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How To Make A Wordpress Website - Simple For Beginners

Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

How To Make A Wordpress Website - Simple For Beginners

Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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8 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Get Hosting And Install Wordpress

    • 3. Creating The Home Page

    • 4. Creating The About Us Page

    • 5. Creating The Contact Us Page

    • 6. Intro To Brizy Pro Features

    • 7. Intro To Theme Customizer

    • 8. Plugins, Blogging, And You're Done!

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About This Class

Why Take This AMAZING Course?

  • Learn how to use the #1 Best selling Wordpress Theme In The World

  • Master WORDPRESS and the Brizy Page Builder. Complete Beginners Guide

  • I Am A TOP 10% RATED INSTRUCTOR on Udemy and Youtube. Find out Why!!

  • Get a Modern And Amazing Look For Your Website That Will Impress!

  • Learn From A Professional Who Creates Websites For a Living with over 500,000 Monthly Visits!

  • THE MOST UPDATE AND MODERN TUTORIAL. Dont Settle For Outdated Content!

  • Get A fully Responsive Website And Mobile Responsive

Unlike Other Lectures. I Cover Everything. Dont be left in the dark with other lectures that are only one hour long. I help my students and make sure they are 100% informed on all wordpress features. This lecture is very detailed and will make you fully understand how you can create your wordpress website from scratch as a beginner. 

What Will I Learn From This Course?

  • Setting up your domain and hosting

  • Create Modern, Beautiful, and STUNNING Websites!

  • Create Pages With the Brizy Page Builder and Wordpress

  • Create Pre-Made layouts for clients

  • Master The Brizy Page Builderand even start your own business!

  • Master The #1 FREE Page Builder - Brizy


  • Master Wordpress. Create Your Own Website Simply And Easily.

What are the requirements?

  • No Experience Required. Complete Beginners Welcome!

What am I going to get from this course?


  • Create Your Own Website From Scratch

  • Create MODERN Style 2019 Websites

  • MASTER The Brizy Page Builder

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone. This Course is for anyone with a desire to learn

  • Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Website

  • Anyone Who Wants To MASTER Wordpress And the Brizy Page Builder

What you’ll learn

  • Create Websites From Scratch

  • Start Their Own Web Design Business

  • Create Modern Style Websites In Under An Hour

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Just an Internet Connection And A Computer!

  • No Experience Required, Beginners Welcome!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make a website step by step

  • Anyone who wants to create their own business

  • Create Websites From Scratch

  • Start Their Own Web Design Business

  • Create Modern Style Websites In Under An Hour

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Just an Internet Connection And A Computer!

  • No Experience Required, Beginners Welcome!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make a website step by step

