How To Make Money Unlocking Cell Phones Remotely

Amos Onyia, Digital Marketer and Web Enthusiast.Sharing Always

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Cell Unlock Introduction

    • Unlocking and Flashing Cell Phones Explained

    • Getting The Unlock Codes and Unlocking The Device


About This Class

This course is one of a kind. Anyone who wishes to get into the unlocking side of cell phones either for themselves, friends, family, or to create an additional revenue stream must take this course. We start with the basics of what unlocking is, what can be done once a phone is unlocked and the typical scenarios for unlocking a cell phone. There are many benefits to unlocking a gsm phone and many things to be careful of before you unlock a gsm phone. We cover terminology like gsm, cdma, sim, imei and much more. Once completed students will be able to identify the major carriers who use the varying networks and what phones are allowed to be interchanged on those networks. We cover how the North American gsm market differs from the international gsm markets and which phones can be used on those different markets.


What You Learn From This Class?

  • Understand the basic concepts of unlocking
  • Demonstrate the unlocking procedure for Apple and android devices
  • Learn basic terminology associated with the cell phone industry
  • Navigate and understand the unlocking website
  • Enable the internet settings for multiple carriers
  • Resolve unlocking issue and troubleshoot common problems

This class is no more than a few minutes to complete and upon completion, all the tools are gained to start unlocking phones. I even cover how to make money from unlocking cell phones. I have been unlocking phones for years and have made over one hundred thousand dollars from unlocking phones. I take the mystery and confusion out of cell phone unlocking and give anyone with the desire or interest the ability to unlock a gsm cell phone. Follow along as I show you what you need to know to get into the business of unlocking cell phones.

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Absolutely will recommend this class. It's simply explained and an excellent subject.
Educative Class
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Amos Onyia

Digital Marketer and Web Enthusiast.Sharing Always

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