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How To NEVER Go Hungry On Your Diet (Part 2)

teacher avatar Mike Iser, You can be do or have anything you want!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Case Study

    • 3. The Index of Foods

    • 4. Meal Ideas

    • 5. Project

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About This Class

Welcome to PART 2 of "How To NEVER Go Hungry On Your Diet"!

In Part 1, we went over one of the most filling recipes I have ever had the pleasure of using in my weight loss journey...

Now, we're going to be arming you with even more ammunition by showing  you which common foods, calorie for calorie, are the most FILLING and thus BEST to stick in your diet.

If you take some of the foods in this listing and structure your breakfast, lunch and dinner around them, you will begin to find that your ability to stay satiated/full while in a caloric deficit go up dramatically.

So if you're ready for that knowledge, click the enroll button, lets get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike Iser

You can be do or have anything you want!


Hey everyone!

The 3 areas which I am producing videos on are:

Internet Marketing Self Development/Self-Help Weightloss/Muscle Building

I'll be teaching you the success tactics/techniques and principles I have picked up in all of the above fields and sharing it with you throughout the courses I release here on Skillshare.

If you have any questions about my courses, you could leave me a comment in the 'Community' tab of one of my videos :)


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. My Kaiser here. And welcome to the second part, too. How to make sure that you never go hungry regain on your diet. And if you haven't seen part one Guys, I'll put a link in the timeline which will take you to part one. You're gonna want to see that before you have a look at this one. And also for you guys who are wondering if you should have a listen to me. I'll post pictures here joined the transformation. I was able to make utilizing information, which I'm gonna be teaching. You hear these classes? So the say shitty indexes what we're gonna be talking about today and this basically refers to a listing of foods which calorie for calorie. They fill you up more than most other foods. Like, I'm sure you're aware that jump, who doesn't fill you up too well, right? So if you know what the top foods on this agency index are and you make your diet revolve around these, it will allow you to be in a deficit and do so with Mawr station will be fulfilled more so if you want to find out what that list is could be a gold button down below and I'll see you inside the class 2. The Case Study: All right, guys, Welcome. Now let's get right to it. What is the say Shitty Index? Basically the same city index. It's something that was developed in the mid nineties by Dr Suzanna Hold. She's from the City University within Australia, and her goal in the study was to find from a bunch of common foods what she deemed were common foods. What is most likely to keep you full longer by measuring how full people were feeling after eating a number of different foods with the same number of calories for each of those foods . So basically, she used 240 calorie portions in this study, and she spread that out amongst 38 different types of foods. So she had these individuals eat these 240 calorie portions of these different foods and measured how full these people were after eating those portions, so going a little more in depth. The 38 foods were separated into six food categories and this was fruits, bakery products, carb rich foods, protein rich foods and breakfast cereals, and these foods were fed to a group of 11 actually, several groups of 11 to 13 people and then there say shitty was measured in 15 minute intervals over the course of 120 minutes. Okay, Now, after doing this, essentially, this is a quotation here. This is how the say Shitty Index was found. A station index score was calculated by dividing the area under the station. The response curve the a U C for the test food by the group mean, Say shitty A you see for white bread and multiplying by 100. So in layman's terms, essentially what they did was they compared the say shitty. They compared the fullness factor of these. The station index of these, rather of all these foods to white bread white bread was given the value of 100%. And all station, all of the safety indexes of the rest of the foods were in relation to the white bread. So if it was, say, ah, 100% more filling than the white bread, then it would be given a score of 200%. If it was 50% less feeling than white bread, it would be given a value of 50%. And there's more information on this on pub med dot gov and I'll show you what that is right here. It's a little bit wordy. And But if you really want to have a look at the actual study, you could read into this right over here. So in the next slide, we're going to go over the next video. We're going to go over the say shitty index itself and what all foods are included within that, so stay tuned. 