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How To Make A WordPress Blog For Beginners Step By Step

James Stafford

How To Make A WordPress Blog For Beginners Step By Step

James Stafford

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4 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. How To Make A WordPress Blog

    • 2. How To Make A WordPress Blog

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About This Class

Hi, in this class I’m going to show you how to start blogging and create a beautiful blog which is perfect for 2018 and beyond!

I’ve been making websites and blogs and also teaching how to properly set them up for years now and I get bombarded with questions on a daily basis like…

How do I start a blog?

What’s the easiest way to get started without overwhelm?

Which platform should I use?

What is the best hosting company?

How do I make money from my blog?

How often should I be blogging?

Do I need an email list?

What are the benefits of blogging?

How do I build a business with my blog?

Plus a whole bunch more.

And that’s exactly why I put together this video not only to help answer all of those questions but I also want to walk you through the exact steps you need to get up and running with a blog fast.

This is perfect for you if you’re new to starting a blog, online business or on a shoestring budget and have no technical expertise whatsoever.

Blogging is not just something you do for fun but when done properly it can help make an existing business more money. And if you don’t yet have a business. Blogging is the perfect segue into one because ultimately that’s what we’re aiming for.

To help you create a profitable blog and give you the freedom and flexibility of earning while doing something you love. I’m a huge believer in creating a business that’s meaningful and lasting and I personally don’t think it’s possible to be profitable unless you really understand the market and the trends that drive it.

Which is why this video is more than just your average tutorial. It’s designed to give you tips and insights into the world of blogging. So buckle up because you’re in for one exciting ride.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is James Stafford. I am creator of Websites Made I have been working with WordPress for over the last 7 years and have become proficient with the platform. I have taught thousands of people how to properly setup their first website with my simple step by step video tutorials.

