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How To Make Your Blogging Strategy Less Overwhelming

teacher avatar Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. INTRO Making Your Blogging Strategy Less Overwhelming

    • 2. Shorten The Knowledge Gaps

    • 3. Create A Plan

    • 4. Implementation

    • 5. You Need To Outsource

    • 6. Create Systems For What You Must Do

    • 7. Take Breaks

    • 8. Have A Mentor (Free Or Paid)

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About This Class

A successful blogging strategy has many moving parts. Here are some of the many things you'll have to consider:

  • Consistently creating and publishing new content
  • Promoting that content
  • Outreach
  • Boosting your conversion rate
  • Creating products

Instead of teaching you how to do those things and more, this course will focus on something different. As all of this work adds up, it's possible to feel like an overwhelmed content creator. You have all of these responsibilities in addition to family responsibilities, business growth, for some people a 9-to-5, and other things. 

You can never really run out of things to do for your blogging strategy, and that's part of the overwhelm.

In this course, you'll learn how to effectively utilize your time so you feel less overwhelmed about your blogging strategy.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marc Guberti

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author


I am a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author with over 100,000 students in over 180 countries enrolled in his online courses. I host the Breakthrough Success Podcast and Radio Show where listeners learn how to achieve their breakthroughs. I also coach content creators on how they can attract more traffic to their content and boost revenue.


