. Actually have people phoned me up from my video description, so really, descriptions are very, very good on. Finally, you can include other useful videos or any other type of information that you think will be helpful to the viewer. So, in all this I'm saying you must include some video description in every video you upload on YouTube because this is how it helps you toe optimize your channel talked, isn't. 4. Create The Right Image: Channel Art: another way to ensure that to you highly optimized your YouTube channel is by ensuring you include a channel art or what other people call banners. And I'm gonna show you that in the moment. So let's jump onto YouTube. So I'm gonna show you some other channels off some really successful people on YouTube so that you know what they're doing on. Look at this lady. Lovely cakes. He's got over 86,000 subscribers and this is a channel art right here. She's got a face on issues gutter, but pictures of what she does. And it's all looking good again. You come over to even Carmichael who talks about success and motivation. And this is channel are try here. Really, really nice. Very cool brand. Tracy was got over 290,000 subscribers member, and Tracy has been around for ages. Now, let me show you something really smooth about the channel last. That makes it nice right over here, where I'm hovering right here. You can also include your Facebook slayings, your Google plus slayings or Twitter legs. Arlington. You can include all those icons on your channel, arts page or banner as well No one is cute girls hairstyles. You really can learn a lot from this type of people who have been around YouTube for ages. I mean, she's got four million subscribers now. How do you get your channel are done? It's quite easy if you shoot over to five other Come. That's if i the e r dot com and you do a search on YouTube channel lots and you filter on the left hand side right here by going for level two on top Writer sellers. I don't use new sellers. Somebody might argue that, you know, Bumi your bias, But I've tried new sellers before and my expenses not being good, so I'm not gonna take a risk using new sellers. I use level two and top rated sellers because they'll deliver on time and they'll deliver Well, So you come over here, you have a look at a type of arts that you like, and then you simply pay your few dollars $5 you turn around, you upload it. You know, it acts as a brand, and it makes you look serious. Incredible as a brand on you, Chip. So you really wanna have a channel? Art is one of the ways you can use to optimize your YouTube channel. All right, Doctor 5. Create Credibility: About Page: when you start your YouTube channel, one of the things you want to do is going on. Complete the about page is so important. There's gonna be something in your about page that speaks about where you're going. It speaks about your business, speaks about who you are, speaks about what you want to achieve, that people who come into your channel can go and view and be able to contact you via your about page of sin. Quite a few channels that don't have the about page completed. That is not good news. To fully optimize your channel, you got to complete the about page. So let's take a look at some about pages that I like on YouTube. So hes even Carmichael's about page. The about pages here be appear your home videos, playlists, channels, discussion on, then the about page, and he talks about all the things that he believes in. He believes in entrepreneurs. It believes that what you're doing is rightly believes. Follow your passion. Believe to do it. It believes in entrepreneurs. It's why I made this channel. I believe in you make something remarkable happened then it gives us how we can actually get in touch with them. All these social media bottoms on. Of course. On the about page, you can also send a message to him. Yes, it will look at his entrepreneur and their about page is quite small in detail. But then there are huge brand. They've got 194,000 subscribers. They also have all their social bottoms right there. And I don't want to view is another short one by Brian Tracy. It talks about who is what he does, how he can help you. That is. Go all these social buttons there as well. So you've got to complete this page if you want people to take you serious online, serious on YouTube, Please go complete your about page. It actually helps YouTube to also take you seriously. It's important that you do that. It helps to optimize your YouTube channel. Talk to you soon. 6. The Trigger To Drive Traffic: Titles: one of the ways toe optimize your channel is to have great titles. Great titles are titles, the address, but particular problems on. I would say that it is always good for your title to address one particular problem or to promote a particular cause or to give a particular reason about a situation or a problem that your niche could be facing. So let's look at the types of titles that actually work. If you just Google any kind of keyword, you would see that the top 10 results will always have titles that I similar to this one. I'm gonna show you right now they are the best types of titles are the How to titles. How to earn a particular amount of money. How to make address, how to bake a particular kind of cake, how to make a particular kind of table, how to succeed in a particular kind of industry, the other type of touches that work our titles that relate to 10 ways to do in a particular thing 10 ways to increase in your appetite. 10 ways to lose weight. 10 ways to run him out. 10 weeks to run a five k 10 ways to optimize your YouTube page. Who knows? Okay, another one is 10 fax about a particular subject. 10 Facts about started in business. 10. Fax about YouTube Temp Facts about Facebook 10 facts about cooking Whatever the subject is , a 10 facts or 100 fax or 50 fax or 30 fax or 50 ways and 100 ways could be quite good. So we took about three right now, the how to the 10 ways or the 10 fax It could be any number. Could be five facts about or five ways to and then family. One that really works is to use the keyword and then add something else to it. So you talk about weight loss, for example, so weight loss tips, because somebody's gonna type in the keyword weight loss diets, weight lost. Know how weight loss explained anything like that. It could be starting in business. Five reasons why you should started in business how to raise money because you're using the key word as the lead on the title. So try this on. I'm sure they'll work for you. All right, so titles are definitely one other ways toe. Optimize your YouTube channel by having very good titles on all your videos. All right, talk to you soon 7. Get Your Content Found: Tags: in this lecture, we're talking about how to optimize your YouTube channel by using tags or what's commonly known as keywords, not only to put the right keywords, but where do you find this right types? Off key words. Now let's go over to YouTube