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How To Launch A Product Successfully

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Meet & Greet

    • 2. The No. 1 Factor That Will Have The Biggest Impact Of Your Launch

    • 3. Promise You Won’t Approach Affiliates Like This…

    • 4. Three Things Super Affiliates Care About

    • 5. How To Identify Potential Affiliates For Your Upcoming Launch

    • 6. The Art Of Not Blowing The First Message

    • 7. How To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product

    • 8. Introduction To Section No. 2

    • 9. This Is Not A Sales Funnel!

    • 10. Here’s How A Converting Product Launch Funnel Is Structured

    • 11. How To Legally Spy On Your Competitors

    • 12. Proven Commission Structures

    • 13. Don’t Forget About Your Product Backend

    • 14. Introduction To Section No. 3

    • 15. How To Harness The Power Of Launch Announcements

    • 16. Why You Must Test Your Funnel

    • 17. Why You Should Not Approve Every Affiliate

    • 18. Take Your Launch To The Next Level With One Big Player On Board

    • 19. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Are you thinking to launch a product and don’t know where to start? 

Or maybe you launched a product already and were not happy with the results, because affiliates preferred promoting the products of your competitors? 

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘YES’, then you are in the right place at the right time! 

Learn How To Take The Best Seats In The House & Master The Art Of Launching Products Successfully:

  • Proven & tested system to attract affiliates
  • How to craft a profitable and converting product launch funnel
  • How to give your product the exposure it deserves

