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How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Follower Growth & Reach

teacher avatar Ethan Bridge, Social Media Marketing Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Follower Growth & Reach

    • 2. Importance of a well-structured profile

    • 3. Profile picture

    • 4. Username / Display name

    • 5. Bio

    • 6. Highlights

    • 7. Content

    • 8. Class conclusion & Your project

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About This Class

Are you struggling to gain followers on Instagram? Are you struggling to get people to visit your Instagram profile? Or, is your Instagram profile simply in desperate need of a revamp to maximise your reach and follower growth?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions then this is the perfect class for you.

When it comes to attracting people to your profile and maximising the conversion of page visits into followers, the structure of your Instagram profile is vital. An unprofessional Instagram won't entice anybody into following you. You need a perfectly structured profile in order to maximise your reach and page visitor to follower conversion rate.

This Skillshare class is going to teach you exactly that. 


The modules discussed in the class are as below:

Module 1: Importance of a well-structured profile

This module will act as an introduction to the lessons I teach in this class as I explain the importance of a well-structured Instagram profile.

Module 2: Profile picture

Your profile picture may be the first thing your potential new followers may see (whether that be in the suggested for you tab, or in Instagram search). In this module, I teach you what makes up the perfect profile picture.

Module 3: Username / Display name

This isn't as simple as it may seem. There's an art to picking a username that will help you grow organically in the long run through Instagram's SEO. I tell you how to choose the perfect username and display name for your profile.

Module 4: Bio

Besides the content you post, your bio is the next most important thing to convert those page visitors into followers. You get 4 lines to persuade your page visitors to follow you. So, you need to make the most of that space. I tell you exactly how you need to be structuring your bio.

Module 5: Highlights

Highlights on Instagram are often neglected, but it is essential your page has them. I teach you how you should be using your highlights so that you can capitalise on their existence to help drive follower conversion and potential sales for your business.

Module 6: Content 

Once reaching this module your account will be ready to begin posting content. But, you can't just post anything. You need to be thinking about your content theme and how this content is going to be presented on your profile.

Module 7: Course Conclusion & Your Class Project

A quick roundup of the class and I talk through your class project.


For more social media marketing advice listen to my podcast Social Media Marketing School.

Follow me on Instagram: @themarketingethan

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ethan Bridge

Social Media Marketing Coach


Who's Ethan?

Ethan Bridge is a social media marketing expert from London, England. 

Where it all started:

He discovered his passion for social media marketing when he launched a podcast where he interviewed entrepreneurs, discussed their journeys, and extracted key tips for business success. Guests included 7 and 8 figure business owners, investors, NBA & NFL stars and so many more inspiring individuals.

What Ethan's doing now:

This podcast was the foundation of his social media marketing career. It ignited that flame and provided him with a plethora of business knowledge. Ethan now hosts the popular podcast Social Media Marketing School - your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about social media m... See full profile

