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How To Make Recycled Paper

Sajata Epps, Designer, Textile Artist

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3 Videos (33m)
    • How to make handmade paper Lesson 1

    • How To Make Handmade Paper Lesson 2

    • How To Make Handmade Paper Lesson 3


About This Class

I just love to make recycled paper from collected mailers, paper bags, and flyers left at my doorstep. In this class I will show you step by step how to make simple recycled paper from scratch.

In this three step class you will learn the following:

1- How to put together a  full DIY paper making kit that includes a paper press.

2- How to make recycled paper pulp.

3- How to make paper and make art paper you can be proud of.






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Sajata Epps

Designer, Textile Artist

Sajata Epps (AKA SAJATA-E) is a designer and textile artist. She has run her creative lifestyle brand company SAJATA-E for over 18 years. Sajata-E makes a lot of the tools she uses to design but she also up-cycles used machines in order to create less waste in the world. Growing natural textile dyes is her passion and she does this in the comfort of lovely community farms she helps develop in the Bronx.

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