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How To Make Rum Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

How To Make Rum Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course

    • 2. Rum Cocktails

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About This Class

This course provides an exciting introduction into making Rum Cocktails. The course will be taught as a guided step by step on how to make Rum Cocktails. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different Rum Cocktails. The class is intended for the beginner who want to learn all about Rum Cocktails.













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1. Welcome to the course: Hi and welcome to the course. We're gonna be on over some great rum cocktails covering everything from classics to modern classics. All the drinks are gonna be very approachable and very easy to make. That way you can enjoy them again and again. Again. I'm excited to have you in the course, So let's get started and learn how to make some drinks. 2. Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the course, everyone. We're gonna get started with some great Rome cocktail recipes. But the very first thing I want to do is talk to you about different times to Rome. Most rooms that we find in America and the West in general are gonna be Spanish style rooms . But there are other tons of rum out there. There's agricolo or home, or flavored rooms or rooms have just come from a different tradition. The two most common ones are light and dark, but you're also gonna find spiced rums and martinique rums and all different types of flavors out there that could be interesting and exotic for your palate. You can also simply make any flavor from you want at home, despite ing rum to any type of dried fruit or dried herb. We're gonna be making a Jean Harlow, which is a great drink to start off because it's equal parts. You're gonna have two ounces of light rum or white Rome or silver room. They all mean the same thing, and two ounces of sweet are red. Remove it again means the same thing. We're gonna combine these into a shaker and we're going to shake them as hard as we can and as thoroughly as we can, because we really want to get some great oration and dilution before we pour into the glass . So feel free to really go to town and just go after it with his much aggression as you can after you get shaken up to the best of your abilities that we're gonna have are awaiting glass and we want to go ahead and strain into the glass after fully straining. Look at the beauty of your Jean Harlow and enjoy. This is one of my personal favorite drinks for any time of the year because it's just a great drink your any two ounces of dark rum half announce of lime juice for about half of a lime and then three ounces or fill to the top of ginger beer. You're gonna go ahead and pour in the lime juice with rum into the glass. They were on the top off with the ginger beer if you can't find ginger beer, ginger ales and okay, substitute, but it is going to make the drink quite a bit sweeter, So if you're looking for the real thing, get the ginger beer. But if you can't find it, ginger ale is okay. Oh, than that. Enjoy your dark and stormy. The Cooper Lee Bray is the quintessential by friends says they want drink, but they don't know what they want, but they want something easy. Okay, great. It's a combination of two ounces of white rum and 1/2 announcement, about 1/2 of a line of lime juice and then four ounces of coca Cola or filled to the top of the glass. Depending on the size you glass, we're gonna go ahead and add in the light rum in the lime juice first and then top off of the Coca Cola. Feel free to use any coal you want. I'm using Coke life just cause I prefer it. But, you know, if you want to try something else like Dr Pepper or maybe a local coal or something like that, anything you had to is gonna work relatively well. Just keep in mind the more Kohli you add, the software the alcohol is going to be. This is one of my wives favorites. Just a classic simple doctoring. Ounce and 1/2 light run. 3/4 of an ounce of lime juice and 1/4 ounce a simple syrup or a few bars spoons. Depending on how your steps done, you're gonna want to combine all of these into a very well ice shaker because we want this coming out cold, cold, cold. This is best enjoyed whenever it is hot outside, and you want to relax on your back porch and have something bright and citrusy but easy to drink. After all those air combined into the shaker, we want to shake as vigorously as we can. Peroration is extremely important in this drink. If you don't get a properly area, that's not gonna have the right look. It's I have the right feeling the tongue. So get again. Shake very aggressively. After we get done shaking, we want to go ahead and strain into on the way in glass. And what you're looking for is a slight, white ish green, and that lets you know that you got a really good aeration and enjoy your classic Dockery. Yellow Bird is a great cocktail for anyone who bought a ball of Galliano to make Harvey wal bangers and said, Okay, now what do I do with Galliano? you're going to start off with two ounces of light rum, half announced triple second half ounce Galliano and 3/4 of an ounce of fresh lime juice. We're gonna be combining all of these into a well, I shaker and contact with the last drink. We're looking for a very aggressive shake. We want to get a ton of aeration in there, and it's gonna bring out a really crisp yellow color, which is gonna make this drink just as appealing to the eye as is the palate. I know if you've tried Galliano straight, you may be saying to yourself, Wolf, that stuff's pretty strong. But trust me in this drink, it mellows really well, especially to get a really good shake and provides a nice, fun kind of summer afternoon cocktail. After you've getting gotten everything thoroughly shaken, we want to go ahead and pour that into an awaiting glass. Make sure to strain thoroughly and yet again. We're looking for a pale, widest yellow, really something that shows that we really area of the drink and after straining, enjoy your yellow bird cocktail. Next up is the tropical cocktail, which is a great classic that brings together a lot of simple ingredients to make a really fun it against summer, afternoon or spring brunch midday. Almost just really relaxing Drink. We're gonna need a thoroughly iced shaker and a combination of two ounces of light rum, 3/4 of an ounce of Curacao or any orange dry