How To Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019 | Paul Chin | Skillshare

How To Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

How To Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

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16 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. 1 intro

    • 2. 2 overview dev process

    • 3. 3 download nodejs

    • 4. 4 download visual studio code

    • 5. 5 download phonegap desktop app

    • 6. 6 creating new project

    • 7. 7 downloading onsenui jquery

    • 8. 8 creating a page

    • 9. 9 adding admob code

    • 10. 10 configuring config xml

    • 11. 11 fixing errors in initAds

    • 12. 12 creating phonegap account

    • 13. 13 building apk file

    • 14. 14 using live ads

    • 15. 15 generating keystore and build release apk

    • 16. 16 project

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About This Class

This course will show you how to create a simple PhoneGap App using Onsen UI framework and then to insert AdMob ads into it. You will learn how to create test ads using the test ad units that Google provides, and create buttons to test them, and also how to build apk files using Adobe’s phonegap build. Then, you will learn how to create keystores and sign your apk file and how to use live ads for publishing your app to the Google Play Store.

I created this course because there is no one single place on the Internet that taught me how to add AdMob into a PhoneGap app.. I had to piece it together painstakingly from bits and pieces all over the place. PhoneGap is such a common platform for building apps yet no one has taken the trouble to write a guide or write a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Trying to get AdMob onto your PhoneGap app was such a hackish activity that it tends to put many people off. So, I decided to put together all my notes into a neat little course so as to document what I had done and also hopefully to help people out there who are facing the same problems.


  1. You should already know how to create web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  2. Already have or planning to sign up for Admob account and Google Play Account

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Paul Chin

Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator


I am a semi-retired college lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching computing and information technology. My interests range from coding to graphics design, apps, games development, music, health, spirituality and well-being. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and also love educating and inspiring others to succeed and live the life of their dreams.

