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How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Thank You Page

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Thank You Page

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About This Class

If you've ever created a squeeze page (or landing page) and wondered what you should do after capturing the traffic, then this short course is perfect for you. After completing it, you're going to discover multiple ways (that you can mix 'n match) in order to maximize the effectiveness of your thank you page. So if you have a plain, dull, and boring page with nothing going on, be sure to enroll right away. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's up? It's James Kansan. Alan, welcome to my course where I'm going to show you how to maximize the effectiveness of your thank you page. Now, this course is going to be perfect for you if you're an Internet marketer of your affiliate marketer or your social media marketer, or you simply have an online business. Now, when it comes to creating a squeeze page or a landing page or lead capture page whatever you want to call it, I'm sure you realize that once you created, you have to worry about where you're going to send your traffic after. That's what this course is going to focus on maximizing the thank you page and let me tell you, there's quite a few options you can do. But not only that. You can actually mix and match them sell. I'm going to go over the shoulder and reveal quite a few ways that you can use, all right, so you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So you want to make sure it's not just something random thrown on there, and there's nothing for that person to do because it's some of the best targeted traffic and the best time for you to actually put something that's going to be helpful there. So if you want to know what that is, go ahead and roll right now. Look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Thank You Page: Hey, what's up? It's James Kansan, ello and welcome to my course how to maximize the effectiveness of your thank you page. So, for example, let's say you set up a squeeze page, which is also known as the landing page or a capture page lead Capture page wherever you want to call it. All right, someone ops in. And then this is going to be the thank you page you send them to after. Now, there's actually a lot of things you can do here. So if it just says like, thank you, have a nice day, you probably want to do a little bit more than that. And that's what this course is all about. All right, so this video is kind of big here. This is just a very plain example of one which I'm gonna show you. Let me show you the preview Here is the one I use recently pause this year. Okay, there I am. Anyway, So this was basically just saying this is not a sales video. Someone had opted into gated cheat sheet. I was gonna tell them some stuff here which I'm gonna talk to you about. Then there was a testimonial, and that s a link to get their Cici. Very simple. But there's a lot of things you can do here. And there's a reason why I use this specific set up. You might not want to do it this way. You might want to do it a different way about once again. That's what this courses for. So is starting off. First and foremost, there's a lot of different ways to do this, and the first is going to be some type of video. Now. I love doing video, especially let me let this load Okay, especially if it's cold traffic where the person doesn't know you. I want the person know that I'm a real person. I'm not some like random person hiding behind the screen, so I love doing that. You want to get a leg up on the competition, go ahead, hop in front of the video or hop in front of the camera. Excuse me? Ah, lot of other people don't want so aside from that, what I do in this is basically walk them through what's going to happen next. So if you do a video and there's gonna be a lot of people seeing this who have never seen you before. What you want to focus on is basically a few things. First and foremost. They just opted in, So let them know what's going to happen. Hey, my name is James Kansan. Ella, you just opted in. Which means you're going to get an email sent to your inbox from myself. Aside from that, you can expect a lot more information for me about affiliate marketing or weight loss or lifting weights. Whatever is going to be about. Okay. Aside from that, in this, I'd let him know this is not a sales video, so they can actually watch it all. It's not that long. It's probably that's a minute 10 and basically I'm going to tell him how they can get their cheat sheet. So something like this I'm going to say, like, Hey, you can expect more quality videos from me about X y Z, and also, if you want to get your cheat sheet to simply click the link down below, it's a reminder where they would click that and go to the next page. And basically this gets them looking for my emails as well. Okay, it's much easier to build report with someone when there's actually a name to the face. And it's a real person compared to someone hiding behind a computer, not even using video in the first place. Okay, so that's all they kind of want to do in a video, especially the thank you page where there's not gonna be any type of product. It's basically saying this is not a sells video going over everything. What, to expect an email for me so they can get that email along with their chief. She Okay, so that's the 1st 1 The first thing you can do next is going to be linking to a gift. Obviously, if they just came through a squeeze page, there's a good chance that obviously they want some type of free gift. So what you can do is either put a link to that free gift there and tell them in the video it's down below, or what you can do is actually to say, like, Hey, I just sent it to your email in box. Make sure you go check for an email from James Kansan ello