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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons ()
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Preparing the Dough

    • 4. Making Cookies

    • 5. Making Beads

    • 6. Making Tiny Objects

    • 7. Drying and Storing of the Dough

    • 8. Decoration

    • 9. Your Project

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About This Class

Mmmmh, I love the smell of cinnamon, what about you?
If you want to learn how to make play-dough smelling like cinnamon, then join this class.
Perfect winter and christmas sensory activity for your kids.

You learn how to prepare the dough and I will show you how to create "cookies" as a gift-tag,
christmas tree decoration or for the play-kitchen of your children, or beads to make a  nice bracelet or necklace or how to create small figures.

And find out, who will be my assistant ;-)

Thanks for enrolling!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Melanie Mezera

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." (Einstein)


I work as a psychologist and art therapist in Vienna (Austria).

What I do: Art therapy with kids and adolescents, painting classes for kids, bookbinding workshops and I teach kindergarten teachers, school teachers, creative techniques.

Click here to find out more about my work.

In my spare time I love crafting, painting, bookbinding, scrap-booking, art-journaling, reading, writing, land-art, sewing, yoga, travelling, languages, ... .

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I met any you. Welcome to class. Today I'm gonna show you how to make your own cinnamon Plato like that. Can you smell it? No, you can't yet. But believe me, if you close your eyes and imagine being in a bakery filled with smelly cinnamon rolls, you know how that once mills And it's really from test because it takes you less than a minute ood to make you. And it's so much fun playing around with it with your kids to make some Christmas decorations, some cookies for your play kitchen or some whimsical creatures, or some beads for a nice bracelet whatever you want to. And I'm gonna show you which ingredients you need on how to prepare the toe, and then we'll play or play around and see what we can make out of it. So if you want to join us, then enroll in my class and find out who will be my assistant this time. See you guys 2. Ingredients: 3. Preparing the Dough: Okay. Now, first of all, let's prepare out. I got my two glasses or two cups off flower, one cup off salt, four tablespoons of cinnamon and a couple red glass of water and a mixing bowl. And now I simply put all the ingredients into the bowl que flower the salt before tablespoons of cinema. And finally, my water one last full of water. Okay, now I simply mix it with my fingers in my hands. No. - Okay , well, in less than a minute, I prepared a wonderful cinnamon door, and mine is quite perfect. Yeah, if you have the feeling that your door is too dry, simply add a little bit more water. And if you have the feeling that it's too wet and too sticky on your fingers, simply add a little bit more of flour. Okay? And in the next video, we will play with that dough and see what we can model with it. 4. Making Cookies: OK, now let's get started with the door. As with the usual cookie dough, I prepare my surface with a little bit of extra flour. Three wood sticking home and then, first of all, let's try and make some cookies. Some cookies. Four. The Play kitchen are as a nice gift tag or a Christmas decoration, so I prepared my dough and a rolling pin. I've chosen my wooden one. If you work with the kids, you could alternately flee. Used one of the small, uh, rolling pins, but they love working with big ones. The thickness should be quiet, equal sighs keep. I think that's perfect. And the thickness should be about that. Hate few millimeters shouldn't be too thin, because then it's simply breaking after the drank put after drying. And if it's too thick, it takes really long to dry up. Okay, and now I prepared some cookie cutters in different shapes, like Hard or Christmas tree or flower, a symbol circle a star, the moon. Do whatever you have at home, okay? And then I start making my Kukis so easy. Let's see, some Christmas tree is I wanna have them as a gift tag and some stars. Now, if you want to use your cookies as crude as a Christmas decoration for your Christmas tree or as a gift tag for present or whatever, and you need a threat to to hang it up, you have to prepare whole before the drying process because afterwards you won't be able to to punch a hole in into the cookie, so I I will choose the scent of the top, center up the cookie and here see and prepare the whole bit larger because it tends to shrink. Curing the trying Kruse's Night. Punch the hole from both sides to be sure that it's quite clean and the Colombo Science and now you could add some some