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1. 1 intro: Hello and welcome. My name is Porch in discourse is entitled How to monetize your mobile phone. Get perhaps using animal adds 2019 In this cost, you will learn how to have animal ads into your phone. Get helps You also learn how to build. Perhaps before get I will take you step by step through all the steps necessary starting from creating a project and inserting your SS and also little how to insert your life has ID's you we will be building and at which looks like this. You don't use your group developer tools to test your and then once he's working, how we show you how toe Ablow your project to the phone get cloud cities and build your a P K files and I was also show you how to. Then download it and install your naps on your end rifle for testing my profession. I am a college lecturer. I have been teaching computer science and I t for about 20 years. I have other experience in King. Thank you for watching. I will see you inside 2. 2 overview dev process: let us take a look at the development process. First, we need to write code using ah, text editor, and in this lesson, and this causes will be using the shows to your cook. After writing a court, we need to Tess. They could use in chrome developer toes from the Roper Twosies, actually the chrome browser. But he has got additional tools. For example, Ah, phone simulator that can see really and right as well is I phoned, and after dead we were uploaded to. We were absolutely project to build the phone game dot com toe, create the A P K fouls. And finally, after the epic of house has been built, we will use how and rifle to downward install the A P K fouls to test it. The epic a found that be down and test will be a debug version. If you wanted to create perversion off hippie que that is ready for submission to the Google play store, we need to do some additional steps. You first need to create a key star and a key stories just like, uh, a signature, consisting off some hashes and possible. It's after creating a key store we need to absolute key star to build that. Forget dot com and we use the key stall Do is Trump before Gamble come to sign the big A fouls beef Turkey saw And finally we can download the AP Gaafar Any started on the island rifle the epic If our will be a release built and this release built is ready for submission to the Google play store. So that, in brief, is the development process overview and how see you in the coming lessons. Thank you. 3. 3 download nodejs: Hello and welcome back to another. I said in this lesson, we are going to take a look ahead. Not yes and no jazz. If you searching the ago, uh, using the us that you will find these self items here. And no, Jess is an open source. Cross platform, Java script, runtime environment that s accused. Have a screaming off site off her browser. Why do we need why doing in there, Jess? Because that on you need to use something going. Forget that storm at and forget that some have. He's no jazz to run, so let's go ahead and don't know Jess after your sexually he was ah, result here, Bring on this on and you will come to decide So here, thing on the dollar and if you stand on money had time off a recording. This lesson today test motion is 10 16 0 which is the stable version. So after downloading it, who can you start it? His double kicking right the next Hey centralizes agreement. Think next. And the Knicks. Next thing you know, angry. And so So I just passively you to let it stop, and we'll come back again. Now that he has finished installing. I'm going to click on finish button and then you can test whether it's successfully installed by Green, too. Such opening the common line to my night probe. And in here this time he human No dash dash version. And you will see which in 10 16 0 So it is seeing some response like this. Congratulations. Your success. Cities talk. No chess. That's all for this lesson. See you in the next one. 4. 4 download visual studio code: hello and welcome in this lesson, we are going to download install our issues to your coat. We just did your court. Hey, Steve takes a veto. You also welcome to use other ties. Editors of your reference. You can Donald be just to look good by going to this website goto because to the co dot com , all you can sit download measures to your court and you receive early here this week. Next create on the dollar Andi Stahler. And so, like the Russian that's suitable for your brain system. After it's downloaded, you should be able to see a far like this. So double Klay doing story. I've already stole mine, and it looks like this when I open it on your first point. It is just a real court. If you look something like this, okay? And now we need to install some packages. So go here and click on this button here. And the first thing the stories go lie silver. So type life somewhere in the search box, and then you just appear so clearly. Start. I already got my stories again. See, next thing you start is prettier, so social prettier, and you will see. Ah, by has been Peterson So again cling on me Cleaning start Mine has hard Even the stars against he Another one is Ah, another one will be great year Bracket bear polarizer this one So click on break it Better search back up back ELISA here and break it their color Preiser Well, a raise And the one by Contra s is the one that you need to install So clearly start And for me I've already installed. So at the end of this is speculation installations he will have three of packages record baccala riser. Nice ever and pretty A call for mater. The next thing you want to do is to customize our environment. Our tax editor. So this had a customization that I've done? Um, you can customize it by going too far preference, and then you need to customize Saudi. So I just made a screenshot here quickly so that I can use this to refer while customize. Okay, so how did customize it? First thing is you goto file. He can I can close this now so I go to file clear on preference, clear on settings And here the first thing on the customizes return that size, which is to So I would Time editor no, that size. And then down here I would change this to originally. I think that before was for after you that doing Make sure you save me by pressing Control s off. Fax it. Next, you and a custom mice What wrapped on? So search for head ether dot What? Brett And here set it on. You can choose a few options, but he should sell it on and against saving by pressing Control s and it'll one is editor dot Ah, for May on safe. True. So search for editor door for Mitt. I see you hear. Um, make sure you check this box and then safe control has to see next. Prettier, that single core. True. Now search for prettier. That single court, then here. Make sure you check this box and express control as to city And the last one is javascript a big important for moving people. Always. So here, search for javascript. No. Have get in bots on file. Move. Yeah, it was good. I'm fine. Move. Have get him Pots on file moved. You got. And you both Not on the books? Yes. And then here. Make sure you check these after that click. Contrast to see. And that's all conflicted. Downloading and customizing our beaches to your coat. That's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next one. Thank you. 5. 