on. Let's see how to move this forward just so we know I'm on my YouTube channel and I want to show you how I normally find the right tags or keywords to actually put into my videos, Right? Here's my title On my title is introduction to YouTube. I'm actually going to give this a spot of the course, so that's why it's kindof titled like that. Um, I re title it later. Sometimes I said a title, and I re title it after then. I'm gonna put a description right here, but we're talking about tags right now, So where am I going to get the tags? And before we would talk about where to get the tags, why attacks so important? Well, keywords s so important because that's the way that your searcher is probably gonna find you nothing. So the way that YouTube will rank your video and that's the reason why they're going to present your video to a particular such if you have the right title on the right keywords or tags in that tag box, you have a better chance off having your video ranked and presented to searches. Let's go over to how I normally find tags for video. And for this exercise, when out on Google's keyword planner is free to use, we're gonna have ah Gmail account to be able to use it. So once you seem like a Gmail account and you type in adwords dot google dot com is gonna bring you to the page. Raise similar to this, and what you need to do is to go to tools, and when you click on tools, you click on keyword planner, and they will bring you to this particular page. So I've actually gone ahead and put in a long phrase search phrase than I want to use. So it's called Optimized my YouTube channels. How do I optimize my YouTube channel? And when you look down here is actually got 38,000 searches, 21,000 searches, I'm gonna click on the one with 21,000 searches because it talks about tags on YouTube. Best YouTube tax. I'm going to click on that. So these are the actual searches that people are making or searching for on Google. On the average month, 14,800 searches were made in relation to YouTube tax. So I'm I put YouTube tags in my particular video as I showed you Ellie around on my YouTube video, this particular one because I'm talking about optimizing my YouTube page. Then he say's another one is tag YouTube. Another one is tags on YouTube, so I might just copy most of these tags and put them in my tax section. Because it relates to my video. You can do the same thing for any type of video that you've created you typing right here the keyword phrase that relates to the video on Ben. You drill down to the results of the searches that come out. You can click on that, and then inside that you find exactly what people are searching for. The phrases they using to surgery, a video. So, like this one says how to make a YouTube channel. So I just go right to my tack on, right in how to make a you tube tunnel. That's what out Donadio I just put. Come on. That I said. So that's attack. You can put in as many tax as possible. Um, I think I've put in sometimes in the region of 20 tags. Or will you, Michael? 20 keywords. That's the way toe optimize a video. Because the more tags you have that relate to the video, the better chance you have in ranking on YouTube. All right. See you, son. 8. How to set up your channel for success: the process of creating a YouTube channel reminds me off the process off having a Facebook page on Facebook. First, you have to sign up to have a profile page before you can actually have a Facebook page. At least that's what Iwas When I was recording this video in the same way to start a YouTube channel, you've gotta set up a Gmail account there two ways to set up your Gmail account. If you already have an existent Gmail account and if you come to your log in page, you'll find here creates account right here where I'm over in my mouse over. If you don't have a demon account, Yes, you can still open a Gmail account in start the process by going to accounts dot google dot com fort slash sign up accounts dot google dot com ford slash Sign up. I'm gonna go with the fact that I only have a demon account. I'm gonna use that one, and I'm gonna click hair, create accounts, so I'm gonna put in my name right there on then choose a user name. I want to say Go ahead on and start. They see likes that. Okay, Quit password. My password would be It likes it too. Then get a bath. You got that there and that they're okay. Gender male. I wanna put in my phone number there on my current emails. You're gonna put in the current email that they can get back to you on if they need to. And then can I suggest that you do not keep the verification process? I want you to get yourself verified right off and get used to a process. Because unless you are very fired on YouTube, you can only post videos of about 15 minutes. You really want to get your verification? Because it helps the whole process off working on YouTube. So I'm gonna complete that on I was show you what the next page looks like. Privacy and terms. You could agree to it. Click. I agree. And then hopefully Well, uh, yeah. It's asking whether I should verify. I'm gonna say yes. Okay. Wants my verification coat. So once I type that in, I'll let you see what the next page would be like. So we're back on. So this is the some of the Google maps we can access, and then we could continue. I'm probably gonna skip the rest because I want to go straight to YouTube. Speak on this up right here. Go to YouTube on. Let's set things up because I'm only deciding to YouTube. I'm going out. Go to at the count. So if you already signing with another accounts gonna tell you to add account, it's already got my email account. So more click. Next. I've saved my password, and I'm good to go back onto you, Chip. So I'm now on YouTube and I want to create a new channel, which I'm gonna make my business Lane. So I'm gonna click on that YouTube setting. Wonderful in that set in states to me. OK, you come right down here underneath additional features, you create a new channel. So when you come right here to create a channel is gonna ask you, Do you wanna use your name or business times? Yeah. I want to use a business name other than my name. So I'm gonna call my channel, go ahead on start category. I'm gonna put put a brand. I agree. Finish done. Once I've done that, that's where I can change the edit. My channel art. And also, when I upload videos, I'll be able to make some changes to that. Yeah, I'm just upload a video. So at some content that a content to it see out that's gonna work this out, upload video, This just gonna upload a video. Okay, so this is where I was talking about the description and tags. That's where you put that. I will talk about that, Um, in another lecture. So it's it's loaded right now, So I want to say, publish where you finish on monsters finished. We just uploads itself and goes back to my video manager. That's pretty much it That's out to start your channel. I'm gonna show you next out to use the Google AdWords to with this account, he said.