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How To Master Your YouTube Branding

teacher avatar Peter BVCCO, Video Content Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Why you need to know YouTube branding?

    • 2. Your YouTube Banner

    • 3. Customized Links

    • 4. Having the right YouTube Trailer

    • 5. Thumbnails and Titles

    • 6. Descriptions

    • 7. Should I have a custom Intro/Outro?

    • 8. Brand + Content is King

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About This Class

Ever wonder how does a personal brand play a role with your YouTube branding? In this class I will discuss and examine the basics of YouTube branding and how you can benefit from a consistent and engaging YouTube channel.

After taking this class you will:

  • understand the importance of YouTube branding
  • learn about YouTube banners
  • learn about Titles, Thumbnails, Descriptions
  • how to customize your YouTube channel
  • overall have a consistent branding on your channel

Let's be honest. Every one has a YouTube channel nowadays but how do you exactly stand out? By creating your own personal brand and specifically having a solid YouTube brand. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Video Content Specialist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

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1. Why you need to know YouTube branding?: So what is YouTube branding? Chances are you stumbled upon a YouTube channel and like, wow, something about this channel looks really professional. Everything looks really cohesive and I know exactly what they're all about, who they are. Before I even watch a video, click on any one of the videos and knew who they are as a person. Well, in this class, I'm going to show you exactly why you need to understand YouTube branding. So you can apply this for your own YouTube channels, whether your business or your own YouTube Borough has aspirations to make a channel. I'm gonna show you exactly on overview level of how you understand this, as well as you went through the hell am I? My name is Peter. I've made my own YouTube channel, both over 10 thousand subscribers, a million views on each channel. And I've also made videos for influencers, digital marketing agencies, and help them accumulate millions of views. So I'm going to tell you exactly what it takes to actually have good branding. What is branding? Why you need it on YouTube? And let's jump into it. 2. Your YouTube Banner: So what comes to your mind? When I say Nike, Tesla, Elon Musk, Apple, McDonald's, that is branding and the power of branding where it's like some simple image or logo. You automatically think what they sell, who they are and what they're all about before you actually know that it's essentially a pair social relationship. And you can also apply this for your own content when it comes to your own social media specificly on YouTube, it seemed goes applies when you go on a YouTube channel and you instantly see is that you as your brain and your eyes and you see a stimulus breed interpreted, and then you can get some sort of end result or process. So when you go on to a YouTube channel that you don't know what this random person you're like. Who is the stranger? I don't really care about you. So you as a content creator, you want to put yourself in the best position to be in their favorite, to tell you or sell them before they even watch any of your videos they click on, land on somehow for some cause your page, you wanna be able to tell them something or someone that actually watching the channel that Hey, you might want to stay tuned for this from the very get-go from the beginning, I'm going to show you what it is that you need to know about your channel banner. So before even stumble across any channel, you notice that they have this banner on top. And a go-to way, I'm going to tell you about two simple ways. One is the more corporate port professional row, but I'm also telling you a thing, the abstract way of more, the creative way. So you know both approaches. So the first way of how you would consult or I will consult people about having a channel banner is you want to have what your channel is. A bell summed along lines of three to four words, as well as a call to action. So the channel banner is the top image of your YouTube channel and it has the dimensions of 2560 by 1440 P. And there is a safe space in the middle. So the channel banner can vary whether you're viewing on desktop and mobile, and that's something you want to be aware of for me when I look into my own channel banner and show you guys what mine is about. So as you can see here, it is at BB CEO and my tagline or slogan is create something out of nothing. And that stems from creating content doesn't matter. If you have a budget, you have a lot of budget. You don't have a budget. And that's what I'm all about. And on top of that, I have my yellow color, which is hex code triple F, triple 0. And that is one. 3. Customized Links: So when it comes to go into your links in the four corners, if you're viewing YouTube on a desktop mode, that you go to your About page and you can edit and customize your channel. It'll pop you up into this menu and you can have all your links, and you can have the exact social media handle, wavelets, Instagram, Facebook, your own website, as well as the actual URL. So people on desktop or mobile can actually click and go into, get redirected to another site. And for me, I like to use my email opt-in guide or my free camera guide as my legion at music, My first link and all my other links are my social medias like my Facebook and my YouTube channel, as well as my Instagram, as well as when you go into the bell page, you also want to write a little blurb because you never know who's watching you. So I like to have my little Bourbon real to you right now is that we're also with nothing but you can create something. Bbc C0 is the creative