How To Make t shirt design on Computer : Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2020 Episode 1 | Oisamoje David | Skillshare

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How To Make t shirt design on Computer : Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2020 Episode 1

teacher avatar Oisamoje David, Graphic Design | Personal Branding

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. How To Make t shirt design on Computer : Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2020

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About This Class

How to make t shirt design on computer [photoshop tutorial 2020]

#photoshoptutorial #tshirtdesign #skillshareoriginal

In this video, you will learn how to make a t shirt design in photoshop. I would advise if you want to learn properly watch this video to the end! If you want to come back and rewatch it in the future, then SAVE this video and also SHARE IT!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Oisamoje David

Graphic Design | Personal Branding


I will be your photoshop T-Shirt Design teacher here on skillshare, sharing all my photoshop knowledge with you my lovely students. I promise to make every single class easy to follow and it will never become complicated for you to learn. 

You will learn the following : 

1.  How to create T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

2. How to design Icons for your apps, games and websites in Photoshop

3. How to design ebook and book covers in Photoshop

4. How to design Social Media covers, Ads Image and much more in Photoshop.

5. How to design any logo in photoshop

Note: Remeber to follow me so you don't miss out on new uploads every Friday!

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1. How To Make t shirt design on Computer : Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2020: Good day. My name is David. I'm a graphic designer in this video. I'm going to be making a T shirt design in photo shop. Stick with me full of me. Step by. Step aside. Do it on you. Be sure to be designed one for yourself and to make money doing it. So let's get to work. So then you just few days up from your kamiyah off fill this up Because what up to do first is to design what is going to be on the shared so feel. Okay, so were to be making on. I can shit on. Let me fill in the text. Forced. I'm going to be using, like to talk I in the first walk on Destexhe and changed the text here. I wanted fancy text. Sorry about this. I let me look for a fun. See, uh look for something fancy. Yes, like this. So that means creates this. Do that to do that. I did them control. See on my windows Take my mosque Also to the edge and drug truck I pressed Enter So good my like So now go again to do you cook. I like to do so So I'm gonna change the front on this on something. Look for something fun. See? Think alike. So reduced to 18. Quite small T t we'll see. I should talk. I'm increased. Easy beats. So I'm great too. I'm going to copy this layer, going to duplicate the layer to try to make it any to be fancy. So to do that, I'm going to click on my all top button on my keyboard on drug with my mouth. Got C So just Trump, please tease. Um, elites repeat. Yep. To be, um, make this a little bit bigger. Let me see what happens. I think so. Just Jane Discolor Call overly make its ground something to, um I mean moved east up. Yeah, I think I like this. So I'm going to group this layer, Take it to me. Do so now. Now that I got the design ready the next step I'm gonna do sto art some elements to make. It's more fancy Full just shifted down beats in a downloaded some elements can just to tease to make it more fancy Make it more fancy for Let me go to my verb My pictures down. Sorry. No No, this is one picture I got. So bring its main. Reduce it, use it. Uh, You see, it looks here, limited tickets to be Yeah, Like a like Do it. She's now. So the next step is, um, now that I gots did design. You can decide toe at any team, but two Jones give you that extra rock feeling. Now go back to my download. I think I tell you that rock I'm no wrong. Yeah, I don't know. Daddy Rocks. Just bring the team, Reduce it. Remember I told you, Reduce it. Bring your mouse Corso to the very edge. Dan, click on your altar boating and shifts on drag your mouth to reduce to reduce it Presidenta and uh yeah, so with this, like a like a like a light duties So the next step is, um, grouping ODIs To get so to group eats you click on infests this Everybody is called the layer If your family of four to shop So you click on this Calm down Clicking your contra key boating You click on this icon that you control g again to group it So if you see if I close these eyes now everything good Put it back. Everything comes back on the next step a contra C Then over my mouth year again to this angle Click on my motor Boating on my ship Putting together on drug my mouth click on my mouth and drag in a press enter Yeah, Perfect. So we did snow I can just take it to any design Continue to any design But I think I want Oh, do I want to add something? Yeah, I think I'm okay. I'm okay with its design. So the next step is to put off this ground Leah, just like clicking on these eyes. You put it off then you see you save us You saved If I go to save like to the top I So do you took click on save. So now I have to row file If I want to come back to a defeat again in the future will be able to do that. Next. I'll save us A p and G to the movies, Remember? I don't know about ground. So you save it as a PNG click on save. Click on save. Okay, saving now it saved of kid Next step is actually opened one off my past I was working on. So what I'm going to do now is I just added to this Go back to pictures you should've beat . I like you have it here the next step onto bring it onto my mock up Designing phone on Easy . So just George Spring gets here present. Ah, I see. I got it on top. My shades So you can decide to make this shit any color, any color you want Well, like live it like this. Just see and just save it. This is his perfect looking shit. So the next step is to save it. So come here, save a game. But this time, Or just say Vitter's good pictures. Riveters like to the world full to the top Who eats image? Save it. Does PNG see? That's PNG. So now what you notice is once it's don't saving once it's don't saving a leisure suite for it to save. So I advise you to follow. Follow me pulling me out Tend to our drop. Definitely dropped more courses every week. Drop more courses. Sometimes I drop daily so other you subscribe. Follow me. Follow me. Click on the full of Boutin becoming students If you're radia, thanks a lot. If you're not becoming Sudan, follow me. Subscribe on We can make this together so it does not take Does not take long I open state to the end is very important. It does not take long to design one does not take long I many, many to justice 11 minute on this Just 11 minutes So once you are done saving, it's you should dive it saved on ready for you to use Well your design tanks on other nights They see you in my next lecture Subscribe Follow me so I get my little objects.