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1. How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Follower Growth & Reach: When it comes to growing a following on Instagram, your profile itself, the structure of your profile plays a pivotal role in converting page visitors into followers. People judge a book by its cover and you've done the hard work. You've got someone to see your piece of content. You've engaged with them and brought them to your profile. Now, all you need them to do is hit that blue Follow button, turn it white and make it say following. But your profile structure. Change their opinion. Hi guys, My name is Ethan bridge. I'm host of the social media marketing school podcast and the guy behind the Instagram page at the marketing Ethan. And in today's Skillshare class, I'm going to be sharing my tips and tricks to increasing your Instagram profiles reach and increasing your follower conversion rate. I want you to be able to structure your Instagram profile in a way that more people follow, you, add more people see you. It's really that simple. So without any further ado, let's just dive straight into the first module. 2. Importance of a well-structured profile: When it comes to growing an audience on Instagram, in my opinion, there is a right and a wrong way to set up your profile. When I speak to a lot of people, they are doing the hard work they're putting in the engagement. They're posting daily content to attract as much attention and reach as possible to their page. They're getting people to visit page. But then nobody is clicking that follow button. They can't get them past that final hurdle. Now throughout my journey of building a personal brand on Instagram, I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of different strategies and tactics and little tweaks I've made to my page in order to maximize my follower conversion. That's the number of people that visit my page to the number of people that actually click my Follow button. I've tested all of these different things and I've come to a conclusion whereby I found the formula that's brought me the highest percentage. And there are different components that make up a high follower converting profile. So I'm going to talk through five different things, but these things I talk about, they're also going to help in actually getting people to visit your page in the first place. We want to increase our reach as much as possible. But then we want to combine that with the factors that are going to help convert those page visitors into followers. So I'm going to talk through five different components are going to talk through your profile picture. I'm going to talk through your username and display name and then talk through your bio, your highlights, and then finally, just a short segment on the end about your content itself. So if I any further ado, let's just dive straight into the profile picture point. 3. Profile picture: You've got to remember that when people are searching for your page or stumbling across a certain niche or their same people in the suggested for you tap your profile picture is one of the main things that it's going to try and help your page over count stand out amongst the other creators that are being shown. For example, if somebody who was searching social media marketing or Ethan for my personal page, my profile picture is going to be the thing that separates me from everybody else that shows up in that search. My profile picture isn't over high-quality, doesn't show me or showcase my brand in a professional, high-quality manner, then people aren't going to select it. Choose my page over somebody else's. This profile picture point is primarily important for the suggested for you tab. If you don't know the suggested for you tab when you follow someone else's account, instagram is going to suggest other pages that are similar to the one that you have just followed. And all it essentially shows is your profile picture in large with your username underneath, with the option to hit follow or not. If your profile picture is professional, shows your face, shows that you are welcome and invites people to want to come and visit your page. You will stand out amongst the rest of the competition that are being showed amongst that suggested for you tap. So number one, your profile picture should stand out. Take a quality headshot of you. If it's a personal brand page, you can even change the color of the background of that pitch it to suit your personal brand colors. If you are a business, make sure that your logo is clear, it's sizable, and it does stand out amongst the people that you're going to be competing with. Because if it doesn't, people aren't going to want to visit your page over the other ones that are being showed in the suggested for you tab. So tip number one, make sure your profile picture is on point. It needs to be clear. Please don't make it blurry. If it's blurry, no one has ever, ever going to click on it. So clear, professional, and make sure it stands out. 4. Username / Display name: Moving on to your username and your display name. So people are going to have conflicting opinions on this, but I'm gonna give you the reasoning behind why I chose my username as the marketing Ethan. When it comes to social media, in my opinion, people need to be able to find you no matter whether they know your name or not. So, for example, if people know my name is Ethan, they can type in Ethan and I could potentially show up. But if they aren't looking for me via my name ns, simply searching a niche. For example, they want to find content on social media marketing or marketing. They can also find me because my name is the marketing. Ethan. They know my name. They can find me if they just want to find content on a niche, they come find me as well because I've got marketing in there. So when you are picking your username, I would recommend that you have your niche within that username so that it works within the SEO, search engine optimization so that when people are searching, they can find you whether they know your name or not. Now if you are a personal brand page and you're looking at this long-term. Sure. Going for solely your name is also a very sensible idea, is down to