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1. How To Make A WordPress Blog : Hey, I'm Theo. And in this video I'm going to show you how to start blogging and create this beautiful blawg, which is perfect for 2018 and beyond. Its fresh, clean fun. And it's sophisticated. It makes people want to keep looking around on discover all your great block posts on its mobile Responsive so it will work on any device. We've gone through hundreds of themes to find you the best one out those perfect and does everything you need and more. It's also super easy to set up and get going. It speaks for itself. Just look how beautiful it is. Your blood posts are gonna look amazing using this theme, and you'll also save thousands of dollars on Dweik or months of your time by paying someone else to do it for you. I'll be showing you every step of the way. So by the end of this video, you will have your very own fully functional blawg ready for you to stop publishing your block posts. Andi, grow your audience. This is super cheap to get up and running and it'll cost you less than having dinner out is the best investment you can make this is perfect for you, whether you're just starting out blogging or you're looking for a fresh new block. Or maybe you're a small medium business, a photographer, an artist, entrepreneur or maybe or someone who is just keen to have their very own blawg. Well, this is literally just copy and pasting, dragging and dropping what you want, where you want it to be. It's really easy. We'll be using a platform called WordPress, which is used worldwide by some of the biggest companies and celebrities such as Forbes Mashable, Jay Z ive a Katy Perry, just to name a few on. By the end of this video, you're going to be a Perot using WordPress, and you will have this blogger is your very own customized to how you want it with your own block posts. And don't worry if you haven't got any images or content yet, I'll help you out with that a little later, and I understand you might feel a little overwhelmed or think you won't be able to do this , and that's natural. But believe me, you will. On in about an hour. This will be your block because I'll be showing you every step to creating this, you'll get the hang of it quickly and you'll see it's actually easy. And if you ever need to pause the video, please do have a stretch of breather and then continue with it. It's very quick to get this done. So are you ready? Grab a drink and a snack, get comfortable and let's start creating your blawg. I've created a simple system to creating your blawg, so in just four easy steps, you'll have your blog's live on the Internet. No gimmicks and no overwhelmed. Just four steps and you'll have this done. So what will you be doing in the next four steps on? What can you expect to achieve? Let's take a look at that now. Step one is all about registering your new blog's address, also known as your domain name. You'll learn what a domain name is, how to register one and tips on the best practices when choosing one, just like buying house and having an address so friends and family can visit. Your blog's address is there so people can visit your blog's. We've also got a great little coupon code, which will reduce the cost for you even more. Then you'll install WordPress to your new domain. In step two, you're gonna be amazed how your new blawg looks because will be installing a new theme, which will transform the look and feel of your blog's. And again, it takes just a few clicks. To do this. You get to know what a theme is and be introduced to your new theme and how to install and activate it. And then we'll take a sneak peek at how it looks. In Step three. You'll start creating the foundations of your block and get it online. You will learn the ins and outs of your new theme and create the different sections. Feel Blawg, such as your about page, a contact paid so visitors can carry on the conversation and connect with you. It grows trust in you, and it expands people's awareness for what you're doing. You're gonna have lots of fun in this step, watching your blood come to life because you'll be also creating your first block posts. Having a blawg really gives you the opportunity to deeply connect and talk to your audience about the things that matter to them the most. It also builds and establishes the know like and trust factor with them. You can do this by giving the audience regular, fresh and relevant content, which speaks to the interests and fulfils their wants and needs on. Don't worry if you haven't written before or you don't want to, I'll tell you some great resources that you can use to get this done for you. And in step four, you'll be having so much fun because I'm gonna be showing you some of our favorite plug ins to use on your new blawg. And these will be game changing your success if you don't know what a plug in is. Yet, you're in for a great surprise because basically, they are little tools that enhance your blog's capabilities. For example, one plug in makes it easy for people to share your content to their social media, growing your audience even more, and another one speeds up your blog's, which search engines like Google love. We've been researching and testing the best plug ins to use, and soon you'll be using them to my name's Theo, and I'm the lead content creator. Here are websites made easy and I can't wait to get going with us. I'm excited to show you all the goodies coming up, So let's jump straight in and get started creating your new block. The first step is to register a domain name and get hosting. And as you know, a domain name is the name of your block. It's what people type in to visit your site. So, for example, our domain is websites made easy dot TV hosting is just somewhere for your block to live. Like I said earlier, it's just like moving house your global have somewhere to live and have an address and good news. Both of these things are super cheap and so easy to do. We use host Gator to do both of these things, and you'd get your domain Andi hosting with, um, we've used host Gator for years because they're fast, reliable, and they're cheap and they know what breasts. So you want to head to host skater on when you're there, you now want to click on get