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How To Leverage PLR To Grow Your Online Business

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Leverage PLR To Grow Your Online Business

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About This Class

A great thing about having an online business leaves you with many opportunities to get things done for you, and that's where PLR comes on. PLR stands for private label rights and allows you to purchase a product and then use it however you like.

In this short, simple, and straight-to-the-point course, I'm going to walk you through 7 ways to leverage PLR so that you can not only make more sales, but also free up your time. Sounds interesting? Then go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is James. Cancel and welcome to my course where I'm going to show you how to leverage pl are to grow your online business. Now this course is extremely straight to the point. There is no fluff whatsoever. And what I'm going to do is walk you through, literally list my list, I said, My step entry these seven ways that you can use pl r to grow your online business. Now, if you're not sure what Pilar is, that's basically private label writes for someone will go out and create a product for you . It allows the leverage that in many ways, which I'm going to show you that you're probably missing out on. I mean, think about it. It's a done for you product, and usually it's gonna be very cheap. $7.10 dollars or something. It's high quality. You get a lot more than just the product. So if you've been missing out when it comes to using Pilar to grow your online business, go ahead and roll. Right now, when you look forward to seeing you on the other side, 2. How To Leverage PLR To Grow Your Online Business: Hayes, James Cans and L. A. And welcome to my course. How to leverage pl are to grow your online business. So just in case you don't know what PL are is stands for private label rights. And what happens with that is usually if someone has gone out and completely done a full product for you, where you can go out there and depending on the license that you get, it's different with every product. But most of the time you can use that to sell the other people. You can use that however you want. You can give it away. You can do a lot of great things with that because of it. It's basically a done for you product. A lot of people don't realize the power NPL are because you could do a lot of great things with that for the fact that it's already done and it's usually pretty high quality. You don't have to go out there and outsource someone to do it and spend, I don't know, hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. So with that being said, that's Pilar, and in this course it's gonna be very basic overview. I'm gonna list the ways you can use it to leverage it and grow your online business. And then I'm going to explain a little deeper in depth. Hi, can, um, you know further go about doing it. So with that being said, let's move on to number one. So how to leverage pl ire? So the 1st 1 is to sell. It is a product. This is probably one of the more obvious ones, but it's very simple to do. Okay, now think about it. Let's pretend that there's appeal our product about how to set up a Facebook advertising and get leads. Usually, what happens is not only do you get the e book, but a lot of times they'll give you may be a lead magnet, an email Siri's and also give you the sales letter. Now a little bit of a warning. Here. The sales letters air usually horrible caves, so aside from that, you're gonna have to edit it up a little. I have seen some that aren't too bad. For the most part, though, they're usually just thrown together really quick, and it's better than having nothing's. At least it gives you a template. Okay, depending on how much content in there. How valuable is so on and so forth will usually give you a recommend that price point recon sell it as is you know you got to do is basically upload it, you know, put the files in and create some of a better sales letter. It's a really great way where if you already have an audience, you can go ahead and sell a product. The first product I ever sold was pl are, but I read it a little. I had results with a specific, you know, doing a I guess you could see a system, so I put that in there. I edited some stuff out, and that's how I created my first product, all right, it was so much easier than going out, especially the first time trying to do it on my own. But that's why I had to put this is number one selling it as a product. Very powerful way to do that. I know for a lot of people that's usually e very time consuming or they don't know what to do. But go ahead, try that out. He could make some good money just having someone else created and sell it yourself. So that's number one number to use it as a bonus. And there's many great ways to do this. For example, universal the CPI a product. There was plenty of CPI and affiliate marketing bonuses. I would use thes basically as a bonus so that you would build up the value a little more so if they thought they were just getting the front end that well. They were getting that and they were getting a lot of unknowns. Bonuses. I feel that always really helped, just in case they wanted to maybe use paper, click somewhere else. And aside from that anytime, oh, doing affiliate promo had always used bonuses. And let me tell you, there's so many people are out there, especially in the make money online, online business nature, where plenty of updated ones that always coming out on the great part about it is that they're very, very cheap. OK, JV zoo is a great spot to look. There's always new pl are coming out there to do you like 7 to $10 for a full product. It's crazy, all right? Just think if you had the outsource that had cost hundreds of dollars, maybe $1000 to slow the version is, but either way use it as a bonus is pulling of great ways to do that. If you're looking for pl are just searching Google, whatever your niches and BLR or even MRR, which is master resell rights. You usually get a much in a wider variety of things to do when it comes to MMR, so that's using it as a bonus. Okay, next is using it for Block Post. This is a really great ones. If you think about it. If the content used for creating a product obviously is gonna be that good, then it's really gonna be an awesome block post. Okay, there's a lot of different ways to do block posts. You can do frequently asked questions. You could do stories you can do how ITU's you can stir the pot. Either way, this this whatever appeal are you have is going to be able to accomplish a lot of different block posts. I know a lot of people have trouble when it comes to coming up with content. Whether before a product that could be a block post, it could be anything, and this is definitely going to solve that problem. So if there's a specific step, let's say the once again the Pilar was about how to use Facebook advertising. You could literally just cut out the part where you run a Facebook ad okay, and use that as a block post. It's like Here's the three step guide to setting up your Facebook ad campaign just like that and you would be done. Not too bad, right? So if you're a hefty blogger and you do a lot of blogging than great way to use, PL are okay not to see, you can use it for videos as well. Same thing Number four. Use it as an email, Siri's. And believe it or not, there's actually pl are out there that is basically set up for doing email. Siri's okay. It will come as an auto responder form where you'll probably get it in no pad. Where