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How To Make Tequila Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

teacher avatar Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. Tequila Cocktails

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About This Class

This course provides an exciting introduction into making Tequila Cocktails. The course will be taught as a guided step by step on how to make Tequila Cocktails. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different Tequila Cocktails. The class is intended for the beginner who want to learn all about Tequila Cocktails.

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1. Welcome To The Course: Do you want to be able to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of how to use tequila in cocktails. In this course, we're gonna be going over everything you need to know to wow anybody with a great tequila cocktail. So come and join me and we're going to break down all the little aspects you need to understand about how to enjoy tequila in a cocktail. 2. Tequila Cocktails: Hey, everyone, a quick note on tequila Before we get started in this course, I'm gonna be using exclusively Blanco tequila because that's predominately my personal preference. But feel free to use reposado and anejo or to spice it up you Zmeskal. So don't think just because I'm using Blanco you have to use Blanco to make these drinks feel free to just them how you see fit. The first thing we need to do is make some simple syrup, which is just a combination of equal parts sugar, too hot water. After you combine them, you just won't let him hang out for a second and then Sturm together until the sugar is fully dissolved. After this cools off, it's pretty much good to go for whatever cocktail you may want to use it in, or to sweeten your tea or anything that really need sweetening. Next, we're gonna make a simple coffee liqueur that its spiced with some tequila kind of going with the theme of everything we're working within this course, you're gonna need one part sugar to two parts coffee, plus some tequila. Here we have about 100 mils sugar, about two ounces of tequila and we're gonna be adding about 200 mils of coffee. These numbers don't have to be perfect. They're just some rough measurements. It's going take our two ounces of tequila and put it on top of our sugar, and we're just gonna kind of swirl this around and give it a second to fully combined. This is just gonna help make sure the tequila evenly mixes throughout the coffee look. Or the reason why we're in the first is the coffee is the largest volume. So once we pour that in, it's really going to swirl things up will probably still need to do some stirring, but we'll see how that goes. And after we had our coffee fully in, you can see the sugar start to dissolve. But we are gonna need to do a little bit starting to make sure this fully combines. So just go ahead and stir with a spoon until all the sugar fully dissolves, just like what we did with our simple syrup. Once this is fully combined on, the sugar has disappeared. Just chill this down on the fridge, and that's pretty much good to go, and you can use this and cocktails or you can jazz up your coffee. Whatever you'd like to do with it, we're gonna be making some sweet and sour mix for our cocktails, and we're just gonna be using a super basic recipe. And there's several different ones out there for a sweet and sour. But for us, it's gonna be equal parts sugar, lime juice and hot water. Here you can see we have about 100 mils of sugar. We're going to add 100 mils of lime juice to that and then 100 mils of hot water. And if your measurements are a little bit off or you're just using guestimation to give on point, that's perfectly fine to it doesn't have to be perfect. We're just looking for something that has a sweet, citrusy flavor to it and feel free to experiment with this. And if you want to mix limes, lemons, oranges, make it your own. After you get everything combined into your heat safe container, then we're just going to grab a spoon and stir this pretty aggressively. The goal is to make sure that all of the sugar fully combines into the liquid. And just like with the other things that we've made so far in this course, you wanted to just be fully dissolved and then you're gonna take it, Put in the fridge, let it cool off. And that's good to go for cocktail used for this would be a great addition to a glass of tea or something like that. We're going to be making ranch water. And to do this, we're going need some sparkling mineral water here. I'm using Topo Chico. It feel free to use whatever you like. We're gonna need two ounces of tequila, one ounce of lime juice and a wedge of fresh lime and a ready iced glass. We're going to start off by taking our lime wedge and squeezing it over the ice. And after we finished doing this, we want to run that line, which around the ring of the glass, just to kind of impart some nice Citrus flavor to the glass. Next, we're