  • Anyone who wants to create their own business

Meet Your Teacher

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. Introduction: What's up party people. My name is Darrell. On Today I will be helping you all create your own website today. Step by step and you need to know a thing about coding or no any HTML everything. This video is done with a brand new dragon Drop age boulder for WordPress that comes with hundreds of just beautiful design pre made sections and templates for your websites, and it's so simple you simply grab a section, you edit it, how you want it to look. You can make it bigger or you can make it smaller. You can change the text or the fonts, or even create your own section by simply dragging in these elements with this drag and drop page builder. Plus the softer gets these amazing world class design pre made templates that will help you make your website faster and look more professional than ever. You can have your website up and running in a few clicks. So what do you want to start a business for yourself or for your friend, or even start your own Web design business? This tutorial is for you and don't you want to be able to finally say that you know how to use WordPress. WordPress powers more than 1/3 of the Internet, with over 75 million websites out there using its and various big companies use WordPress like Mercedes Benz, Sony, Snoop Dog, Microsoft, Star Wars, Sweden's official website and, yes, even the white house dot gov uses WordPress. So in this video will be teaching you how to use it. And honestly, it's really inspiring to me, and it pushes me to make these videos when I see these comments from viewers who have already started their own website or Web design business just by simply washing some of these YouTube videos like here we have a Scott Russell who has sinking, literally started his own Web design business just by simply watching one of my YouTube videos. And also right here we have Bain, who is saying that he started a website and completed it in 30 minutes, just by simply watching one from my YouTube videos. 30 minutes is pretty fast to them. Congratulations. Truly. Congratulations to each of those people for starting their own business. And again, thank you. I really do appreciate the support. So attend this video. Guys, you're gonna be able to make your own professional and modern looking websites and guys remember, if you have any problems, feel free. The pause, the video. Go back, Take your time. Go get a beer, go get candy. Whatever it is that you do to make yourself more comfortable and also give any questions, feel free. You know, in the comments below, you have a question about the page builder or you want to tell me that I'm handsome or you want told me that I went too damn fast and whatever it is, let me know in the comments below, and with that said, Let's get started with this WordPress tutorial. 2. Get Hosting And Install Wordpress: All right, everyone, let's get this tutorial started. So the first thing we'll do is get our Web posting and our domain. So, for example, my website dot com or your amazing website dot com. After that, we are going to install WordPress and again WordPress powers more than 1/3 of the Internets . It is the most popular platform for making websites out there. After that, we're going to install a free WordPress theme and a brand new free WordPress page called Bridie. It's amazing you're gonna love it super easy. And then after that, we're going to create your amazing websites and I promise you're gonna love it. It's gonna look crazy. All right, now there is a link below in the description. We'll take you to a page that looks just like this right here. And this is site ground dot com now second dot com a use for two years now. Why don't recommend cyclone dot com? You know, why don't recommend this company against others. It's because this company performed Number one against 16 other Web hosting companies that's writes. I tested them against six other hosting companies and they came out as number one as the fastest with the best up time. You'll never have to worry about your citing slow or going down. And remember, this company has a 24 hour phone. Lines were gonna call them at three in the morning. You can call him at three. In the morning. Told that night whatever. And they also have a 30 day money back guarantee. So they are the best Web hosting company now. Really quickly. Before we go into this, I want to show you a little bit about the website will build today. I want to kind of give you a demo. So this is the website that will build today and again, it's done with a free page builder. So you have to pay for anything and it just looks incredible on it comes with a lot of different blocks. Beautiful templates. So here, for example, you can say anything like the great easy websites or something. And we can drag this toe how you want it to look over here. We can simply just go ahead and even, you know, at an overlay color to it. If he wants weaken simply, just say I like this color. This color. Or we can even add a grating color as well to something like this. So it's really amazing. It's super easy. Everything's visual, so you can always see what you're doing. And again, remember, if you want to organize your websites, you going to say, Hey, you know I want this right here and maybe you want to take this one and put it below. So I'll take this one and drop it below and then you ready to get started today and then we can adjust the padding right there and, you know, make it. It's super easy, guys. It's very easy. Whatever you want to change its it's simply incredible how technology has advanced this much today because two years ago, not even a year ago, this wasn't available, and now it is. So it's so easy to make websites. I'll show you how to use it. So let's go back over here now, right here. Click on Choose plan And that was me right there, saying, Hey, this company is great. But ah, you know, I did really test them against other companies and they were the best. So here we have three plans now, just I can't stress enough. Just just listen to me, okay? This the one time, um, get the grow big because with grow big you can host unlimited websites, brother. Just a single one. And I have tons of viewers who always ask me, Hey, I got the start up Can upgrade to the go big. I'm saying, man, you should just got the girl, big bro, should it Just got it, you know? So, uh, go with the girl. Big. Remember, there's also a 30 day money back guarantee. So you're not in any commitment? So right here, you click on order all rights and right here you go ahead and register your new websites. So whatever website urine or whatever nurturing. Think of a name and type it in right here. So I'm gonna do Brizzi tutorial demo and click on a proceed. Hopefully this is available. Everyone takes my domain names all rights. Awesome. It is available now. If it was not available, it would say Hey, sorry, it's not available. Find other domain. So if it was available you brought to this page right here, now, right here. You enter in your email, your password, You're going to sign up for a service. You'll put your country right now. I'm actually visiting Thailand, but I'm from the United States. So that's that's why it's tiling by default. But yeah. So here you put your city in your name and all this information right here. You put in your credit card information and your social. I'm just kidding. They do not want your social. No, don't ever give anyone social. Even if I ask for Don't give it to me. No company need your social. No company. So anyways, so right here we have the period. Now I recommend the 12 months because the 12 months want to give you a very large discount . And let's say you're using your website for one month and you come back to it. You're not sure? Then you go back to a saying Oh yeah, All started up again. That's why I recommend a 12 months and again. Remember, there's also a 30 day money back guarantee. So you're never in some sort of commitments. This company is really good, really reliable. I love him and right here now I do recommend the extra services. So right here, guys, just check this. All right, take your mouse and put it right here and do this. Because if you don't do this, guess what's gonna happen. You get all these phone calls, all these people from all these different countries trying to tell you all sorts of weird Viagra and sex pills and just all sorts of weird crap. So please, just get the privacy protection. It protects your personal information so people cannot find your personal information when you register for a domain. So that's what that is. Basically. All right. Got it. Now, Right here. If you want to go ahead and well, yeah, you have to confirm to their terms of service, and I'm sure you're going to read all of this, right? I know you guys are going to read all this. Let's be honest. You're you're gonna do it. Yes. And then also there their privacy policy as well. I'm sure everyone's going to go through this because everyone here cares about, um, you know, international transfers. So but, you know, it's just how it goes. And if you also want to register for their email, you can go ahead and click on this right here and Then click on pay now. All right, So make sure you fill this out and I will meet you on the very next page. All right, so my account was successfully created now, right here. If I can proceed to customer area now in the future, I hope hopefully don't change the interface. Because sometimes these companies, they update their side and these little difference. So again, I'm just hoping that looks very clear. So right here they'll say, Let's set up your new websites. All saying All right, sure. Let's start a new websites. Now, which one do you want to install? We want to install WordPress now. Right here. Go ahead and put in your email and you'll need this email because if you forget your password, they will go ahead and send it over there. So right here, I'll go ahead and put in my admin email and right here, user name. So go ahead and put Brizzi tutorial. 123 Go ahead and put in my password right here. I bet you guys use the same password for many websites, right? Yeah. Don't do it. I do it, but don't do it. So right here you're going to look on confirmed now, right here. They're they're kind of up selling. So I think, actually need a longer password something. Go ahead and do something else. See? Right here. There we go. Okay, So here, click on. Confirm. I think medium will work. Actually, I think that would work. I think they just I think I could confirm right there. So right here. I'll come confirm. I'm just skipping. That's right here. I will say, I confirmed, and I want to complete this set up so quick on complete set up. So right now, it's basically installing WordPress onto your domain so you can use the dragon drop builder on its and remember, guys, everything is live on the internet, so it's very fast. Make websites. So as soon as we get wordpress up, we can install the page builder, and you can show your friends and 30 minutes and hey, look at this. In fact, one of my viewer's made a web sites in and 30 minutes I got showed me gay in this video. So pretty incredible. All right. So it finished setting up years might take a few minutes. So after it's set up, you'll click on, Proceed to customer area. All right, cool. So this is basically your account. So right here is your details. So if you ever want to change your user name I'm sorry, your email on your passport and go and do that right there. This is your accounts. So this right here basically shows you where your you know, your your website is etcetera support. You have a problem. You can submit a tickets building as well. If you have a problem with billing, you can always, you know, check out whatever building or whatever you want to do. You have extra services and perks as well. But for now, I just want you to go to my accounts right here and right here we can see that our domain has wordpress installed. So right here, you'll click on go to admin panel. Now, if this takes Ah, if you actually if you if it doesn't take you directly to your, um your, uh, your website, you might want to check your email because sometimes right here, see out Says pending verification. Basically, Sykora wants to know that you actually personal domain and it's you. So you might need to check your email and verify it. But right here, I'm saying click on, go to admin panel. Alright, Awesome. So remember that password? Remember that user name and password that you have Now is the time to use it. So you're gonna go ahead and put it in right here. All right. So I entered in my credentials and I'm a click on log in. Right. Click on save. All right, cool. So this is basically this. Now this is site grounds. WordPress starter. You don't have to use this if you don't want to. And personally, I don't recommend it. I love site ground, but I don't. I don't like this because it's not really WordPress. It's their plug in. So right here, let's click on exit. Alright, Awesome. Now, right