3. The Index of Foods: Okay, guys, onto the actual index of foods here it is. So these, as we said, are all the foods with values in comparison to white bread. So white bread is ranked as 100 all these foods has as far as how well they satisfy you. They're ranked either lower than that or higher than that. So you can see here that Chris Sants are at 47% in the bakery products crackers. Surprisingly, on this, you know, comparing these foods here crackers is 1 27%. So crackers, arm or filling by about 27% than white bread. And over here, you can see that for the snacks. Mars bar, 70% of the bottom. No surprise there. Yogurt, 88% over here in relation to white bread ice cream, 96% popcorn is 154%. That's actually pretty good. I find personally from utilizing this that anything that's 150% or over tends to be good. But obviously, you know, from time to time you're gonna have cookies. From time to time, you're gonna have ice cream. But it's interesting to note that 150% or more tends to do a good job of filling you up. So breakfast cereals musically. Normally, that's something that's considered to be quite healthy. This is only 100% in relation to white bread. You got cornflakes here at 1 18 all brand 151%. That's pretty good. And oatmeal 209%. So you can see you know oatmeal sticks to your gut. That is true and carb rich food. White bread is at the bottom. French fries is 116% and I want to skip right over here to potatoes because potatoes is 323% guys, that is insane. And I found out from my own experimentation that this potatoes fill you up like nothing else. Not only boiled potatoes, which is actually what this is in the study. They use boiled potatoes, but pretty much any potato is going to fill you up like crazy for calorie for calorie. And it's funny how french fries is way down here. I think it depends from my personal experience on the type of French fries, like if you were to go to McDonald's and get their french fries, which are processed. That's probably why it's going to be at a lower rating here. But I found that if I make my own french fries by baking them in the oven, that it is just as satisfying as potatoes in their boiled condition right, which is 323% in this case. So that's my personal experience, guys. And you can see here. Brown passes, surprisingly, is 188% over here. White bread white rice rather is 138%. So a lot of the times when people are making meals, for instance, if you're having protein on that, a carb source like you're choosing between white rice or potatoes, it's better to go with potatoes. This is more than twice is feeling as white right white rice, so moving on, we got a protein rich foods. We got lentils at 133%. It's at the bottom, but it's still you know it's OK. Cheese. 146% eggs, 150% baked beans. 168%. And here we have to really good sources of protein. Beef 176 and fish 225%. Now moving on to fruits, we got bananas at 118%. You think that be higher, but it's not apples 1 97% and oranges, oranges, 202%. So that's the whole thing right over here. And let's move on. I want to go over some interesting notes with these figures here with you guys so interesting. Notes. Calorie for calorie for sants are half assed feeling as white bread, apples and oatmeal are twice as filling as white bread. Fish, as we said, Azzawi looked over before, is more than two times a satisfying this white bread. Boiled potatoes or any potatoes from my experience are more than three times as satisfying as white bread, which means you should stick potatoes in as much as you can in your diet. If your goal is weight loss, the more potatoes you can fit into your diet calorie for calorie, you're gonna be mawr full mawr satiated on your diet. Potatoes are key now. Another interesting thing I wanted to mention is that hold mentioned that the more water, the more protein or fiber the food contains, generally, the more satiating it is, so you can apply this in your life to look at other foods like I know that for the protein rich foods, fish and beef were covered, but they didn't cover chicken and chicken is huge. Didn't cover turkey. Turkey is huge, and from my personal experience, any, um, animal is going to be high on the station. The index, even though it's not included in this study. From my experience, chicken is equally as satiating as, say, beef or fish. It's in the same range, and you can use this as well. The fiber look for high fibre foods and those will also be in the same rain. Just say all brand, which is high in fiber and oatmeal, which is relatively high in fiber. So keep that in mind, guys and stay tuned for the next slide. This is it for this slide will see you in the next slide 4. Meal Ideas: so I want to start off with a couple of meal ideas for you guys to consider. So with all the information that we have above for breakfast, you can consider having oatmeal, which is 209% or all brand is 151% or eggs 150%. Now I know I personally like to have one of my meals is three eggs just three hard boiled eggs? And I know that when I do that when I had that meal, it fills me up for quite a while. I don't have to think about food for quite a while, and like I said, that's from my personal experience. I find 100 50% or more tests be good, so that's why I have egg. So that's one suggestion. Also, oatmeal is great, and if you happen like all grand, these are all breakfast ideas that you could fit into your plan if you want to. And for lunch or dinner, 6 