5 download phonegap desktop app: Hello and welcome back. Today we're going to see Phone Gap. Hungary is used to you, Yo, ap gave house in a club. And if you go to this website for game dot com making great more about it. So four games by adobe and, uh, forget issues to build her as the use your existing dornemann skills to make hybrid applications hybrid applications on those wish and, uh, be run on how us has very Sandra and Bill using history, mail, CSS and JavaScript. And you can use ah single core base to build for both platforms. How do in our constantly only going to focus on then, right, the invitational forget is that you can do your head in the club. It means after completing a project you will be able to use who get too big and forget will be able to be for both. I said so it's Indra so and how to get started. The, uh, for saying it do is growing Greenland. Start now and then you need to download the install the stomach. So in this case here weekly, there'll be no solution. Stone on this time and your individuality the is just tremendous used to create a template for the more by it. And it is easier way to create new projects he said are using commonly. So was a lot of his finish. You can double Colleoni who is talking. Okay, right. I said the agreement. And three. Nice click Next again, again Kleenex and clean store. So it is easy to install. Okay. And now the surface completed And ciencia. So click on finish. And if you wanted to test where they has bean sensibly installed, you can started by going to hear such for forget and you've received Forget to stop going on it. And he really start up like this. This is what it looks like and, uh, he didn't see here. He then create a new project by clicking on this, and we'll be doing that in the future. Lessons. So that's all for this lesson. Thank you very much. 6. 6 creating new project: Hello and welcome. We're not going to create Ah, an app. Two deaths, our mop heads. So to create. And you need to open the forget desktop happy. If you can find it, you can search it over here. Sesh for whom get. And then you receive this I icon discreet on this and you open click on the plus sign to create you. Forget project. Ah, But before you do that, Hera, would your c drive and create a new photo college? Forget projects. Now come back to your forget their stop bangs. Create new forget projects Select have blank O J and click next under the local park Greenland button juice and then select The new folder is you just create it. Forget projects under the name that let us call it at multiple. Yet at on the I d. That is Carly head in law dot Forget not have. And then going on green button three project you need to be online in order to create a project. Because forget that. Stop. Ever go to the Internet and down the necessary libraries and ah, the files needed in other degenerating new project. Now that he has been created. You can start the project by clicking on this button here. This always running here. So when you click on this thing, he will open a new browser and he's now and you can see he started. He had at this I p address 1911 and bought 2000. So let us know. Modify. He's got to show something. Open your wishes to your court, typically at folder, and then go in. Select the project for their Salifu projects tree at and you will see your and muffled Get up here. So now that is modified The X html far. Let's just say hello using the history take so that history Agrestic, and you will complete the closing automatically. You say hello Will Greece safe and go back to your brother and you see Hello Will. Now another way to start the He, uh, Broza, that is closed. His first is to use the oh, go life silver. So So let you in Shtml about them? Yes. Ah, but I'm gonna go life. So go Life comes. You think I'd be shows to your court issuing star Leah over here. Life's over, so make sure you select the, uh that is go back to a project. Okay? You correctly on index html, She's like, open your nice ever. And then you see life surveys hoping now, in order to view this in ah, Simulator, frankly. So let me inspect and angling on this pattern here, Togo device tuba, and you will see your simulator running in the android phone. His case is pictured too. He even changed their phone here. Galaxy s street and so on. And if you wanted to have more and rifles, he can click, edit, And then from here, even at traditional phones for simulating here and right or even the iPhone. So this is how you for using Forget that some have to create You have. So in the next lesson, we will continue working on this to at the, uh I'm just I was screamed like, creating buttons and so on. So I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. 7 downloading onsenui jquery: Hello and welcome back. Today I'm going to show you how to download me on send you I libraries and also Jake weary . I limit your p J Now this is ah, what the on Send io patients I and on San Io And send your eyes Ah, collection or libraries that allow you to great beautiful looking using the business such as what you see here. This is for iPhone. And also this is for Android, but we're not going to create all these, uh, items were just going to create buttons. However, we're still use on sen you I libraries to create whole buttons. So let's get started. The first thing you need to do is download on. Send your I live three by going to this page. Hansenne, Ohio hang clicking the download button and then select the 1st 1 zifa. And it is downloading after he has finished down with them. What? Got it and put it in your project folder. You know, forget protect Maine folder busy here and directly. It's a way I strike call and then delete his folded him. You want to restrict to the root on the forget project for the frankly, a strict. And now it is finished extracting open the the library core PDS to for this the CSS and JAVASCRIPT folder gaining and tell you and Mom forget it and open the www folder and busy here next to your Donald J. Coury and put it in sight there. Yes, and for the So open your browser time, Jake. Weary and click on the 1st 1 Great Honda, Donald J. Coury. And then don't compress for Russian Jakkrit. Three for one. And then here, right click and save s and then go to E o