extra decoration for your cookies. For example, some pistachio seeds. It looked like almonds. Don't be all right. So what, all moment? Just a seat hard And what's also super nice is to decorate it with some close. I simply stitch them into the pew, make bad, or that I think I love it. I agree. It's easier for you to see. I simply put my my cookies onto a baking plate. Be sure that they life life, lads because sometimes, especially on the edges. The turn up. And that's not what we want. We want them really to be flat on the making paper. Well, in this next video, we will make some beads out of the do. 5. Making Beads: okay in another way. To work with the dough is to make beads out of it, the simplest ways to make a roll. Then I cut it into equal, quiet equal. He's this. And now it's that ruling Intertoto one feet no pierce. My beats were the toothpick or one of those long wood sticks. I don't know how you call it and Pearson like that and a and again I piers it from both sides, provide a nice clean ho. And I go, You go on with all the others, my beats already, and you can let them dry on your baking plate. Or you could put them on your would stick, keep some space in between so that they don't stick together. And then I hang AJ one this and then I keep it in my bowl so that they don't touch the ground and they keep their shape. Okay, well, and in the next video, we will just play around with the rest of the dough. 6. Making Tiny Objects: and finally there is still enoughto left, and we will stop playing around with it and see which funny animals or figures we could form and model with with the door, for example, you could rule it and roll it and roll it, grow it. And either it's, Ah, cinnamon roll. Or it could be Smale. Cut it to Tom one hack. To increase the stability, you could apply some water onto the top surface off your now it's a snake if you're rule and then you roll it up. And now it's even more stable after it's dry because of the gluten, I think you call it okay, so now we have this most snail as a companion for cash is clean. What else could we do? We will make a simple snowman, as it's the season for that funny, funny guys. And for that we need three was in different sizes, the one big medium and and it quite small one and maybe too many balls for arms. Okay, and again I add them with a little bit off water in between. Turn it around for you to see, and I could make some eyes with a toothpick I could apply some Pacis stories with my close nos ready? Well, maybe we could make a small head for it that I prepare. She play that? Okay, Second companion for cash is clearly and maybe we kim whole schtick. Okay, so you see, it's a lot of fun to play around with that and see what's coming up or even a small, well, wolf, for example. And that's the easiest way to make about that size. And then I take my thumb and make a hole into middle. Then I press with my other fingers from the outside and with my some from you know, side and ready uses movable. Okay, be careful that the walls on too thin a bad size should be should work out and again here you could decorated with some of the cloves or whatever you want kids. You could also make a nice structures into the door, for example, simply with your fingertips with your truth toothpick. That's nice to create some nice patterns into the surface of a bowl or a small plate, or the cookers as well. Yeah, or you could use a straw, for example, or any other round shapes you have. So just play around with that 7. Drying and Storing of the Dough: first of all we have are cookies, and I will let them air dry, so I simply put them into warm and safe place. And it takes a few days to dry. If you want to fast it up, you can put it in the open at low temperature, about 8200 degrees, and it takes about an hour 1.5, depending on your room. I tried to be patient, and I let it try in the air. Okay, if there is no left or if you want to prepare a larger amount of, though for a group of kids you can easily storage. For that. I simply put my door into a plastic box or something like that. Close it well, put it into my fridge and then I can store it a few days. 8. Decoration : enduring my cookies, and the other beats are in the open. I want to show you how I decorated mine cookies last year. I simply paint them with the glitter pan or a metallic pan or one of the top of decker materials, and that's quite easy. And it makes a nice leader effect. And then I threaded it with piece of yarn, and it's a nice Christmas tree decoration or, as a told you, a gift tack for a present or something like that. Okay, so 9. Your Project: well, and now it's your turn. I'm looking forward to your projects, and I want to find out what you made out of the dough. Either some Christmas decoration or some cookies or some beads or some snowman or any funny creatures. So let us know and share it with us. Thanks for being here and see you soon. Bye.