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How To Make Your Own Handmade wooden spoon

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 materials

    • 3. 2 draw spoon

    • 4. 3 paste pattern

    • 5. 4 fasten clamp

    • 6. 5 carving scoop part1

    • 7. 6 carving scoop part2

    • 8. 7 fixing the blade

    • 9. 8 cutting main shape

    • 10. 9 making handmade rasp

    • 11. 10 spoon handle carving part 1

    • 12. 11 spoon handle carving part 2

    • 13. 12 carving back the spoon

    • 14. 13 sanding part1

    • 15. 14 sanding part2

    • 16. 15 last step

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About This Class

 In this course, I want to teach you how to make a wooden spoon. Spoon that you can easily make at home with the least tools. You do not need any backgrounde to make this spoon and everyone can start making from today. Follow the training steps and make your favorite spoon in the shortest time. I hope you enjoy watching this training course

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1. Intro: Hi, I am junctions. Welcome to my training course. In this course, I'm going to teach you how to make your moodiness. It's more that you can easily make at home with the least. You don't need any background to make the system, and everyone can start making from today follow the training of steps and make your favorite this one in the shortest time. I hope you enjoy watching this training course. 2. 1 materials: the first material needed his vote. Here we used peer would board with an approximate sickness off 1.5 centimeter on Alang, off to any centimeter on the widow. Six centimeter. The next tool is for TSA, which is used to cut route here. Flat blade so blade are used on the blade installations that are thought in the following videos. Clamp is used to adjust the food to the war table and hold the booth. Sandpaper in different numbers from broth to self is needed, which is used to send the food shuffles. Linseed oil is used. Boats for Mutsu face on for beauty on waterproofing, The most important tool for making goodness rooms. Is this Chisholm here way. Use Socrates Thies to chisel are most used to make a spoon scopes. 3. 2 draw spoon: in this section. We are going to draw the dessert spoon on paper for this purpose, remarked the dimensions off the boot on the paper. Uh, - then caught the marks paper using a Qatar mark the center off the paper on draw a line through the middle off the paper. - Uh , next we did. Oh, the largest circle we can't on top of the paper. Make sure the center off the Suker is under a ream line. After drawing a circle at the top off the paper, draw a small circle on the center line as a spoonful at the bottom off the paper, - way back, according to the field, for the shape of this smooth do you? - Then , before the paper from the line on caught the half drowned, drawing using scissors after opening the paper tie. The outlawing off this moon is berate to deter mined the thickness. Inside this spoon, they're always circle with smaller vomiting. Not that is perfectly in the centre off the circle 4. 3 paste pattern: in this section, we glue the prepared design off the swoon on the smooth part of the wooden piece which would give, uh, - way hello, about six hours to dry completely. 5. 4 fasten clamp: We use clamps to attach the food to the war table. For this Bruce, we connect the flat surface off the clam to the end off the food and fascinate to the table . Make sure the clamp is field on. The food does not shake too much. 6. 5 carving scoop part1: after fastening the book to the work table. Be a start to empty the front part off this wound. Using the desert chisel, we used blue on purple semi circular chisel to curve this small. First we use the blue Giselle, which is bigger, which removes more root from the surface off the boat. Slowly start pressing on the chisel from inside the line and do the currying with a gentle slope. Way must work on the group's off the tree to make this operation is, uh, at the beginning off the war. Woodcarving is a bit difficult. Um, - we never put our hands in front off the Chisholm. We do the carving in several ways to find the best part on the way. Do all their steps in the same way as you see in the video. You divorce a slowly and carefully boil Corinne. We can hold the piece off food with the other hands so that the Who does not weigh. Just have to be careful. - After scoring half off this wound way, change the place off the piece of food on the clamp on, connected to the table from one side to do the other half off the spoon, according to the People Moose Steps Way 7. 