to 8 ounces of steak or beef, 176% for beef and I know that you could have with that is 150 to 200 grams of protein potatoes, rather, which is 323% in the station. The index right? That's one option there. And also you could have 6 to 8 ounces of fish to 25% and have that with 150 to 200 grass potatoes. It's up to you. Which one you go with now, I know that there might be some people who are vegetarians, and in that situation, what you could do. It's not gonna be as good, but you can substitute the steak, the fish. You can substitute this with beans. The only thing is is that with beans would see over here. Yeah, big beans with beans is 168% is not bad compared to beef, but it's not gonna be a complete protein, right? So in order to make it a complete protein, you're gonna have to combine it with a grain like, uh, whole meal, bread or green bread to make it. If that's something that you're concerned with, that's what you're gonna have to do. If you don't care about that too much, then you know you're fine, but that's another option for you. if you happen to be vegetarian. So aside from that snack dessert you can have an apple. I find apples or great 197%. It's not the highest. I mean oranges air highest on this, but by just a fraction. But my personal preference is Apple's. That's what I do. I have to go with pink lady apples. Or I think it's also called Apple Crips or honey. Crisp apples. Honey, Crisp apples are the sweetest apples you can get there. Very, very sweet. Very tasty, but very expensive. That's the only thing. And popcorn popcorn is another great 1 154% Um, I incorporate popcorn quite a bit, and I can show you got it loaded up here on my fifth day is where I tracked my calories. I've got, uh, all of these smart food options. Let me just show you what smart food looks like. This is what it looks like. It comes in variety of flavors. You got white cheddar over here sure that you've got a basic one that is just regular unflavored popcorn. I can't find it, but, uh, you got other flavors to let's see what else is here? You got stuff that's like chocolate caramel drizzle. Um, cinnamon brown sugar popcorn. Okay. Anyways, you got lots of different flavors here, Um, trying to look for my favorite one. Uh oh. Here they are. I like to have this one jalapeno and cheddar. Now, obviously, this isn't gonna be as healthy, is just playing popcorn is gonna have a lot of sodium. I think it has per serving. And it's got, like, 330 grounds of sodium. Something like that. Uh, let me just find out. I got it right here. Yeah. 330 grounds of sodium, 260 calories for four cups. 50 grams. So let's go back here. This to load. All right, So then you also got white cheddar popcorn. You can see that for the same 50 grams. You get six and 1/4 cups instead of four cups over here. So you know that the plane or you go. This one's better than the jalapeno cheddar. And I'm sure that the plane or you go like if you were to have just plain popcorn, you get be able to get even more. But anyways, back to this. So this is my suggestion of certain things that you can add to your breakfast, lunch and snacks or desserts that will help you to stay fuller longer. All right. So stay tuned for the next side. I got a project for you guys to make this to put this into practice in your life. 5. Project: All right, all right. Congratulations for making it through, and we're now at the project section. So what I want you guys to do is look over all the foods that were in the same city index and pick out some of the foods that are the most satiating that you feel that you could enjoy if you were to include them in your diet and put together a sample, put together a little meal, plan it for yourself, and what I want you to do also is to consider the idea of incrementally adding these foods to your diet. Now, if you're cool with just putting it all in and taking on a whole new diet, awesome do that. However, if adding if making changes in your diet is something that has challenged you in the past or has be a challenge for you, then I would suggest making incremental steps. So add maybe one thing to your died like maybe add potatoes, Teoh your lunch, and then you could try adding not only potatoes to your lunch but a steak to your lunch and then take things in that way. Or just add a just change. One meal all together. You know that. Just change your lunch altogether. Then get used to that. Then won't you used to that move onto dinner and so forth? And the last thing I want to say is to take action with this information within 24 hours because it's those people that once they learn something and they take immediate action on it, those are the individuals that are successful. If you can do something in the moment to move yourself towards where you want to be, then take action in that moment. Don't put it off. Begin today. Start today. Take action. All right. So I hope you find this of value to you guys. If you did give it a thumb's up, give me a like it's not necessary. But it does help out. And keep in mind that this is only part two. All right, on on how to ensure that you are always satiated and never hungry on your diets. So there will be another class, another chapter rather coming up. So stay tuned for that, and I'll see you over there