here we have this dashboard. So this is basically saying All right. Cool. You know you can manage your page. Visit sites, etcetera. This is basically the back end. So this is the back of your website. Now. If you want to see your website live right here on their my blogging Look on visit science and this is your actual website. Now, this is live on the Internet so people can actually see. It's they can go to your website, check it out. They can click on stuff, etcetera. Now there's a few things that I want you to do before we go on any further. But before first, we need to congratulate. So congrats. Congrats on the new websites. We have actually installed WordPress. We got our website domain and the next we're gonna do is do some little bit of settings and then we'll go ahead and create our ah website with a free theme and a free page builder now , right here under settings. I wanted to go to Perma links. Now right here. Want to click on post name and again The reason why we're doing this is because they're basically saying, How do you want your domain? Your your your permanent. So look, now most websites have it right here. Right where it's your website. Dash about us, right? Not to 09 Baba Baba. Right. So make sure you have it on post name always. It's also very good for S CEO helps Europe's I get searched easier and click on save changes Now over here under plug ins. Click on install plug ins now. Right here we have the WordPress starter. Now, I want you to deactivate this now, for those of you who don't know what plug ins are, plug ins, air, basically applications. So you know how you have an IPHONE application? There's an app for banking. There's an app to play a game doesn't have to do this. That's exactly what plug ins are. And we'll talk more about plug ins a little bit later in this video. So we say, Well, that plug in. So now we can go ahead and go back to our backend Click on dashboard right here and you can see the interface. The interface has changed a little bit right now, so you can see right here how it's blue and this is actually the default WordPress. So this is how it should always look. OK, so now that we've done that, now that we've actually set up our permanence and everything, let me show you one last thing before we talk about the actual building and talk about how to change your information if you want to change it in the future. So right here This is your personal profile now, Right here is your user name. So if you want to log in on WordPress, you're going to need your user name right here. And if you ever want to change your email, you can change it right here. And if you want to create a new password and click on generate password and then fall on, you can go ahead and create a new password. Now, in the future, if you ever get lost right here, if you ever get logged out and you don't know how to log back in, I'm just going to show you really quickly. You have to follow me here. But this is just for this is just for control purposes. So let's say, for example, you get locked out of your websites and you know you're on this page. There's no back end right here, typing dash WP dash admin just like that. And then you go ahead and entering your information again. This will allow you to enable the back end so you can start building your website. So right here, click on log in. All right. Pretty easy. So remember defeat admin. I do get a lot of questions about that. Sometimes there a lot of beginners who they get locked, our they start panicking. They're going. My God, what's happening? You know? So now that we've done that, let's go ahead and let's create some pages. Let's create our pages. So right here in our pages, look. All right, here. Now, these are the pigs that we currently have. 3. Creating The Home Page: so right here. Click on edit page. So we're about to make our first page. I want you to understand what the theme does. So right, Hell knows on the sidebar, you have these Astro setting. So we're using the Astra theme, and right here we have some certain settings. Now, if you visit your website right here, you can notice that we have the home title. We have this side bar that we don't want and we only have this space to work with. So the theme is actually going allow us to sort of build the entire website. So right here, I want the sidebar. I want no sidebar. The content layout. I wanted to be full with stretched, and I also want to disable the title. So I don't want this title right here to be here because I want to actually use the page builder instead. So right here, I'll click on updates. And now right here, click on edit with Brizzi, and you're going to use that same style all of the time. So you're going to basically keep using it. So this is basically the pace bowler, so we can start designing our website now Right here. We have different options. So right here. This will allow us to add certain modules. This right here we can reorder the blocks, etcetera. But what I want you to do right here is click on this right here and under page templates. Click on default. And I'll talk more about the difference between Brizzi and the default one. But now you can see that there are websites right here and are ready to build our page. Right? So right here with the gun plus and we have a lot of blocks to work with. So here you can see that we have various blocks and I'll be very honest guys. These designers are the best in the business. You know, these guys are professional. They made over 89 plus templates for you. In fact, there are a lot more than I'll talk about later, so it's pretty simple. You just go ahead and you know, right here there's different. There's different categories, you know? So depending on where you're working at or what you need, call, the actions are basically buttons. You know, if you want someone click on something So right here under the call to action. Click on this one right here. All right, so now you can see that this right here is our website. So right here, we can see that we can have this blue interface. We can drag the padding. We can simply go ahead right here. We can change the texts, etcetera. So I'm gonna go ahead and run you through all of the options. So you understand everything about this really quick. So right here has noticed that on every single one right here you have this thing right here, this little icon. And right here we have an option to make it global. Making a slider. We'll talk more about that a little bit later. Here we have our background. So here we can see the image. And you can also add in a video backgrounds. And you can even add a map right here as well. So you want to add in like, a ah Google map or something like that on your contact us page? You go ahead and do that. Now you'll notice right here. How? It's kind of great outs. And that's because we have I am. We have in overlay. So right here on our overlay. You can see that we have two colors. We have this one right here which controls basically the color. And then you have this one right here that just control the transparency. All right, now also right here. We have a great an option as well. So here we can kind of control the great units. We can have its look a little bit more, a little bit less. We can change the color of ingredients. And we can also reduce the transparency of the greens as well. You see that? So that's basically what? That what? The overlay is as well. Also right here. You can also have a border as well. But I don't really use borders. It's I mean, once you get really good, what you get really good, you can use borders, but for beginners, you might not want to use it. It's a little complicated. It's just hard to style it with basically, you have to be a good designer now, right here we have this right here, and this is the hover. So this means when someone hovers over this, it's going to change. So, for example, you can see right here. If I hover over it, it's going to change into this color. But by default, it's going to stay this color, you understand? So that only means that someone hovers over it to see that that's basically what this option is. Now, this option right here is safe, so we can save this. After you design it, you can actually save it in a library, and you can use it on another page. Pretty cool. Right here. We have standings. But I'm gonna go ahead and just kind of Ah, let me go ahead and just have some fun right here. Let's just go ahead and just have some fun. Let's just go ahead and just kind of mess around with this. Look quickly. Do you guys get the feel for it? So right here. I'll just go ahead and say, You know what? I want to change this. I don't want the I wanted to have, like, a darker, darker color like this, and then for this text right here. I want to change it to white. So I highlighted this and I can change this to something like whites. So now the Texas whites over here we can go ahead and change the size. We can change the weights, which is basically how bigoted. So you can see it's fin lights medium. And then, uh, you know, semi Bolden bold. It's basically making the letters fatter, so that's basically what that means. And here you can always change the phones, so there's a lot of different fonts they include in this builder as well. And also right here, the line height. So the line height basically means the space in between, so you can kind of see the space in between and also letters facing is the space in between the letters C that you can kind of make look like that as well, if he wants. All right, so let's go ahead and just kind of mess around some more before we go into some more options. So I basically added a block right there, and I'll go ahead and add in another block so I'll just say I like this one right here. This one looks good. I could go ahead and take this and I say, I want this to be a little bit more closer, and I want this to be a little more closer because I want this parts to kind of stick out And thats going out a button right here. So right here under the plus, I'll take this button and you see these great bars right here. I'll just simply drag it anywhere there. So now we have the butts in. And, of course, we can position the bus in anywhere. So right here we can align. It's to the left, the middle or the rights. And if someone clicks on this, but in where do you want them to go to? So right here under this link to put my website darrell wilson dot com. And these options right here means you want to open it in a new tab. That means basically, if they click on it, it will open this in a new tab so they'll never leave the websites and make it no follow. Basically, that has to do with S CEO. So if you're feeling out there and you have a feeling links, you might want to send it to make it no follow. All right. So cool. We added in a button right here, we can say, Victor, you know, you can change this to any kind of color you want, or any Fonso vector styles, All right? And thats going at it in another block now, one really cool feature I want to show you is the dark. So if you notice on our other website, we have sort of this dark and white scheme. It's really nice, really creative. So over here also, we click on this one right here. So now we have this kind of dark scheme and I do like this style, this dark and white scheme. I think it's really attractive. The colors they blend. Well, now, let's just say, for instance, I don't want this here. You know, I want this up here. So right here, this little button right here, we can take this and we can drag. It's So now you can see that this actually moved up here, and if I want to drag it back, I would simply just drag it right there. All right, so that's basically what that feature is. It's really cool, really creative and let's get going. So now that we've done that, this actually goes to my my actual demo right here and just kind of show you what I did just to kind of give you a better understanding. So right here. Basically, what I did on the top was I used an image. Now, if you need images, you could go to unspool ash dot com inspires dot com They have a lot of great free images like right here. I'll type in Aurora, and you can just find you have really beautiful quality images. They're really good. You can also go to free pick dot com and is also a paid resource called in vital elements. I'll put that also in the link below, but you don't have to buy anything right now. You're just getting started, so I don't really recommend it. You're gonna make a lot of mistakes, so don't get crazy, you know. So again you can just click on one. You can download it for free, and then you can go ahead and use it now actually have the image that I used. So if I want to upload an image, I'll go over here. I'll click on this little check saying I don't want to use that image I want to use. My image will go to media library are not me live. We're gonna upload files, upload files now Mine right here is Actually I think it is underwear prosecutorial. And I have this one right here. I think I entered nature for that one under. I got all these from on Splash. So, you