and video focus business where your vision, your story, your brand, and you are encompassed all into a visual art video to be exact, in a noisy world, social media has become this generation's television, where the television is now this generation's radio. How do you stand out by creating content? Video is now becoming the single most news tool and marketing, brand awareness and engagement, as well as I have my own business emailed and you can enter that in the Youtube Studio. And that is how you have your links, as well as your overall branding and aesthetic on YouTube before they even look into your videos. So just to recap, is that you have, your YouTube Banner has preferably some color that's pertaining to your own personal brand. Some slogan, your handle and a call to action, as well as all of your social media links that you want to redirect your traffic to. And before I jump into next portion is that I suggest that you already have some sort of personal brand for US. Jump into YouTube, branding, like branding is all about when I talk about the Nike's, the Apples, the McDonald's, they have some sort of allocation to the present brand. It doesn't have to be a base. But if you're on YouTube, it's more likely going to be our face or your logo. Logo in your banner, is your face in your banner? Think about that as your personal brand. How do you show up to the person before they even click your videos? So you want to know, show them that, hey, this is my face on the banner. This is who I am. And you already get a sense to know me before you even click to anyone my videos, you're slowly getting to in the marketing world they like to call it indoctrination of how I'm getting too slowly know you before you even click on any one of my videos. 4. Having the right YouTube Trailer: So the next thing I'm going to show you right now is when you go on to anybody's YouTube channel, there's going to have this main video here that is going to be your featured video for anyone who is not subscribed and yes, best practices as you have a one-minute trailer about what your YouTube channels about. But for me and my other YouTube channel that I've consulted a helped me content for their slowly stepping away from this method. And what they do now is just have one of their videos that does well or they want to get more traction, is they have that as their main video. And you can also customize. And then it'll pop up into Studio and you can have a featured video for your returning subscribers. So that means anyone that's returned you YouTube channel is going to see a different video than the one featured in your main video who isn't subscribe if that makes sense. So you have two videos for me. I have my newest video for people who have not subscribed yet as my top point and the people who do returning hit subscribe on my YouTube channel, I have 40 minute life dream of how to make the best camera purchase with your equipment and budget. And that is for people who want to get a lot more value and conflict come back to my channel. I want to give them more value where someone who just happens to hop on my channel, I typically depend on where my content is. I like to change it up and experiment with different types of video trailers for people who have not seen my youtube channel. So yes, go to textbook, reason or way is yes. Have a YouTube trailer that is pertaining to who you are and you wanna subscribe and XYZ. But for the most part, for me, I pick up an extra one hundred and three hundred views to build up momentum as I have it as YouTube trailer that I just pick any video. It doesn't have to be a YouTube's recommended trailer. You can have your own YouTube video so they jump into who you are and appear in desktop. It automatically plays if you're on mobile, it is going to see what they click on when they tap onto your channels. 5. Thumbnails and Titles: Next is I'm going to show you right here on my laptop is Azure scrolling through the first thing you notice before you watch any of the videos, I can tell so much about too much Channel, who they are, whether or not they're doing YouTube right or wrong, to the name our work is you look at their thumbnails. Thumbnails are so important. And when it comes to YouTube, branding is all about getting the click, getting the clicks of people who actually watch your videos. So what you want to notice is as your personal branding integrated into your thumbnails. So for me, what I noticed is when I use my faith in the thumbnail, videos do a lot more better because it's more of a human connection in comparison to my other videos that aren't so much about, don't know, hot, have my face. So I'm gonna scroll right now. And you want to look at what appeals to your audience, you would consider who is my audience and what am I making content for? And how can we reverse engineer that so I can make them click on the video so they're more interested in it. And the same thing applies. Are you having your colors, your text, your fonts? Are they all align with your YouTube channels as well as as your face in it. For me, what I notice is the more than my face is in it and the more exaggerated expression that I have, the more likely someone is going to click or watch my videos in comparison to was a really hideous domino. Your deterring people from actually watching your videos, let alone personal branding on YouTube, to actually click and watch the video because they've known clicks on it. No one's going to watch your videos. So that's why branding is important on YouTube, specifically for your thumbnails, is your face in the shot? How's it differentiating from your competitors? Thumbnails. And is there consistency in your thumbnail branding? The same fonts are using same templates. Are you using the same phase or is it just seem different person every time? And as well as you also want to change it up. If some of your branding is not working, you always want to be changing it