you, whatever one you may find preferable. But if you do go for your name and your name only, your display name, is where you need to ramp it up a little. With regards to the search engine optimization, your display name is the one that sits just above your bio is the bold text. So this can be changed within your profile settings. But this also works hand in hand with your username so that people can find you within search. So if you look at mine, mine is Ethan, and then it's got a bullet point. Social media marketing. Again, this works quite well with my username. Again, I'm reinforcing the fact that my name is Ethan. People want to find me via my name and my name only. They can find me because Ethan is in there. But if they are looking for content on social media marketing, if they type social media marketing into the search on Instagram, my page will also show up. And I'm also reinforcing that keyword of marketing, the one that is in my username because there is also in my display name. So someone types in marketing. I've got marked in my username, marketing my display name. As my count continues to grow and I get more engaged audience, I have a higher chance of appearing for that key word in the search bar will also show up if people type in social media marketing. I fill this if I'm kinda repeating myself here, but I'm trying to reinforce the fact that these things work hand in hand. When people are trying to find you in the search on Instagram, you need to have the key words somewhere for the niche that you create content on, either in your username or your display name. So with your username, you can go down two different routes. If you're a business or personal brand? Yes, you can have your business name or solely your personal name, or you can go down the route of having your niche in there as well with your firstName, for example, like mine, the marketing Ethan. But then you need to reinforce that in your display name, the bold one that sits just above your bio, by again, having the keywords from your niche and your first-name. That way people can find you by using your name or by searching for the niche that you create content. On. That way, people can find you whether they know your name or not. That's the username. 5. Bio: Next, we have your bio. This is where you really need to show yourself off a little bit. I have tested many, many, many different bio combinations because this is one of the main things that influences people to hit that follow button. And you will find that if you change one sentence within your bio, it will dramatically change your follower conversion rate. So it's a case of testing multiple different things, making notes of the results and the amount of people that are clicking follow relative to how many page visits you're getting. And then putting together the best combinations that, that you do have the highest converting bio. And essentially what I tell people is to split it into four different lines. You get four lines in your bio before a little See More button pops up. So these first four lines are really, really important. And I feel as if you should split them into four different categories to maximize the way you sell yourself. So line 1, what do you do? What can people expect from your page? Do you create content on social media marketing? I provide social media marketing tips. Something along those lines. Line two, a better social proof. What have you done for other people? Why should people trust you? Because at the end of the day, if they are stumbling across your page for the first time, it's likely that they've never heard of you before. So you need to provide them with that trust so that they can trust you and therefore want to hit that follow button. So if you have over certain amount of students, tell people if you've got a degree in something, tell people if you've won awards, tell people, have that element of social proof in one of these lines in your bio. Line three, odd promote your services are little bit showcase the fat that you do provide services on a certain topic. I provide content curation services or DM for content creation services. So now we've got three lines. We've got what you do, why people should follow you, the service you provide. And then line for. I strategically make this one as a call-to-action for my website link because the line for in your bio is the one that sits just above your website URL that Instagram allows you to have on your profile. So I would have, for example, checkout my podcasts below. And then there will be the link to my podcast. So that is how very simply I would structure your bio. And obviously, the first attempt you do, your bio probably won't be the highest converting. So make a note of what you did. Test it for a week. Change a line, test it again, change a line, test it again. And you'll find over time, you will get that percentage rate higher and higher because your bio is essentially one of the most important things. So do some research and other creators as well because they've all done the testing. So see what works for them, streamline that process for you and come up with a compelling bio. 6. Highlights: The next point I want to move on to now, your highlights. People often neglect their highlights. I did for a very, very, very long time. And it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I did sit down and record some proper highlights for my profile. So I would honestly say if you go into an account that does have highlights in an account that doesn't have highlights, the one that doesn't have highlights simply looks incomplete, in my opinion, looks very unprofessional. So having highlights about anything could be helpful, but you could create your highlights in a way that are beneficial to you, your business, and your following essentially. So a lot of people would just use highlights as a place to showcase their best content. But in my opinion, that's not very strategic. Highlights can be a great way to convert people, sell your product or service, let people know more about you. And that's why I say that you should structure them in a way that they do so. So if you go on my page, for example, my very first highlight is an about me. If people don't know who I am and