gonna add our lime juice, and then we're gonna add our tequila over the ice. Go ahead and give this a swirl to make sure all the alcohol in line juice is fully chilled in the eyes and fully combined. After doing that we're gonna grab our sparkling mineral water and just fill the glass up, and there is no real measurement here to the mineral water. If you like the drink lighter doom or, if you like the drink a little bit stronger, do less so. Feel free to experiment with the size glass in the amount of water. After everything fully combines. Enjoy your ranch water. We're going to be making an ice bet, which is a combination of equal parts tequila and triple sec or kwon trow. The traditional recipe calls for Quantrill, but really any triple sec will do, and we're just gonna combine these into a well ice glass and then give them a stir. There is no limitation to how bigger small this drink can be, so feel free to experiment with sizes. You know, if it's a hot day and you're gonna be relaxing, have a little more. If you just want a quick taste, have a little less, but nonetheless enjoy your ice pet. We're gonna be making a tequila hunt and sour, and to do this, we're gonna need hot sauce, whatever your personal favorite is. Two ounces of tequila half announced of apple cider vinegar or any flavored vinegar Eso no distilled white vinegars. Make sure whether if it's sherry or red wine bidding or just something with a little bit of flavor to it. 1/2 ounce of that. And then we're also gonna need 1/2 ounce of our simple served from earlier. We're also gonna need a, well, ice glass here. I have a glass of the big ice ball in it and were to be starting off by taking our hot sauce and just putting a couple dabs over the ice ball. And there really is no hard measurement here. Just experiment, if you like it really spicy. Put a lot if you just want to get a little bit of spice, just put a little I kind of like it somewhere in the middle. So a couple dabs is great for me. Then we're gonna add are half ounce of simple syrup and just use this to kind of spread the hot sauce around. Next are apple center vinegar or whatever vinegar you would prefer, and same thing. We're just going to spread this all around and then, lastly, are two ounces of tequila. Next, since this is a built in glass drink were to give this a good swirl to make sure everything is thoroughly mixed up. And after doing that, you can enjoy your tequila hot and sour. We're gonna be making a tequila Manhattan. And to do this, we're gonna need some aromatic bitters, two ounces of your favorite tequila and one ounce of red or sweet vermouth. And then we're also gonna need a, well, eyes, glass, and we're gonna be stirring this in glass. So we're gonna be starting off by adding are one ounce of sweet vermin, followed by several good dams of bidders, and feel free to experiment on the amount. I like a good bit of bidders, but you can do whatever your personal palette preferences. Then we're gonna add in our two ounces of tequila and give the glass a really good swirl. After this has a second to combine and chill, you can enjoy your tequila. Manhattan. We're gonna be making a tequila martini, which will need some aromatic bitters, two ounces of tequila and one ounce of dry or white. For muth, a well on shaker and awaiting glass. We're going to start off by adding some bidders to our shaker and feel free to experiment with this. I like a good bit, but feel free, do less or more. Then we're gonna be ending in are removed and then our tequila. Traditionally, this drink is stirred, but I think it works out better shaken. It softens up the tequila a little bit. That's what we're gonna do here today. Feel free to experiment with stirring versus shaking. Now go ahead and shake or stir that up. As I said second ago, we're gonna shaking. And the reason why you shake for sister is stirring will cause no delusion from the ice will just cause chilling. But shaking causes the ice tech kind of air rate the drink and the ice gets beaten up and kinda loose. The drink is the ice melt just makes for a more approachable drink. After all that's done, go ahead and pour into the glass and then you can enjoy your tequila martini. Everybody, we're gonna be making a corrido pro hibi does. To do this, you're gonna need a Mexico style beer or something similar here. I'm using Santo and you're gonna need an ounce and 1/2 of your favorite tequila and this functions just like a boilermaker. You're gonna take the tequila, put into the glass, and then you're gonna add your beer on top. And this is just a fun way to kind of Xas up just a classic beer. Or if you had a really hard day work, just unwind. Have to get the ticket on the glass. Go ahead and pour your beer over and yet again. If you can get a Mexico style lager or ales, that would be preferable. After getting everything fully combined important to the glass, you can enjoy your corrido. Prohibit does we're gonna be making it tequila and tonic, which is one of