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How To Migrate A Website: Localhost to Web Host

Syed Ali, Web Developer - Teaching over 30,000+ students

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Creating Free Web Host

    • Creating Database On Web Server

    • Downloading FileZilla

    • Transferring Files Using FileZilla FTP

    • Migrating Database


About This Class

The course will provide you step by step instructions to migrate a WordPress website from one hosting provider to another. You will also be able to migrate the website from root folder to a sub-folder within the same hosting provider. The course explains different methods of migration which enables the user perform the migration in various settings.

Who should take this WordPress migration course and why?

WordPress migration is required at multiple places. Its done either for safety purposes as a backup copy or for various other reasons like restoring a website after a virus attack or for doing affiliate marketing, where we need to replicate the website (or landing page) on more than one server. You may simply need it when you need to change your hosting provider.

The course explains the important components of a WordPress website and how we can migrate them individually. It also explains a fast way of migrating using a free WordPress plugin.


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Migration Successful! Amazing Class!!
Chris H.

IT Expert

One of the best Classes by Syed I have seen on Skillshare!
Kane W.

Writer and Editor

This is the Class that I was looking from weeks! Finally found it! I had a problem migrating my WordPress Class but now I successfully managed to migrate it from my local host to Online Web Server! Thanks Syed
James S.

Programmer and IT Networking Expert





Syed Ali

Web Developer - Teaching over 30,000+ students

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