started, and now we can scroll down and you'll see three different options. The hatchling plan, the baby plan Onda business plan. Now the business plan is more expensive than we need, So I'm gonna focus on these other two. The baby plan is perfect. If you're planning on using more than one domain name because it lets you host unlimited domains, the hatching plan is slightly cheaper, but you can only use one domain with it for this video. I'm going to use the hatching blown on this next page. You just need to fill out some information about the domain that you want Onda hosting. So here is where you choose your domain on. All you do is type in the name Lee or after Andi. It will see if it's available, and you can also change it from dot com dot co dot UK dot tv or whatever you're looking for . I was recommend staying with dot com or something that relates to your business or where you live. So if you write a domain and you get a green tick, that means it's available. Think about this carefully. If you need to just pause the video while you come up with that unique domain name, please do and then press play. When you're ready for this blawg, I'm gonna have your beautiful Balog dot com for the domain. Andi, I'm gonna de selected this, which will take the cost down further and it's up to you if you want to keep this option or not. The next step is to choose your hosting plan a user name on a security pin. So, like before I'll choose the hatching plan. Andi, choose how long you want your plan. You can choose between a month to month subscription or up to three years. I'm going to do it for a year for this example, as it does usually work out cheaper than doing it month to month. Next, you want to fill out your payment information. So again, pause. If you need to impress play once already. One thing you want to make sure is to use a good email address here as host, Gator will send you an email with your log in details, so make sure it's a really email address that you can access. Next is additional services on by default host Gaeta has added on a few extra services that we don't need right now, so I'll make sure these are unsolicited. You can always get these later on if you need them So here is the coupon code. And to help you even more, I've got a special code for you to use, which will reduce the cost by 50%. You want to enter it here, So type in WordPress hero on, then a validated. Fantastic. Now make sure you're happy with everything and that you agree with the terms and click on check out now and you're all done. Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of your own domain name. And now all you do is install WordPress to your domain, which is quick and easy. 2. How To Make A WordPress Blog: keep this window open and it should redirect you to the host gator website and into your account, which will be using in a moment. Okay, Host Gator will have sent you some emails, so go and find those. Now, here is the one that you want. Account info. Collect out to open it and you'll see a few links. But the only one that you need is the control panel link, which is this one? Click on that to go to your C panel, so log in using the user name and password, which you chose. But first, this might look a bit overwhelming. It did for me when I first saw it. There's a lot of different things that you can do here, but all you need to do right now is fine. The software and services area. So scroll down and you'll see it here. Now find quick. Install on. Click on that and then you want to find wordpress here. Onda, click on that. Then select your new domain from the drop down on click next. And all you need to do now is fill in a few things here. Such as a block title, a user. Name the first and last name of the person who will be looking after your Blawg Andan email address and then click on Install WordPress again. Pause a video if you need to go and play again when you're ready. Once you've installed WORDPRESS, you'll get a success message that it's complete. Your user name and password will be here, as well as a link to your brand new block. You also get an email with all of this and as well. When you're ready, click on the link or log in on. This will take you to the log in or back end of your block so you can edit and start creating it. Now you might get an error message saying the pages and available yet. So don't worry. This is completely normal. You may have to wait until everything with your new bloggers set up and then collect that link again. Also, sometimes you have to set up the name servers for your new blawg. I don't worry about this. It's easy to do. Just open up that page again that you kept open or if you didn't head over to host gerda dot com by clicking the customer portal and then logging in using the user name and password, which you'll have in the email. Now you want to click on domains on, click on your domain here, then find the name servers. Andi. Click on change, then click on automatically point my domain to my hosting account, then save and you're all done. And now you should be able to log in. So enter your user name and password to log in to your WordPress and your in your now on your blog's dashboard. And you're the proud owner of an online blogger. Well done for sticking with. This is a huge achievement, and the rial fund is about to begin. It's going to get even more fun and exciting as you start building out your beautiful new blawg, adding videos and images that really make your content stand out. I've got lots of exciting things to show you, so let's get started. So this is your dashboard, which will be seeing a lot of on. You'll probably have some messages pop up like this one, which you can just close on the left is your toolbar with lots of options, such as posts pages, appearance, pillow gins, settings and so on. And as you start creating your blog's, you'll notice mortals appearing here. You'll be using all these to bring your block to life on. Also, if you want to, you can tidy this area up by clicking these arrows to minimize the windows. So the first thing is to make sure your blog's settings air correctly set up so everything functions and works well. This is going to create a strong foundation for your block, so head to settings here on the left