In this course, you’ll learn the art of launching products and recruiting high profile affiliates to promote it.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be equipped with a step-by-step blueprint to turn any product launch into your next success story!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Meet & Greet : Hey there, Patrick Urine. I like to welcome you on behalf of my partners, Sandra Kiss to a brand you training called Product Launch Boot camp. In this course, you learned the foundations of launching a product. No matter what nature in will cover everything you need to know to make your launch a big hit. In particular, I'll introduce you to the art of attracting inflates building, launch funnels, getting launch partners, executing your launch and so much more. Lots of cool stuff is waiting for you. So stay with me and I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. The No. 1 Factor That Will Have The Biggest Impact Of Your Launch: Here's the question I get asked every often what defines the success off a product launch? Well, here's the thing. The number one key factor that will determine whether your product launch will be a big hit or a big fail is the number and quality of fully. It's promoting your product. So JB traffic filet traffic is the highest quality traffic you can get, but you have to do is convincing big list owners to send promotional broadcasts to their loyal following. This is really what you have to focus on, getting people to mail their femaleness about your new product, and we're not looking for a small list owners here. We want to get the big fish guys for thousands and tens of thousands of subscribers. So getting affiliates and Gov. Partners has to be the primary focus off your work on launch preparation. Nothing else kind of matters. You have to get full leads NGV partners to promote your product. Obviously, there are a few other things that matter, but these things are closely tied to this one big goal getting if a lead partners getting JV partners. So now that we answered the focusing question, let's talk about how to identify big list owners, how to find them and how to get them to send promotional announcements about your product. 3. Promise You Won’t Approach Affiliates Like This…: I think it will not surprise if it telly that most product launches failed. The big question is, why do they fail? Well, I've seen a lot of product launches in my life, and in my opinion, there's only kind of one reason that has the biggest impact on the product launch. And that is how you approach if Pilate how you approach JB partners. So let's say I was launching a product in the Facebook marketing space in eight week Coaching program group coaching program on Facebook marketing. And I want to get big players in the market to mail to their lists to give my product more exposure. Right? So here's something you absolutely shouldn't do, and this is really what kind of everybody does. And I'm getting these messages very, very often, since we also have a certain region, our email lists and on you than me, and it is really a terrible mistake. So let's say I want to get franker in the big mortgage. Her in the Internet marketing industry that do this terrific is responsible for the biggest product launches in the history, and I wanted to get him to promote my product so Let's say I would dry them that message. Hey, Frank, how are you doing? I'm launching a new course and Facebook marketing next week. What, You'd like to promote it? Let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you a review Copy. Cheers, Patrick. Now you can't be 99.99% sure that in case Frank Kern would even read that email, he would just lead it and think like whether retard the thing is big guys with big reach who gained a certain level of popularity get pitched, they in and day out right frame probably gets 50 or maybe 100 even like these per day. Right? People are launching products. They need the full leads. And then the approach. Big guys, that's our the That's kind of not a big secret, right, But he do it the wrong way. You cannot approach a big guy like that. I mean, look in the entered marketing space there. Probably millions of offers that he could promote right. He also has lots of partners. He's part of certain circles where people are across promoting each other's product. So why the hell should you promote the product of a stranger and also these marketers. Big marketers like him. They planned their launches. Wayne Advance. He knows exactly what he will promote four months later down the road, and now I'm asking him to promote my product in the week. Even though he's, like, kind of booked out four months in advance, it just would never work. So he has no reason Teoh promote my product. He has absolutely no reason why he should even care about supporting my product launch. And also, even if you wanted you probably he will say, like a Patrick, your product is great Bet Sorry. If you were long to product in, like half a year, that's next respond. I have sorry, all the best, Frank, right? So really, don't do that mistake. That's not the way to get the Phillies and something many people do. I didn't believe it that now that we got in there thousands of students on you than me, we get that kind of emails every day, mostly with some nice sentence, like, Hey, I took you cores, great training. And by the way, here's what I need from Please don't do that right. So this is the number one mistake I wanted to make you aware off. And while the you part of this training, not only to avoid making that mistake but also to learn how to get JV partners and big inflates to promote your product. 4. Three Things Super Affiliates Care About : Here's the thing. If you want to get big if leads, you have to give them what they want, right? Nothing else matters. You have to give them what they want and to do that have to understand what their needs, what their desires are and what they really care about. So here's the thing. You know, big. If a leads are not looking for a new friends, this is a common misconception. Big if a Leeds or big list owners. Big baby partners. They are successful entrepreneurs. They have big list. They're working lot. They starting partnerships, the working you pro Jax. So all they want to do is just grow their business and then spend the free time than they have with their friends and the family. So they really don't need new friends. I'm not saying they're horrible people. They really just have no time for new friendships. But still, they're business people. Their business are rented, and there are three key factors that will determine whether a big affiliate will decide to promote your product or not. There really just three things that matter. Foreign affiliate. The first and probably most important factor is the so called E P C or earnings per click. Now kind of every big phthalate has an email list. It's his major acid and, you know, his biggest distribution channel. So if they have an email list, let's say with like 10,000 people, they want to make a smooch money as possible, right? So really Onley care about that. They earn as much money as possible from their list. So to do that, you have to have a profitable following plays. Improvement has to sales copy and all the other stuff. But really, from their perspective, they want to be sure that they get the most out of their email list. F leads our money driven. That's just a fact right there, enough to charity. They have a list with 10 20,000 people in the only one that's making a much money as possible from their list and something they really focus on. Is the earnings per click? So how much