up. Whether that's maybe you try different expression. Maybe you hold something up in front of a camera. Maybe you strike it. Post, maybe your colors are too dark, maybe changing the background. Think about this when you're making your thumbnails for your YouTube branding. And then what's most important secondly, to your thumbnail is your title. So when you upload a YouTube video, you want to figure out what is the best title, because no one is going to click on YouTube 101, for example, how to make a Killer YouTube branding one-on-one, or YouTube vlogging 101 rate. Maybe on different platforms that might work for educational purposes. But when it comes to you to specifically, you want to think about how do you get them to click. Have a compelling thumbnail, but also have a really good headline. And this comes down to copywriting, because YouTube, there's millions and millions and billions of videos being uploaded per minute per second. And you're competing with so many people. So you want to have a compelling headline or your title so that people could click. So for example, what is the best video editing monitor? That is something that built curiosity. That's something that someone's going to click on it versus XYZ Moderator. Can you start to see what I'm trying to get at is that you want to create different sorts of titles and same thing like a thumbnails. You want to always be experimenting what's being searched on YouTube right now. And as well as you'd wanna keyword stuff, I've seen the biggest mistake that people do is that a keyword stuff as their titles on way too long. So they're trying to play the YouTube algorithm. But you're more likely to have a shortened, condensed YouTube title with maybe a secondary title. Inbetween like, hey, you must watch this. You better watch this in parentheses. And that is going to be much more compelling than your basic standard title that no one really thinks of. Your title is so important, just because you upload a video onto YouTube. That's not envelope process right yet, but think about your branding. How does it look, the thumbnail, your channel banner? Is that all of cohesive in terms of big L, How can that target view get from your target audience? 6. Descriptions: Next is when I'm going to show you how you have your custom links built in to your, Each one of your videos. So every time you upload a video, I don't personally have, like manually put it in all my Instagram, my legions, all my links to my websites. What I do is I wanna show you right now is all you go to is you go to your Youtube Studio. You go into settings, and then you go to upload defaults. And you can have your Title VII upload default. But what I do is I have a custom description. So what that description does is I have all my handles, my YouTube links, and change up once a while and have emojis in terms of copyrighting. Second figured out, hey, if you want to check out all the camera gear and use is link in the description below. And I don't have to manually do that and it creates consistency throughout all my videos that every description is the same below for my links, yes, the top blurb on top is going to be different depending on the video. But every single my visit below has the same type of description that leads to all my resources and links that I mentioned. And how you do that is through Youtube Studio, click settings, upload defaults. And now you have all of your customized youtube descriptions. You're not constantly put in a manually do it because you're wasting your time. So that's another way of having a solid and YouTube branding is making sure you have your YouTube description defaults, as well as your links. So whether that's your Instagram religion and putting it in the order that you want to see people first because people aren't going to go through and check off them. More likely the ones that are on top are more important and the ones on the bottom are going to be less important when it comes to having your YouTube defaults in terms of descriptions. 7. Should I have a custom Intro/Outro?: So now you did all that. You did the channel description, you have, your channel banner, your thumbnails are good, your titles are good. Now grass, you talk about the actual video and how you create consisting YouTube branding, bad crushes on YouTube and look in a little more professional. So what I recommend is within the first five seconds is you have something that compels your audience, that is going to be your YouTube branding. So when someone clicks on the video, they know exactly what they're going to see and what they're going to know. So keeps them watching the video all the way to the end. You want to put too much fluff in the first ten seconds. You want to get straight to the point because people are wanting value first. So for example, in this class I'm going to show you exactly how you create good YouTube branding status. And I'm gonna show you all the things that I know so you can have a better overview of this class that is much more compelling in comparison to, Hey guys today my video, I'm gonna be talking about actually I, hey, there's a cute cat over there and a squirrel, but I'll talk about that. What what, what am I having for lunch today? So you want to get straight to the point because the faster they click off, the less likely people are going to watch your content. And another way to have good YouTube branding is that you want to have a dedicated YouTube intro. So this is good for your personal brand. So for me I have a couple of variations of a fighter 10-second, maybe two to five seconds recommended. I would say two to three seconds, two to five seconds over YouTube intro animation. I made this when Adobe Premier aftereffects. And just a quick little blip of how I transitioned into my main portions of my dialogue and talking head videos. So as you can see here, here are my custom branded, which has my youtube channel name, as well as what my