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How To Live a Simple Life and Why You Should

teacher avatar Colin Stuckert, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro to Simple Living

    • 2. Remove Complexity and Focus

    • 3. Eliminate the Drama

    • 4. Remove self-conflict

    • 5. Attract more of what you want

    • 6. Compound results

    • 7. How To and Step 1 Social Media

    • 8. Toxic people and ideas

    • 9. Your daily routine

    • 10. The comparison muscle

    • 11. Stop buying stuff

    • 12. Sell Sell Sell!!!

    • 13. Celebrities and gossip is a complete waste of time

    • 14. Focus on First Principles

    • 15. Conclusion - Time to act

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About This Class

In a complex world overflowing with more information than you can ever hope to assimilate, the simple life is the path to success.

Simple living is deep living. It's focusing on the big important things that matter. It's focused on constantly separating the signal from the noise.

This brings out more success and happiness.

It quits the monkey mind. It helps you focus. It helps you avoid FOMO.

It is a better way to live.

What wins today is going deep. The deeper you go, the better your work and your satisfaction. This translates to more results and more fun along the way.

In this course, I'll give you principles you can use to build a conscious life of choice rather than letting your environment bounce you around.

When you choose what you let into your life, you choose your life. It's as simple as that.

With the sheer number of things trying to distract and confuse you, without a plan, you'll end up lost and anxious.

Simplicity is the answer.