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1. INTRO Making Your Blogging Strategy Less Overwhelming: Hello, everyone. Mork A birdie here. And one of the things that I know about blogging is that sometimes it can get very overwhelming there, so many moving parts to making a block. Successful. Yes, a. Consistently create content. You have to be able to drive people to your landing pages, get sales. Try people through content in the first place. Make sure everything is running smoothly, have a great navigation. There's so many things that are part of having a successful block, and it can get very overwhelming. So this cores, we're gonna focus on how avoid feeling overwhelmed, even though there are a bunch of different movement moving parts associated with having a successful block. So that's we're going to do because you could have this really successful blogged. But if you're feeling overwhelmed by it and you're not having fun, then what's the actual point? Blogging is meant to the way for you to express your creativity and allow you to build a business based on something that you love. So it shouldn't overwhelm you. It shouldn't be something that makes you feel stressed that burned out. So this course is going to help you avoid feeling that sense of overwhelmed with everything that you have to contact promotion to content, marketing and everything else 2. Shorten The Knowledge Gaps: one of the best things that you could do to make the strategy less overwhelming is to acquire more knowledge. And the reason that most strategies fuel overwhelming is because there's a knowledge gap. How do I get from here to here? Oh, I don't know how to do that. That's when the overwhelmed comes in. So by acquiring more knowledge about the area that you want to grow in, you are decreasing the overwhelmed because you're Yeah, you're decreasing overall because you are increasing your clarity or increasing your level of understanding for the area that you were trying to build in. So you want to make sure that you're making any effort to expand our knowledge. Doesn't matter if it's just five minutes a day. Our 30 minutes there, even more than that, and I recommend reading a lot of books. I actually created another course on skills through that goes deeper into how you can release 10 new books every month. But, uh, however you acquire more knowledge. That's what you need to do, but not just any type of knowledge knowledge that is specifically related to your gap. So let's say you're stressed out because you don't know how to consistently create content while start reading books on getting more consistent. Start reading Block Post about how other bloggers are able to write daily block post. Even if you want toe, just be one block post per week. Read about how people are doing it daily because if you know how they're doing a daylight, you can for sure, right a black post every single week. So anything that you feel weakened, that is causing over well, that means there's a knowledge gap, and filling up that gap is going to decrease the amount of overwhelmed with their blogging strategy. 3. Create A Plan: One of the other big reasons that people feel overwhelmed about the blogging strategies is because, well, they may not have an effective plan. They may not know how to get from where they are now to where they want to be. So the first step is to get clear where you are now and where you want to be regarding a very specific goal. So let's say you got 20,000 block visitors. Uh, this month? Well, next month, let's say you want to get 25,000 so that represents a 25% jump in block visitors in one month. So how do you do it while if you dig David, you're planning You could come all across a variety of ways social media, marketing, email, marketing, many other ways. So let's say that you determined through some research that okay, I need to get 20 new subscribers every single day in order to hit this goal. Well, once you figure that out now signed to think and continue breaking it down to figure out action steps. Okay, so how do I get 20 new subscribers every day? Maybe it's writing a guest post for weeks and I have your first actual said. You gotta write a guest post every single week. That means sending at least three pitches every single week, assuming you get approved by 33% it up. It could also mean hosting a virtual summit. So action steps like planning out the virtual summit, getting speakers and things like that, getting on more virtual summer. So that means making more pitches get into no more people being a guest on your podcast as becoming increasingly important. So maybe you reach outed three hosts every single day in the hopes of getting on at least five shows per week. And that's a little less than, like 25%. Like the numbers a little like a 521. If that amount of people say yes, you've accomplished your goal, so you're breaking it down into action steps. The plans are overwhelming in the whole. Strategy is overwhelming when you don't really have this action steps and play where you just have a candy to get this many subscribers. I need to get this many visitors or to hit my goal. But what are you going to do to actually hit the goal. That's where the plan comes in. That's what strategy becomes less overwhelming because theme or uncertainly that exists in the strategy. The less you know of what you're supposed to be doing, the more overwhelmed you are going to feel about the strategy. So it's important to do that Research and knowledge acquisitions important here because that's like a lifelong case study of research where the more knowledge required, the more they'll be able to instantly recall of someone I think you could be doing to achieve this goal of your. So now his acquisition continuous for the rest of your life is really important. But when you are in that planning phase, do some extra research azure thinking of the plan. So like if you realize you need 20 subscribers every day or whatever number that, maybe you're even something differently. Getting 500 new Twitter followers per month just break it down until what you can do each day in order to implement the plan so you get closer to the actual goal. Once you do that, you will find much less overwhelmed because you will know what to do, and you will have clarity on how to take action 4. Implementation: Once you make that plan detailing all the things that you need to be doing that is going to lift a big weight off your shoulder, you're gonna be clear on what you're supposed to be doing. But I could also put a big weight on your shoulder because that's what you're clear on what you have to be doing. So the determinant of whether it's a big weight or it's a big weight off her shoulders is implementation. Are you implementing the plan? Because if you write down the plan, you don't do anything about it that's gonna ship away at your self esteem. That's going to chip away at the strategy, and that's gonna make you feel more overwhelmed. So the biggest thing that leads overwhelmed is a lack of clarity. But the second biggest thing is having that clarity, not taking action on the plan, not truly implementing. So just like any appointment or anything that required, or any like, sporting event or event in general, you need to schedule it, so you need to write on your calendar. Okay, today at four PM, I'm going Teoh contact hosts of podcasts and see if they would want me on her show in order to grow my block traffic, which would help me get more subscribers. So if you map out each day the night before, So every day before I go to bed, I will map out to the minute when I'm supposed to be doing so. Let's say, like when I wake up, for instance, for a M or five AM one of those two times, depending on what the day holds ahead for me and the amount of sleep I got every single day I put down their read books. That's how I start my day because I choose, like, 10 books that have had a really big impact on me, and I just keep re reading them over and over again. 