How To Make App For Iphone, Android, Kindle Without Coding | Maksym Vysochanskiy | Skillshare

How To Make App For Iphone, Android, Kindle Without Coding

Maksym Vysochanskiy, 10K Customers Can't Be Wrong! Founder Of AppsMomen

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18 Videos (2h 59m)
    • Introduction to Apps Business

    • Your Apps Business

    • How to Make App?

    • Create Apps With RSS

    • Developers Accounts? Yes or No?

    • How To Get More Downloads with Optimizing?

    • Marketing Strategies and Instruments

    • Paid Methods Of Marketing

    • What You Can Do Next?

    • Intro To Appsmoment Academy

    • Lesson #1 - 1000 Apps

    • Lesson #2 - Magazine Apps

    • Lesson #3 - Offline Apps

    • Lesson #4 - One App

    • Lesson #5 - Game Apps

    • Lesson #6 - Social Apps

    • Lesson #9 - New Ad Network

    • Lesson #10 - How To Get More Downloads


About This Class

Start Making ANY Applications
For iPhone, iPad, Android & Amazon Kindle Within a Couple
of Minutes With Super-Easy System and Start Your
Hosting Apps Business With No RISK and No Upfront Costs

In this crash course you will learn SUPER tricks & AWESOME
methods to MAKE AND MARKET Applications in just couple Minutes!

You Get 9 Videos + PDFs + Screenshots + Source Files of
Super Core Training

Module 1:
Why to start A Business with Apps?

Module 2:
Where is Money?
We show the best ways for you to make with apps
as soon as possible. From very basic metod to super
hot ones with recurring income!

Module 3:
How to Build Apps For Any Device Without Technical Skills,
Mac Coputer and Even Developers Accounts within couple
minutes! In this module, you will learn how even a little
child can make great applications for any device!

Module 4:
Real Case Study With Great Techniques During the Creation of an

Module 5:
How to Create Developers Accounts

Module 6:
What is IEO and why you need to use it? How to submit your apps to Itues?

Module 7:
How And Which Marketing Tools To Use For Your Apps?

Module 8:
How To Use Paid Marketing Methods?

Module 9:
What's Next? Super Secret Method to make money
with applications!





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Maksym Vysochanskiy

10K Customers Can't Be Wrong! Founder Of AppsMomen

Maksym V (Vysochanskiy) is internet marketing entrepreneur,
#1 Iphone and Android Developer at Linkedin,
founder of ,
founder of ,
author, proud father, spiritual walker, raw food vegetarian.

He sold more than 10,000 copies of his products about internet marketing, social marketing, application creation and marketing during the last 2 years. You will find always in his products new, unique system with straight to the point style ...

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