Project Reporter. Yeah, Open! You and Mom forget that project opened W w photo Opened the JavaScript? Yes. Folder and save it here. Now open your visual studio code and check. We have our CSS like reason, and I would just ask you like Greece and inside the tower escape Js libraries. Who? This You have to reject pretty library Israel. Next we want to ling all these libraries to our necks. Open your index html in a hit section we're going to league toe libraries. So tight link and then price debt and then is a star. She so we're going to refer to CSS folder Forward Slash and then select the on Send You I CSS on certain you I CSS. Then the next night ling again. And then this time press step again and then inside here, linked to CSS folder from a slash This time, select with sin CSS components good for importance. See, I says components, Mencia says. So these two on send your libraries will give you the styles that will make your using the face looks pretty on modern looking after creating the links to the style sheets for I won't send you I The next thing is to ling our in this system l to the Java scripts. So to do that, go to the body section and under here. Just before the closing day, you had a line typescript and then said I the 2nd 1 scrip sauce and then time gs forward slash and select on send you I I mean that Yes. Then open another line. Repeat the same thing Quick. 2nd 1 that yes, forward slash Jay Cleary and breast Step. And then the next one we are going to refer to our own. You have a screw far which we will now create so rightly www folder and select your file. Call it FGs. You cite the index. His Jamil refer to it typescript, script sauce. And they here before them is thought Yes. And then see Notice that whenever you see Ah, don't like this immense. Your father has changes there has not yet being saved. So you need to save it by control s o Farsi. Now we have completed the linking our index html far do our libraries. So, as you can see, just to recap, the 1st 2 lines here refer to our south Stashes. The only send you iced allergies, which we download it and put it in CSS Fordham, which is over here, see a householder, and then the the scripts JavaScript We also link using the JavaScript free download it in. Putting the jazz folders is the jazz folder. So it is two lines here for the day and finding the last line. He's referring to our own ab, Jess, which we were little used to write her customize JavaScript code. So we have this. We will end this lesson here, and I will see you in the next lesson. 8. 8 creating a page: Hello and welcome back at the moment a V with Iran, our app now rightly on in next year, Mel, and open the life's ever You will see that it is, uh, be hell over be going on inspecting correctly can inspect. And in select the See me later he received his home only one available message in a blank, empty page. Now we're going to make use off on on sin library. Specifically on speech on space is how we create a patient using the honest and you i framework. So this is seen next You were going to do something like this. So let us try these. Now open your in next his Jenna and we removed the hello World Day. And in place of it, type Hans Dash Beach and impressed Dember rest me and Turkey do I spent and the own speech . He's, uh, Thea Container for all the other elements which you be putting on the user interface. So the first thing we're going to put is the title bar. So we take Hans Dash to Cuba, Time Press and Tunky and expanded by a president. So the on speech consists of two sessions Me tuba. Hang the content which goes down here in a tuba. We can add a title by oppressing the I V diff to creative and impress the techie giving a class off center. You could also create a deep with class left and another defeat class. Right. So if you were to create a different class left, anything you put there will appear on the left site off. Atouba if you created the class, right? Anything you put inside there that if you appear on the right inside of Cuba. But for the moment, we are just going to create declasse center so that we only have one title right in the center. So for a title, call it head Mark Forget had and civic and go back and see off. And this is why it looks like Hello, Mom. Forget. And the next thing we want to do is put buttons. So to do that, the creation added, if pressed it exp entity. And then, um, the first thing you want to put east the photograph, so we're gonna have three paragraphs. First paragraph is for the first label or text message. Second paragraph is for the but until show he, uh, had more Bernadette Nissan is also button to show the enema in to see sure and then and last last one is about nt showed Iemma video. It's all reward heads. So first thing is that someone here we create we're going to create, huh? Next I just write some temporary message. Maybe we here call it status and then balloon it You're gonna put em button so in on saying we have an Spartans sexual here on smitten and your your first javascript. So this is how we create Hans Martin. You use this? Uh um on the button syntactic changes. Do you create on Spartan? He can read the documentation yet and he said there's even some sample could. Then you might want to try if you like. So we shall renounce Matina or yes, Nash. But then RiceTec and there you have your button and then we see show then, uh, savy hang check it up and you have sure been it. We do the same thing for your next button. The U. S. Copy these lines and basically drinker paragraph day and do the same thing for the last one . And for the 2nd 1 You can say sure in the STI show at and the last one shoe Um oh, yesterday. What had so three buttons? Let's take a look. And there you go. Now let's try toe make me display the user interface Prettier by sinker century on the items You can do that by using in nice styles They started the title style in close text The line Center CD Check it up. Now on the title center, you do the same for the rest. So go in till cook copy the star and place it into the first patent. Oh, maybe an easier re a pretty in India. We're here, save it and then going check it up and now everything is sent it and you might want to put more bigger margin on top. You can do that as well. He's got a semi colon and put another style patty. Maybe a pairing off 30 pixels and you take it up. Yes. So we're completed. The design are the user interface. Next thing we want to do is create the functions and we'll do that in the next lesson. Thank you. 9. 