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How To Make A Video In Google Slides

Chris Archer

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8 Videos (18m)
    • How To Make A Video In Google Slides Intro

    • Finding Google Slides

    • Basic Set Up

    • Inserting Images

    • Slides into Facebook

    • Making The Video

    • Alternative Recording Method

    • Slides Course Summary


About This Class

Google Slides is a very under used application that can be very useful for more things than initially come to mind.  It is the Google free version of Powerpoint so people tend to think of it as just for making a presentation.   It can be used in quite a few other ways that probably only occur to you when you start to use it and realise that it has a lot of potential as a free design tool and also to make video.

In this class I am going to give you some ideas of how you can make a good video using Google Slides in conjunction with some screencast software.





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Chris has been an Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur for several years and spends all his work time on the web in some form or other.

He has extensive business experience with 10 years employed in various positions in Production Planning and Inventory Control and more years than he cares to count as a self employed individual running various businesses for himself.

His online experience includes ecommerce sites , eBay and Amazon selling, affiliate marketing , web d...

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