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How To Make Coffee Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

How To Make Coffee Cocktails - Home Bartending Guide

Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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3 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. Coffee Cocktails Pt1

    • 3. Coffee Cocktails Pt2

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About This Class

This course provides an exciting introduction into making Coffee Cocktails. The course will be taught as a guided step by step on how to make Coffee Cocktails. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different Coffee Cocktails. The class is intended for the beginner who want to learn all about Coffee Cocktails.

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Phillip Dillow

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We are excited to teach you all that we know and build a relationship with you.

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1. Welcome To The Course: Hi everyone. We're going to be delving into the wonderful world of coffee cocktails. And as we go through this course, you're going to see a bunch of different ways. You can use coffee to make fun drinks, also to make different accessory ingredients, and a couple of different interesting ways. You can just make coffee itself. So let's dive into it and start having some fun with coffee cocktails. 2. Coffee Cocktails Pt1: Before we get started, we're going to need to make a few accessory ingredients. And what I mean by that is, is we're going to be making some simple syrup Simla cores, and even a faux coffee bidder. And we're going to be using these later on in the course to make our drinks. That way we can really infuse our coffee cocktails with a ton of coffee flavor. And first we're going to be making some bourbon cold brew. And to do this, we're going to need some bourbon about one cup and some coffee here I'm using a local companies coffee and the mason jar. You're gonna do 1 third of a cup of coffee to every cup of bourbon. And just go ahead and put your coffee and the mason jar and add in your bourbon. Try not to spill it like you see me do here. Anyways, after you get on the mason jar, you just kinda wanna give it a little bit of a shake. And that's gonna allow everything to mix together. And then we're going to let this sit overnight. And over the course of the evening, the coffee flavors will get extracted by the bourbon and then we're going to be straightened out the next day. Now it's time to strain. Are Bourbon cold brew, so get whatever type of string set up you're going to use here, I'm using a small pour over coffee pot that I have, but you could just as easily use a regular coffee filter and funnel or a fine metal mesh strainer or anything else that you can use to filter coffee. Cheese cloth would work too. But just go ahead and pour everything into whatever filter you're using and give this a little while to kind of filter out. Next, we're going to be doing some whiskey rents, pour over coffee. And to do this, you're gonna need a basic por ver setup. And here you see me just loading it outputs some coffee, getting it ready to go. Next, we're going to need to get our gooseneck kinda already. And we're looking for a one to two ratio between whiskey and hot water. And usually in poor over I use about 200 degree water. And now the reason why we're doing this is if you just poured cold whiskey or room temperature whiskey over their coffee grounds, you're going to get some extraction, but it's not going to be the same as whatever you put hot liquid over the coffee. So we're trying to mimic whenever you poor, poor over hot liquid over the coffee grounds, you're going to have two cups of 200 degree water to one cup of 72 degree whiskey, you know, roughly room temperature. And so you're going to need to take an average there. And I'm not gonna do that math, you know, but you get the idea. We're trying to increase the temperature of the whiskey to get a better extraction out of the coffee. And there's only really so many ways to do this. And you don't want like put the whiskey in the microwave or something like that. So this is what I've found is the best way to count up the temperature of that whiskey and get that whisky flavor into the coffee, but still get a really quality extraction from the coffee after you get your gooseneck kettle or whatever you're using as your poor over kettle, ready to go, just make your standard pour over coffee. And you're gonna see me here. And the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna what the grounds. After I get done weighing the grounds, I'm a little gas escaped from the copy. And then we're going to go again. And now you see me here making my circles. And this is so we can start developing that nice even bed in our poor over. And there's a lot of different pore over techniques out there. I like the small kinda archiving circles or ellipses. But there's a lot of ways to do this. The goal is to create a gentle environment for the coffee to settle in and get a full extraction out of it. As your coffee works its way down. You're going to notice that you're going