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How To Make Thumbnails For YouTube

Jay Martin, One Man Band. Digital Media Specialist

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Pixlr

    • Selecting A Background

    • Adding Text

    • Minor Changes

    • Finishing Up

    • Bonus


About This Class


Best thing about this is that you can make very good looking thumbnails WITHOUT Photoshop! No need for expensive software.

Since not everyone has high-priced software like Photoshop I'm determined to make a tutorial on the way you can do it for free and still make your thumbnails appear fine. They clearly won't look as fine because Pixlr does lack some crucial characteristics that Photoshop does but it does provide all the crucial features.

You obviously do not have to follow me because I'm merely showing one potential way you can make a thumbnail to you. Pixlr has heaps of features and I just really showcased a few of them.

Pixlr is still an excellent editing site and can really help if you simply invest some time into learning how to use it and realizing what it can supply you make epic thumbnails.


Fonts Used in This Video:

→ Kenyan Coffee

→ DK Cinnabar Brush





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Jay Martin

One Man Band. Digital Media Specialist

I started off as a Payroll Analyst and was put on unemployment, so after hearing the phrase "You can make money while you sleep" I turned to the internet. After I struggled for what felt like forever, something finally clicked. Since then I've generated Over 5 figures and am quickly aiming to hit 6 figures and beyond with digital marketing.

So Join Me as I teach and inspire entrepreneurs and curious onlookers to help them move forward in business and in life.

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