How To Make An Embroidered Knit Pillow | Kate Smalley | Skillshare

How To Make An Embroidered Knit Pillow

Kate Smalley, Tracing Threads

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7 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Let's Get Started

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Casting On, Stockinette Stitch & Troubleshooting

    • 4. Casting Off & Putting It All Together

    • 5. Embroidering Your Pillow

    • 6. How To Modify This Tutorial Using Different Materials

    • 7. Final (Encouraging!) Thoughts


About This Class

Learn to knit and make something really cool while you’re at it — a completely customizable embroidered knit pillow that'll have your friends saying, “What! You made that?!” 

This sleek, modern take on home decor DIY makes for a fun and easy weekend project. Kate's thoughtful and welcoming approach to knitting will have you feeling empowered and excited. You can check out more of her work on her craft blog, Tracing Threads

Never knit before? No worries! In this class you’ll learn how to cast on, how to do stockinette stitch, how to cast off, how to seam edges, and how to embroider your pillow.

Seasoned expert? Great! You'll love how easy this project is to customize using the yarn and pillow size of your choice. Experiment with size, texture, colour — the possibilities really are endless! A personalized pillow for your bed? How about a cozy oversized floor pillow for your living room? Dream it and you can make it!





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Kate Smalley

Tracing Threads

Hi! I'm Kate, founder of the blog Tracing Threads. You can find me over there writing about life as a creative (whatever the heck that means), taking photos of old things, and making new things.

Yep, that's my happy.

I'm all about the process. I'm constantly experimenting and I don't gloss over the details. As a teacher I'll always be upfront about what works and what doesn't, so we can learn together.

I want us to make things we'll be proud to show off and actually use...

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