How To Make Živánska Pochúťka - A Traditional Slovak Recipe | Julia Plavkova | Skillshare

How To Make Živánska Pochúťka - A Traditional Slovak Recipe

Julia Plavkova, Teaching from the Heart of Europe

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7 Videos (12m)
    • An Introduction to the Class

    • Your Class Project

    • Preparing the Ingredients

    • Adding the Ingredients to the Foil

    • Cooking Živánska in the Oven

    • How to Serve Živánska

    • Class Wrap-Up


About This Class

How To Make Živánska Pochúťka - A Traditional Slovak Recipe


Hello, my name is Júlia Plávková and I come from Slovakia, in the Heart of Europe. I would like to welcome you to my first ever class on SkillShare, in which I am about to show you how to make a traditional Slovak dish called Živánska Pochúťka

Živánska is actually one of my personal favourite dishes and this particular recipe is one that my grandmother taught me.

In the past, Živánska was often made in the embers of a fire, usually, after a Gulaš had been cooked in a Kotlik (Kettle) over an open fire.

And sometimes we still cook Živánska in this way at family get-togethers during the summer months. However, in this class, I am going to be cooking Živánska in the oven.

So why should you take this class?

Well simply put, Živánska is delicious. It is a dish made from pork, chicken, potatoes, sausages, bacon, onions, peppers and lots of spices - and I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

Also, it is an original dish that you probably haven't tried before. And personally, I think it is great to try something new from a different culture, every now and again.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and enrol in my class today and I look forward to teaching you how to make Živánska Pochúťka





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Julia Plavkova

Teaching from the Heart of Europe

Translator, Special Pedagogue & Doula

J?lia is a Slovak National who was born into a family of anglophiles and was brought up as a bilingual child. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she read Slovak and English at university, before going to live in England for a few years.

She then moved back to Slovakia to bring up her daughter, but still found time to go to university and graduate with a BA Degree in Special Education.

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