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How To Make Epic Travel Video ON Youtube

Sani Salim

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9 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Start with any camera

    • The Rule of Third

    • Use Natural Light

    • The Golden Hour

    • Movement

    • Music

    • It's all about editing

    • Last Word


About This Class

Stop posting the same old boring video and start having the most watchable video on youtube.

Have you seen all the travel video on youtube that makes you go..

“Wow, i want to go to this place!”

Do you know that they travel just like most of us but what makes it interesting is the footage they took to put all the pieces together.

You see, most people love to take photos and videos when they travel especially on cool places. Then they post it on social media to show that they have been there.

The truth is, nobody cares! Unless of course they are your close friend, families or someone who actually wanted to go there.

Travel video are supposed to pull the viewer in and make them feel the near experience they can get just like when you were there.

There are so many things that a person need to learn to create a perfect travel video but until you don't know the basic, you cannot create a good piece of content.

I am not from any film making school but I self taught a lot from books, video courses mistakes and error. The tips i gave in this class is exactly the same skills i self taught myself to level up my game.

Let’s get the film rolling!





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Hi! I'm Sani.

I am a self taught videographer, editor and entrepreneur.

The reason i'm here is because i want to give back to the society for what i have learned. From video, to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you would like to connect with me, reach out to me on my social media. I love to have people like minded in my circle.


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