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How To Make Cognac Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

How To Make Cognac Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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3 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. Cognac Cocktails Pt1

    • 3. Cognac Cocktails Pt2

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About This Class

This course provides an exciting introduction into making Cognac Cocktails. The course will be taught as a guided step by step on how to make Cognac Cocktails. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different Cognac Cocktails. The class is intended for the beginner who want to learn all about Cognac Cocktails.

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Phillip Dillow

Be Driven!


We are excited to teach you all that we know and build a relationship with you.

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1. Welcome To The Course: In this course we're going to be covering everything you need to know about cognac cocktails, how to make him, how to enjoy them, and how to wow your friends and family with a great cognac drink. So come and join me in this course, and let's break down cognac and have some fun making cocktails. 2. Cognac Cocktails Pt1: Hi everyone and welcome to the course. We're gonna be going over some fun and exciting cognac cocktail. So let's get into it and make some drinks. We're gonna be making a the beautiful cocktail which needs one ounce of cognac AND one ounce of triple sick or orange, the core. Optionally, I like to add some orange bidders to this. It adds an extra fun orange note. So if you want to make this drink my way, start off by putting some bidders in the glass, or if you want to do it the traditional way, skip the bidders and just go a string into adding the one ounce of Cognac, followed by the one ounce of triple sick or orange Luke or next you wanna give this drink a little swirl to help chill it down and make sure everything is fully mixed. And then once you're satisfied, enjoy your the beautiful. We're gonna be making a min head-mounted cocktail. To start off, we're going to need to get some mirror Xiang Le Core, maybe about a quarter of an ounce or just a splash. And we want to put that inner glass. And this is what's known as a writhes. And we're just trying to get the flavor in the glass. And then you can dump that out. And now the glass is going to have a kind of just an overall essence of that mirror. Look forward and you can see it's sticking to the glass. Now we're going to need two ounces of Cognac, one ounce of red vermouth, and then some arithmetic bidders. And we're just going to put those into a, well I shaker, starting off with our arithmetic bidders, then our cognac, our one ounce of Sweet vermouth. Then we want to give it a good stir. And the reason for stirring not shaking is we want this dream to be chilled, but not chilled in aerated. After you get as cold as you like, go ahead and grab your strainer and then we're going to strain it into our weighting glass. After straining, enjoy your Manhattan Island cocktail. We're gonna be making a cafe cognac. So we're going to need a coffee cup, sugar cue, about an ounce and a half of cognac, some frothy milk, and four to six ounces of your favorite type of coffee. To start off, we're going to drop our sugar cube and pour a little bit of our coffee on top of it. And this is to help start to break that sure cubed down a little bit. Good swirl, make sure it gets sugar cube nice. And what were the hot coffee? And then we're gonna take our Mugler and start working that sugar cube. Now, after you have the sugar cube busted up, go ahead and add in your cognac And you can use this to kind of wash them Mugler, making sure all that sugar gets into the drink. Next we want to come with the rest of our coffee, and this shouldn't melt any residual sugar crystals you see hanging out in the glass. After we have our coffee and there we get to do the fun part of adding in our frothy milk. And you could substitute this for whip cream or steamed milk. Anything that's going to have a micro foam or a whip or something like that. He's kinda wanna fun topping for your coffee. After you have that altogether, you can enjoy your cafe, cognac. The Cognac, perfect. This is a great way to enjoy any type of martini and is an excellent style of mixing sweet and dry vermouth. To do this, we're gonna need two ounces of Cognac, a half ounces Sweet vermouth, half ounce of dry vermouth, AI shaker, a bar, spoon and a glass. All we're gonna do is take all these ingredients are two ounces of Cognac or half ounces Sweet vermouth or half ounce of driver moose, and combine them into our eyes shaker and give them a really good chilling stir. And this is another drink where we definitely want to stir. We don't want to shake and cause iteration. Just make sure that you get the drink cold. Don't try and beat up the eyes too much. Pea aggressive, but don't be crazy. After you get this fully children, we can go ahead and grab our strainer, pour our drink into our weighting glass. After all that's done, you can enjoy your cognac, Perfect. We're going to be making a version of a mule, but this is a French meal. It's going to involve an ounce and a half a Cognac, a quarter ounce of elder flower Le Core. Here we're using Saint-Germain and some ginger beer. And this is gonna sound reminiscent to a lot of other mules, but we're substituting the citrus for some French elder flower, Le Core, which I think is really going to open up this drink and bring in the great French flavors to make this a really fun cocktail. So let's get our quarter ounce of LWR or the core are ounce and a half of cognac. And then make sure you're using a high-quality ginger beer and get it all mixed together. And you're ginger beer. And enjoy your French mule. The landing gear cocktail is going to require one ounce of content, one ounce of triple cycle orange, the core, a half ounce of driver move, a half ounce of chariot core, and a half ounce of marijuana to look for. We'll also need a i's to shaker and a glass plus a bar squared. To make this drink, you're simply going to take all of this and combine it into our weighting shaker. This is going to be a stirred drink. And like you've heard me say before, we're just looking to chill the drink, so don't beat up the eyes, sir. Go crazy. If you wanted to shake this drink, that would be perfectly fine. It's just going to taste lighter and a little bit different. After you get everything thoroughly chilled, go ahead and grab your strainer and then strain into your waiting glass. After straining, you can enjoy your landing gear cocktail. 