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How To Make Money On YouTube

Hassan Gul, Skillshare Coach

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About This Class

In this short course or lectures, I will show you, How you can start youtube channel from scratch and enable it for monetization and start earning from it. People around the globe are making 1000's of dollars from youtube and leave their local and full-time jobs and start YouTubing to earn good amount of money. Join this class and learn how to make money on youtube today!





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Hassan Gul

Skillshare Coach

About Me

Freelancer Web Developer and Designer, completed computer science degree in 2014 and have a youtube channel for free education and online courses, also have a blog called and currently working on multiple niches of computer development and designing work's, also sharing free knowledge and creating premium courses on udemy and Skillshare.

About my new project

Currently, I am working on my new project called Coupondus. Go check my n...

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