How To Make Mouth Watering Biscuits - The Simple Way-Using My Secret Recipe! | Valerie Lowe | Skillshare

How To Make Mouth Watering Biscuits - The Simple Way-Using My Secret Recipe!

Valerie Lowe, Freelance Teacher-Seamstress-Artist

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8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. How to Make Mouth Watering Biscuits (Introduction)

    • 2. Tools and Ingredients

    • 3. Combine Dry Ingredients

    • 4. Add Shortening and Make Flour Smooth

    • 5. Add the Liquids and Create Perfect Dough

    • 6. Shape the Dough, Bake at Proper Time and Temperature

    • 7. Butter Them and Enjoy!

    • 8. Concludsion: Final tips on Modifying the Recipe--Class Project!


About This Class


In this class you will learn the techniques of biscuit making from scratch. You will learn how to use the right tools and how to improvise if you don't have the tools you need. Oh the variety of biscuits you will be able to make after this one short lesson! 

The ingredients in this recipee are natural, nutritious and of the highest quality. You will bake along with me and find out step-by-step how to make the perfect dough, every time! I've been baking these biscuits for over thirty years!  Now you can be Known for your delicious biscuits! 

After the class is over please share your rendition of my basic recipe and upload it to the Project section of the class and make any comments you wish to make. 

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Valerie Lowe

Freelance Teacher-Seamstress-Artist

As a Mother, Entrepreneur, and Minister, Valerie Lowe is currently involved in spearheading garden projects in her community; encouraging others in their spiritual walk; homeschooling her children; cooking thousands of meals for them which includes making a variety of biscuits! She's always looking for better ways to eat healthy foods encourages others to do so.

Valerie Lowe tutors Elementary to Middle School students in Math and Reading/Writing skills. She has worked a number of years...

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