to smell kind of some odd flavors from, or you're usually make pour over coffee. And what that is, it's a hot whiskey hitting the coffee. And there's gonna be some slightly different chemical reactions from just putting water. Yeah, it makes sense. You know, you're taking the inert liquid and you're adding something else to it. After your grounds have drained down, go ahead and remove your filter with your spent coffee, and let's get started making some things with R. I'm going to call it whisker related or whiskey iced coffee. First thing you want to do is you want to give a half cup of sugar, and we are going to fill this up with a half cup of our hot processed whisky coffee. And what this is going to do is to combine, you're going to get a coffee simple syrup, but it's going to be a whiskey backed coffee simple syrup. But online just dumping whisky into coffee simple syrup, you're going to have a more integrated flavor because the coffee was actually made with the whiskey. Now, this is gonna take a little bit of time to kinda break down and combines your point. I need to get a spoon and helped us along. The heat of the coffee is definitely going to break down the sugar faster, but It's still going to take a few minutes, so be prepared to work it. This is kinda what the halfway point is going to look like. And it may need to pop this in the microwave for a second or two just to kinda help it along. Every time you make this, it's going to be a little bit different. And since we're not working over heat source, we're just working on the counter in a measuring cup here. You're just gonna kinda have to play a little bit by ear. Now we're gonna do a similar technique to the previous method, but we are going to be doing it in a French press. And a french press isn't immersion brew as opposed to a pour over is a faster extraction. So usually in a French press you're gonna be using a lower temperature and using time to your advantage. Whereas in a poor over, it's going to be a much faster contact between the hot liquid and the coffee. So you're using a higher temperature not to delve into all the different things about coffee. But if you've had French presi, you've had pore over, you know, you probably know which one you prefer because they produce slightly different styles of coffee. French press coffee is usually heavier and a little bit saltier, where pour over coffee is little bit cleaner. This time we're going to switch it up a little bit and we're gonna be doing one cup of RAM here. I'm just using some dark rum. And the reason why we're doing this in lieu of the whiskey is that way we just have some different flavors and some different experiences as we're making drinks later on, we're going to shake that around. And with working with the French press, there's a really bad problem of little coffee naughts are coffee balls to form. So you're gonna wanna make sure and give it a really thorough shake that way. You don't have any under extracted and extracted coffee. Now we're going to come in with a cup of water. The water I'm working with here is around a 170 degrees, which is my preferable for working with the French press. And we're gonna give it another good shake. And then our last couple of water. And yet again, this is a two to one ratio. So if your French press is huge or small, or your poor over is huge or small, just try and fit these ratios of two to one. So if you're brewing eight ounces or 80 ounces, just do some math. After we get all the coffee cozy, we're gonna go ahead and lit up and we're gonna give this a ten to 15 minute extraction time. Now I know that that might seem long if you're familiar with Finch French press, but we want to make sure and get every last bit of coffee out of there. After you're done, go ahead and pour it into a pitcher. And here we have our simulated or French press ram Gaddafi. Now we're going to be making some RAM, French press coffee, simple syrup. And to do this for any day, quarter cup of sugar. And about a splash too, a little bit more than a splash of hot water. This is going to bring us up to about a third of a cup. And the reason why we're adding hot water to the sugar is to get it to dissolve. Now, I know you're thinking a second ago we didn't need to do that when we did the pour over coffee. But you have to remember the pour over coffee is coming out really hot is French press has been sitting for about 15 minutes and it's not, that's not still warm. It's just not hot enough to make the simple syrup manufacturing process happened quickly. So we're gonna go ahead and get all of that sugar dissolved. Next, we're going to add in our RAM French press coffee. And we want to get this up to about three quarters of a cup. And the liquid here should be warm enough to finish dissolving sugar. But you're still going to need to store for a little bit. And you wanna make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved on this one. Now we're going to need to add about a quarter cup of almond milk. And you could substitute this for any nut milk you prefer. But here, once we've gotten this all mixed together, we are going to have a dairy free cream Le Core. And this is a fun and great way for you to enjoy all the different