9 adding admob code: Hello and welcome back. Today we're going to echo to make the buttons work and also to show the correct status when you click the button. I've already headed Cem Court for you here and Munger's and you can Donald this file among Jess by going to the resource session under the projects and then download the file and it will be there for you so you needn't have a tight hold this in. So go ahead and down on this far from the project section of these costs and then Ponyo and Mom jazz far in this folder W W W how explain the cool later and how he works before now and just go ahead and Donald and put in this for you. The next team in it. You used to have some Heidi's to our components are elements. The first I d want to add. He's theon speech given I d home in Nice the HTML and to do the same thing for the paragraph day. Give me an I V how status the ideas are necessary because JavaScript needs to refer to this day, you know, to set the inner html later. So now let's go ahead to see our have Jess far. And here you want to add document listener so that no que mine, Uh, even listener. And you want to listen for the even In it he spell I and I t in it every patient and lose who triggered this any even. And when even his trigger you want to run a callback function, so we specify called information. So this cover fashion isn't and only most violation and even you will be too good when any event happens. So whenever patients, it will trigger these function the specified information And when the pace slows, you also passed even. I haven, um, objectivity for machine yourself, which is cool even. And then a specified the statements Great. A variable page capture and star he target. So even the dagger who captured the patient. It has loaded story inside the variable pitch. And now we test for the picture. I d the fish. I d refers to this idea. So this is the reason why we have a community so that we know wish on space has skillet let on. If you were to expand on this, you have multiple pages. So the only way to different ship them is through the i. D. So you the pitch ideas he calls, too. The Knicks, They want to trigger d He's commission call any pets. Who here? You know, that's his funny from objects. And you initialized the, uh yeah, my pets and then C V. Now we need to have a reference in the next you can know to any that's so yes, copious night and Casey here and here refer to you and not Hello, Mom, is MMDS which is this follower here? So now your index html can no wisher where to find the any assumption unless gift e function hander for the very sir matins. So for this one, many hunt when you click even happens. He kept you here and we assign a function. And if I should, maybe you surely hats then a So the man that he's, uh, here. Sure, Bennett. So this is the name of the function. Everyone just competing him. And then basically, here and now we should do the same thing for show interstitial. Go back to Mark. Yes, compete. He's on basic here. And let's say for the reward cigarettes, I'll be the name of this 100 and included him Basic in here. Okay, So now just in order to test whether the buttons are already why up to the JavaScript code let us with some kind off debugging messages. Message. Sue, for the moment, we just going to get the i d. For the status text. And I was status uh, status next tidies If you go back to here, you see the i. D. Heidi status. So there was a reason why we had to put ideas so that we can not selected from javascript. So the idea status everyone do set his, you know, it's came out Who text to tell us. Stay need Bennati Shui. Never do the same thing for the other two buttons they see here in thirsty. Sure call and everybody be us Well rewarded vehicle. Now we They're so it. So anything lost is supposed to show the okay, I'm wanting before letting you, uh oh. Here, man. I mean, when you from when the adverse lose Hey, will you initialize? Yes. So we want to show, uh, I say here I just copy this one nine year. Okay, So pay CEO, you got here. And this code is actually a 10 from here. The same one here. I just copy home here. Copies basically here and chased text to has initialized CV. So now in the refresh help each if you see as initialized. So how this roses them and its head first starts how you would trigger the unit function. How do you eat it even and any random? We don't call the function the from a callback function here and Corbyn function. We check for the fish. That tree Good. This human neither page Heidi happens to be index html. He wouldn't be initialized. Yes, and yes, I initialized by calling this function. And so just how youngest Three. Good. A new show. The the status has has initialized ups here. And then every once in click onshore Bennett you call it was sure the Benecol message. And next thing, because very clear on Children s he will trigger the show Burnett function and it should benefit. I should here who send a message to Bennett. Call is this is a text message. The same thing happens when you re on. Sure, it's a sure he will show this message here And when you figuring on a go and when you click on surely what at? He will call here? We showed this message because off this it's cool here. So at a moment, our head he's not showing because we haven't, uh, configuring the confidence in a far. And also as can only be shown in the picture device. So we started doing those things in the next lesson. Thank you. 10. 10 configuring config xml: Hello and welcome back in today's lesson, we are going to do the end mop heads and also other necessary parts. So the first thing I want to do is to do the conflict XML. And over here I've already prepared the correct configuration file for you. The old convict XML file looks like this, which is the default one given when you created this project. Using forget desktop help, you can download the new convict personal file from the Resource spot Resource. I should all the also known as C projects section off these costs and copy over right here . Oh, conversational far. The new SML far is quite complete. He has got all the necessary plug ins and preferences and so on. In addition to this, I have also prepared and I can for you I couldn't one for four. You can also download this icon from the project session or the resource ation off this course Now the icon file sizes one for four pixel white by one for four picks of height and it is specified and referred to in the last line off your confidence and a foul who were here if you wanted to create your icon. You can do that. Just replace this icon. If your homework No notice one thing. The icon, The conflict Fire both place in route. How the project? No. Inside www part in the root. Hardly a project for their which is had more forget like this. Now, the next thing I wanted, this cast is me. Ah, add more as I d So s you can see if you would to head back to your and mom. As for her file and what Jess Far, he received a test. That's so you need to enable, then, by selecting all of them an uncommon ent You can Uncle men using