3. Cognac Cocktails Pt2: We're going to be making a Bombay number two cocktail, which is announced and have a Cognac, three-quarters of announced, the Sweet vermouth, three quarters of an ounce of dry vermouth, a quarter ounce of triple sec or orange, the core, and a quarter ounce of absent. We're also going to need a glass and a ice shaker. We're going to be combining all of this into our shaker one after the other. So go ahead and dump him in. After getting everything into the shaker. We're gonna go ahead and stir this to chill. And this is definitely an drink where you're going to want to stir, not shake, man, because you have so many flavors going on. We're just going to want to keep this symbol. After you have everything fully chilled from stirring. Go ahead and grab your strainer and let's strain into our awaiting glass. After straining, you can enjoy your Bombay. Number two, we're gonna be making a classic cocktail. And that's not say that it's classic, but that's the name of the drink. So we're going to two ounces of Cognac, a half ounce or triple sick or orange core. I have found some mirror Sheena lu core and a half ounce of lemon juice. We'll also need a shaker and awaiting glass, and we're just going to be combining all of this. So go ahead and put it into your shaker. Then we're gonna lit up our shaker and we're going to shake this drink very aggressively. And the reason for shaking is we want aeration of the drink, not dimension. We want the ice chips from the ice cubes to kinda break up, dilute the drink a little bit in this is going to help with the flavors and making the drink a little bit softer and a little bit more delicate on the palette. After giving everything a good shake, go ahead and open up your shaker and grab your strainer. Then strain into your waiting glass. After straining, you can enjoy your classic cocktail. This cocktail hails from the turn of the century. It's the 1910, it's three quarters of an ounce of Cognac, three-quarters of ounce of Pascal, one ounce of Sweet vermouth, half an ounce of marijuana, the core, and one to three dashes of Orleans bidders. And you can kinda play with that depending on your flavor. What you do and don't like in terms of bidders were going to be combining all this into R. Well, I shaker, and usually I like to start with bidders and kinda work from my smallest amount to my largest amount. But really, as long as you again in the shaker, it's going to be fully stirred. So feel free to put them in whatever order you like. After everything's combined, we want to make sure and give us a really good stirring chill it down. And this is a strong drink with a combination of mescaline, cognac. You're going to, you're going to get hit pretty hard. So I would tell you this is definitely one for stirring, not so much for shaking, because it's just meant to be kind of a little bit of a kick in the teeth. After you get it chilled, go-ahead and strain into your waiting glass. And after strained, you can enjoy your 1910. This cocktail is meant to be a little bit of tongue in cheek. It's called the insane. And if you can see from the spelling, they're referring to the city which I'm probably gonna mispronounces send, but a fun, fun, insane cocktail, right? One ounce of Cognac, one ounce suburban, one ounce of elder flower look core. I'm gonna be using Saint-Germain and a rents of absent. And on the rents you're just looking for a very small amount of absent and you just wanna get it around the glass that way it Perfumes the glass and add some of that absent flavor to the drink. I wouldn't go with a very large amount because absent has a tendency to overpower whatever it gets in if you put too much. After we complete our rents, we can go ahead and add our eyes here, I'm using an ice ball, which I'm just kinda cradling into the glass, but feel free to use cubed crushed ice, whatever you like. I tend to gravitate towards ice balls, but yet again, personal preference. Then we're going to combine all of our rest of our ingredients into a well ice shaker and this drink we're going to be stirring just to get a chilled. And yet again, we want this to be a drink with a good hit to it. That's why we're stirring, not shaking. Now let's grab our strainer and go ahead and strain over our ice. And enjoy your insane. We're going to be making an embassy cocktail, and this one has quite a few ingredients. One ounce of Cognac, one ounce of white RAM, one ounce of triple sec or orange Le Core, three quarters of an ounce of lime juice, and one to three dashes of aromatic bidders, depending on your personal taste and how much you like bidders were going to be combining all of this into a well ice shaker. So go ahead and let's get everything into the shaker. Next, we're going to want to lit up and shake this drink pretty aggressively. We want to get a lot of aeration analog dilution in the drink. As you can see from the list of ingredients. And this is a strong drink in a way that you wanted to have some dilution just because you're mixing a ton of flavors and feel free to try and stirred, but it is a little too punchy for a stirred drink. After you get everything shaken Well, you can crack open your shaker and your strainer and go ahead and strain into your waiting glass. After straining, enjoy your embassy cocktail. We're going to be making a Holy Trinity, which contains one of my personal favorite ingredients, yellow chartreuse. To do this, we're going to need two ounces of Cognac, half an ounce of yellow chartreuse, half an ounce of elder flower Le Core, and one to three dashes of orange bidders. Let's go ahead and combine everything into R. Well, I shaker. And then we're going to be stirring this drink, mainly because we don't want to dilute the delicate flavors of Chartreuse. We want those to be bold and drank and I know only half an ounce doesn't sound like it should be something bold in the drink, but Chartreuse is a very strong flavor. So you're definitely gonna taste it and we want to taste to it because it's an amazing flavor. Go ahead and get your strainer and strain into your waiting glass. And after straining, enjoy your Holy Trinity. Thank you for joining us to learn how to make some great cognac cocktails. But I'm my wife, always willing to remind you, never have too many drinks. It's great to have fun. It's great to enjoy everything that cocktails have to offer, but it's so much suite or to make it home safe at the end of the night. So go out there and have a great time, but drink responsibly. Other than that, thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy the wonderful world of cognac.