that says, like click here to down there, cheat sheet, Okay, Something like that. So it really depends upon you what you want to do. If you say on your squeeze page that you're the free gift is going to be sent to their email, there's a good chance that they're going to actually use a real email. Because if they opted and said ago, Crap, I used a fake email. They're gonna have to go back and put in a real one. So that's another idea. Okay, next we have linking to an unannounced bonus. So let's go back here and let's say, uh, see you. So click here. Two down. Not like that killing me. Here we go. Okay. So for example, let's say you sent a free gift to their inbox, and now you have announced bonus like that's another great way of doing it. The reason for this is just giving away cool stuff. It's kind of like, uh, I like doing is over promising and over delivering as opposed to under promising and over delivering. I get kind of the best of both worlds, so whether it be someone actually opted into a squeeze page or if they purchase the product for me, I love doing that there. There's always unannounced goodies with most of the products I sell, so that's another great way of doing that. Especially if you're in your nature here. Like an expert on obviously units. You probably got a lot of information. A lot of great tidbits. Golden nuggets. It doesn't always have to be huge. It could just be like a simple one. Page pdf, where you have something really important? Pretty the way. Great way to add some unannounced bonus to give some more value. Obviously, when you're showing yourself in front of camera and you're giving away cool stuff, this is a great time to do it, Okay? Because you just literally quote unquote met the person. All right, so next, what you can do is actually link to a webinar. Right? This is one is going to be very specific. Obviously, if you have a weapon, are this is the one I'm going to be doing now? Very shortly. Not in this specific one, but coming up. So whatever I do is I click here to R S V P. Okay, let's just say everything else was the same. Okay, let's just say the main idea of getting someone on my on my subscriber list was to get them opted into a webinar page, and I didn't want to send straight to a weapon arcs that might cost a little more. So what I would do, I would say You know the same exact thing. This is not a sales video. Watch to see how to get your cheat sheet. So it's say something in this video, it's allocates James Cans. No, thank you for opting in as promised. I sent your free Cici to your email that will be there in about five minutes. But in that time, what I did is actually, you know, set up a webinar where I can actually dive deeper into the topic that they requested. What's it was affiliate marketing, weight loss. So if you want to kind of get the short cut when it comes to affiliate marketing, go ahead, click the link down below and sign up for the free webinar as I know you're gonna really love it, especially if you're a big fan of affiliate marketing. Alright, so that's it. Like I said, your cheek. She will hit her inbox in about five minutes In the meantime, Go ahead, click the link down below, sign up for the webinar and look forward to seeing you on board. Okay? Something along the lines of that. So you see how it would completely change? Not completely, but this would be the same. What I said in the video would be slightly different and then hopes that wouldn't be that it would be this. So let me just preview this. So the most important thing is to know your goal before you actually do what you want to do . Okay? Cause the video you can do last If you say, like, hey, I want to do a webinar and you want to do a video with it just to kind of get him on board . You would do this first. You would do this first and you do the video last, OK? Because if you want to change it, you can change the video unless you want to shoot that again. Okay, so that's linking to a webinar. Next, we can do a really great spot. If you have a Facebook group, let me put an image here. Okay? Callouses say this was an image of Ah Ah, Facebook logo. I could do this. Click here to look here. Don't do that to join the private F B group. Okay, this is another option for maximizing what you have now. Keep in mind means delete this. I'm giving you a lot of options. You can mix and match a lot of these. OK? Don't just think it can only be one, or it has to be one. It's not going to be that way. Everything could be the same way. Said like, Hey, you're cheat sheets. Gonna be sent to your email. In the meantime, be sure to click the link down below. Enjoying our private Facebook group. All right, What better way to get to know someone than actually seeing them in a video? Seeing the face them, talking to you, giving you some free stuff and having them join your private Facebook group? Pretty cool. Right? So what you're doing is building a lot of reporting trust here. Okay? So when you do need to sell something, it's not gonna be is difficult. It's not gonna be like pulling teeth like who is this idiot I've never seen before? Or it's gonna be nothing like that. So that's quicker to join the private Facebook group if you have one. OK, people ask a lot. How do we get people in my Facebook group? We'll put a link to it either on your thank you page or in one of your e mails. Whatever. It's going to be a simple Is that Okay, so next. Very simple one. This is what I like to do in a lot of niches that I'm not huge in. Like, why is it always do that on? Okay, so affiliate link. So in terms of muscle building, I was in that niche. Kind of like when I first started, I didn't know what I was doing, but after that I kind of came back to what I did. A lot of affiliate marketing. So what I had here, I don't even think I did a video at the time. There was, like, some text here. And then there was some more text was like, Thank you for opting groups. Delete this. Giving