the shortcut key Control forward slash now ready. All these ideas come from do to get these ideas head over to Chrome browser and such. For this I had no, it's And here if you would see the first results test. That's handwrite. Go, Developer. Thank over here. You see, The test has Google and Emma has given you for testing purposes. And this is where I get the Venner I d the position i d and the reward of video I d As you can see, you were quick comparison. The van I D and C's seven Triple one intercision Heidi. I see. 73712 And the Rewarded video Heidi NC 54917 In addition to this idea which Google has given you for testy, you also need any I. D. So the FBI D If you hit back to convict SNL file, you will find it here and this Have I d ready? I get this from this is also given by Google and more for testing purposes. And you can find that angry here, Dennis Page and clicking this link get started. Then if you screw down, you will be able to see y'all at Ivy and you can use this. There's Heidi for testing purposes. As you can see, that's where I go. The DNC if 11713 which is this 111713 So now you have your admiral. Uh, that's ads ready. The next thing is, you have to make sure the here on the is testing, he said, Too true. That's our so you that we have now completed the conflict SNL file and at most, Heidi's test. I DS, and we also did the Icahn one for four. So what you should do now go in and down. I can't one for four and also confessing. Now the new one. Put it in your and more forget folder, and you be sure to change this part to your own email and this spot to your only wreck site . If you don't have a website, you can t be blank or we can create a block spot and it's put your box part email. Rough spot you arial here. And also be sure to change these to your name or your company's name. However you like Now, the important part is here. The plug in we're using the plug in called Over our craggy at pro. So when you were built this later, able to download this and beauty up. Indeed, Brooke that phone gap dot com website. So we'll be doing that next, So I'll see you in the next lecture. Thank you 11. 11 fixing errors in initAds: Welcome back. Before we proceed, I would just like to fix a small error. And the court Any objects file. Originally, we had this good, but I found it. It doesn't work. So I have created a correct court which is this one year. So go ahead and make this quick correction. That would be doing that on look and assign it the formation The fashion guru and a listener called Device ready. And then when the device is ready, he will call and it s And this evening, as he's found in the m o. Yes, how far which is this funny thing Over here now, the orginal method that we used which is this one here it is useful, but for other purposes it is used to perform some missions when particular patients But for animal purposes Hey, doesn't look because Emma requires he device to be really before it can initialize he has. So we had a maybe situation now have also Ah ha bloated P copy of the correct version on tip O J in the project session off this folder of this cars. So we can also download it from there. Thank you 12. 12 creating phonegap account: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will be creating a new account before get the Has it been see? So if you have not already got an account head over to this website Before you get beauty, don't forget come and then signing If you have any car, If you don't have a come, you need to create a new account So they re creating your counties by standing up for your come. So this click on signing and then you work on a and then over here we are going to create in your account by clicking getting That'll be I d. Alternatively, you can also sign in with Facebook always google if you have a jimmy account. So I'm going to try these methods, get another B i d. So getting a little B i d. And then I would write my name and in my email address and give a bus fit so a person esta into at least one number symbol both low case number case Hell is eight characters long and then heroically sign up. Okay, so I have no Santa for a you fresh a calm. So I want to create a new woman sauce. I need to go and copy and bases from Get up. So we'll do that in the next lesson. So if you wanted to, Allegheny can log in. If your new account and just to checks you, there's anything from them to verify. So far, there are no, you know, so verify. So successful way have already created successfully. And you will come. So with that new stop here, see you in the next lesson. 13. 13 building apk file: Welcome back in this Costs were going to Ablow. Now project to be done, Phone gap not calm and create our epic a far and done downloading the a big A far into our and rifle for testing. The first thing you do is to zip up your project. So head over t often get projects folder and then rightly on admin. Forget hep and zip me after he has completed zipping We're going to upload these to build out for gathered. Come so hit over to be forget not calm If this is the first time you are, uh, logging in, you should have a blank page way without any better and projects. However, for me, I already have to. I have a private project and in public put you here to create a new project. You click on the blue button had you had and there are two kinds of project you can create open source. Whole private open source means that your project is alluded to get up and then you are pulling the get have repository into your bill. Forget dot com and you can have as many open source projects as you like. However private projects means that you do not have to absolute your project. Get up first you can directly absolute your zip file. Do the beautiful get come. However, for free accounts you are limited to only one private project. As you can see, I already have a problem for J And this is a message jher says that you are currently using morning in Kota off one private. So I'm going to delete this problem for J by clicking on this Genetically said things hadn't screwed down and he really great. Okay, Now I click on the blue button again at new hip and three and in select private. And here you are using says you're using currently using more than a kota one product just to refresh to remove that ah message. And now you ableto and, um, click private Absolute, is it file and then select here? So far, he opened. Now that he has finished uploading, you can see the title off your up here and also the icon one for four PNG. There's also the description here and then they should be a button ready to build if you do not see this but then clicking on refresh and you should see now three on the button ready to build. And the build process has started. As you can see, the animation on the left here and then