challenge the boat. So you watch it, it looks a little bit more professional as well as you get a better sense of joy that I had the professional YouTube intro, I want to stay because a lot of people that use these like stock templates for the YouTube at intros and mu the video I'm like, yeah, this guy is just personally just plug-in playing and there isn't a lot of originality. I don't know what this guy is going to offer to me. So for me, I like having custom controls. You can put together whatever it is that you want that tells a little bit about yourself or something that looks cool, that catches people's attention. And after that, at the very end, I have a YouTube outro screen. What that is is when people watch all the way to the end. Youtube allows you to click on other videos and you have your own little subscribe button that you do at the outro screen. As well as you understand that for me as a picture of me as a kid, I have a call to action to my own Instagram handle, as well as I have a picture of me as a kid because I'm q. So the YouTube algebra, literally anything that you want, as long as you have the two squares, you can have people click through to your other videos and playlists as well. You want to understand that the recommended you to altro length is 20 seconds. And then once you have that as 20 seconds, all I do is I click, use a template from a previous or import my outro screens from previous video and to that video. So I don't have to keep mainly doing everything. And YouTube itself is pretty smart. You can just import a lot of your templates and a becomes a one-click instead of five clicks. So you're saving time, as well as you're having your own personalized YouTube consistency and branding. So now you have your channel banner, your descriptions, your title, your thumbnails, as well as your YouTube intro and outro. And you're already a one, I would say not even 110 steps ahead from someone who doesn't understand and YouTube and created YouTube channel from scratch. It's a lot more than just uploading your videos onto the platform. 8. Brand + Content is King: And I also want to talk about who you are and how you present yourself on camera. So wearing go even matter than just the channel, thumbnail, title tags, how you present yourself on camera is also your own personal branding, your YouTube branding, believe it or not. So your personality is also part of your personal brand. You also want to consider how do you on all your videos, how do you show up as yourself? Do you want to be really quirky? Do you want to be exaggerated? But the real answer, honest truth is you want to be yourself, if you were talking to a family member, telling them stories and helping them L, You want to be someone that people like to get to know versus a very stiff person that's like, hey guys, I'm going to tell you how to do this type of video. I'm gonna show you value, value, value driven content, but it's like on the outside, you're just very plain and no one's going to watch content because why I am going to watch your content when you're so very monotone and dull and you're not really yourself and you don't look comfortable on camera. Comparison though the other person, your neighbor, who's doing the exact same thing, but they're really punchy and the really so more themselves and it draws you in to watching their content. So what I'm trying to get at here is that, yes, YouTube branding and does matter. And yes, it does make your channel look a lot more professional and you have consistently across all your social media platform. Same thing applies for Instagram. Your Facebook page, tick tock page, having some sort of consistent branding and all your pages you want to have consistent fonts and colors, schemes, and logos. The big part of having branding is showing up as yourself. And this might be a little contradicting, but I think that none of that stuff really matters. If you don't show up for yourself on camera. If you're not, it's essentially you're putting a great wrap on a car. You detail the car and everything, but the engine itself doesn't work. That's a big no-no. So when it comes to having good branding, you also want to consider good content, which is why I am always a preacher of content is king. And you, yourself want to show up as the most authentic you as one of the biggest takeaways from this class that I'm teaching you guys is that authenticity is going to be the future. It's no more along the lines of fake persona as are people putting on a front or actors. It's more all about this altered reality that we've all created for ourselves through the social media platforms, through content. So you wanna show up as best as you can be, as who you are as a person, doesn't matter if you awkward, you study, you want to have that was my stomach. You wanted to have the most honest and real, genuine person, but you couldn't be on camera. And that will be portrayed through whoever's watching. And yes, some people aren't going to like you, but you're gonna attract the right people into the your audience, your subscribers, through your break, consistent branding as well as being yourself and it's cheesy ascends being yourself is a personal brand. Everyone has a personal brand, whether you're a corporate company and you're trying to get some sort of persona or your YouTubers spraying you tuber. You can create your own personal brand by showing up on video. And I hope this was able to help you and gave you some sort of value into understanding that, yes, I need to have consistent branding on all my YouTube platforms, as well as channel banner, thumbnail, click-through, other important. But you also need consider its hand-in-hand, right? You want to have a great car that looks great outside. But to the core, you want to have good content as well, guys. And my name is Peter. I'm a content creator and I hope you create something and nothing. Cheers guys. And I hope that it was able to help.