an example. Not a not an amazing one. But just to get the idea Thank you for opting in Your gift has been sent to your inbox just like I was talking about A lot of times. Don't feel like getting from camera. Even I used to do that back then. Okay, so just to get the leg up, make sure you do, Teoh. Okay. Uh, see, Click blow to check out a highly recommended resource. Okay, so I remember when I did this, it was like, super simple. Obviously, there's some headlines. Maybe there was a couple of pictures. Whatever. It was just an affiliate. Lincoln for muscle building. I remember the best converting offer. I tested out a lot of them whenever there was, like, fat loss, muscle building, training routines. The best one that converted for me was the anabolic cooking, which is living room. That's interesting. Maybe because it was just a easier sell. It was like, Oh, I like mostly building recipes and so on and so forth. But either way, that's literally. All I did was like, Hey, thanks for opting in. Your gift is gonna be sent to your email. In the meantime, since you love muscle building, feel free to check out this amazing recipe book I have in myself and I highly recommend it . Click here to check it out. That's it. Okay. Affiliate link. That's how it's done. Right? So next is going to be paper lead. Okay, This is similar to affiliate marketing as well. I did a taunt of this. This was also C p. A cost for action, but you get paid. Basically, you send someone to a squeeze page, you should get paid like a dollar, maybe $2 for every time you send them a lead. It's a simple Is that Okay? That's what paper lead is all about. So it would be an affiliate link. It would go to someone else's offer and you get paid any time they sign up. If the country's match up with the person that's obviously entering in their email, okay, next, two more probably would have never thought about. Okay, Click bank. Or I should say, click banking, okay, has nothing to do with click Bank. The website click Banking is basically this was very popular with solo. Adds people do this all the time where you say, like, hey, I'm gonna put your link on my thank you page. I'm going to send you 100 klicks. Then after I'm done, we're going to repeat the process except my link goes on your thank you page. So what you're doing is you're kind of building up clicks okay for other people so that after you're done, they can return the favor. So you're basically both building each other's list because you're probably going to get a really good opt in here because someone has to opt in in order to see this, which means they've taken action, are ready, so there's a good chance they're going to sign up again. Case that's click banking. And last but not least, groups not seal. We don't want to steal clicks and sell clicks. Okay, this obviously, once again, this came from the solo ad industry. That was one of the biggest things I first started doing with paid traffic. So I really had to get the most mileage out of any type of page. I had, especially a thank you page if it was going to be with her without a product or maybe was a bonus page. What ever was going to be? I always had to be thinking just so I could maximize the effective in this, but this is the same thing as quick baking except you say, like, Hey, I got a lot of great traffic coming to my thank you page. I'm looking to monetize it, so I'm selling clicks on here for 50 cents apiece. Okay, All you need is like a click tracking software where once it hits, you know, a certain amount that they buy, it rotates to some other offer. And then obviously you get paid before you even do anything as the beauty about this, you're getting paid per click, which means the person doesn't even have to take an action or buy anything, and you're still getting paid. OK, so that's probably the last resort your going to do this is more prevalent. If you're in, like solo ads or something similar to that, I wouldn't personally do this if it was in any other type of niche or really depends on the traffic. I guess you could say and how, Chief, you're getting it. And if you could make a profit off of it, or if you're better off just using those clicks to send traffic to your own offers, that's what I do right now, because it's gonna be the best option for me. and for the people reach my page. But either way, kind of wrapping it up. In a nutshell. That's a lot of things that you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your thank you page looking over everything once again, remember, we had a video, Okay, where you're basically giving them instructions. That's always gonna be different, depending on what the outcome off them. Reaching this page and what he wanted to be right, obviously could have a link to the gift. Or you can send it to them in their email. You can have a link to an unannounced bonus. You can have a link to a webinar, which is very powerful. You can have linked to a Facebook group. You can have a recommended resource, which is going to be an affiliate link. You can have a paper lead link, which is also a C p. A link. Whatever you wanna call it, you can click bank, where you can build your list way you both someone else's and last but not least is it's staring you right in the face. You can sell clicks if you want to go that route, which for many of you It's probably not going to be. But add the third index. It's always an option. Okay, so with that being said, that's the course if you learned anything new, if you got at least one golden nugget out of this, give it a high five. Give it a roundhouse kick, Give it a fist bump. Give it. Ah, give it a truffle shuffle. Just like chunk in the Goonies. All right, Give it a thumbs up. Given a comment given to rating whatever is, they greatly appreciate it. And with that being said, I'm James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching, and I can't believe I said Truffle shuffle. I'll see you soon.