money do they make per click on average? So if they have to products in front of them and they can only male one, let's say, both of great products. But one hasn't e. P. C. And earning per click of $1 the other has $3 now. If they would be Mother Teresa, maybe they would mail the $1 product, but 99% they would just go like, OK, The $3 IPCC product will make me three times as much money as toe $1 a PC product. So you have to make sure that he have some data, a profitable funnel because really, what they care about is the E. P. C. They want to mail a proven and tested follower. They could be absolutely sure that it will just kind of make the money right. That's the first thing the second thing is to product. Now, if you make crap to your list, you can do it once. But if you do the second or 1/3 time, people will just jump off. And since an email list is the key assets of kind of every business or every if elite, you can be absolutely sure that they will protect it like Fort Knox, right? So if you treat your email list subscribers like your best friends, then you can profit from them over a long period of time. Even after a decade. But if you mail crap to them, if you try selling Crept products, they will just jump off unsubscribe and give you the finger because they will go like, Hey, Frank, what the hell Why are promoting crab to me? Bigot Feliz A. Really concerned about the viability of their email list so it can be damn sure that they will only promote high quality products or what you really have to focus on before you even start thinking about launching a product is having something that is valuable having a high quality product because, you know, they look at the IPCC off course, but they also know if they nail something that has a high E p. C, it will make them a lot of money. But it turns out that only the marketing was great, that the product was not so great. You know, over the long run, they will just lose money because people will jump off. They will unsubscribe from their list, right? So have a great product, and number three is they're always looking for new partnerships, so you have to present yourself to them like hate. If you support my proble cons. You can be damn sure that I will support your product launches as well. And by the way, I have a huge network of Felipe's, um, some of them that you probably don't even know yet. But I will just introduce you to them so I can help you increasing your network. I'm a new partner for you, right? So don't position yourselves being a person who is like a I have a product. Please mail it for me. No. Approach them like a partner. Approach them like a person who can add the tremendous amount of value by, you know, increasing the JV network off that fillied severally approached people like a new partner, not like they will promote your products. And then you will be gone. Give them the chance to support your product launch, and that will be the start of a partnership. Now again, the most important factor is certainly the IPCC right, because at the end of the they athletes want to make money. The second factor is the quality of the product, and the third factor is positioning yourself as a potential partner 5. How To Identify Potential Affiliates For Your Upcoming Launch : Okay. Great to let me show you how to find potential of the leads for your product launch. Go to your side called JV zoo dot com on JV zoo. Basically, all of the product launches in the insect marketing space are listed, and you also can see product launches in the past, right? Park launches that took place 2345 months ago. And this was one of the problems is here if you check out their database s CEO Smart links Pro by Mike Johnson. Well, on the JV page on JV Zoo, very often you find the final results based on the number of sales. Right? So here are the top eight guys who made up Thanh of Sales. Jeremy, Counsel Mark Olson is pretty famous, right? So check out the big conscious in your industry and see who are the guys who made it to the top of the leaderboard because of someone one of JV conscious. If you really made it to the top of the leader report, that means he probably has a huge list. So you don't want to reach out to the smaller official, want to reach out to the big guys going to make it to the top of the big launch. Those guys probably had to sound like hundreds of products within 24 to 48 hours. So this is the process to start recruiting affiliate start by analyzing start night researching who? The biggest players in the industry art. And it's super simple. Check of the previous product launches, for example, on JV Zoo. See who the people are, who made it to the top of the leaderboard of the really big launches and then just make a list off them, right? Obama worked. Recommend tax cheats something very simple. Or just take a pen and paper and write down the name the names of these guys here, right? So if I was so bad along toe Proton search engine optimization, I would definitely just right now with these guys and put them on my list because apparently those people here have the capacity to make a good amount of Sam. So that's the first step. Check out JV zoo check of the Prague conscious that took place in the past and try to find people who made it to the top of the leaderboard, then ride them down on the list 6. The Art Of Not Blowing The First Message: Okay, so I'm really excited about this lecture because I will show you the only right way to approach if elite and this is something virtually nobody deaths. And probably because of that, my approach is super effective. Let's say you want to get Alex Jeffreys to be your affiliate for an upcoming product launch . Right? Alex. Jeff Race is one of the biggest guys in the entered marketing spaces who can see him friends with him. And while getting Alex to promote the product a few that would be huge. The thing is, Alex gets approached by fully. It's dozens of times. Alex also has his own JB manager, who just basically handles all these messages. So getting Alex to promote your product is not easy. And well, because Alex is so famous. He also knows a lot of big guys right here, Alex Shefrin, for example, or probably one of the legends or the biggest legend in the Indus marketing space, J. Abraham. So he knows a lot of big guys. And if you were starting out and you approach someone like Alex and you ask him business related question, he gets wort right because he gets approached by people who are smaller, just starting out, asking him, begging him to promote their product, like really hundreds of times every date. And he doesn't respond to these questions because he goes like, Okay, another Deuce back who wants money for me? So here's the thing. You have to become friends with the person first. Prodi, probably you remember in the previous video, said, Those people don't care about new friends. They're busy enough. But what I mean by you have to become friends with that person that's approaching Alex in a very casual way, right? So forget about business. Forget that he's in the filleted. Forget about that. He can promote your product and probably Fisons House sends out an email blast to his list . It will result in, well, probably hundreds off off sales for again about it for a moment. What you have to do is approaching Alex and the casual way. So if I discovered Alex, let's say, Well, I don't know who. Yes, right. I just saw, um, he's He was on the top of the leaderboard. The first thing I would do is trying to find him on Facebook or Skype right on the social media platform. Or it could be also Twitter. But Facebook is great. Skype is also good, so this is really the first step. Don't try to