great out and dry icon. Now he has finished building. As you can see, the icon has turned to blue after having completed building. Ah, forget a BK. The next thing we are going to do is to download yet onto our end right phone. So go ahead and open your and rightful and use your chrome browser on your android four and never get to this website Bill, forget dot com and you should be able to see your head day. So that money and then he received install button that money star. But then, once he has finished okay, is not asking you to confirm down drinking down once his face downloading there should be a notification appearing at the bottom off the screen. You can click on this toe open and install it. And if for any reason, the notification appears disappears before you can tell money, no worries just hit over to your farm manager or file explorer for your phone for me is far less flora. I'll click on File Explorer and then over here I can dollar we have Which is this one here and about them. No Demery install. Then when you start again, it is installing and devil in lunch. You can see the message shows as initialized now that on the shore banner and you can see that that's that issuing out about them. You can bet on the death set, make sure you works and your test has opens. Now he's in the back button of your android phone and then select clear browser history that went OK and then your baby. So the next thing is testy. Interstitial at Dublin is showing city sha. And there you see the interstitial ready shui. Now you can tell on a suspicion at to make sure it works. And again, it is showing you the insistence. Yet now again that when the back button off your android phone again, select clear browser history and that's OK and then close the institution. So the other thing I want to point out is that before your phone can be able to install that party ABS, that means that's not from Google. Play like what we're doing now. You need to anybody. So to anybody for for different phones is slightly different, but basically the main principles are the same. So go to your phone settings here and then you can screw down to. In addition, as I think so. Here and it's go down. Do do for privacy and then here about them, you can see allow insulation and air from unknown sources. So that's all you need to do to make it able to install your for testing. So that's all for this lesson. See you in the next one. 14. 14 using live ads: Hello and welcome back into this lesson. I will show you how to create life at I DS and insert them into your project. So you need to have a good admin account for this. If you don't have one, you can apply by going to the ex dot and mob dot com website. Now I have already long in, as you can see, and I'm going to create a new hep. So the great and you add I distinctly on these abs here and then select at a and then he will ask you, have you published say no and then give a name for your and here I'm going to give it the name on sin. Forget at that foam and dry three. At next, Click on, create at Unit and over here we are going to create three units Bena Interest E Show and Rewarded Click Select Ah, selective Benham on first and then make sure that form its banner and give it a name. And for the name, I'll just copy the name of the they see here and put a dash at the bank Bana and then click Create unit. Next I'll click on create another unit, and this time I select interstitial. I'm going to base the name of the EP again and then put a dash behind in the the show and click on Create At Unit Again. I would click on Create Another Accurate and this time I select rewarded again. I'm going to base the name of the act here for that unit name and a pen, a dash rewarded. And then here leave the default reward a minus one. And the reward item has really what? This out of the fourth and then the less Do not change, agree on, create at unit and then click on Done. And now you will see I have my new aun said, Forget and more. Now we are going to put all these three units into our. So go into your and mom jazz full there and copy these three lines here and basically below here and then select all units is are the test Younus and comment Press control forward slash To commend them out. Go back to your Edmark, Click on this icon button to copy the Benayoun it Heidi, head back to your and Mark Js and then over right the ho at unit for the banner, Go back to your and mom, Consul. Now COPD interstitial at your it and basic into your industy Show value here to override the old one. And finally go back to your rewarded at unit and copied from your end up console and basic over the whole value here to alright, the old one. Now, just to check, make sure it's correct. The 1st 1 is a banner ending with 5546 5546 The 2nd 1 answers 74 tree five, 7435 And it doesn't want NC 40 94 4094 And then a common mistake is to ah instead of space in the front. So, Michelle, there is no space in front at a vessel. So that is great. Now control as to see now the next thing you want to Chinese to disable any off Thea ever messages because we don't want our messages to show when the user is using. This is going to be the life that I know nothing about. That and another thing to check for is, um over here the is testing set toe force if you are going to publish it to the Google play immediately. Now, another thing to know is if you have just recently headed ah, new Acto Google at more he will not be able to show their life. That's on. You may need to Rick, Uh, 48 hours before you able to see the light heads. But if you do want to work for eight hours and want to see the lives immediately, then you said this is testing to true. I remember to set him back to false just before you publish your act Google play store. So for the moment I was set is testing to true because I've just freshly created that these new and I want to immediately see my assets. So OK, you didn't done, um and then make sure this thing is coming. Now you do want toe Sierra messages. So this has commented out and then just to have a quick check, all right is correct. So the last thing you want to do is go to you have settings here and copia your app I d I think this icon button the corporations have i d and then hit over to your conflict XML file and over rightly ho have i d We're here. So this is the life, eh? Pretty city next issues cities up and have a lot to built that forget dot com. So that is going is in this file now. So over here, um rightly on your smartphone. Get back and zip it up. So you now, before we can I upload this to build up phone gap dot com We need to create a key star because we are going to build a release version for our e p K far. Now the difference is a release portion is ready for submission to re apstar. Unlike the previous ah lessons. A very We were only building devotion. So now we are. I'm going to stop here for this lesson. In the next lesson, I will show you how to create the key star to you then thank you for what you 15. 