will be email, one email to any email, three in before and so on and so forth where it's literally a campaign designed for using in your email. Now it's not always going to be like that, but once again, if you want to put some content into your emails. Basically, what you're gonna want to do is very similar to a block post. OK, so you could do. Let's say once again you're trying to set up an ad campaign that was going to be the content for emails, so the 1st 1 would be maybe a little bit of it. You don't want to give it all away, Okay? Especially if you're going to be selling a product on that. Give a few tips next, email. Once again, give a few tips in the next one could be like a pitch for your Facebook product for the full product. Okay, so that way could actually lead up to the cell. You'd be pretty selling them, building some high buildings and buzz building. Some want to be able to do that and accomplish the final results. So that's the same thing with using it for an email. Siri's. I highly recommend that. Okay, Number five. We has used it for social media, and this is great because with Pilar, you're getting a lot of content rights. Not just gonna be like a five page thing. If it's a full blown product, like I've had some that were around 100 pages, maybe a little less. Okay, maybe a little more, depending on what it was. But that's a lot of great content that you can literally take some golden nuggets used for Facebook. And when it comes to Facebook, very similar to a block post you see nowadays, a lot of people will do post that are like how twos or guides or blueprints just so they can get a bigger reach. I don't know, maybe create goodwill. Whatever they want to do with it. Maybe they want to get clients. But either way, another great way to do that. If you're big on social media, especially Facebook, all right, if you're using Twitter and you can only use a certain amount of characters giving a blueprint about how to set up the Facebook ad account isn't gonna work. That works is not enough for whom. Okay, so that's using it for social media. Like I said, it's mostly copy. Paste could always go in and edit it yourself, where it's more of your type of language or type of talk. Everyone has their own, I guess so. To speak, type of, you know when they're on camera when they're typing. It's pretty simple, unless you sound like one of those robots where you get an email from someone and it sounds like everyone else, which usually isn't a good thing. But either way, edited up. Use it for social media. Definitely a great perk of Pilar. Okay, six. Use it for a lead magnet, right? This is great, because lead magnets can be a little tricky in the beginning. And you always looking to get the best lead magnets so you can cut down your cost or increase your conversion. So I've actually seen pl are where they give you a ton of lead magnets where you can actually just by one package and get, I don't know, like, 10 of them just for example, right? Or you could buy a few pl ours, but this is basically giving it away as a freebie. Okay, Could be maybe, ah, chief, she could be the full product. That's another great thing with a lot of Pilar's. For example, let's say you get the e book, you get the cheat sheet, which is like just a few steps get like cliff notes I guess you could say you get like, the pdf download. You get a few other things so you don't have to use the full 100 pages report as ah is an e book. I've noticed those don't work as well in the first place. So you could literally described the cici for that and then use that as your lead magnet, which is pretty cool. So that's another great idea. Lead magnet. You don't even have to create it. Go ahead and buy it used, and you can give it away for free, Okay. As your lead man. Or maybe just want to give it away for free, for the heck of it. Maybe you want to use it as to pre sell something much bigger. Maybe you wanna put affiliate links in it. Okay. And you could do that for all of the other ones. Okay. Use it as a bonus. Maybe there's some affiliate links in there if you want to use it as a block post. Okay, Maybe you want to put an affiliate link in there. If you want to use as an email stories once again, maybe you want to put an affiliate link in there or less, but at least same with social media. Maybe you want to put an affiliate link in there for something that's a much bigger product . Okay, that wouldn't be a big deal for, like, here's how to set up Facebook ads. And hey, by the way, there's this Facebook ads masterclass coming out. We're not only is it going to show you how to create, you know, Facebook ads actually had to do for e conference. See p A for affiliate marketing recon use video. Okay, Can do paper, post pay, post engagement. You can use all these different ways of doing it. It's gonna walk you through case studies about how people are in 50,000. Whatever. Okay, so that's another great one. And last but not least, this is a really cool one used for membership site. All right, this could be similar to an email. Siris of this can actually be a flat out membership. Okay? Whether you're actually using the Pilar is content or pl are toe literally sell to someone else where you might need master resell rights, depending on the license that you get. You always gonna check out. But for example, for a membership site. What you can do is drip feed in email, Siri's, and that's going to be content like every 30 days. You're going to say, like eight. It's gonna be out. Be about. Here's how you can grow your business online. It's gonna be stuff. Let it that are anything Facebook related. Anything social media related, and what you do is basically drip feed content every 30 days. So, like I said, it could be also for someone who's looking to buy Pilar themselves. So that's a rule equal way of doing this. Where Let's say you buy some master resell rights of appeal are all related to make money online, and you sell a membership for giving away. These pl are products of people can use them how they want, all right, so every month you would give them a new one. Okay, you can do this in auto responder. The first day they would get a new pl our product taken cell using social media and so on so forth. 30 days later, another email comes out. Same thing would happen where they can use that to sell it. They can use it as the bonus they confer block post once again 30 days later happens again , and that basically goes out until they cancel. Okay, Oregon set it up the traditional way. Use like wish list member. You can use member mouse click funnels any of those that has a membership, say analogy to drip. Feed the content. So once they basically get it, they just wait 30 days. You get paid 30 days, you get paid and so on and so forth. So that's last. But at least it's gonna take a little bit more time. But the effort is definitely worth it. That's using as a membership. Say you literally have all the content done for you. You set it up all you got to do a send traffic and create a sales letter. But sometimes they had that for you. And, like I said, Shuji, not that great, right? So those are the seven great ways to leverage Pilar to grow your online business, walking you through them one more time. Selling is a product. Use it as a bonus. Use it for block post. Use it for an email. Siri's use it for social media used for a lead magnet and last but not least used for a membership site. And that concludes the course. If you like to go ahead and give it a thumbs up, I greatly appreciate it. That being said, I am James Kansan, Ella, thank you for taking my course and I'll talk to you soon.