on will quickly go through each of these different areas. The 1st 1 is general. Here you can set your blog's site title and tagline, which is good for ASIO. So use keywords that match what your blog's or brand is about. This helps Google rank your block and put it in front of relevant people searching for the same content below. That is your WordPress address. You don't want to change these as it will stop your blog's from working. So don't touch these below. That is your email address and make sure you've got a good email address here on. You can also set the site language and time zone, if you'd like to on the rest of this looks good. So now we'll make sure you save changes here. And whenever you do something, you always want to make sure to save next, let's head to writing. Everything here looks good. So let's go to reading page displays is how you set up your blawg to either show your latest block posts on the front page or a static page will be coming back to this a little later. So for now, I'll leave this as it is, and you also want to make sure to select summary for this option so your blood posts won't be displayed in full. They'll just show a summary of what the Post is about. Then save and click on a discussion here you want to look at email me whenever anyone posts to comment on a comment is held for moderation, and this means before comment appears. Do you want it to be manually approved or No, this. Make sure you're not just getting any comments on your block on whether you want an email. Every time someone comments down here, you've also got Avatar and you'll see an option here called gravitas. This enables you to have a little photo which people will recognize when you comment, reply or join in the conversation with your audience. You've probably seen these before. For example, on our YouTube channel here, you can see everyone has their own photo. It's the same for your blogged on this creates a community is more personable and human to set this up is easy. All you do is go to gravitate our dot com and create a free account. It's really simple, and it just takes a minute. Then you can upload your photo and will show up on your block. Here we go. I've just done mine. And as you could see, here's my image. So take a minute to do that. Andi, I'll see you in a moment. Okay, Great. Now make sure you save changes on then click on media. Everything that's good here. So now click on Perma links here. You can set how your blog's organizes its pages. You are l you need to have it set to post name because as you can see, this is much easier to read and understand than a default setting. This will allow search engines to see more clearly what your blog's about, so will be ranked higher in search. Results on your content will be viewed by the right people who are actively looking for what your product or service is about. So make sure it's on post name and when you're done, click save Awesome were all done with those settings. Well done. I know going through settings can be a bit boring, but these are so important to get right, and so many people don't realize this. But you've got the foundation set, and now the real fun begins because you're going to transform and start building your blawg . Let's go back to the dashboard by clicking here. Now I want you to go to your toolbar on the left and find appearance and then click on themes. This page shows all the themes that you have available the one will be using is already active. It's WordPress is 2017 theme, so we're ready to go and it's already set up, and a theme is basically the look and feel of your blog's or website. Just so you know how to add a theme, you would click here and it will take you to this page where you can search thousands of themes available. But we've done the hard work for you. We know 2017 does everything you need and it's all ready to go. So head to the dashboard again. And now let's take a quick look at how your blood looks right now to do this head up here. Right Click on. Open this up in a new tab. Absolutely beautiful. It instantly draws you in with this big header image. I love how quick it is to do this. I'm sure you agree. This is great. It's a professional, clean, fresh, fun block to browse around. Your visitors are going to love. This is gonna be amazing once you finish creating this and you've added all your own content to it. Right now this is like moving into a new home, ready for you to decorate and make your own. Before I started working with James that websites made easy. I thought building a block was hard, time consuming, confusing, and I didn't really know the first thing about it. Now I'm amazed at how fast and how easy it could be. What you say months could be done in an hour. All of our time is brushes. We don't want to sit for weeks creating a block. I know I don't. So this theme is definitely the one to have head back to your dashboard by clicking on your other tab or hovering over here are in clicking on dashboard. Let's remove the default content that comes with this theme as we won't be using that. So had two posts on all posts, then hover over this post and click on trash. Next go to page is and all pages on do the same with this sample page as will be creating our own pages. Okay, Now you're in a great place to start building your blawg. I want this to be as easy as possible for you so you can get this done faster than ever before and looking amazing. So I've got a little surprise for you. I'm gonna give you every image that I'm using on this blogged so you can follow along with me every step of the way and no have to go and find your own images. Right now, these are top quality images that I've sourced specifically from our friends over unspool ash dot com They're completely free for you to use on Come from some amazing photographers , you have to check this website out. It's incredible. And it's our go to resource for any images that we need. You want to make sure any images a use for this are 2000 by 1200 As this is the optimum image size for this theme, you're also going to get the whole audio of this video to listen to and you can download all of this over on our block out. Websites made easy, not TV ford slash blawg Ford's last dream believe achieve start block. Here