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How To Make A White Background Transparent In Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar DENIS L., Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Make A White Background Transparent In Photoshop

    • 3. Project

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About This Class

In this tutorial I will show you how to take an image with a white background and turn that background into a transparent background and then save it as a png.

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Denis G Lemay was brought up in a little coastal town of Biddeford Maine, served in Vietnam in 1968 in the army corps of engineer, then in 1971 went to school in NY to persue the field of professional photography, and relocated to a little Dutch town of Kutztown Pennsylvania where he owned and operated Rembrandt Studios in two different locations. In 1998 Denis relocated to Wilmington North Carolina where he now owns and operates Ocean View Photography located near Wrightsville Beach NC. 


Past affiliations are PPA, WPPI, IPPG, OPHF, and CFCC. Exhibited at KU, WPPI, OPHF,NYIP. 

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm Dennis LeMay today. I want to talk about how to make a white background transparent. In Photoshopped, you may have some images with white backgrounds such as this one. Here we have three flowers and the background is home white. It wasn't photographed this way, but I was able Teoh, segregate these flowers and remove the background and make it white. Now, how do you take this white background out so that you can use this image as a transparent where the background is transparent? Maybe on a T shirt. Different colored T shirt. Um, where you don't want the white to show you might have a logo with a white background. You want to remove the white background to make it transparent and use just the logo are on the website. They're on a different college background. I'm gonna show you how to do that. In this next video, we're gonna take two images going to use this particular image, remove the white and make a transparent, and then save it as a transparent background. And then we'll take a logo, remove the whites off the background and say that logo as a transparent. So we'll see you in the next video 2. How To Make A White Background Transparent In Photoshop: Hi, everyone. I'm Dennis LeMay today. I want to show you how to make a white background transparent in Photoshopped, we're gonna work with two images. We're gonna work with this particular image with three florals and the white background, and then we'll work with this image. This is a logo with a white background. So let's start with this one. Okay? Now, the first thing you want to do is duplicate the layer Command J or controlled J on your keyboard will do that. And then on the bottom layer, you want to click on the I to make it invisible so that you can see transparency after we created. Now our next is we want to select all of the whites in this image. Now, there two ways. I like doing that in this particular case. Ah, when I do transparencies and that's with the magic wand or going to select and color range . Now, if I use the magic one on this particular image and click on the white, you can see between the pedals. We have all kinds of and whites that are not selected, even around the pedals here and in here. So we have a lot of different places, so it's gonna create too much work with the magic one. So I'm gonna remove that and, um, go to select color range. And with the first eye dropper selected, you click on the whites and you can see I've already done that and it shows you your selection right in this little box. Then click OK now, for the shop is selected all of the whites everywhere, even between the pedals and close to the pebbles as well. So it does a nice job. Now. Our next step is to hit delete on your keyboard and you can see Photo Shop is taking all the whites and made it a transparency. Now to remove the ants, just command or control D on your keyboard. And there's your transparency. Now, to make sure that we got all the whites. What I like to do is to create a grey box around it. To do that, go to your foreground column, make sure that it's gray and click OK and then go to the, um, box two right here. You, uh, the uh it'll save rectangular, too, but it's really a box to click on it make sure that is the parks and create a box around your image and you concede to turn grey and then take that layer and move it under your transparency. Now, um, I can check all over this image to make sure that all of the whites were were taken out, and it looks like they are. And you can see you could move this transparency all over. All right. Next step is to remove or click on the eye on the gray box and there's your transparency and just move it wherever you want. And now the next step is to save it. And it has to be saved, right? And I will show you how to do that later. First thing I'd like to do is to go to our logo and created transparency with this logo here again, um, create a duplicate layer. Command J will duplicate that layer click on the I to make that bottom layer invisible. So you concede transparency. And in this case, um, this is a simple love. Those are simple to work with. So I'm gonna go with the Magic Warren this time. Click on the whites headgear, the delete key and you can see all that the whites removed except inside the letters so again commanded to remove the answer control d again, I'm gonna create a box around this image so I can see all of the whites and that need to be removed So I'm gonna grab my barks, make sure it's gray on the foreground Create a box around my transparency and move it below Move that layer below the transparency land. Now I can see very well where the whites are that need to be removed So again I'm gonna zoom up alignment Grab my war magic wand Click on Make sure that you select that transparency layer first. Now I'll take my magic one and clicked ALS white areas his d on my keyboard to remove all these whites between in the letters you can see that is doing it. There's a little bit of white right here that I need to remove right here. Hips okay, year. We have a little bit here. I lived in here and you hit your delete on the keyboard every time. Okay? Yeah, some down. Okay. And you can see all the whites of going commanded to remove the ants and there's my transparency. Yeah, Click on the eye on the gray layer. Okay, Now I'm gonna show you how to save your transparency. And the way to do this is to go to file save for Web. Carrie, make sure that you save it as a ping. All right? Either one ping 24. All right, whatever. Make sure transparency is selected. Convert to risk s RGB if you want. And then click on save. And then it'll ask you where you want to put this transparency, which I've already done. So I'm not gonna do it this time. That's all there is to it. That's how easy it is. Teoh Create. Transparency is Photoshopped. Thank you for listening. Hey, it was your next time. 3. Project: Okay, It's time for a quick project. Has what I'd like you to do. Open up, Photoshopped. Create a new document by going to file new and make it whatever size you want. Then with the text tool, type your name and making his large as you can, and then follow the tutorial on creating, um, changing a white background into a transparency. And if you remember how to do that Japan J. Teoh duplicate the more layer and then click on the eye on the bottom and then grab your, um, magic one click on the white and, uh, hit delete on your, um, keyboard and then do the thing with the gray, um box. Select your box to make your gray on the background and move that layer down below the transparency and so that you can see the whites that you didn't remove. Hit command D to remove the ants and then grab your magic wand again. And, um, firsts, like the layer transparency layer and hit all those whites and delete him by hitting delete on your keyboard just like I'm doing right now. Okay, command D to remove the ants and then click on the I and the gray layer and there's your transparency. And then say that the way I showed you on this tutorial. And, um And then, um, get rid of this and then bring it back into Photoshopped to see how you did to see if the transparency is still there. So now you are. Try it, and you have your If you have any comments or questions, please put him up there so we can see him. Thank you for listening.