15 generating keystore and build release apk: Hello. And welcome back into this lesson, I will show you how to create a kiss toe. But before that, just let me explain to you what we have been doing so far. And why is there a need for the key? So this is our poor J There we create using the phone, get their stopgap and then subsequently modify the visual studio code after modifying and creating our we both zip it and then have blood tow bill dot phone gap not come Bill. Don't forget dot com who then build our a p K file and then the a p K Father is created is known as a debunked bill he became. And why is it called the botany being a PK? Because it is only for testing and debugging purposes. Not for alluding to the Google play store If you wanted toe absoluto Google play star You need to create what is known as Sir Release Bill A PK But before you can create a release, Billy, keep a PK you will need to give your built Forget not calm The key star and then builder from Kendall Come who used a key store that you have loaded and use that to sign. Sign your ap Gaafar to create the release bill. A big a PK. So that is how we create release bill A PK. So now the next step is for us to create this key store and public disc e store to our bill . Forget dot com account. Now let's open your chrome browser and then, ah, that January key store online. And the 1st 1 is the one, the one in my case, the 1st 1 it is called Generate Android certification online. Click on it. And here, put in the alias so you can give a name you can put a name for resemble Hansenne Key Star. Oh, any name you like without spaces and give it possible How? Just put a B c 12 tree for simplicity and give the name of your organization on saying, Mm key stall. Oh, maybe I would put my organization and then enter the validation, Uh, help the bus you see here and frankly, generous it. Now it is important that you remember and your possible because it is used to keeping toe unlock. Nikki stahr it on. Leon generates it. And now yourself has been generated and download it as you can see. So open your Donald it key stall and any give it a name changed and they do the name of your alias so that you know what your idiocies directly rename on. Sen. Keystone. So the full name is on san keystone dot key star. So we will use this toe outlook to build. Forget come now. So go into your builder. Forget dot com and then go to your profile on the top right hand corner, playing on peace, profile me here and still ahead IQ account and then click the signing keys there. And then hidden things go down to he n dry section Frankly, had a key and the name of the key give you the same name as your areas, which is for my case on sand he stopped. And my areas is also horns and keystone next creating the Jews fall button and then a blood the online key star three open and now click Summit key. And there you have it. And here on sank e store take a look. And he had, uh, said you get a possible time surgical possible is a B c 123 For my case, A B C 123 Play some key. So is already on law. Now you can go and have a look. Your head did Could select off. Is it far open? Angry After uploading it automatically built. Let me finish beauty. Then we will select the key Davie and long earlier. All right, so now we select the key which was unlocked. You ski? Yeah, And then he will be now using the key to assign. And now he has completed building. Now that you're a PK Fire has completed building. We want to test it. You can test it. So open your mobile phone. Ah, Broza. And then we get to build that phone gap dot com and log in and you can see the ah newly created a P caid release bill so that money to start downloading and then here please them on the store button, click on download. And now I'm on this open and about them here who install it. They want you to stall and then there on launch. And so you can see as initialize that onshore Boehner and you can see here These are life heads, not deserts. But the issues test. And because your convict file you said Send it it's tested. True, if you remember who here in and Mom God, yes, we said, is testing the truth. So although it is showing a life that I d but because he said he's testing to true, so is two shows the ah ah overlay here off the labour test. Then you get that onshore into cigarette. And then this is also a life at not a test on a D About that said and again, he shows the test set label here. This step on the bank worked in here off your android phone. Okay, so that's it. You have successfully greater release built and before you can upload this studio, Google play star you. We need to go back to your and and mom. Js Far said he's testing to False said he's testing do falls, save it and then go ends. Reason your far delete this whole one again. Is he resemble again and then reality too. Forget my tapping on this pattern here, look, choose the news the far and and automatically it will start to build it again and it is on its has started rebuilding again. As you can see, the animation here. And also it is using your key star this key star bitch on law to sign you a big Eva. Okay. And one says, finish building here. So if you wanted to absolute your a p k file to Google play store, you wouldn't do clear on this button to dollar T or P C to a dead stop. First, I'm into your computer. First time on this green on this, and it starts to download. Now open the folder and take a look. And here you can see the name of the father is at dash release. Early on, we will getting de buck. It begins now, eating release, hippie case and this really sit BK is ready to be submitted toe Google play. So congratulations. You have completed called building. Really CBK, which is ah usually show life as because he said is testing to false So that's all for this lesson. I'll see you in the next one 16. 16 project: Hello and welcome to the last section you have covered so much. Ah, this cause now you know how to add had much to your android abs and make money from it. So for the project, how I would like you to try to create on admin at your admin access to do it and I submit to you go play and then go ahead and post seo Google play link to your in the project and then let us all see what you have done, and we can go and take a look. And you can also on extra money from the X that we should when we try out your naps. So go in and give it a try. And ah, I wish you all the best for your and development. And may you make a lot of money, huh? Within moments. Thank you for taking this cause. And I hope to see you in a dark future courses. Bye bye.