great drinks you can make with cream Le Core, without having to worry about the dairy side of it, we do need to make sure and thoroughly mix this that way everything is completely combined and then you can set this in the fridge to chill. Next, we're going to be making a faux bidder. And to do this, we're gonna need several different spices here. I have some Chinese five spice, some allspice, some cayenne pepper. It's amaze, and some ginger. And that's where the five spines, the reason why I chose it as if you look at the back of 5S buys, you have everything from black pepper corn to Cinnamon to clove to finagle. See, there's a lot of different things happening in this one jar. Now you are going to be combining these in whatever amounts you'd like. If you'd like a lodge injured, put allot ginger, if you like a lot of anise or whatever, put a lot of that. The goal is to have just a good amount of spice, a couple tablespoons. Next, we're going to be adding some coffee on top of that enough to do one cup of pore over and you're going to be stirring those together pretty vigorously. Now the coffee is completely subjective. Do your pore over however you like to do a pour over. If you'd like a lot of coffee, but a lot of coffee if you like a little bit of coffee, but a little bit of coffee. Here, I'm going to be using my small pool over pot because like I said, we only need one cup. If you were doing this in a larger pore over Pont or in a classic coffee pot, just adjust accordingly. You wouldn't want a whole 12 cup POD of this, this stuff is going to be very strong and almost undrinkable, but we're not trying to use it as a sipping, enjoying coffee. We're going to be reducing this down into a faux bidder, which you're going to see that happen here in a little bit. Now we are going to fall are same pour over technique in case you missed it last time. And we're going to start off by wetting the grounds. I have to give that downward on the grounds of rest and let all the carbon dioxide come out of them. Now this is going to be different for those of you who are used to working with pour over just because spices don't react the same as coffee. So keep in mind, it's not going to go as perfectly as if you're just doing a pour over with coffee. Now I'm going to be starting my circles. And yet again, I like to circle or ellipse pattern. If you prefer doing something else, that's perfectly fine. The goal is just to get some really great poor over. As I said a second ago, if you aren't doing this like an a sunbeam or been style coffee maker. Just follow your machines instructions to make a very small pot of coffee. Now we want to get our spiced coffee into a pan and put it on a burner. Now here I'm just using electric burner. And that's mainly because it's easier for me to get the camera around that. But if you're doing this on your stove, just put it on one of your small to medium-size burners and you want to bring this up to a very low simmer, not like a boil or anything rapid. We don't wanna skull the coffee. You wanna give this time to just slowly reduce. As you can see here, this is basically what we're looking for. You have some bubbling going on, but it's not aggressive and boiling over and going crazy. Once you have your coffee fully cooked down, you're going to end up with the sludge that looks something like this. And I know it looks like this is a mistake that this is actually exactly what we want. Next guest small mason jar, and go ahead and pour your foe coffee better into the mason jar. This is a faux bidder, so it won't act exactly like a bidder, meaning that you can't keep it for three forever. But it's still a fun and interesting way to create your own unique flavor that you can add to your drinks. 3. Coffee Cocktails Pt2: To make our coffee, Navy beer, we're going to need two ounces of our French Press, Rahm, coffee, and one beer. Whatever barrier like, we're going to need a glass ready to go. And this is going to be honest. So we are going to go ahead and start off by adding in our RAM French press coffee. And the reason what we're gonna do the Rome French press coffee first. If you add it after the beer, it's going to cause some unnecessary financing, which will kind of ruined the drink. You want those professing fizzy qualities. Then we're going to add in our beer. And that's it. This is a super simple one. But if you like the flavor of beer and coffee or your big fan of boiler makers, this is a great drink to enjoy, especially on a high afternoon where you need a little bit of zip, but you still want to relax or the flavor of a beer. After you get that beer fully poured, you can enjoy your coffee, Navy beer. Next we're going to be making a coffee bowl of RDA, which is going to be one ounce of our cold brew whisky coffee, one ounce of Sweet vermouth, and then one ounce of Campari or some other type of bidder ruse or bitter Florio. We're going to need a iced glass and we're going to be stirring this on the bar itself. So we're just gonna take all of the ingredients and add them in one after the other. And after we get our cold brew coffee, Whiskey are Campari and our Sweet vermouth into the glass. We're just going to grab the bottom of the glass and give this a good