LaCour and 1/2 announce of lime juice. I learned this cocktail for one of my very first Dale DeGroff books, and if you haven't heard of Delta Croft, I would highly recommend that you look him up on Google. He is the modern godfather for almost all the cocktails that we know and love. Or if he didn't invent them or tweak them, he brought them back and gave him a resurgence in our modern cocktail era, very important man to the cocktail industry. In the cocktail world he's after we get all this stuff combined, we're gonna shake it as vigorously as we can. Yet again, we want to get a ton of aeration in this drink. Then we're gonna be pouring this into an awaiting glass, and we're looking for yet again. That pale off white colored lets us know we got a really strong oration in the drink, and after you finish training, enjoy your the tropical cocktail. The island breeze is a very easy, very festive built in glass drink that allows you kind of take advantage of some of the easy to find shelf stable juices in your grocery storm. Were any an ounce and 1/2 of light rum? Four ounces of pineapple juice, which, depending on your grocery store, can be a whole can or 1/2 of a camp. One. Answer. Cranberry juice and a couple dashes of aromatic bitters. We're gonna go ahead and combine all of this over ice in a waiting glass. It doesn't really matter which one you start with, but a personal recommendation for me is do the smallest stuff. First, do the largest volume last. That's gonna kind of help with the mixing. After you get everything combined together, you're gonna have a lovely, fruity, wonderful drink. So enjoy your island breeze. Everybody has that friend who wants the super strong drink. Well, this drink has a great name, Bull's blood, and it's a simple combination of 3/4 of an ounce of white Rome. Three cores of announce of orange, Curacao or any other dry orange LaCour, 3/4 of announcer brandy and announced 1/2 of orange juice. And even though you are using to base liquors to make this drink, it's a very approachable, very easy drink. But it will look pretty cool whenever you're putting in both rum and brandy into the drink . No, probably make your friends coach. Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Anyways, we're gonna combine all of those into a very well eyes shaker. We want this drink super cold because it will be a little alcohol e, even though the orange juice is gonna provide quite a bit of sweetness once we get it all in there, we're gonna shake as hard as we can yet again, always looking for really great oration. And we want to have a glass waiting for us. And once we shake it as aggressively as we can, we're gonna go ahead and strain into that awaiting glass after straining. Enjoy your bull's blood cocktail. Grog is my personal favorite. Cold weather, Sore throat drink. It's a simple combination of an ounce and 1/2 of dark rum. One ounce of honey syrup, which is equal portions honey and hot water mixed together and allowed to chill 3/4 of announced of lime juice and four ounces of hot water put into a heat safe vessel, and I can't stress this enough. You're gonna want to use some type of coffee cup or anything else that can tolerate, say, the same temperatures, coffee or tea. If you use non tempered glass, you stand chance of cracking the glass on this one. We're going to combine all of these into our waiting coffee cup and then top it off with that hot water. And what we want to hear is give the hot water second to make everything mingle and allow it to get a steep a little bit. I will caution you. You don't want to add to too much water because you want that alcohol and then honey hitting the back of your throat after the combining the ingredients. Enjoy your grog. Where do we making another great classic? Which is the Dorothy Cocktail, which is a combination of an ounce and 1/2 white or light Rome, 1/2 ounce of Pinal produce, 1/2 ounce of orange juice and 1/4 ounce of April colic or and then a prick outlook or is really gonna set this drink off. So there is no substitute for that. We're gonna be placing all these into a well, I shaker, and yet again, shaking very aggressively because we want ton of aeration in this drink. After we get everything thoroughly shaken to the best of our abilities, then we're gonna go ahead and have a glass waiting on us. And they were in a strange fully into that class once was shaken yet again. Go ahead and strain into urine awaiting glass and after fully straining, enjoy your the Dorothy cocktail. This last drink has several different variations, depending on what bar you're at or what region the world urine. But in general, it's some type of coffee with booze and whatever flavor sound good and coffee were going to be making a culprit version, which is announcing 1/2 dark rum half announce of honey LaCour, half an ounce of cryptic a cow and half announced triple sec, followed by four ounces of cold brew. Now, since this is a cold coffee drink, if you want to serve this over ice, feel free to go and enjoy it. That way I personally enjoying my coffee straight up. So I'm just going to pour in mine into an awaiting glass. You can stir or shake this drink depending on your personal preference. Wherever you stir a drink, it's not going to dilute or areas much. You're gonna have a lot stronger hit. Whenever you shake a drink, you're gonna be diluting because you're busting up the ice in there and you're gonna be air rating by running the oxygen and the liquid over the ice toe cause a throught thing effect . You can also enjoy this drink hot just simply by taking all of the alcoholic ingredients, pouring them into an awaiting copy cup and topping off a regular old hot coffee. I would tell you on all the drinks we've done today, this is the one you can really experiment with and make your own and create your own unique version of boozy coffee. But after you have everything together, we're gonna go ahead and strain into on a waiting glass and after poured enjoy your boozy coffee. Thank you for joining us in this class, but I want to take a minute to say please always remember to drink responsibly. It's fun to have drinks with friends and family or to unwind after a long day. But remember, it's always best to get home and wake up the next day. So go out there, have fun, makes some great drinks for your friends and family. But please never have more than what you need and always make it home safe. Thank you for taking this course. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait. See in the next one.