it is. On All you do is click download on Dil download ready for you to use. Here we go. Here's the file here All your images as well as the audio file on this Here is a little surprise that I'm gonna show you in a moment. It's actually a little video that I made specifically for the header and you're gonna love this and you get to use this on your own block if you'd like to. But I'm gonna show you this in a moment Also, this block post is the whole video in text form so you can read through any of the steps if you'd like to. So you ready for the next step? Your now we're going to start editing this theme and make it into your own beautiful blawg less go. 3. How To Make A WordPress Blog: Okay, Back in WordPress, let's create your blog's pages so your content and brought posts have somewhere to live. So on your toolbar, go to pages and add New. Here is where you create your block pages. Andi, It's easy. Don't worry about it. All you do is give your page a title. So the first page I'll create is the welcome page, which is a nice little section here which introduces what your blood is all about. And your title here and in this area is where you enter in any content images, videos that you want to use and to help you. You've got all these tools here so you can bold. You can add headings, create lists, block quotes are lying text, create links, change the color of text. There are loads of options here to get creative with your posts. I've already got this done, so I'll paste it in, and you don't need to write much here. Just grab the reader's attention. Let them know what you're about, how you can help with what they might be looking for. A few paragraphs is all you need her. I've just gone ahead on let them know what we do it websites made easy and told them about our signature W T C system, which takes him through building a profitable block or website in just three steps. And I've also linked the website as well, so it then takes them to this page where they can learn all about the W T. C system. Fantastic. Now all you do is click on Publish here and you're all done. It's as easy as that. You've just created your first page. Congratulations. How about another one? Now you might be thinking, I really don't want to write or create posts. It just isn't May or I don't know how to write. Effective copy. Well, don't worry, because you can get it done for you up work dot com is the number one place to find freelances who can help you out with anything that you need, such as block posts. You just create a free account, right? A quick job description on you'll be sent proposals from all kinds of people around the world who know and love what they're doing, and it's very affordable, too. Next is five dot com, which is the same concept as at work, so check both of these out and you'll definitely find someone to help you with your block posts. Let's do one more and then you can go and see how your beautiful bloggers coming along. Just click on, Add new at the top here, and this time you'll create your block page so your block posts have somewhere to live. So right block here, and you can leave this area as this page will pull the block post that you've created into it automatically. Now, with this page, let's add your first image. This is going to look amazing. Are you ready? Go to set featured image here and then make sure you're in upload image. Then click on select files. Find the image file that you downloaded from my block on Feel free to choose which ever image that you want. I'm going to use this one as it's just stunning, and it gives an amazing first impression. Wait for that to upload and then click on set featured image. Now again, just click on publish on your done your blood pages set up and ready to use. Are you ready to see how your new bloggers coming along, Let's go check it out. First, you need to make sure that your blog's displaying the right pages. So go to appearance on, then customize, and you've got lots of settings here to customize your blawg on. We'll be getting into this a bit later. So for now, just go to home page settings, and here you want to make sure static front pages selected. And for home page, you want to select your welcome page that you created and for the Posts page, select the block page and now click the arrow to go back and go to theme options On this is where you can have the different sections to your block like these here. Each one of these is a page, and it's being added to the section option in here. So all you do is add your block page to the first section here by selecting it from the drop down. Now make sure you always save at the top and then click the cross here to go back to the dashboard. So are you ready? Go up here again on open your blogger up to see how it's looking. Here's the amazing Header so scroll down. Yes. Here's your welcome section Looking great. This is a lovely little start your blawg. Now get ready. Incredible. Look how good this looks. It seamlessly goes to a block section. It flows smoothly. It's so elegant and works incredibly well. Just imagine how your visitors are gonna love looking around your new block. Here's your block section world display your newest block posts once you've written some and we'll get into that very soon I hope you're feeling excited because you're doing so well. Let's keep this momentum going. Head back to your dashboard so you can create the rest of your pages. So again, go to pages on adding new and you'll now create your home about and contact us. Page is let's start with about for the title and I've already got my content for this page . So I'll paste that in and I'll show you how to create a link here. So, for example, this is already bold ID. You can make it into a link by highlighting it on clicking this button here, Then enter the euro that you want people to be taken to. So for this example, all use our new websites made easy website. So this would take people directly to this page where they can browse, get to know our WT C system browser blawg and so one copy that you're out and then paste that in here. Now it's a working link. Lastly, you want at a featured image like before. So click featured image here upload image select files on Choose the image that you want to use. I'm going