know, it's It's I think it's called nature. I typed in and you could just Yeah, I'll put in the description, guys. I'm very unprepared. So here we have the image, the image is gonna pop up. Now, my internet is a little slow because I'm on a WiFi Big apologies. Now, if you if you upload an image and you can't really see it, well, you might want to go to the actual the color right here, and you actually might want Teoh change the overlay as well. So right here on the color you can mess with the overlay. So if you find that your Texas too hard to read like right here, I can't read this. You can add in an overlay, and the overlay will make it more clear for your visitors at the same time allowing them to see the text and the changes. The block right here. This needs to be black. It's really ugly. There we go. All right. All right. Cool. So let's keep going. That's just Let's just Ah, this is I'm just getting your feet wet here, so we'll do more complicated stuff little later. But I just want you to get familiar with the builder. I want you to have a little fun. So here, call to action. I'll put in something or what should we do? Hear? You know, you can pick, you know, adding this this girl right here. But you know what? I'm gonna delete this one. So it's delete something. You'll cook on that little mark right there and click on that because we have too much black here. I want to have some white now. So right here under new block on Ethicon lights and you can see right here I used the image gallery. I use our founders. So I used the team use our founders. I just kind of change the color scheme, you know? And then right here added, Ah, call to action. So whenever there's a call to action that usually a button, you're gonna hear that a lot in Web design. So right here call to action. And basically, I entered in something something very similar to this right here. But again, we should probably use black because white, black, white, black I kind of like that. That contrast looks really nice. Really professional. So right here along through that in And, you know, you can always change the settings again. You can just say, you know, about about our company. And as you can see, guys, this pace bowler is super intuitive. This this is so easy to learn. So we've basically created a home page in a matter of seconds. So that's it for the home page. I mean, that's pretty much it, you know, with the blocks and everything. Everything makes it really easy to use. You can adjust the Patty etcetera now, and the next section we're gonna talk about how to actually use these elements a little bit more, and we'll go into deeper settings such as the advanced sections like the all of this stuff . Right here. We'll talk more about this stuff right here, but for right now, if you want to visit your websites on this little icon way, actually click on update always going up to you guys, please. All right, so I clicked on updates, and right here, I'll go to back to WordPress, and I want to view the page now. So this is your new websites. This is it. And it looks absolutely amazing. You know, we've made a professional website. These designers are great. So you can see you can kind of modify everything you can change, how you want it to look. You can swap out images, you can mess around with it. Now, if you want to go back to editing the website, simply just click on edit page with Brizzi and let's say, for instance, right here on the bottom, you know, this is not you. You know, you really can't use it. So what you can do is simply just go ahead and add in your picture. So over here into the background, you click on, you know, whatever. And then just, you know, you would go over here to upload files. Whatever image you have of yourself, you'll upload it, and then you can just go ahead and and put it in right there. And then there you go. You got the girl. So if that was you, you can go ahead and put its and again remember, these are all dragon drops. You can always go ahead and kind of messed around with these. You can put this one to do this one gonna put this over here, and then we can take this over there. See, now, I've kind of made it a little messy. Now, in case this happens in the future to you, right here. You see this button right here? Click on that. And that will always redo everything So you can always go back to your previous work in case he messed up. So right here. I might want to put this over there, and then this one. I want to put it back to this guy right there. So you understand what I'm doing here? I'm just basically mix and matching the elements. So right here, I'll say, you know what? I want to move this right here. And then there you go. Now it's pops over automatically so you don't have to do anything, So that's pretty cool. So, again, everything here is just it's it's it's dragon drop. You can move anything you want anywhere. And there you go. No. Congratulations. You're You're learning. WordPress. You get yourself a beer. Go get a beer. Right now. My favorites. Modelo, the model is the best, so it's really good, but it's really sad they don't actually have it in Asia. So it's kind of it's kind of unfortunate for me, so All right, so we made our home page. Congratulations. We use the blocks. All right, so that's going to keep going. So we made the home page. Let's go ahead and make your about. 4. Creating The About Us Page: page. So right here under pages, click on pages and under the about us. Okay, Con edits Now, right here. I want to go ahead and change these settings right here to make it so that it looks like before. Now, if you try to design it from scratch without using the theme options again, it's gonna look like this right here. So we don't want the sidebar. We don't want this page title. We want this all the way across, right? So that's where the theme again comes into play. So you'll need to do this for every page. So right here under the sidebar, I don't want a sidebar. The content layout I wanted stretched and I want to disable the title click on updates and now we're ready to use the page bowler. So now click on Edit with Brizzi. Now, guys in this section, it's gonna get a little more complicated. I'm going to talk more about the advanced features. I will talk more about margin and patting and also mobile optimization as well in this section so it might get a little You might have a hard time, but not worry. It's really simple. I'll Go ahead, Run. You guys really fast. So right here before we begin under this page under page template will click on default. I'll talk, Maura, about again. The breezy templates when we talk about the contact us page at the end of the contact us page. So on this section, let's go ahead and kind of use the actual elements. We don't want to use the blocks too much. I kind of want to teach you guys how to use the builder instead of relying on the blocks. All right. And then we'll again we'll talk about, you know, margin and patting all sorts of stuff. So right here, I kind of wants to use the blocks, but I also want to modify them. So right here, off the con at a new page or I'm sorry. Plus block, scroll down. And I want this one that says about Brizzi, but I want the dark one right here. Sorry. Here, I'll click on this. Now, as you guys can see, I don't want this stuff right here. I just want the title you can see right here. I just kind of stolen it. You know what I mean? I've kind of taken it. Have modified a little bit sore right here. All right, click and delete this all right, click and delete this and then I'll right click here and like the spacer now again, if you don't know what the space there is right here, you'll see that the elements right here is a spacer, and the spacer is just like it says. It controls space. So right here to the gear icon, it'll say height. And then we'll kind of check that out like that. So that's what the space or does. But I don't want. It's all right. Click and delete. It's and I will right click and deleted. So let's go ahead and click on. Add a new block. Now. Right now, I want to teach you how to use the elements. I don't want you guys to be. I have to teach you how to use the builder, right? I don't want to just give you a template. Say, here's a template. See you later. You know, So right here we have two columns Now, after I clicked on a blank home so again at a new block, the gone add a blank block all right. And we have two sections right here. Now, if you want to have just one section, you can right click and click on Deletes If you want another section, you just click on add new right click, Add new. So right here. Right click and add new Now I want to kind of recreate I kind of want to recreate Ah, block that I saw earlier. So right here at a new block I wanna goto lights and they see that block right here. I want to teach you how to kind of recreate this. So just by looking at this, it's three sections, an icon text text, right? I com text, text, text and text. So let's just go ahead and recreate it. So right here under the plus, we'll grab the icon. So again, right here. Icahn, I got the text and then we'll grab 1/3 text. All right, now, right here. I want to sort of change the title, so put like, vector vector icons and shape. Now, you don't have to follow me right here, but I think you should because I want to teach you actually, how to use the builder. So here I'll say and shapes. And I want to change this to t two or two heading to, and we're gonna talk more about headings in just a second. That's why I'm kind of making you do this. So right here into the text, I want you to click on topography and do heading to all right and, of course will change us to be a little bit smaller and we'll make it. Make it black. Now, right here. You have to add anything because this is just dummy text or we can actually reduce this to make it like this. Right here. You can see how we did that. So in order to do that, there's a few ways we can do this. And this is where again padding and margin comes into play. So right here under the year icon and go do more settings. Now you see right here how it says padding so patting his space. So if you want more space, you would add more padding. So right here, you see how there's these icons and there's a blue section on each one right here. It's saying I want more space on the top, so it, saying I want more space right here. So let me just go ahead and give you an example. So it's go back to the the settings, more settings and right here I'll add in some space. You see what's adding space now, like that's We can also add in space on the side. We can also add in more space on the left side. So you see how we're kind of centering the text to make it look how we want it to look, weaken, position it anywhere we wanted to add. Now, if you do that, you might want to do it to this one as well to make it look more, you know, make it look more matching, right? So it kind of looks like it's in the correct position. So again, right here, you can go ahead and add in some more padding right there. Now, instead of doing this all over again, this might be a complicated, but we can just duplicate this whole section. But before we do that, let's change this icon. So here, under this icon, weaken changes Icahn the fact they have a whole lot of these icons we can pick so I'll grab this one. We can change the color of its and I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate this. So it's like, I don't want to do all this all over again. Man. I'm lazy this duplicated and right here. All right, click and delete this one. So it's like that. Now I want to show you another really cool feature called The Box Shadow, which will basically emphasize this section. Let me give you an example. So I'm going over here, right here. Click on this. You see, we have the overlay. The border which controls the border. You see the borders changing color right here. You see the border. I could make it bigger. You see that? The border. But I want to add a shadow. I like the box shadow. It's really cool. So let's go ahead and get rid of the border. Let's go ahead and see right here. Go ahead and put zero right. See your Oh, there we go now under the shadow element right here. I want to go ahead and add in a shadow to it. So over here I'll add in a certain color ought and, like, audit like a blue color. All right, now you see how there's this emphasis around it. There's this box shadow, that kind of pushes outs. That's what a box shadow is. It's basically emphasizing the actual box in the element to make it look a little bit more to make it stand out, You know, to make it look a little bit mawr unique, you can say now, over here again, we have a text and it texts and, you know, maybe you want to add a button we'll add in a bunch of, you know, why the hell not. We're going out in a button right here. You can see I messed up. So what I'll do is I'll drag its and put it in that grey section. All right, click and I'll delete it. So right here will change this to like it's easy with frizzy. It's easy with Brizzi, and then we'll go ahead and we're going