10 pages, each of them. I only read the underlying parts of safe time, but the point is you need to have a schedule of how each day is going to carry out. You should you shouldn't just right down the list of things that you need to be doing. Uh, someone should be able to look at your list of things to do and say, Okay, I see that you're supposed to write this guest post. So what time are you writing it? And you're not supposed to think like, uh, I don't know what to say here or uh oh, I'll write in the afternoon. Not even saying All right in the afternoons, good enough. I you need a time like two PM on the spot. That's when you start writing the guest post. When you set a time, you're more likely to take action. And one thing that's really helped me. Actually, it's not set a conventional time. So that time I mentioned before 2 p.m. 2 15 to 30 to 45 3 you get the idea, like 15 minute increments. Those air are very traditional conventional ways of saying that you'll get this done. So why do instead is I wouldn't start something at two o'clock. I would start at 1 57 or I would start at 203 or I would sort of that to a one. So I'm never really starting at one of those traditional 15 minute increments because the idea with the 50 minute in currencies, sometimes it's OK to be late like that's the mindset that some of us have like you have 8 30 Appointment classic case like Let's they haven't 8 30 appointment. You get there 8 31 or 8 32 You're a minute late now. Some cases that could be really bad because you relate. But in other cases, it's not that bad. And that enforces. I have like, OK, if I'm, like, a minute late, that's not such a big issue. I podcasting old time like sometimes I'm a minute late because we schedule it for, like, one of those 15 minute increments. Sometimes the guest is a minute or so late, because again, we have these very basic, uh, 15 minute increments and we're conditioned to think, OK, in many cases, it's okay to be 1 to 2 minutes late, like we just say like, Oh, we're sorry we're late. The persons on the no problem. You're fine and we just continue like nothing ever happened. But if you say like, okay, I'm gonna start writing this guest post at 1 57 I mean, there's no like Okay, like I from one minute like that, that doesn't happen anymore because you're said it at a very specific time, like, uh, like two PM like the start of the hour. That site. If you're a minute or two late, you're pretty much in the ballpark, but a concrete time like 1 57 or to 43. That adds very specific. And that's gonna result in you taking more action because you realize you can't be late if you said it in that way. Now, sometimes things happen. You don't get everything accomplished, but setting up this schedule and doing it the night before will set you up for success in the next day and for implementation. And if you wake up really like me where it's four or 5 a.m. you have uninterrupted time to pursue your work while everyone else is sleeping while you can't get as much interruption, so you could wake up earlier also, and arrange that in your schedule so you're able to get more done 5. You Need To Outsource: one of the biggest mistakes you can make that really increase. The overwhelm is thinking that you could do all the work by yourself, and it's very natural for us to have this lone wolf mentality where the solo preneurs, where it's like you are all by yourself. You have no team behind you, but it's gonna happen. Well, you do need that team behind you if you want to expand your growth. And the reason is based on Parade owes principle, where 80% of your time on all the effort you're putting in is just leading to 20% of your results. Now there's the other version. People remember more 20% of, uh, your efforts into 80% of your results, but you have to realize that 80% of your efforts were leading to just 20% of your results. You're taking this big amount of time that you're using and you're getting a small amount of results. That's the type of things that you need to be outsourcing so you can focus on. The activities are going to lead to better results are going to lead to more traffic subscribers and revenue, so you shouldn't be doing everything in your strategy. You should be giving some of the tasks to other people that will give you more time to think and reflect on what's already happening so you can make better conclusions. You can write up better plans. You can account for more things. You can take advantage of new trends and is easier to do all these things and to grow if you have a team behind you, especially when some of your teammates have more knowledge than you in certain areas. So you don't have to learn this new skill. Be the jack of all trades. You could just focus on a few things that you do best and hire people to do the rest of the work. So it's very important to outsource some of the tasks they're playing. Different choices you have. Obviously, it's a case by case basis, but I use a site like up work or online jobs dot ph to start finding people who can help you with a variety of tasks. Like some of things, I outsource our show notes editing, podcast episodes, growing my social media audience, scheduling my content. I mean, if I had to do all those things. I would not have time to do a lot of the things that I'm doing now. Like the breakthrough schools podcast like, If I was doing show notes and if I was editing that may not be around. I might have not gotten over that first hurdle. I may have decided to give up on it or May decided to come out the episode every other week because it takes time at it and create show notes. I may have decided Teoh not create a course like this one, because now I have to, instead of creating a course, grow my social media audiences. So when you are able to outsource things, it gives you more time that you can use to explore new opportunities and expand our strategy. Expand your thinking and expand your potential, but you have to take that step delegate at least one task, even if it's a really small and just get a feel for it and then gradually expand from there . Some people are really afraid of giving their work to others, but you need to give some of your tasks toe others so you can pursue ones that are leading to the most growth and the most success. As you strive to achieve your biggest goals for blocking 6. Create Systems For What You Must Do: Now I understand that not everything can be outsourced like me. I prefer writing my own content for my block post, and that's something that I'm not in the mood to outsource at this point. So for certain things like that, you have to do it. But that doesn't mean that you can't still save time on it. So for anything that you have to do, you need to streamline the process. So I know that for any block post I write, I suppose, right the title and write down five or so tactics that I'll discuss. And that's my outlook. After I wrote my outline, I know that I'm going to write a brief intro talk about Tactic number 12345 and then in conclusion and at the end, I'm going to say something like what? Your thoughts on this post? Do you have any other tactics for us? Do you have any questions for me? Sound off in the comments section below, You can see that I do this for almost all the block post that I write. So for anything that you have to do specifically and only you can do, start creating more systems that make it easier for you to get this information across, and you could even look for ways to outsource some parts of it. So for my blocos, I write them from start to finish. But I write the draft someone