to use this one for a bit of contrast from the last one. Okay, As you can see, uploading this image has come up with an error to show you because it's rare. Something like this happens. But technology can sometimes do this, but all you need to do is make sure the image dimensions are 2000 by 1200. Like I said earlier, this error is coming up because the images a lot larger than this but all the images that we're giving you a good to go. So I'm going to use this image. There we go is uploaded perfectly fine. Then click on publish. All right. Next is your contact us page. So click add new adding your title. Andi, I'll paste in something I've already written. And as you can see on the finished website, you have a contact form so people can easily get any contact with you. This is super easy to do with a little plug in which you'll installed in a moment. First, upload your feature image. I'll use this one fantastic looking good on, then publish. Okay, now on the toolbar. Go to plug ins and add new. If you don't know what plug ins are, they're basically little tools that you can install to enhance your blawg even further, like your contact form or the share plug in. You'll be using later so people can instantly share your block to their friends and family . You'll be installing more plug in soon, but for this one, all you need to do is search here, and you need to type in contact form seven. Here it is. So install it and then activate. Great. Now you'll have a new option on your toolbar, so go there and click on contact forms. This is where you can create your contact forms, and you've got one already done by default. But we'll delete that one and then create a new form by clicking. Add new first to give it a title. Then down here are the different fields for your contact form and you don't need to change anything here. I just leave it as it is, as this works perfectly fine. You've also got more options here. If you'd like to customize how the form works, there are some good settings here to play around with. But as I said, it works great as it is. So I'm gonna leave it just like this. Then make sure you save, and then all you do is copy this code here, which will then be pasting on your contact page. So go to your contact us page on. Do you want to put your cursor underneath this text, then paste in the code and then update? Remember, we need to add the new pages to our theme options settings in the customize area. Remember, you go to appearance and then customize, and you can also add your home page here had two menus and click on your main menu here. And if you don't have one, just click. Create new menu and you might not have any of these yet. So don't worry about that. So just click on add items and then find home here and add that and you've added your home page. This makes it easy for anyone to get back to your main page from anywhere on your blog's. I'm going to rearrange their so it's at the top here and then, as always, make sure to save by clicking, publish and then click this arrow to go back then theme options. Andi, I'm gonna have the about page as the next section and then the Contact us page and always remember to save by clicking. Publish. Now, just before we go check out our blawg, I want to show you how you can add your own image to the head area. Or even better, a beautiful video which is even more engaging on looks amazing on the header, click the arrow to go back, then go to head a media and in here you can upload your head image by clicking on. Add new image here and then selecting the image that you want to use. But I'm going to upload a video so instead you would choose selective video on just like an image you choose the video that you want to use on. Upload it now take note of the maximum size of the video. It's got to be this or under for it to upload and work. You can also enter YouTube. Your l hear if your videos published on YouTube and then remember to click on Publish one last thing. Let's remove this text here to make the head area more clean and tidy. So click the arrow to go back then site identity on Dhere. You could just un select display site title and tagline much better underneath here. You also have the option to use a site icon or fabric on. And these are the little images that you see next to the Ural, which is a nice professional look and feel to any blogger website. So that's there. If you'd like to use it, Mel, click publish on head back to the dashboard on Open up your new blawg. Whoa! Look at this. Absolutely fantastic. This is a perfect first impression of your blawg. Just imagine having your own story here telling people all about yourself. You should feel super proud of having this is your blawg. Let's scroll down, Andi, Here's a welcome page. There's your blawg on. We'll be adding some block posts next. These images are so good. I'm sure you agree. Beautiful. Here's our about page. And remember, you made this a clickable link. So let's check. It works. Yes, Perfect. There we go. And here's the contact US Page Wonderful is really coming together and you're nearly finished. You see how quick this is to do so? Now head to your dashboard and I'll show you how to create your first block post. So now you want to go to posts. Andi, add new. This is just like creating a page. You fill in the title of your post and then the content and you can have a feature an image , which is the image that you see here on the block post, which looks amazing. It's also important to create some categories to group posts together. This way your fans confined other related posts, which they might also like, So this gets more your content in front of more people. Then you've got former, but you don't really need to touch this as standard works. Great. So don't worry about this. Okay? First add your title. So mine is three easy ways to boost your blog's image. Andi all paste in some content I've already got. There we go and remember, you've got all those tools to edit your content, so be creative and make sure it's engaging. Next. All other feature image on. I'll choose this one. Great. That's all done. And for categories. All you do is click on Add new category, then right in your category. Andi Click on Add New Category and it's added, I'll create the rest