Meet Your Teacher

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Colin Stuckert

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Writer


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1. Intro to Simple Living: Welcome to the course, how to live a simple life and why you should want to. My name is calms Tucker and I'm the founder and CEO of wild foods CO I blog over at colonic coach and I'm the host of The Better Human podcast. I'm obsessed with becoming a better human, living my best life, and then helping others do the same. So this course is all about how to keep things simple. In a world with unlimited complexity in a limited information coming at you on a daily basis. The thing that's going to get you to that winning place, that's gonna get you the most results I gotta get, going to get you happy and content and self actualized is actually doing the opposite of just embracing the mountain of information is coming at you. You can't ever hope to take it all in. So you have to create rules and have some principles for how you're gonna live your life, what information you're gonna let in. And you're gonna have to take control of your environment. Because if you don't, your environment will control you. And you've been paying attention to anything that's going on with big tech and how basically you are the product when the product is free. That means for the products and how they're monetizing your attention. We see that taking control and having principles for our life is more important than ever. So that some big nefarious corporation or advertisers or whatever, isn't taking advantage of your intention and manipulating your mind in ways that maybe you don't even realize it's going on. Throughout the years, philosophers have talked about it living a simple life, but we're not suggesting you have to go in to a monastery and live like a monk. You can actually cultivate a simple, focused, deep life by following some principles that we're talking about today to do more of the things that matter into, block out so much of the noise that is constantly trying to get into your eyes and ears. So the purpose of the course is to help you make better decisions. Build principles that will translate to daily heuristics that make it easy to filter information, to block out information, and to not get sucked into things that just aren't part of your life plan. And we're gonna cover some of the benefits of living a simple life so I can get excited about doing this. So you can start changing your mindset to doing that. And then I'm gonna give you some actual tips for how to live a simpler life. Keeping in mind, of course, that these, this is not an exhaustive list. The things that you might need to do in your life based on your situation and the people around you and what you're currently doing, and how far along you are, et cetera, are gonna be completely different than mine. But I can tell you right now, if you're living in a modern world, you're watching this through a device. You're already being attacked on a daily basis with advertisements and emails and notifications and this and that, and people that want to leave negative comments and then they want this from you. They're trying to sell you something. It's never ending. There's an onslaught and there's a battle for your attention. And if you don't take control over where you direct your attention, you might end up spending it on things that don't really matter. And then at the end your life and look back and say, hmm, I didn't really do what I wanted to do or could have done. Instead, it got pulled into a bunch of different directions because I didn't take control over my life. And that's not something that I want for you or anybody else. 2. Remove Complexity and Focus: So like I said, the first part of the course going to be about the benefits of living a simple life. Because if you don't really understand why you'd want to and get really excited about wanting to, then you're not gonna do anything, right? So I need to really sell you on the idea of keeping things simple so that you won't make daily decisions and constantly keep in your mind as something that you want to focus on. Alright, the first thing is we have removed complexity by merit of just keeping your life simple and not taking in too much randomness. And you don't need to pull on every thread where every little thing that might spark your attention. You keep your life simple. You remove complexity, you have clarity, you can make better decisions and it just becomes that much easier to know what matters and what doesn't. Now this is definitely a skill, right? Because like I said, technology is out to monetize our attention and it actually does. It's best if you're on Facebook or Instagram or entities. It does its best when it's just keeping you mindlessly scrolling through content and like looking at things and whatever. The longer and keep it on the platform, the more it can sell your data to advertisers, sell your attention to advertisers. So by eliminating that, you reduce the amount of options that are coming at you in everything else becomes clearer and easier to focus on. You really get to spend the time and your attention on the things that matter. And that's really the ultimate selling point of living a simple life. Spend your time on the things that matter by first removing a lot of things that don't matter. And then what are you left with? Well, your tension's gotta go somewhere. It's going to naturally default to the things that matter. It's really an amazing thing. 3. Eliminate the Drama: To you eliminate so much of the drama in your life. It's insane. When you focus on civil life. People that are complex and gossip laden and drama attracting, They just don't appeal to you anymore and it becomes easier to filter them or keep them out of your life completely. And now if you have people like this in your life right now, you've got to find ways to mitigate it. You just have to, you can't give your life in your future and your mental sanity. And even the way you think over to people just because that's what they do. Like you're under no obligation whatsoever to do that. Keeping it simple life by focusing on people that are simple in their own way, that focus on their own things that don't get engaged and nonsense. The more you do that, the more you cultivate that, the easier it will be to maintain and the more you'll attract the people that are aligned with your values and the more you repel the people who aren't. 4. Remove self-conflict: Three, you eliminate self conflict. Most of it anyways, when you're not getting pulled into complexity and other people's drama, you're not spend as much time comparing yourself to others because you're not spending time watching other people live their lives on mine. You're doing your own thing, you're living your own life. What you do is you can remove that comparison muscle. That comparison muscle that is always like, oh, they got that they're doing that. Is that what like why not me? My life is this, my life is that they're traveling around the world posting amazing pictures and I'm here working and it's raining outside, like poor me. The more you can eliminate that, the more you can eliminate even from your purview, much to stop looking at it and stop thinking it last year, fall into that comparison trap. And trust me, the comparison trap is probably the simplest, fastest