to make this heading one to make it bigger So you can see now it looks much nicer. Looks living more cleaner Looks nice. Now the reason why we did H two and H one is because over here on this section Sorry, this one section right here. We can kind of control how every heading looks. So instead of actually designing each one from scratch, we can create a template for each heading. So right here is basically saying whenever I select heading to I wanted to be this certain fonts and I wanted to be this certain size or something like that. When I write, like heading three. I wanted to be this fonts, and I wanted to be this size as well and for heading for I wanted to be this fonts right here and have this size right here. 40. So let me give you an example. We're gonna change this one right here to heading for, and it's gonna have this style font. It's gonna look just like this. So right here, I'll changes to, well, changes to heading for. And there you go. So you understand what I'm doing here? We're basically pre setting the actual styles right here, and then we can use that whenever we're building our websites. Now, of course, this is a little too big, but I would just give you an example. All right, now again, You know, at this point, you can just kind of make your own. You can kind of explore. So by clicking on the plus icon at a new block, right click. Add new click on this plus icon and you can start dragging and elements. Now every elements has certain options. So, for example, right here will drag in the contact form. So over here we have form, you have a countdown, and then we have the counter. So again, everyone has certain options. So I'm not going to go through every single elements and go through every single option because at this point, you kind of understand what to do, you know? So right here we can click on this right here, click on the options and this is basically saying, you know, do you want to email required? And don't worry, we'll make a contact form and just the bits, but I just want to kind of show you that every single one has certain options. So it's up to you at this point to kind of go through each one just I mean, this stuff is very self explanatory, you know, hours, the minutes you contains the minutes, etcetera. So it's not too difficult, and I think with a little practice, you'll get it. So that's basically a quick rundown of how you can add the elements. You can modify them. And remember, whenever you visit a website, you know, just practice yourself. How did we make this year? You know, right here we did an icon, a text, and in two text bars or to text circles, right? Right Here is a divider right here. Same thing. Text text on eye contact, text and then two columns right here. Here we added in four icons, and we're gonna talk about this right now. So how did we make this right here? This looks a little bit more complicated. I guess you can say so. This is where padding and margin comes into play. So I'm gonna go ahead and delete all of this right here and just kind of go through this one more time. So you fully understand. So right here I click on add a new block, click on block, and right now, I'm gonna go ahead and style this block. So I want to go ahead and add in some text and, you know, just put in like one this is amazing. And then I'll change this to something like heading one, and then we will make that little bit smaller, right? And then we'll add in a secondary text right there. All right, So he will go in at in an image in the back. You know, I want to add in an image right here. It's all just simply grabbing them. And you don't have to follow me here. I'm just kind of exploring. I'm just gonna show you how we can get a little bit more advanced here. So this part might be a little confusing. So right here, I want to add in the overlay because we can't see the text. Right? So it's going at in the overlay, so I want to add in a white overlay. You see, that looks beautiful, right? Will reduce it a little bit now, right here. I'm saying. All right, we have this. I'm gonna delete this right here. Now I want to duplicate this. I'm sorry. Delete. That's but I want to go over here and right click and click on duplicates. And then we'll duplicate it one more time and will duplicate it one more time. So now you can see we have four of these. And you know, the only difference is is this simply just changing the text in the image to make it look difference, you know? So I know it looks very similar to beginners. So by just simply going into the image changing the image to something else like this, you can kind of understand that you can make these look all very differently. Now I want to basically create this full with so on this option right here. I'm over here. I think it's actually over here in the gear setting now under the with will go to full so you can see that this is full with right there, Right? Pretty cool. Now let's talk about margin and patting. All right? This is probably the most difficult part of this video, but it's very easy. Rest assured. So we need padding right here. So I want space above this and on the sides right here. So let's add some space. So right here, Gear icon, more settings. And now you see, we have Patty. So what I'm basically saying is I want more space above this section right here so right here. I'll just go ahead and say, All right, I want more space. And on the right side, I want more space on the left side. I'm sorry on the left side, right here, a lot in a little bit more space like that's on the bottom, autumn or space like this. So you can kind of see that we're positioning the text, how he wanted to look. So that's basically how patting works. It's just space, basically, that's all, spaces. It's just all space. That's it. So that's really all it is right there. It is simply just space, okay? And again, instead of redoing all this, we can just delete these ones because we've already done all the hard work and I want to just go ahead and say, You know, what's I did this one right here? Let's just this is duplicate this whole road, so right click and I'll duplicate it. All right, click and duplicated and I'll right click and click on Duplicate. So that's how you achieve this kind of section. Now I'm also gonna talk about the margin effects, and then we'll talk more about the advanced features as well. So they have a template. Actually, I want to show you. So right here you can see that they have this templates and this picture right here. You can see that these images right here are crashing together. You see how these images right here or just crashing together right here? So I want to show you how you can do this for your websites. So over here, click on Add new Block and I'm going to talk about what margin is because you're gonna see every single option. Have margin and padding. So I just want to get you, Ah, little familiar about it. So under here under the contact section, I'm going to grab this guy right here. Now I want to make this a collage. I wanna make it clashing. So how can I do that? There's various ways on how I can do that. So right here under this icon, I'm over here. Two more settings. And over here I'm gonna say, you know what? I want some more margin. So the margin is the entire picture. This right here is the entire picture, right? So we could make it bigger. Alright, What I'm gonna do here is. I'm gonna push this to the right. Sorry. Like this? Every go like that. You see what we're doing here? So now what I'm doing here. And I might actually kind of tried this a little bit over to weaken, dragged this little over dry, got over there, and then I should have saved at Sorry. So right here. I'm gonna go ahead and push this over there like that. So you see, what we've done here is that I've basically taken this image, and I've put it behind this to kind of give it this clashing effect style. So you're going to see that a lot in Web design. It's a new style. I want to teach you the best. So this right here could be your landing page for your contact section. You know, it looks it looks like the images clashing into the module when it looks really elegant. Looks really clean. So that again is example of how you can use margin as well again. Remember, margin is space patting. I'm sorry. Margin is where it starts from patting is space. Okay, so pretty easy, right? Pretty simple. That's the hardest part of this tutorial. if you guys got margin padding. You guys are professionals, right? So it's going at it in another block. Let's talk about more about their their advanced options right here. So over here under the cover section, I'm going to simply just drag this one right here. Now, over here, we have these icons right here. So again, right here. We can make this a slider. So now we have this slide one. Right. And we have this slide to Now, if you want to change this slide, you consent. We just say, All right. I want to go ahead and change this one to have a different color. I wanted to look like, uh I wanted to I don't know, look like this or something, or whatever it is that a great and everyone loves grading, right. Everyone loves ingredient. And then we can add a border. We can make it look really ugly. Whatever you can do whatever you want to this section. What I'm trying to say here is that when a visitor comes to your sites, the first gonna see this one, and then it's gonna scroll onto this one and you can make a slider anywhere you want. Every single module over here has ability to be a slider. Okay, so that is how you can add a slider to your website and also global. So for this section right here, I want you to click on, make it global, and we'll talk more about global in the next section. So right here, click on updates. So I basically shown you how you can use thes, you know, use all that. I've pretty much show you melt mostly everything here. You know, one also thing is for this section going to click on safe, and this right here is going to save it to our library. So we'll talk more about that on the next section on the contact page. So I've shown you how to add elements. I have showed you basically how you can add these in. Show you a bit about margin and patting. I've showed you the slider. I've showed you the global features. I've pretty much showed you everything complicated. Now the last section we're gonna talk about is mobile optimization. So over here we have these desktop tablet and mobile. So this is how your website would look like on a mobile. I'm sorry. On a computer you wanted to look like different on a tablets. This is how it looks like on a tablet. Does this look good? That dozens. You should change something. Maybe right here we can make the fonts a little smaller right here. You know, we can change the size to be a little smaller for tablet users or something like that over here. This is what our site looks like on a mobile device. So if you want to change it, you can just go ahead and change it to look. However you want to look on a mobile device and I think by default these blocks are already mobile, optimized and optimized. Also for the tablet as well. So you don't really need to edit much because the designers already knew, but move optimization. So they actually out of that in on their section on the sections. OK, so was that hard? Was that difficult? If that was congratulations, you've got past all of the difficult part again. Remember, mobile optimization is very, very important. So whenever you're done with your websites, always check how it looks like on mobile devices and um desktop, because remember their arm or mobile users than desktop users as of 2018 which was last year. So you want to make sure that your site is fully optimized cause there's more mobile and tablet users than desktop users. Okay, so congratulations, You guys were almost mastering the page. Boulder, we're gonna talk about one last section, and then we're gonna talk about the pro feature as well. So let's go ahead now and go to go to updates. We'll talk about the contact page. We'll talk about breezy templates and we'll talk about all sorts of really cool, fun stuff. So right here, close to go to back to WordPress, all pages. And now let's go ahead and creates our contact. 