of my categories that I'm gonna use for the other posts. So again, all I do is write in the name and additon. Super simple. OK, all done. So now click on Publish, and you have just created your very first bolt post. Give yourself a pat on the back. This is a great achievement. Well done. I'm now going to create two more blood posts, just like before. It's the same process. Click on ads new. Give the poster title. Add in your content out of featured image and choose the category for the post and publish it. It's so quick, by the way, as you can see in this post. I have a few images, and to do that is so easy you put your cursor where you want this image to be on. Then you click on Add media here. Then choose the image you want and it's placed in there you can then a line it Andi, click this little button to edit this image. You can also click and drag these little handles to resize image. If you like, pause the video while you create a block Postal two on. I'll see you in a moment. Perfect. So as you can see, I have a few block posts created on. These will automatically be published on my block page. Let's check it out. This looks so good, so scrolling down. And here it is. Here's the blawg, and this section shows a few of your posts. People can click and go to your post to see more fantastic. This is the featured image, and as people scroll down, they see the rest of your post beautiful. One thing I did notice is this image of the top above the header image. You don't really need this, so to remove it, go to appearance, Andi customize, find head of media, Scroll down and click Hide image, and this will remove that image. I also noticed that this sidebar needs to be cleaned up a swell. Each of these little tools are called widgets. They had a bit more functional. Teach your block. We won't keep. All these widgets, though, is some of these are useful, and it looks courted. Andi, as you can see your categories there here, so people can click these two Seymour related posts as well as recent posts on a search bar . The top. Awesome. So you've got some posts created, your block pages working, and your audience can consume your content. Amazing work. You're in the home stretch. You're nearly done with your block. All you need to do is add your menu at the top. Here, clean up the sidebar. Add some widgets, your foot area like your social media buttons and add some of your favorite plug ins, which is a game changer when it comes to blogging. Let's start by creating your menu 4. How To Make A WordPress Blog: your menu holds the pages you've created, which then allows people to easily look around and browse your block. So go to appearance and then menus. And now give your new men your name on click on Create new menu. Then only do is select the pages on the left that you want included in your menu. So I'll choose home about log and contact us. Then click on add too many, and now you can arrange the pages by clicking and dragging, so I'm gonna have home first, then about Blawg, and then contact us. That's great. Then make sure you save and you're done. Let's now quickly create your social media menu so people can then visit your Facebook or Twitter, which keeps a conversation going on. Build your blog's further so click on create a new menu, give your menu a name. Andi. Click on Create Menu and now you want to click on custom links here and now all you do is add in your social media pages. Links to get your social media pages link is very easy. If you've got a Facebook page, for example, the link is right here at the top, so you just copy that and then paste it in here. Andi, give that Lincoln name on DCA Lick. Add too many. Do that for all your pages and then select Social Links menu here on then Save menu. I forgot to add our main menu to the top of the page, so head back to that by selecting it here and then clicking. Select and make sure this option is tipped. Then save again. Now, as you can see on your block, you'll have a nice looking menu here, the top, which takes people to other pages, as well as a social Media menu on your footer here at the bottom. So now let's clean up that side bar and add the widgets. Your footer. This is so quick to do, just go to appearance and then widgets. This page allows you to add or remove any widgets on your sidebars on. As you can see, you've got your blog's sidebar as well as two footer areas. I'll start with the blog's sidebar, so click to open up and I'm gonna keep search recent posts on categories so I'll remove the rest. And to do that, you just click this little arrow to open it. Onda click on delete to remove it. Do that for any widgets that you don't want. Perfect. So now close that. Andi, open up the foot areas, which will be adding a few widgets to on the left of all the widgets available and there are quite a few. But you only want one of these. And it's the text widget so fine that Andi, it should be at the bottom. Here it is. Click on it and it will give you the option to select an area toe out into. So then just add it in. And here it is in your footer one. So now just adding your content here. I'm going to write in our hours, so I'll give it a title on, then write them in here. One click. Save now Minimize for 21 because you're done with the area. Find the text widget again on add that into footer to and here I'm gonna have our location , so I'll write in location and then add in our address as well as a number on an email to give people another way to get in contact. Onda, like before this email is clickable. You just make it into a link by clicking this button on did. Then it adds mail to and then your email, then save and you're done. Let's have a quick look at how your block is doing with those new sidebar and footer areas . Perfect. There's the footer with your social media and so on, all working perfectly. And there's the new sidebar with categories and recent posts is looking so good and people are gonna love looking around, reading or block posts and getting to know you. One thing I did notice when I looked at the Blawg. Here's one of the block posts, and if I scroll down the whole bloggers here, which is a bit unnecessary, it looks messy and cluttered. Instead, it should only show a glimpse of your post. So go to your posts