they're visiting my page for the first time, that highlight is there. They can click on it and watch it and learn about me, why I do what they're going to get from my page, why they should follow me? If they don't want to read my bio, they can just click on that and listen to me personally is a video of me talking a professional video is recorded on a proper camera while for the majors holding up my phone. And I feel as if that is a really good invitation. As soon as somebody comes to my page, I then have my product or service. I have my Instagram mastery bundle which I promote. I have highlight on my podcast and overtime as I cure rate more and more testimonials, I will begin introducing a testimonial highlight. So I haven't just use my highlights as a place whereby I promote my favorite pieces of content or my favorite comments on my content. Instead, I've used them strategically to help people get to know me, promote my business, promote my podcast, and then, uh, we'll eventually have that testimonial highlight, which will help build that trust for when people first visit my page, or that trust for if people want to buy my product or services. So do not neglect your highlights. Don't waste them. Just promoting your content. Think about them. Think about your product or service. Think about you as an individual. How can I use these highlights to promote my page, promote my product in the most professional way possible. Because when you do that, you will get the most out of your highlights. 7. Content: Now the final thing I want to mention is your content itself. A lot of people will just throw content together and hope it works. But especially in the entrepreneurial niche, you've got people like Gary Vee who will just post 567 pieces of content a day which he can because he has a whole army of people creating content behind him. But if we are personal brands, we don't have the ability to do that so we can essentially copy his strategy. Many people were looked at him and go, Oh, he does really well. He's got 8 million followers. And therefore I'm going to follow exactly what he does. It won't work for you. One, he is who he is To. He has got people that produce all these content for him so he can post eight pieces of content a day. You can't do that. Most likely. Maybe this is just a side hustle for you at the moment that you only have an hour or two a day to spend on, you can't produce eight pieces of content a day that are high enough quality to warrant that time. So instead you have to think about different ways to succeed, to Excel. And in my opinion, that means you have to have a nicely curated together feed so that when people do visit your page, it does look professional with his yes, it Scotty and all over the place, but he can get away with it because he is posting really valuable content eight times a day is a different strategy that he's going for if you're posting five to seven times a week. So you're posting what he posts in a day essentially, but in a whole week, you have to go about things in a different way. You can be more professional, you can be more articulate with what you post. And therefore, I feel is if you have to have a theme in the content you produce so that when people do first visit your page, they sort of taken aback a little bit by how nice it looks, how high-quality your content seems at surface level. And that sort of pulls together your page and makes it look as professional as possible. So I am going to just sort of round up that point there just by saying that, yes, I would pick a theme, I would have brown colors or would try and make your feed look as aesthetic as possible so that when people do, first look at your page, that first sort of judgment, they are going to judge a book by its cover when their first visit your page, if they haven't seen you before, there's so much competition out there. You've got to stand up straight away. And to do that, your feed needs to look somewhat aesthetically pleasing. So have a theme, have some brand colors, have some consistency within the content you create. And that way when people look at your page, it will look as professional as you can, make it. 8. Class conclusion & Your project: That does wrap up today's Skillshare class. I do hope you enjoy it, but I did just want to share with you your guy's class project today. I just simply want you to make sure that you have implemented all of the factors that I've mentioned in today's class. It's probably one of the most simple Skillshare classes that you are going to come across because you've already consumed the content and it's likely that you've been doing it as you've been going through the class itself. So you may have got to this point and already done the project. But if you haven't just make sure that you are implementing all of the things that I've mentioned today and ensuring that your profile is structured in the optimal way to increase the reach you are receiving and increasing your follower conversion rate. But if you did enjoy today's Skillshare class, I did just want to mention, I am the host of the podcasts social media marketing school. It's available on pretty much every podcast platform, Apple Spotify, Google, you name it. And on that podcast we talked about pretty obviously all things social media marketing, Instagram growth, paid ads, social strategy, anything to do with social media marketing you will find on that podcast. And as of releasing this Skillshare class, there are over 140 episodes already over there for you to consume. So I'm going to leave a link in the class description. Make sure you head down there and consume more awesome social media marketing content. But if you've got any questions with regards to anything I've mentioned in today's class IV, or leave a comment as a discussion point, or you can reach out to me on Instagram, my handle is at the marketing. Ethan, I'm going to leave a little screenshot of my profile there so you can see it. But if you got any questions, please just send me a DM and I'll make sure I get back to you no matter what. But if you have made it to this point in this Skillshare class, I just want to finish off by saying, thank you all so much for tuning in. And I hope to see you in my other classes.