5. Creating The Contact Us Page: Okay, so let's go ahead and set the settings right here. So here again, No sidebar. Contents stretched and disabled the title. Click on updates and go ahead and edit this with Brazil. Now in this section will talk about the contact form how to connect it to your email mall to talk more about the Brizzi templates. Finally, I know you guys have been probably wondering what is the Brazil Topol it. Don't worry. I'll talk more about that in just the bits right here. Just click on default and simply right here Now, the previous section we talked about global. So what is global? Well, global is basically saying when I apply it to one part of the website is going to apply its to every part of the websites. So all right, now puts like, um, I don't know if a patty wack remember earlier how we had this global section on our about us page rights. So now on our about us page, Patty wack is going to display instead of the text we had before. So right here view page the about us and there you go. It says Patty wack. So it's basically going to change the text to. It's a global effect, so it's going to apply to every single module that you put on. So it's a great way when use the protrusion how you can modify stuff and I'll talk more about the pro version after we make this contact form. So right here again at a new block to simply go ahead and add in a contact form. Simple. Now, right here. You need to click on this and click on this little button now, right here to click on WordPress. And I'm gonna email this to my other email account. Is another one I made was brand new, and I don't think Google set it up right now. So this is from Brizzi. I'm continue and click on Done and click on updates. All right. And again, if you want to find the contact form, you go to plus new right here and you can design your own by finding the thing it's form were there just like, where is it? But you might want to add in a block right here, so you might want to add in the block. Then you can go ahead and add in the form right here as well like that. Remember, you need to connect it. And of course, you can add some text above its Let's see if I can put it there, etcetera. So you can really design. It'd be very customizable with its, but I'll just use their template for now. So here, click on updates and it Now, I'll go ahead and view the page really quickly. So right here, we'll do back to WordPress and I'll do view page. Now I want to see if this is working. So I want to see if this is actually going to go to my Gmail account. So right here, put Darrell Wilson, um, put the patty wack at a Well, I don't know if anyone even has a well anymore. It's if you do, is its props. You know, props because that's really old. So hey, what's up? Makes sure to like this tutorial or else. Alright, submit that. All right, so it might take a few minutes again. Just give it, like time, like 35 minutes, etcetera. So here, check my email, you can see that I got it. But but on other servers, sometimes guys in the world of WordPress. Just weird stuff happens so it doesn't work the first time. Maybe contact your hosting, asking what's up, but it works for me. But I have. I have had times in the past where it took longer than usual. So if that does happen, contact your hosting and see how you guys can resolve. That's to make sure that does not happen. Let's talk now about the Brizzi templates. We'll talk about the pro features and also tell you how to get rid of this annoying, not secure. So you don't want this on your website. It looks like a scam, whatever, you know. 6. Intro To Brizy Pro Features: never you know. So right here I'll click on edit with Brizzi Now, guys, the Brizzi template is very simple to understand But it works really well with the pro version. So right here I'm a select Brizzi template. Now, in short, what the Brizzi template does is at the disables the theme features. So you can see that we have no footer. We have no header. So basically the theme overrides every I'm sorry. The page builder overrides everything. So now you can see that if I make any sort of changes over here, Um, the theme doesn't really get involved anymore. And people do this because they want a quote, custom header and footer built by the page builder, etcetera. So, for example, this right here you can say I want this to be my footer and that's it. I don't want to use the theme footer. I just want I want to build my own footer with the builder And then I want to use that as a custom footer And the pro version has a lot of demos as well. So this right here is a example of the pro version. Now, if you do decide to purchase the program. There is a link below to purchase its on guys. I I'm I'm I'm not trying to sell you. But the company spent two years making this page builder, and you can see it's just very easy. You go to darrell wilson dot com Dash Brizzi. It is an affiliate link, but again, the page builder is like dirt cheap guys for like, it's like 50 bucks for the entire year and you get a lot So they do have a pro version. So let me just talk really quickly about the pro version. So, for example, right here you want to build a page using the bill. The Brizzi templates. Here we have the header. Now on the free version. We don't have that option because they they don't have it in the free version, the only habits in the pro version, and they have a lot more blocks. They have actually pre made templates as well you can use, and you can see that these are beautifully designed templates. Won't classes honors. Those guys are there are very good designers. I mean, I don't need to don't need to say anything. You guys can just look for yourself and say, Damn, these are pretty good, you know? So just use their stuff, man. So anyways Ah, header Right here. So let's say I want a header. I want a custom header. No, we'll put this. Ah, well, put a custom header right here. Like this. All right, We have a custom header right here. I'll selected menu. We'll do that later. Over here, we have more features. You know, we have, like, contents. We have all these other stuff. So here, if you're a blogger, you can talk about whatever see all these other. They have different categories. You can see right here there's 100 34 categories. In the free version, there's only 89. So you do get a lot more work and designed from the designers if you decide to go with the pro version as well. But you can always just kind of use it for like, maybe like a week or so and then once you kind of learn it a little bit better, you can kind of say, Hey, you know what's I think I like this bullet. Give it time, See if you like it. So Here we go. We have this, You know, this page right here? Whatever. And on the bottom right here. I want to say, you know what? I want a custom footer. So right here under footer, you can see that they've actually designed these footers right here. So now, instead of actually using the theme default were actually decided to create our own with this, um, the header and a footer builder right here. So you can see now if I go to updates, I'll go ahead and view the page, and then you're going to see that the theme features are gone, and we're using on Lee the builder to do everything. So it's really up to you at that point. How you want it to work again. I don't select the menu. That's why right here. It was like the menu right here. So it's right here, you know? Wait, No, no. Right here. Sorry. No, this This one. This one? Yes. It's like the menu mate. Main menu, main menu. See, now there's the menu, so that air just comes up if you don't set it. But, you know, I'm just giving you an example. So you can see now how this looks very clean and very nice. So it's up to you at this point, if you want to decides to go with the pro version again. Also, you do receive a lot of templates as well. With the pro version, let me go ahead and show you the templates, and I'll kind of show you how it's, too, how to use them. You know, it's there very simple to use. In fact, you just you just click on it and it makes it at updates. So right here, out of New Block, we click on layouts right here, and then we'd simply dislike the layout. Now the pro version. It also has many other features besides Demos and, um, besides Demos and, um, blocks. It has the shape divider, which is a really cool feature. I'll just go out and grab. This one right here will grab. This one will import the layouts, and then we'll go ahead and I'll delete this. And maybe I want to go ahead and click on this right here, and I want to actually reorder this one right here and put it on the bottom. This is the foot remember now my internet is a little slow, guys. Big apologies. I'm on WiFi s. So that's all I have is all. I have his wife. I guess I'm really, truly sorry. So here's our new website. And now here we have the custom. We have the custom header. You have the beautiful design websites, looks, greats, looks beautiful. And then we have our custom footer right there. So there's a lot you can do with the pro version. And another really cool, amazing future that you're going to love is the shape dividers. Everybody loves the shape dividers. So let's say for exact example, right here, you want to add a shape. The fighter so right, he will click on this. Now, this is the pro version. Right now, I'm using the pro version more settings right here. And now we have this option right here called dividers. Now what the dividers are, it basically creates thes thes dividers that you can kind of, you know, add more decor and design for your websites, and they have various different ones. And there's a lot of different ways you can style your website with the shape dividers to kind of you know, I just at a very elegant feel to it you can add designed to it So you can see now how it looks like this page is our king. And then also we can add it to the bottom as well. So we can also add an ark to the bottom right here. She's just really give it this just this beautiful. You know, this is beautiful, the core and designed to sort of, you know, when your audience over. So again, you know, it's ah, it's a great feature. Um, I really think that you'll like using this feature. I think the shape of under down here because, yeah, it's way down there. There it is the way down there, but again, the shape divider. It works on every single part. Now there is a lot you do you get with the pro features, and if you go to the website and just click on pro, you'll see it only costs $49 and that's pretty much it. So it's really cheap. It also comes with other things that I will be talking about in separate videos, such as their Brizzi Cloud, which is really cool And if you want to know what's different between the free and the pro , you can see right here. You know, you get the headers and footers, you can get a pop. A builder. They're making new stuff. So this is a new company that just came out. So also go to wordpress dot org's and, you know, give them a five star because they've made something here that we can all use for free. And they've done a really, really good job. So if you go to wordpress dot organ, you find their stuff. You get in a five star review. Um, you know, tell them that their stuff's great, See, right here you can see the pro again, custom fonts, image and video filters. That's another really cool one I want to talk about really quickly. So over here, over here, where they can do is they can actually have photoshopped inside of these right here. So, for example, right here you no longer have to use photo shop. You can actually use this builder to just design and change your images right here, instead of actually having to go to a photo shop and do this the builder has everything. So it's It's it's really cool. It's just I'm I love it. You know? I love what the's companies do. They truly do. They push, they get very aggressive. They think of new ideas. And again, you know, the shape dividers is amazing. The image filters amazing. They also have to make all that I'm a content will talk about in another video. Not this one. That's the right here we'll do with to take the voters again right here. There we go. The shape dividers on this section right here. So we can go ahead and add these in right here. And what we can do here is probably at, uh we can adhere. We can add also that all whites, and that's a really good idea. So we can have this this arc right here. And then we can also apply that arc on the bottom as well, and I don't want to flip it. There we go. I want to flip it and I want one at whites. And again, remember, you can control the strength of this as well, so you can control it like that. You can also control like this, right? here, so it's just really beautiful. It's It's a really unique design. And with the pro feature, you do get a lot. So again, if you do decide to purchase the pro version, the link is below or you go to darrell wilson dot com dash Brizzi and then let me know about what you think about the Brizzi pro version in the comments below. Okay. Hey, guys, I forgot to include one really amazing feature that I think is the closest thing to a I for Web designers now in the pro Virgin as well. If you're building a website and you're not really sure of what kind of style and color you can use, Brizzi has this covered. So right here you have the bridge. It default down the free version. There is no different styles now right here. Depending on what you're trying to build for a certain client or yourself, they'll actually introduce certain colors and certain fonts. You can see right here that is going to consistently change based off the colors and the font, depending on what kind of site your building. So right here we have an alpine lodge here. This would be for architect, and you can just visually see how everything on your entire website will change as far as colors and forints to sort of accommodates what you're trying to build, like hope that this would be