way to remove your happiness. No matter what you're doing in your life, no matter how amazing your life actually is, which I can promise you right now you have your health and your watching this in your free time to do that, your life is brilliant, amazing, just as what it is. It might not be perfect. And if you compare it other people, it might seem like it's not as great or whatever, but you don't know what's going on other people's lives. So just don't even spend time with it. It's a waste of time. All it does is sap your happiness by removing so much with the other noise and options and people and things, you just limit what you're even focused on, what's even you're allowing into your mind. And you remove a lot of the negative side effects that come from just letting information come at you. And as a result, you remove a lot of self conflict. Self conflict is this beating yourself up all the time, comparing yourself, contrasting, like I should have done this, I should add that that can be useful. Time's gonna be motivating and we need to stay on top of ourselves and we need to have goals. Yes, I agree with all that. But the way we go about it most of the time, the toxicity of it and how we beat ourselves up and how we don't reward ourselves or compliment ourselves. We're not gracious to ourselves enough. We're usually just harden ourselves. Living a simple life helps remove a lot of that. 5. Attract more of what you want: What's great about living a simple life is like we talked about a focus on things that matter. The more you focus on the things that matter, the more they are strengthened and the more you get out of, and the more benefits and the more opportunities you give yourself around the things that matter. Like, I cannot state this any more clearly and plainly. This is the greatest benefit to living a simple life and why you should want to, because you get to go deep into things that really matter. And what's amazing about this, and what's why this course is that almost a hidden way to be successful is because a simple life in a world that has abundant information, in abundant distraction, It's also the path towards a successful life. A deep, successful, compound interests based approach to your work, your relationships, what you let into your mind, how you think, etcetera is the winning path in the 21st century. 6. Compound results: Finally, to wrap up the benefit section, there's actually a lot more benefits here, but I need to keep the core semi shorter. Could go on and on and on, is you get a benefit from compound interest. So the greatest things in life come from deep, meaningful investment of time and energy. Think about your best relationships. You met someone and you've talked to them every so often there a casual acquaintance, compare that to your best friend or your childhood friend that you've been talking to for years. The difference in satisfaction and enjoyment, happiness you derive from those two different relationships is night and day. That's obvious. Other ways that compound interests, which is focusing on something showing up, staying consistent for years on end, whether that's your investments, you want to become Warren Buffett is gonna take 36 years, right? You want to become really, really world-class of what you're doing. You're professional video editing art, whatever. You have to do it for years on end and keep investing time and energy. And then you become amazing. And not only does your art rewards you, your world-class, you, you get the high ticket dollar. But you also enjoy what you're doing than most because you get so much satisfaction and doing the work itself. All the things that matter in life come from compounding. A simple life is your sure-fire way to get as much compound in, in your life as possible. 7. How To and Step 1 Social Media: Okay, now for some actual tips for how to live a simple life, we talked about the benefits of why you want to live a simple life. Let's talk about some tangible strategies that use are implementing today. Keep in mind, this is going to be a process, is not going to happen overnight, but a little bit every single day over time. Again, compounding can be amazing. Imagine if you improve yourself 1% a day over a year. That's an over threefold improvement. 300 plus percent improvement. If you're improving self just 1% a day. And then imagine over two years, three years, or five years. That's how you become a different person. Small daily actions. So keep that in mind. Alright, and the first one we got today is we got reduce or eliminate social media use. If you're going to use social media, you have to use it in a way that's conducive to your goals and that mitigates the negative effects that you might not want. Most people aren't even aware of the negative effects of social media. And so they just jump on the app and use it blindly and they pay no attention to what affects having undermined. They pay no attention to how they're using it. Don't do that. There's tons of articles written about this. There's tons of strategies. There's things like news feed blocker, do things like on Instagram for example, I post Instagram daily, which can actually follow me, but I don't go in the feed. I don't want to scroll and look at what other people are posting because I get sucked into things and that can lead to comments and negative just back in force. And that's not how I want to use the app or any social media. I've actually done my best to opt out of the flame wars in the discussions online because they're not productive and they set my mental energy even with Twitter, which is something that I've come to recently that I've never really appreciated. It's amazing tool that can be very dangerous. And it's probably one of the most toxic places in the world if you use it a certain way, I've decided that I'm not looking at dimensions and I'm not going into areas where I can comment back to pico people. So I'm just basically posting and commenting and I might miss out some value and some conversations, but I'm also missing out on the heated debates that are so prevalent there. So I have a strategy for Twitter, I have strategy for Instagram and then for Facebook. I just don't even use it because I can't stand it. 8. Toxic people and ideas: Second most important thing to living a simple life they can start today is you have to eliminate the tax people from your life. This could be a course itself. Strategies for doing this are tough. I mean, you know, it is one of those things. You either make the decision that life is too short and you're not going to waste your time on it, you're not going to be part of it or you don't. And if you have people in your life, maybe they're the party friends and they get they get you in trouble, right. So it maybe you just don't go out Friday night with him. Maybe there are the people you can only get dinner with or lunch on a Wednesday, for example, if it's your family and you know that every dinner, it's gonna turn into politics. And then you make sure you scarf down your meal so that you can leave the room the second that happens, don't have an opinion. Don't talk about it, don't engage, don't respond. There are strategies here. Now when I say eliminate toxic people from my, from your life, you know, the most obvious ones that are really toxic and pulling it down, yeah, you should get rid of that. There's no reason to waste your time with people like that. But the rest where they might have toxic tendencies. You can change the subject, you can leave the room. You can mitigate ET behavior by scheduling things differently than you would've. There are strategies for doing this. You have to figure out what that's gonna look like for you. 9. Your daily routine: Three, the fastest way to create simple life is to build a solid daily routine. This should include a morning routine or work routine. Basic fitness like getting outside, maybe even our day routine. I like to do a daily walk and I listen to audio books and I think and then I like to get in the gym every single day. And then I have my morning work routine where I get up and I'm basically out of house and to a coffee shop and I'm working. And then I have my deep work routine where my phone is off, nobody can bother me. And then I have bedtime routine with the kids, et cetera. The more that you can build a routine instinct to every day you know what to expect. And the last time you have for all the distraction and nonsense. 