swirl. After everything is fully combined, then you can enjoy your coffee. Boulevards were going to be making a coffee Manhattan. And to do this, we're going to need one ounce of bourbon, one ounce of Sweet vermouth, and one ounce of our poor over whisky coffee. We're also going to be needing one to three dashes of our foe coffee bidder. And if you want to use some other coffee better, that's perfectly okay. Just, you know, we made this one, so let's try it out. Now. We're gonna take all of these ingredients and combine them in a well iced glass. Here I'm using some spherical allies, but feel free to use whatever type of ice you prefer. I recommend getting the coffee bidders is just simply use a bar spoon and tap the side of your bar, spun into the bidders and then just drop however much you'd like. After that, give it a good, healthy stir. Then you can enjoy your coffee. Manhattan. We're gonna be making a dairy free white Russian, which is going to be two ounces of vodka, one ounce of our pour over coffee, Le Core. And that's the coffee that we made with the whiskey in the pore over, and then one ounce of almond milk. And feel free to substitute this with whatever nut milk or milk substitute you prefer. We're going to be combining all of these ingredients into a glass. So we're going to start with our vodka, followed by our pour over coffee, Le Core simple syrup. And we're gonna go ahead and give these a stir that way they're fully combined before we add them, the almond milk. And the almond milk, we're actually gonna take the back of our bar spoon and gently port into the glass. And you're gonna create like a little bit of a layering effect here. Now, a lot of you might like to have your white Russians fully mixed. But I recommend that you try and kinda doing this and it gives the drink or cool look. After everything's in the glass, you can enjoy your dairy free white Russian. We're gonna be making a mud side which is two ounces of vodka, one ounce of our poor over coffee, Le Core simple syrup, and then one ounce of our dairy free cream Le Core. We're going to be combining all of these into a well iced shaker. And the reason we were shaky on this drink is we want to cause some dilution and aeration. And that's the big difference between stirring and shaking. Whenever you stir something, you're just chilling it. But whenever you shake something, you're causing aeration from the liquid running over the ice and you're getting air bubbles and everything mixed into it. But you're also causing some dilution because as you shake the drink, the ice is going to bust up and those ice chips are going to melt into the drink. So it creates a softer, more homogenized drink for the eventual drinker. After we get thoroughly shake and we're gonna go ahead and pour into our weighting iced glass. And after it's fully out, you can enjoy your mud slide. We're gonna be making a coffee dark and stormy, which is going to be an ounce and a half of dark Rome, followed by an ounce and a half of the French press rum, coffee. Then we're going to need some ginger beer and one to three dashes of our foe coffee bidders. We're going to be combining all of this into a well-organized glass. Let's start off by doing our bidders first. And in general, we want to start with the smallest amount and move to the largest amount anytime we're working in a high ball glass. And this is just going to make things easier for mixing. Then we're gonna go ahead and add in our dark rum and our French Press Rahm, coffee. Now we want to stir the drain just to get everything combined where we're at. And try and break up the ice interviews stir, so work the spoon around the glass. Then we're going to add in our ginger beer and this should fully mixed the rest of the drink. And once you have the high ball topped off, you can enjoy your coffee dark and stormy. We're gonna be making a ROM maple shaker auto, and I apologize for the pronunciation there. But to do this, we're going to need one ounce of RAM, three quarters of an ounce of maple syrup, and four ounces of coffee. Now the maple syrup is little subjective if you like it really sweet, but more if you like it less sweet, put less. This is going to be a two-step mixing process and we're astronomy for their coffee. Before we get to the shaker, what we wanna do first is grab our RAM and are maple syrup. And we're going to combine them together in our juniors. And the reason what we're gonna do this is we're loosening up the maple syrup. We don't want to leave any maple syrup and the jigger, we want it in the drink. So by doing this, you're gonna go ahead and start to break down that maple syrup a little bit. Go ahead and take a spoon. And here I'm just using a small spoon that I have. And you're gonna start working that maple syrup and that RAM together to loosen it up. Next, we're going to combine it into our coffee and we're going to stir this thoroughly, trying it again to get as much of that maple syrup into the coffee as possible. That way it ultimately ends up in the drink. The reason for this step is if you put syrups or any other type of honey or sugary liquid, Brian on to ice. It's going to seize up and it's going to adhere to the ice or in our case, it would