and you want to find a nice place tohave what's called a read more tag , which will show a taste of your post. I'll put mine about here, then update on. Let's check it out. So here's the post again on If I scroll down now, that's much better. It shows a little bit of the post instead of the whole thing, and I've done this for the other post to then. This page looks much cleaner now, so I recommend you do this with yours. All people have to do is click on, read more and they'll see the whole post. It looks fantastic. You're on the final step now. Toe building an absolutely beautiful blawg. Leveraging a couple of plug ins is gonna make sure your blog's is running at its fastest, which is also going to get your blood high in search results. Because Google loves fast loading times and people visiting your blood could instantly share your content to their friends or family, their social media expanding people's awareness, growing your fans even further. And it's so easy to get going with us. Just go to plug ins on your toolbar. Andi add NEW This page lists thousands of plug ins available for you to use, and you can search from all kinds of different plug ins from contact forms. Music players, photo albums. It's amazing, but the first plugging we're going to install is a little torm called WP Super cash. So search for that here and it'll pop up where you can click for more info on check out its rating as well as when it was last updated on This is actually important. You want to try to always use plug ins, which are updated all the time, not left for years as this. Make sure the security fuel plug is at its best on the plug in functions. Well, with your theme now all you do is click Install Onda, then activate. Now you'll get a couple of messages here saying that you need to set this up and you want to click on plugging admin page here, Then click cashing on Onda Update status and then test cash. And this looks all good. So perfect you're all done on this will now run in the background and make sure your block is running smoothly for your visitors. Okay, let's jump into the next plug in, which is one of my favorites, as it's a plug in part of a suite of plug ins available for you, and this is a nice way to introduce you to the sumo me plug ins. These are some of the best plug ins for WordPress, used by millions worldwide because they work so well, let's head to plug ins again on Do you want to search for sumo? Me? Here it is. So again, click on install and then activate. Great. Now you'll get this message on the right, which is asking you to set up sumo me. So go over and click the crown icon, which appears now. You want to create a free account, so just enter your email and password on Click sign up. This is so exciting. It's setting it up all for you, and now you'll see this page letting you know about their subscriptions. But don't worry. You don't need to subscribe or pay anything, as the plug in will be installing is completely free to use. So just click the cross here to exit this. Andi, welcome to assume any dashboard. This is a dedicated space for you to set up your sumo me plug ins, which we'll get into in a moment on the left. Here you'll see a toolbar. You're looking for a plug in called share Head to Social on. You'll see share here, so click on that and it'll take you into the share plug in, and you can either connect your Facebook or no, I won't. For now and now you just want to collect activates and it's ready to go now. You could just leave it just as it is. It's ready and working, and it's live on your block right now, but I'm gonna quickly show you a few settings in case you want to play around with it a bit more here of the top. You've got settings layout as well as lots more options. So go to settings and you'll find that you can change which social media services you want displayed in your plug in which ones you want people to be able to share your content to. And you can move these around, add them in and remove them just by clicking and dragging. You've got more settings down here to change how the plug in or buttons look on lots more. Make sure to save in the bottom right on next. Let's look a layout in layout. You can change the way you want to share plug into appear so you can have it on the left, the top bottom in the middle, as well as where you want it to appear on mobile, so make sure to save anything you have done. And let's go and have a look at your share. Plug in. Just click across to exit tsunami and to get back into tsunami. You just click this crown icon here, so go to your block and share should pop at the side Here. There you go. Isn't that cool? How a little plug in can add so much functionality. Now, this is working and ready. Anyone can share this toe wherever you like by just clicking one of these bottoms. Amazing work. This will mean the difference between no one finding out about your blawg to your contact being shared from one person to potentially hundreds of their friends. And guess what? You're finished. You've got your functioning beautiful Blawg live online and you did it all by yourself. That's an amazing achievement. You should be really proud. And there's so much more you could do with this. For example, building email list. So you're able to send your content to people who have signed up this way. You've always got a way to be in touch with them and bring them back to your blawg and making sure your S e O or search engine optimization is correctly set up is extremely important to make sure your content is seen by the right people. These things aren't covered in this video, as I just wanted to keep this simple and as quick for you. It's possible to get a blawg up and running, so you have a strong foundation set. So now you can get into this more advanced stuff of creating court actions, lead magnets, setting up mail, chimp email lists and so on. These things are the next step on our totally game changing. If you want to set yourself apart from everyone else and build a strong, loyal audience, they will come back again and again. So to start learning all about that, you'll find a link in the description that will take you to a website where you'll find everything you need. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video