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8 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • You Are Destined For Success

    • Tunning Into Your Intuitive Power

    • Finding YOU

    • The State Of Flow

    • The Power Of Affirmations

    • Gratitude

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Dear friends,

In my new course, I will teach you some of the secrets to unleash Health, Wealth, Joy and Non - Stop Abundance in your Life!

Hope you like it!


PS: Here are some of my students testimonials about this class,

"Inspiring Class, thanks!"

Yani Jo

"Nice class on manifestation !!! Thanks !!"

Ruchir Kumar

"Interesting view on a person's dreams"

Damian Kay

"A really, really good motivation! I feel so much happier after this! Course was easy to follow with a soothing voice"

Valter Serdville

Sales Trainer & Certified Marketing Enthusiast

12 of 12 students recommendSee All

Daniela presents some practical advice and some simple exercises that will start you on your way to manifesting your dreams. I love her positive attitude. Well done.
Inspiring Class, thanks!
Yani Jo

Business and Life Hacks Expert

Nice class on manifestation !!! Thanks !!
Ruchir Kumar

Learn, learn & learn





Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn

Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I´ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!