10. The comparison muscle: Number five, we skip over real quick because that is just stay healthy. And you don't wanna just talk about that on here. So I won't even offer any suggestions, but you know how to do it. We've got the next one, number five, we got stop comparing, comparing. Let's see here. Stop comparing. Yes, stop comparing. So your comparison muscle will stay strong as long as you flex it. Let it atrophy, which basically means let it waste away and die. The more you spend time watching other people live their lives, the more you're going to compare their life to your life. And guess what, what they're putting on internet is fake. It might be real in some parts, but it's always Polish romantic period and it's not a basis for a reality. And a lot of people that look like they have glamorous lives online are actually miserable or they have their own problems or whatever. Don't flex the comparison muscle, let it atrophy and eventually it will go poof, gone. 11. Stop buying stuff: This one is interesting because we all have to buy stuff, I get it. But you really want to stop buying stuff as much as possible. You just don't need probably most of stuff that you buy. So get better at spending your money on only things that matter. Stop window shopping, Stop. I mean, you know, you're not falling pop culture, you're not paying attention. You're going to want to spend less of the money that those worlds promote. You're gonna care less about designer stuff. Having a new shoes, like whatever. It's just going to not even be in your purview the more you build a simple life. So that's one of those benefits to this. It becomes easier to spend less, the more your life becomes simple. But if you are caught up in consumerism where you have friends that are always out like trying to spend money and they want to buy nice things and persons then what you go shopping, you gotta find a way to mitigate that. And yet to find out what that strategy looks like for you can't give you advice on that. I would just recommend though, stop spending so much of your energy buying stuff. It's a false pursuit. It's hollow. 12. Sell Sell Sell!!!: Now on the physical end to simplify your life, go in your house, find anything of value, and sell it. Facebook marketplace, eBay. There's like some other marks and stuff on line. It's amazing what you can sell nowadays. I sold a bunch of lenses that were sitting out here as prompts that I was even using anymore for thousands of dollars. They would have sat there and they would have lost a little bit more each year. And I would have gotten no money for them. Instead, I sold them and I got thousands of dollars that I then use to buy some assets. That's gonna make me wealthy or over the long run, get rid of as much crapping environment cells much as you can. And then combine this with the last tip, stop spending. And you'll have a simpler, more minimalistic approach to your life. And you'll be so much happier. It, it's amazing when you, every time you sell something, it's like this little weight off your mind. It's incredible. I can't recommend it enough. 13. Celebrities and gossip is a complete waste of time: So next up, ignore celebrities. In pop culture. There is no benefit to knowing what's going on in the gossip magazines or who's marrying who, or what somebody said, What? Celebrities are people. Most of them are just really good at being famous or a specific skill. It most of them do not have interesting things to say. I mean, some do. Sure, and some are successful and they've earned it and whatever, like I get that. But for the most part, this hero worship run celebrities. So backwards. It also makes you compare your life. Hero worship itself, I don't think is good for anybody. It makes you feel inferior, and it's just an utter waste of time that brings no tangible value to your life, nor does it bring anything that you can use. Like at least if you are reading fiction and you're reading books, there's a lot of benefits that come from reading. But watching celebrities do and say things and like worshipping them brings, you know, value. There's no way you can benefit from that in the future. So just stop. It's a waste of time. 14. Focus on First Principles: And then finally we close out, focus on principles, right? So by simplifying things, you have to go down to the core principles. You eliminate so much the noise by focusing on the principles. But when you get down to the things that you know for sure, you become a better decision-maker. You can reason by first principles the way Elon Musk suggests rather than by analogy, which is basically just doing that other people do. So you become an independent thinker, a critical thinker. And there's just massive benefit to be had in breakthroughs in ideas and your thoughts when you eliminate so much of the noise and so much the other things that have been dunked up in your brain from society itself. So focus on principles. Focus on this is what I know for sure. This is what I want to accomplish. And then how do I get to where I want to go? Instead of getting pulled into what was me, victim mentality and other ideas like that that are just noise or just distraction from what do you know and where do you wanna go? It just is a better way to live life into plan your future. 15. Conclusion - Time to act: There haven't short course on how to live a simple life and why you should want to. I hope that you've seen the benefit in living life this way. And even if you don't live like a monk or you become a pure minimalists with one sofa and two forks. You don't have to go to that extreme to get massive benefit at a continually simplifying your life. Because the environment that you live in is extremely complex. There's always more and more this, that whatever, there's always something new going on. There's always some new thing that some company wants you to buy that you supposedly need. There's always some new drama going on. When you eliminate so much of that. You create openness in your brain, in your life. In that openness can be replaced with gratitude and positivity and happiness and just great things. And then you get the benefit of compounding by focusing on a few things that really matter. You get more life satisfaction and you get more tangible results and success. By doing so, I'm calling to look at the raw CEO, and I will see you in the next one.