adhere to the cold metal shaker. Well, the problem with that is it's not going to mix into the drink, is just going to stay in the shaker. And that doesn't do us any good for making a well-balanced drink. After you get everything fully combine and mix together, we're gonna take our coffee with our ROM and are maple syrup party in it. And we're going to put it into our well ice shaker. Next, go ahead and lit up and shake thoroughly. You're going to want to shake this more than just thoroughly. You're going to want to shake this as aggressively as possible. The aeration is so important in this drink. And if you don't really get after it and just shake this as hard as you can. It's just not going to be right. So hit it and hit it hard. After you get done shaking, you can go ahead and crack open your shaker. And you may have a little difficulty with this just because of how much shaking and heat exchange from the cold ice has happened. Go ahead and grab your strainer and have your glass at the ready. And then we're going to pour our RAM maple shake erato into the glass. And you can see here we have a lot of lovely aeration, lot of good and micro bubbles. And that's really going to create a del VD palette for this drink. And after you finish, you can enjoy. We're gonna be making an Irish coffee. And to do this, we're going to need a glass, a sugar cube. Two ounces of whiskey, we're going to need some cream and a whimper or some Ready Whip, a Mugler bar spoon and four ounces of coffee. We're going to start off by taking our sugar cube and throwing it in the glass. And then we're gonna take a little bit of our coffee. And here I'm using Mocha pod coffee. Feel free to use it over coffee you prefer. We're gonna go ahead and give the sugar cube and the coffee a good swirl. And then we're going to bring in our Mugler and start breaking down that sugar cube. And you want to do this pretty aggressively because we want all of that sugar to fully combined with the coffee and make like a little ready-made simple syrup and the bottom of our glass. This may take you a few minutes. So spend the extra time and make sure you have it right. Then we're gonna take our two ounces of whiskey and rinse off the bottom of our Mugler while pouring into the glass. And this is going to make sure any sugar that was left goes into the drink, not sitting on the counter not being used. Next one, give everything a good little swirl just to make sure everything's fully combined in the heat from the coffee and the crushing from the Mugler. They're gonna do most of the work. Next, we can go ahead and add in the remainder of our coffee. Now, I make my whipped cream anytime I do a drink, but feel free to use Ready Whip or whatever type of web crania, like. Just one of those weird people who likes to make it. And if you want to make it yourself, all you need is some heavy cream and some type of whisk err, I'm using an electric nano whisk or micro whisk wherever you want to call it throw offer as another name for it. And I'm just starting up the cream in a cold metal container and it'll take a second or two, but then you'll end up with some lovely whip cream. After you get the whip cream fully whipped up. The next part is a little finicky. We're going to be taking r bar spoon and using it as a cradle for the whip cream. That way it rest on top of the coffee, not sinks into the coffee and melts in intermingled with a coffee. Now obviously if you're using Cool Whip already whip, you know, just don't spray it down into the coffee or plop it down to the coffee, try and be as gentle as possible. Part of the reason why I like making the whipped cream myself. You can see here my web crimson little loose. That's just kinda consistency I like for this cocktail, you know, feel free to do whatever you prefer if you want it really thick, make it really thick. If you want it loose, like how I like it and make it loose. I have to get all that put together. Your Irish coffee is ready to go and you can enjoy. We're gonna be making a coffee palmetto, which is one ounce of coffee, one ounce of Sweet vermouth, one ounce of dark rum, and some orange bitters. And on this, feel free to use whatever type of coffee like. We're also going to need a well eyes glass, which we are going to be combining everything in. We're going to start smallest to largest, and we're going to hit it with our orange bitters first, one to three dashes or whatever you like. Then we're going to add in all of our ingredients one after the other. And since they're all the same amount, it really doesn't matter which one you do first. After everything's in the glass, give it a good swirl, then you can enjoy your coffee palmetto. I and my wife want to thank you for joining us on this journey, learning more about coffee cocktails. But we want to remind you to know your limits. And while it's great to enjoy cocktails and time with friends and maybe go into the bar, whatever it is. It's always sweeter to get home safely and wake up the next morning. So please know your limits. Never have more than what you can handle. And please never drink and drive. Thank you for being in this course with us and learning more about the wonderful world of coffee cocktails and stay safe.