my personal favorite ways to enjoy tequila. Do this rainy, some tonic water. We need some salt. We're gonna need two ounces of tequila and then a wedge of lime. We're going to start off by salting the glass, and you want to make sure if you're grinding salt to have it on the finest sitting or just have a super fine salt. Next, we want to squeeze are a wedge of lime and go ahead and rim the glass. That way we can get some good Citrus flavor all the way around the glass and go and drop that in. Then we're gonna add our two ounces of tequila and top off the glass with tonic. Now you can experiment a little bit with this. You know, some people like a 50 50 split. Other people like more tonic or like more tequila. It's just personal preference and experimentation. After you have everything fully combined and chilled by letting and hang out for a second, you can enjoy your tequila and tonic. We're going to be making a simple margarita, which we're gonna start from the ice glass, a wedge of lime, two ounces of our earlier sweetens our one ounce of triple sec and two ounces of tequila. We're going to start off just by adding everything into the glass safe with lime wedge and giving it a good health. Easter. So that's hard tequila, our triple sec and then our sweet and sour A note on salt. I personally think that salt takes away from the margarita, but that's just my personal preference. If you enjoy salt margarita, feel free to add it here or start off for the salt room glass after you get everything fully stirred and chilled, then we're gonna take our lime wedge and squeeze it right over the top. And the reason why we're doing this is that whenever you go to take that first sip, the Effervescence and the smell of that lime juice is gonna be the first thing hit your nose in your palate, and that's going to increase the line margarita experience. After all that's done, enjoy your margarita. We're gonna be making the tourist cocktail to do this many a lime wedge, a strip of orange zest, one ounce of triple sec and one ounce of tequila and optionally. You can add some orange bidders to this, which I personally prefer to do. We're gonna be combining all this into a well iced glass and turn off. We're just going to take our zest stripped from the orange and plop it right on top of our eyes. Then, like I said optionally, you can add some orange bitters. I'm gonna go ahead and do that now and then we're gonna take our triple second our tequila one ounce of each and pour them into the glass. Lastly, we wanted to grab our lime wedge and squeeze it into the glass. Then we're gonna take it and rim the glass to get that good Citrus flavor all on the rim of the glass. Stir to combine, allowed to chill and enjoy your the tourists cocktail. We're going to be making a reverse brave bull cocktail, which is a combination of two ounces of are homemade tequila, coffee liqueur, one ounce of your favorite tequila and then optionally I'm gonna be adding some Mexican chocolate bidders. Feel free to add whatever type of bitters you think would be delicious in this drink. Or just leave them out altogether. This is completely optional, but if you're gonna use them to start off, we're gonna dose the glass with some bitters and just get that all over the ice. Then we're gonna add in our tequila and coffee liqueur and give them a really good stir in the glass just by shaking the glass around to make sure they're fully combined. After you have everything stirred, combined and chilled, you can enjoy your reverse brave bull cocktail. We're going to be making a dickie old fashioned start off. We're gonna need a glass full of ice 1/2 ounce of our earlier simple syrup, some aromatic bitters and two ounces of tequila. So let's go ahead and get all that combined over the ice in our glass. Now I'm going to do a little bit of a twist on this recipe, which I think will's as it up and make it a lot more fun. You're probably noticing the strip of orange zest there, and also we have some of our tequila coffee liqueur, and that's gonna transform this from a tequila old fashioned into a tequila coffee old fashioned. So if you want to stop right here, you have a tequila old fashion. But if you wanna make it to keep the coffee old fashioned, go ahead and drop in your or incest, and then add in 1/2 ounce of our earlier tequila coffee liqueur. Now simply stir thoroughly to combine and chill. And here you have your tequila old fashion or, if you went the extra mile, your tequila coffee, old fashioned. I and my wife want to tell you, thank you for allowing us to be your instructor and share with you the joy of making tequila cocktails. But we do want to remind you to always drink responsibly. It's far better to make it home safely and be able to party another night than to have one too many and end up in an accident. So please always pace yourself and always have one less than what you think your lemon is. Other than that, be safe, and I hope you enjoy the wonderful world of tequila cocktails.