like a go fund me or something? Um, right here, parlor. Over here we have just a bunch of different things, like yoga, and you can see that the colors and the fonts represents the actual business. So again, this is an amazing feature because a lot of people get stumped with colors and fonts, But with Brizzi pro, they've actually integrated this in this, you know, the busy pro. So it basically covers that aspect. And trust me, guys, I spent a lot of time googling but bonds to use what colors to use. And you're gonna come across that all the time. So again, in the breezy pro version, they fully have that covered. So again ah, highly recommended. Check it out. It will really help you get ideas for your website. Like right here. College, Really good colors and fonts. Creed again, Just just really good, really useful feature in the pro version. So enough of me trying to sell you on the pro version. But again, it's only like think about the logic here, because people are like I don't want to spend money online. How much money do you go out and you spend a bunch of money on garbage like Starbucks and coffee and just a bunch of a bunch of stuff? You don't need it now It's like, get something that $49 for the entire years. It's a no brainer, so just just do it, all right. So anyways, that is an example of what you can do with the breezy templates that also is an example of some of the things that you can do with the pro version as well. The pro version gives you a lot more templates. It gives you a lot more blocks. It gives you a lot more features that you can't do with their free version as well. All right, guys. So we talked about the pro features. Now let's talk about something that we haven't talked about before, which is the theme customizer. And of course, we haven't even gone over the theme customizer and the theme Customizer is very important guys because it basically controls your website and controls how it looks. It controls a lot of other features, etcetera. So the top right here is that being customizer the bottom right here is the theme customizer. So the themes controlling the website. Now how do you upload a logo? How do you change the menu? How do you add a custom foot Earth? This can all be done with the theme customizer. So right here You can see this as customized rate. 7. Intro To Theme Customizer: and again, Basically, the theme customizer controls various options throughout the websites. So right here, for example, we have layouts. We have header site identity. So right here, you can go ahead, upload your company logo. Now, if you don't have a logo for your business and you really want one, there is a link below to fiber dot com. And again, I highly recommend this website because this is where I got my logo, where you can get these really good designers to make you a logo for just, like $5. It's a $35 I've seen other videos where they have free logos. But guys, you don't I mean, that's not seriously If you don't if you want a really nice logo, I mean, just spend five bucks. You know, I use this website here. I got business cards for $5 you know? So I really use this and here just put in the logo. I do have a coupon code. I believe the coupon code is Darryl 20 or something like that. I'll put it also in the link below, so you guys can get 20% discounts off your first purchase, but right here. We can do something like, um Well, they had put the price range of most $10. I don't want to more than $10 for logo again. That's really cheap. But just by looking at these logos there really nicely designed, then my professionals and, you know, for $10 or going to some free website and trying to get yourself, you're going to see a drastic quality of difference weight, drastic difference of quality. I said that backwards. But guys, just do it. Just do it the right way. Don't Don't do it free. It's a company logo. Like it has to look good. Represents you. You want to get some crappy logo on some other free website? Be my guest. But people will not like it. So again, I highly recommend fiber, check it out to get a get a logo. Now, over here, I'm gonna go and upload my logo. So right here, upload file. So, like, files. And this right here is a logo that I actually got from fiber. All right, now here. I want to actually say I want to use all of this going to crop. It's and what's great about this theme is that you can see right here the logos too big. But with this theme, we can control the size of the logo. Now, other themes. You can't do that. So that's why I kind of like the Astra theme right here. So I want, like, that's And over here you can see we can have the site title. But I don't want this. I tell it to display. And, um I don't want also, that's a display that the in line logo inside title as well. Now the site icon. So what is the site icon? You see this icon right here on every website right here. This icon, this icon that is the site icon. So when someone visits your website, what I can do you want to display on their browser? Well, I want this one to display you see, here, now that's this playing. That's an example of what you can do with the theme customizer as well. And there are a lot of options. So right here you can change the style changes like this, or we can go ahead and add in a button as well. So I hear last menu lost item in the menu. A button and you could see Now we have a button. And where do you want them to get? Well, you can go to their website. Various websites. You can also designed the color of the of the button as well. So the button header border color. I think that's for another option. I'm not not too sure. There are a lot of options here, guys. So again, you know the theme customizer controls the header right here. Okay. So do you have anything that you want to change with the header? You can always do that. Also, if you want to use the pays builder to make the header. That's your decision as well. So I'm just basically letting you know that you can use the theme customizer, or you can use the builder as well if you decide to use that as well. All right. Going back over here. Breadcrumbs. So bread comes air. Basically little arrows right here, and it basically lets people know what page they're on. Um, a lot of bloggers use them. I've seen a lot of bloggers used them, but for sites like this, you probably won't use breadcrumbs, and I'm just not even gonna talk about them because they're just not just not really that needed. We'll talk more about this right here when we talk about the when we talk about the blawg. So footer right here. Footer Widgets. Right here. I'll put in these four right here and now the bottom. Right here. We have foot of widget areas, so we have foot area 123 and four. Now, if I go back right here and go to footer Widgets No, sorry. Footer bar. This section, also right here controls this bottom section. So right here, you can see we can change it to look like this. And right here we have a section one and then we have section two. So now this section right here is going to display whatever you want. And again, you can always change the color as well for this So we could make it, you know, or this is I'm sorry. This is for the border right here. That's for that. But we can change the color of all of this right here as well in another option. Settings. So this is basically controlling the footer bar as well over here container. Now, we don't need to use the container because we're actually using the page builder. So we don't need to use all the features from the actual from the actual theme customizer, cause ah, lot of these options already be controlled with the builder. So, for example, topography. We don't need that. Actually, you do for the for your menu. So you do need that for the minute you you know, you do need the base photography so you can change the actual thoughts right here. You can make it how reform you want. You can kind of go to the settings and mess around with ease. And that's basically how you could control the topography. So you might want to match the page builder. Um oh, yeah, also for the Blawg. It'll also work for your blog's, which I'll talk about at the end of the video. In case you want to be a blogger. It's very easy. You just make one page and everything you post goes that one page. So it's pretty simple buttons right here. Theme button. So again, right here we have the button text color, the button background color maybe want to change it to something like black. And there you go. It's black menus. So this is where you can adjust your menus. But we already have the menu already. Set it up. But again, you can always create a new menu from here. Or you can do it from the back end, like we just did before Widgets. Right here. So this is what I was talking about earlier with the footer Widgets. So here we have foot area, which it? 123 and four. So it's click on one and saying, Well, what do you want to add on foot? Area one. I want to add the pages that we have on our website. Some people like to use pages. Right. So we have pages there. Okay, so let's go to further area to and out of widgets, and I want to add in a calendar so loud in the calendar. All right. You understand? Here, Right? And foot area three, I want to add in, um, a navigation menu form a menu. I already have one. So we don't need We don't really need to do that. But in just a second, I'm going to show you how to have a beautifully designed custom footer that uses with the Astra theme. It's actually a plug in, and we're gonna talk about plug ins at the end of the video as well. And of course, right here. You can add in categories, but we have no categories because categories are for blog's. So we don't really have any that we didn't set up yet. But again, you know, you could always just and put any you know, anything you want here. So just put in whatever you'd like. You can put in text, which is probably the most common right here, like about us and then, you know, talk about your company. We started 50 years ago, 30 years ago, a garage, and then, you know, you get you get the idea, right? You know, you can talk about your company exhibitors, so that's an example of what you could do with the footer as well. Colors and backgrounds. Remember, we talked about how you can change the background color. You can do all that right here with colors and backgrounds as well. So this is basically a quick little kind of crash course on the theme customizer. And again, remember, whenever you make a page, you want to set up a static page right here and you want to make sure that your home page is always said to static because that's basically telling people where to go and everything else. So I've showed you a little bit about this. Now let's talk about also what this team comes with. So this team actually comes with a plug in that will give you demos. It will also give you a really nice design, custom footer and header. So let's go ahead and install that. So I'm gonna close this right here and now we're gonna go ahead and talk about the actual theme and the theme plug ins that it comes with So right here under appearance. Or let's go plug ins and installed plug ins, and you want to make sure that the the plug in for Astros installed. So when you first installed Astra, you're going to see that there's Astra options right here. Now, right here, it says there's a starter site templates so right here going to click on install Importer, the importer importer plug in whatever it's called and basically what this does that this comes with templates for Brizzi. And it also comes with, um another plug in for the footer and header. So right here we're using Brizzi saw Select on next and right here. Click on free. No, these templates are made by another company and that's Astra. So it's not Brizzi. It's actually Astra. They do also have pro templates as well. So if you are interested in purchasing those there is a link below to purchase those as well. But you don't have to. These air just templates. A lot of these are a lot of these are You can see that these are I want, like, free right here. So what I like to do is I see this layout right here. You can always just go ahead and just say I want to use this this layout right here. So I want to go ahead and import this entire sites. Now, what you can also do is that you can import the actual style of the footer and header Onley . So this is what I like to do here. So I don't want to use the content, but we've already made our website, and I don't want to use this templates. But I would like this this footer and header, because I just think it's really nice, you know, it's really clean. So right here, where it says installed Ricard plug ins I'm just going to say Onley imports the widgets and customizer settings. I don't want the content because I already have a website's already like it's, but I do like this style footer. I think it's beautiful, so right here and click on import sites. So right here the plug in is called Astro Widgets, and we'll talk more about plug ins just at the end of the video. You know, again, plug ins are just added features. That's