6 carving scoop part2: in this section way we're going to follow. The producer stepped on Lee, increasing the depth off the carving so that the spoon is closer to its original shape. We can move the piece off boot freely on the table. We just have to be careful not to put our hands in front of the chisel. First the chisel a little more vertical e on the surface off the boot to remove more rude. We always car on food from inside the line. - Uh , as you can see in the video, we do the steps slowly. In some parts, we can use another piece of food instead of your hands and hold booth way. Do the carving operation up to the center off the spoon and separate the extra wood by hand . - No , do the car going to the extent that the inner surface off the spoon is symmetrical and has this to table debt way 8. 7 fixing the blade: in this section, we're going to tell your special cutting blades on a balsa desired blade is the flat, which is for route to fixing the Fritze, losing the screws at the beginning on end off the threats, Hold the blade around the head after Belaid under the screw plate and tighten this screw on one side of the froth directions off the so should be to our toe handle off the threads way . Use players or the narrow tail to tighten this way. Put the plate in place on the other. To fasten this crew, we have to fold the Fritze by hand and then tight. In this school, the blade should not be to lose or too tight. 9. 8 cutting main shape: in this section. We're going to cut the main body off the spoon on separated from the piece off food for this. For Bruce, you attach the piece of boot to the table with a clamp on the start, cutting from one side with a Fritze. As you can see in the video, we do the cutting operation by moving a slowly up and down, uh, - recut one side. And then we connect the piece off food to the table from the other side, and we caught the next part. Be sure to cut from outside off the marks line. 10. 9 making handmade rasp: in the Section two Standing the Sioux Face off. Back on on the wooden comb, we use the sandpaper number 44 would and a piece off boot with desire dimensions that can be placed sandpaper on that for this poor fools as much as the wheat off the food used, we separate the sandpaper with scissors. You can use Ireland glue to glue the sandpaper, but we use a punch here and, as you can see in the video, punch the top and bottom off the sandpaper to the vote surface. In this way we made a boot and last two standing the comp easier. 11. 10 spoon handle carving part 1: in this section. We intend to smoke the body off this spoon using a handmade Rosa or sandpaper for this purpose. We sand around the wooden spoon using a handmade Russell. Uh, - in the next step, using an orange knife, we start carving on the handle off this. Wait, do all the steps according to what you see in the video, be sure to wash your hands while working with the cheese. Uh, always know that the handle off the spoon is symmetrical. No, no, uh 12. 11 spoon handle carving part 2: in this system, we are going to create the final shape off the S one handle using a chisel around the spoon handed to look like it's cylindrical shape. We do their steps, as you see in the video, uh, way after working with the chisel, it's time to sandpaper. Using sandpaper we make, they would sue. Face is smoother and softer to sand. We use sandpaper number 40 or 60 and send all ports off this womb handle. Oh, it's, uh, - after a straightening the handle of this room. It's the turn off the back off this one. 13. 12 carving back the spoon: in this part. We also use a knife to carving the back off this morning. We're start from one part on followed their steps. According to the video, just not that the thickness after back off this wound should be the same and symmetrical in all ports. Uh, way, uh, way, - uh , way. 14. 13 sanding part1: to a smooth the hole in the spoon, we use sandpaper number 6100 and 300. Uh, we don't stop sending until all parts are a smooth and smart Be careful not to stand the edge off this moon too much. So that is the same thickness in all parts. 15. 14 sanding part2: in this section, we send the wound parts off this spoon to prepaid the surface off the spoon for oily. For this full foods, we use sandpaper number 102 123 166 100 to create a smoother and softer Sufis. Uh uh , way. 16. 15 last step: the last step in making the spoon is lubricating the surface. After boudin a smoke here we usually and sit oil. Linseed oil both makes the food beautiful and make the boot to first waterproof place. They would in a spoon on the table super on a ploy The oy with your hands on the entire supers after smoke to cover the entire surface. Linseed oil is not harmful to their skin. Okay, - I would in a spoon is ready and you can leave this wound in the dry for 10 minutes to penetrate the oil inside the route. I hope you enjoy watching this training course and creates beautiful s pumps.