else. Polish is that for me and does the research and adds the links to a few places that will benefit my readers. So I provide the draft, but someone else's polishing it up. So even with something where you feel like you have to do their certain parts, you can delegate. And even if there's this one part where like such as writing the draft that you will not delegate, you have to create a system for that, so it's easier for you to get it done. You know what you have to do from start to finish instead of having to recall into time what you're supposed to be doing kind of free styling it like when I write blacklist, I still freestyle a topic. I choose the topic that I enjoy writing and more important, that my readers will benefit from. I like to find the intersection of that and turned those into block posts but that's something that I am doing. And then I just hand off the other parts to other people s. So you have to figure out for things that you're doing systems you can use to make it work and then handing as many things office possible to various employees who can get the job done. But when you do that, watch out for the budget. That's one thing, too, because you don't want over expands. Find yourself in the red and they have to fire people. So you have to be using this extra time to generate more revenue, because now you're spending more revenue to pay for the people who are under team. So keep that in mind when you do choose to delegate. And uh, that's just another reason why assistance are so important because that will give you more time to pursue some of the revenue generating opportunities that will I to pay for your team 7. Take Breaks: Sometimes the reason people feel so overwhelmed is because they're not taking breaks. They don't remember their last vacation. They don't remember the last time they took 30 minutes or an hour to themselves because they're doing so much for their block. They're working like 60 to 80 hours a week just to maintain the block. Or they haven't 9 to 5. And they're standing just much time working on their block on the side. So one of the things that you want to avoid is just working without any plate working without taking any break for yourself. Because the value of your work will suffer, your productivity will suffer to the point where I mean, when you hit, like, 60 hours, it takes you two hours to get the same level of productivity as you would from just one hour. So you need to make sure you're incorporating breaks within your schedule. Now, one of the things that springs up is the work life pounds. You gotta spend some time working. Gotta spend some time for feeling the life site. But the true way to approach that balances toe have an average balance where some days air in balance almost all your days could be imbalanced, but they add up to a balance. So that means that someday, like all day, one day you may decide to just do you work another day, you may just decide to like, uh, go to an event or do other things. Now you don't let the work life. It's not like the work is not a part of your life, because if you view that way, you will hate your work like I love the work that I'm doing. But I understand that I need some time to strengthen my relationships as well in a way that I can't be doing if I'm creating a training course like this one, so you gotta be able to strike that overall balance. And one of the ways to do that is to take some occasional breaks. So one thing that I like to do is three hours uninterrupted time, just a lot of work and then put the break in there because you're gonna feel really tired if you work three hours straight or even longer than that. So taking that break will lie to refuel, uh, feel little less over. Well, not like your on the hamster wheel just in that race or anything like that. And then you come back to your work with more vigour, so those brakes are really important. You can do a variety of things I like to read during my breaks knowledge acquisition during the break. Unless you're building relationships now are strengthening the ones that you have. But it's important not to be passive during these breaks, like watching TV. That's not a viable break. I only do have for four hours every single week because those were just shows that I watch with the rest of my family. So that's sort of that's also the sense of building existing relationships. So you want to make sure that you're doing something that is active and or with the people in your life of early the and where you're going to an event or something like that, where you can have a very, uh, you get a lot of good memories from something like that. So when you feel like you're stress, when you feel like you're overworked, just step back. It's okay. Is that back for 30 minutes? And you could definitely acquired more knowledge if you really feel like you can't step back, so at least you're doing something where you're shortening that gap at the same time as you're taking your break, but you do need to take breaks, scheduled them out. So you do have that renewed sense of energy, and you don't feel like you're just constantly working and working all day. Which will I add to the Oval Room if you do feel that way? 8. Have A Mentor (Free Or Paid): one of the best things you could do to not just avoid feeling over one but also improve your life is to have a mentor help. And a mentor is so important because if you choose the right mentor, this is someone who has accomplished what you're setting out to accomplish. So this person can really minimize that gap between where you are and where you want to be . Give you a lot of good advice and, in some cases, depending on the relationship directly. Help you by putting in a lot of work promoting you in order to achieve the results you're looking for. And you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars every month for mentor thousands of dollars every month For a mentor. That is definitely something you should think about doing in the long run. But anything a simple is reading books or watching few training courses and asking questions like for training courses? Asked the instructor. Questions go on a block of post comments. Ask questions to that person who wrote the block post about that area that you want to develop, and so you want to ask a lot of people a lot of questions, and you wanna make sure asking the right people the people who know about what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be So you can also find Facebook groups where to compose your questions. You can get with a like minded community to get those answers. Find a few mentors there, and in this case, under finding a mentor, is anyone who's gonna give you advice and help you. So some people are very short term other people you want. Those long term enters, though in some cases, many actually gotta pay them like $100 or much more than that every single month. So they're very attentive of where your heading and think of ways of how they can help you grow. So it's important to have that mentor in your life, even if it's something we're not paying a penny years. Using a Facebook Rupert, you got a free course under demon or even a course right here on skill ship, where you're just asking the instructor questions. Have what you're saying, like you're thinking of where you are right now. You're thinking of what you need to grow you ask question that. You know, if you get a good answer, you'll be able to move to the next level by implementing, based on what that answer gives you. So you wanna have those mentors in your life, we're going to provide you with the insights that will take you to the next level so that you feel less overwhelmed about having to climb over this big steeple about getting from where you are now to where you want to be.