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How To Optimize Photos - Image SEO

Diana Guerrero

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20 Videos (42m)
    • Overview How To Optimize Photos Image SEO

    • What is SEO & Why Bother ARKlady

    • What 5 SEO Photo Edits Matter ARKlady FINAL

    • Best Practices for Consistency ARKlady

    • 3 Secret SEO Tips for Photos ARKlady

    • 3 Fatal SEO Mistakes to Avoid ARKlady

    • Demo V1 Editing File Properties File Type H&W Size

    • Demo V2 Editiing to Removing Data Bloat

    • Demo V3 Photo Editor Options

    • Demo V4 Editing Essentials Best Practices

    • Demo V5 Consistency Tip

    • Congratulations on Finishing

    • Final Thoughts Before You Get To Bonus Tips

    • BONUS V1 Before Upload How To Search Terms & Trends

    • BONUS V2 Before Upload Ideal Social Media Image Sizes

    • BONUS V3.1 After Upload Wordpress Image Sizes

    • BONUS V3.2 After Upload -Wordpress Image Editor

    • BONUS V3.3 After Upload Wordpress Featured Image Editing

    • BONUS V4 After Upload Wordpress Image Sitemap Plugin

    • BONUS V5 After Upload Maps & Photo Sites


About This Class


Do you ever wish for that more people saw your website or photos? Are you missing out on opportunities or sales because you are not showing up high enough in the search engines?

Learn vital strategies and secrets from an experienced digital consultant so that you can increase views of your photos and benefit from putting simple tips and best practices into action for better results.

You will learn

  • What It Means To SEO Photos and Why This Technique Is More Important Than Ever
  • Best Practices For Results So You Stand Out From the Crowd & Rise to the Top
  • Tools That Make Edits Easier
  • Secrets Tips for Added Visibility  

Students will be able to immediately use what they learn and benefit from taking action.

This class is perfect for business owners, photographers or creatives who are just starting to build their online presence as well as more advanced marketers or online consultants who want additional skills to complement or enhance their current expertise.

Suggested Class Prerequisites:

  • Course geared to the advanced beginner to intermediately skilled DIY (Do It Yourself) types.
  • Vital students already know how to upload, download photos & save photos.
  • Optional: Students should be willing to explore using online editors and software.

What is SEO & Why Should You Care?

SEO is dynamic and constantly changing. For those not familiar with the term, the acronym refers to a strategy that is used to get your website and your other online accounts more visibility. Once know as “Search Engine Optimization” it now is about Search Experience Optimization.

SEO helps turn people surfing the web into customers, clients, patients or fans. Current trends require not only the optimization of websites, but also of social sites, photos, videos, business listings, etc.,

This course shares little known or shared practices for optimizing photos (Image SEO) so that your web properties or platforms rank higher in search so you can attract more visitors for more opportunities and revenue.





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Diana L Guerrero is known as the ARKlady. Online since 1995, she has both specialized training and long term experience that contribute to a wide skill set when it comes to anything Internet and animal.

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