all they are. They're basically APS for your website. So again, there's a plug in for image optimization. There's a plug in for a contact form plugging for security. Ah, plug in for other page bowlers, a plug in for selling online tons and tons of self. So right here I'll click on a view site right now. Now you can see right here how now we have this custom footer. I'm sorry. A custom better. And we also have a belief designed Custom footer. Now, right here, you can see that there's more options and that's because we already have our own. So we can go ahead and deletes Are other footer that we made and we can use. There are other one and also right here. You might want to change that to so that that was under the layout together. How we did that. That would be under the layouts, the header site identity and then right here we can change the logo with right there and then remove. Remove. This is a logo. This is for retina devices right here. So I'm on a retina display so this would show and yeah, it's kind of confusing, but I might want to just, I don't know, just I'll just remove that one. We just need mine. That's good enough. So anyway, says, Let's go back. And sometimes if you're working on stuff, guys and things that things get glitchy and didn't get weird guys, that's WordPress. And sometimes weird stuff happens, you know, it's even though my videos I get these glitches and stuff like why, why on my in my tutorials, why make you look bad? You know, it's just it's just how it goes. So right here under the widget section Footer, Area one, you could see pages. I don't want to use this. So remove that. All right. And then right here. I don't want the calendar. And then for area three, I don't want this right here and then also this right here. I don't want the about US section right here, so we'll delete that. And they were published. And now we have a beautifully designed footer from the Astra theme. So again, the guys that brain force, they have really nice themes. They make a lot of really cool plug ins. Now, if you want to kind of see what's going on here, click on out of Widget and you notice right here. There's Astra address, Astro List icons and Astro social profiles. Now this is because we installed an additional plug in. So again remember plug ins. They add a lot of features to your websites, such as, you know, different different things and different stuff, and I'll talk more about that in just a bit. But now you can see that we have a beautiful design footer and header from the Actually, you know that thing Really weird right there. I just I don't know what's going on there. I really don't know. It's like, Please just just stay the size I told you to stay. OK, let's Let's see, there's publish. Close. There we go. All right, all right. It's working. It's working. So again, that is a strategy that I like to do with Brizzi and also Astra. I like the theme customizer settings, but I don't want to use the lay out all the time because Brizzi already has really nice designers. Now over here, under appearance in Astra Starter sites, you're more than welcome to use their layouts as well. If you decide to use them because again you might want a design from the Astros starter sites. Um, they're free, and they also have a pro version as well. So the pro version launched give you access to all of them. The free reason won't give you access to the free ones. So see, right here under the free section right here, you can see the ones that are available for free and then they are pretty good designs. You know, they're not bad at all. I like them, but I really like their theme customizer setting so you can see even in the demos if you want to check him out. So, for example, you know, for example, writes Ah, right, right here we can see the websites. And if you want to import this entire websites, you would just have these all checked and click on import site and asides done. If you want to just take the theme customizer settings such as the top and also the bottom right here you would click on the check and then you would just click on import site and it will go ahead and take all of this right here. So again, you know, um, make sure to give Astra has a five star. Okay, give them a five star the thieves Greats give Brizzi a five star. They've done some really cool stuff. Now let's talk about the last two things is plug ins and then we'll talk about the block 8. Plugins, Blogging, And You're Done!: All right, so plug in. So what are plug ins? So again, plug ins air basically applications for your websites. So right here the after starter site. That's a plug in that allows you to import free sites the Asher Widgets that allows you to have a custom foot or custom header. Brizzi, that is a page builder course cycle on site optimizer WordPress Starter WP forms lights, which I don't really like to use. Now there is one plug in that we need. So right here we have not secure. Now there is one plug, and I really want you to install its called really simple SSL. So plug ins add new, really simple SSL. Now what this plug in will do is that it will actually go ahead and override the settings, and it will make this so it's not so. It is secure. And, as you can see as two million active installs a lot of people trust. It's and, um, it's great. All right, So when selling this plug in and you can see there's other, you know, there's other plug ins right here. So this right here is a slider and basically how these people make money is they make a free version and then they make a pro version. And that's basically the up sell. And a lot of these companies have really good quality stuff, you know? So it's really up to you to kind of just, you know, there's over. There's over 50,000 plug ins and it's really hard for me to tell you which one's the best. You could go to popular, you know, and check them out. So right here, really simple SSL Ochlik on activates. All right. And right here, I'll go ahead and activate the SSL right there. And sometimes it might not come up is secure, but you'll probably need to refresh the page. And you'll also need to clear your cache as well. Um, so let's go back over here to my psych around site optimizer. Alright, your perch SC cash. Click on that right there. Go ahead and go back to being a little weird. All right, cool, Cool. Sometimes weird stuff happens. So now you can see that I have the padlock. My connection is secure. It did kick me out. So that's probably, you know, that that's what happens every single time So that's just basically an example of how you get the green padlock. That little zero guys, I don't know what the hell happened there again. Just some signs is weird. Stuff happens a word. Friends, I I swear. It's the best platform I don't want you to be like, Oh, this platform subs it's glitchy. No, it's great. It's just sometimes weird stuff happens. So I've shown you plug ins. We now have. Your website is fully secured and nicely. Lastly, let's talk about the block page. So right here under pages, add new, we'll click on Blawg. And I'm also gonna talk about how you can make a membership website how you can make a, um, whatever site you want here on this table that I'll just actually just published this. Now, over here you go to visit sites, click on customize. But yeah, as I was saying, also gonna make membership websites Uh uh, e commerce site. I have all I have all my tutorial system, all description for you guys, because I realize that you might be venturing off. You might want to do something different, so I know that. So I'll put those in a description right here. Post Page will put Blawg and we'll put published. Now you notice right here. We also need to add the block to the menu. So you know how to do that? Remember how to do that? We'll go to our dashboard appearance menus now, over here. And her pages also like the block. But the blogging that aereo put the block and saving you. Save me. Save me. Yeah, There we go. There we go. All right, all right. So now, right here in your posts. You see, we have all post right here. So whenever you want a blogger when everyone else what about your feelings and your depressed or whatever? And you're you drink too much of the club and you come home. You want to talk about life? This is where you're going to do it. So add new. So 10 things see, 10 things I learned about I don't know, uh, China. And then, you know, I think the food is the best and the clubs are greats and the beers are cheap. I think in China they have the the what is it called again? The Chin Tao Jing Bao. That's right. Qingdao beer. It's pretty good. Actually, I don't like it too much. And they have also the Singapore people. All right, so I published the Post. Now I want to view the post right here. And there you go. There's your post. That's it. Congratulations. All right, so that's basically your post. You go and talk about it. And what I recommend is to add in a featured image. So right here we have these different options right here. Featured image. I want to go ahead and select this right here, and we'll put the image of the girl and we'll update its and then we'll view the posts. All right, so there we go, attending a lot about China. Now, right here we could probably add in, like, a sidebar. There's a lot of different stuff. So that is where the theme customizer comes in. So remember, customize and we can kind of designed the layout for the blawg right here. So the block archive is basically controlling this section. So right here we can go ahead and comments. Author, we can change the blawg, the block content layout with and also for single post right here. We can also add in anything you want right here as well. So you can kind of just kind of go through this and kind of mess around with this. The blog's are pretty simple to set up right here. Right sidebar. We could set that up. And there's your sidebar now, so that looks cool, right? So, again, you're gonna have to go through these options and just see what you know you between you want. I'm not gonna really go in detail because this has kind of self explanatory, right? I mean, sidebar with how big the sidebar is. You know, it's want really big, Really small. The stuff is easy. You guys got it from you guys. Got it? I have no longer needed in this video. Congratulations. You guys know how it's too? Create a website. You know how to create a blawg. You know how to, uh, do everything. It could start your own business again. I hope this video was really helpful. If you want to learn how to actually, you know, uh, make other type of websites. I do have many different videos on that. So right here I go to my channel right here and I go to my videos right here. And these are these are secret videos. You guys, we're getting a sneak peek of the secret videos I have seen. These are only for me and my buddies right here. But for example, if you want to go ahead and you want to build a social networking websites, a membership website, a booking website, a real estate website, a digital download website, you know any kind of website you want, I teach it. I know everything about WordPress. Trust me. I know my shits. If I didn't, I wouldn't have the mouth subscribers. I do. And I wouldn't know the things I know, right? So just trust me. Also e commerce. The video is very highly rated, has tons of use. If you're interested in, you know, selling or whatever. I use a different theme, but you can also use Brizzi as well, so you can use both. You can use Brizzi or you can use a whole different theme which I teach in this video. But I really like Brizzi. You know, Prizzi's It's a newer page bowler. It's greats. Also, what you can do is go over here to Brizzi wordpress dot org's And over here Brizzi, Brizzi wordpress dot warg. And right here under this, what you can do is you can go ahead and leave them a five star review. The guys have done a really good job. Um, I really I only promote the best, and I really I get offers every single day and on Lee, the company's that really are on my channel are really they're deserving, you know? So they have 40,000 active installs. They're growing, they're brand new and the reviews air building up. They've just done so much cool stuff. So, you know, just check them out. You know, check out their website, the owner's name or the seat the CMO was. The marketing guy is Dimitri, and you can go in a Facebook group, which you'll see me in there making post. I make post all the time in the breezy Facebook group as well. I'll put that also in the description as well. If you want to join it, do you want to talk to me? If you want, Tell me the story was horrible. Way more than welcome to listen to everything that you wanted. Selvi. Alright so again, guys, congratulations on your success. Truly. I hope this video is helpful. I really do appreciate it. Let me know in the comments what you think about this video. And again, I wish you all the best I truly do. I hope you make it in life on dumb, you know. Cheers. All right, so, getting guys, My name is Darrell Wilson, and I will see you all in my next video. Take care.