send him an email because email are that's, you know, again, a little bit more official. Try to be casual, try to find the people who are on the top of leaderboards and, you know, different, different problem. Just try to find them on Facebook and then send them a message. So here's the big question. How should you approach Alex? Well, the first thing I like to do using a little bit of background research about these people, I want to see if they have kids. I want to see if they have, You know, if they like a certain sport. Um, you know, I I really like to use social media platforms to spy on them, literally spy on them and then just take notes if I see that Alex loves to do something where that he has Children, for example, or that he has been to Thailand for a vacation. Um, you know, I tried to collect as much information about this Private life is possible, and I do that with kind of everybody. Right. So this allows me to approach them as a friend in the casual away and also established some common ground because I was store talking of things that they already like. Right. So I will not talk about business. I will not talk about some random vacation location, though I will talk about Thailand because I know they've been there. I've seen the Facebook post. Or I will talk about the very specific boxing fight because, um, you know, Alex is totally into Mayweather, a boxing champion. I will ask him whether he saw the latest fight with him. Right. I hope you get approach to try to collect as much information as possible. And you're some proven messages that I like to send these messages worked. So, um Evan, for example, Evan Chia, um, I've seen that he wasn't only in tunes and Marie thing. You also did some music. So I sent him a very casual message, and you can you can really see the style isn't very formal. It's totally informal. It's as if I knew that person for ages. Evan, what's going on, man? How come you didn't tell me you're doing this and then I linked to eventually. And music is music page. Seems like there really seems like they're really big talents hiding on the very for him. Got something you might like Rock on, bro. Patrick. And also try to add some curiosity like great Samo Kamloops. So here are established some common ground. I approach him like a friend and you know, Then I opened the loop for talking about business later down the road or else in the Anthony. I actually found them on Skype. And I just add this short message, it can see all of them a short straight your point. You know what's cracking, Anthony? How is it going in Brighton? Because I saw his lives there, heard good things about you from a friend, latched yet and make some money. Rugen Patrick. So here again, they established some coming round to talked about Brighton and a Talese. I mentioned it and then here hurts him good things about you from a friend. Let's check. So this will make him Curries again. And you will think like, OK, what friend is he talking about? And that is actually the question that he asked when he responded like a doing Well, uh, wow, who's that friend? And then you have to be a little bit creative if that happens. Um, so ideally, you should mention the person he knows is well, he's friends with, ideally, a bigger person in the industry. And then you have again a topic to talk about. Then Alex. Geoffrey. Well, I did both on Skype and Facebook. That was the first message I sent him. Hate. What's cracking, Alex? How was life? Heard some good things about you from her friends. I thought I reached out to you. Did you see the World Cup? I have watch of finals with a bunch of guys from London and things got out of control. Talk soon, Patrick and then PS Congress on the picture with Heidi Klum. Bet you're damn proud. So I've seen that he's totally into soccer. So I just mentioned the World Cup. Um, I also saw that he likes to party a lot. So I said I was in London and thinks good, really out of control. Eso he thought like, Oh, great Patrick is like me is a party rock star. And then Heidi Klum did some mention name dropping here. He had a picture with her. I think it was on the Oscars, Something like that. And I just mentioned that. So I hope you get the point. You have to be a little bit creative here, but that is the first message message. You have to set that some crap like, Hey, Alex, how is your last product launch? I mean, what should you respond to that? A. I made six figures. Seven figures. How are you doing? Nobody response to these message. But the message is. But if you approach people like this, if you do a little bit of background research on their private life and really try to establish some common ground s, um, interesting question at keep it short and straight to the point, the response rate will be high. And here is something that can admit happens a couple of times 50% of the people who Okay, let's let's put it this way. 20% of the people that your approach will not respond, you know, maybe they don't care. They're too busy. But hey, it's a numbers game. If you approach 100 people from your list that you mate, and only half of them answers, and you get that's the only two big affiliates to promote. Your launches will have a huge impact, right? We're not trying to attract. Hundreds of affiliates were trying to get one or two big guys. That's the bare minimum. It's possible to try to approach as many people as possible. At the end of the day, one or two athletes will be there who will promote your launch. So don't try to approach only three people approach 100 people and out of these 100 we have to get to this. Will already have a big impact because all of those 100 people that we approach their huge they have huge lists, right? So we're not going for the smaller fish. We're going for the really big guys, and if you do it this way, your response rate will be high. So 20% will not respond. About 40% will respond. And then there's another 40 respond 40% that will not respond, but they will respond if you follow up with them. So I would wait some time. If you see there was no response then I would send them a very short casual for follow up message. And I did that with Alex, by the way, As I remember, he didn't, um, reply the first time he saw the message and kind of ignored me. And then I just sent him a short message after that because I thought, like, OK, maybe was busy. So we later and send him something like, Hey, Alex, what's going on? By the way, I have seen the latest Mary Merryweather boxing fight. What do you think about it? Jeers, Patrick. And they replied to that. So I tried to you, um, you know, catch up with them, follow up with them, and 40% will full up with E. On the second message, 40% will answer right away, and 20% will not answer it all. But that's a problem. So long story short. I tried to find the people that our potential a few leads for your product lunch. Approach them on Skype or on Facebook and approach him in the very casual way. Keep it short and straight to the point. Don't write long messages. Approach them like a friend and you a little bit of background research. Trust me, this approach is really great. It's actually, um, how I got a lot of affiliates, even though we had no proven track record back in the time in terms of product launches, and this was really great door open there for me. Actually learned this trick from a seven figure affiliate in Prague on Sky. That's how he started. So I really during it from him, and I tested it and really work. 7. How To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product: Okay, So what is the process after you send the first message? Well, it's a three step process. The 1st 1 is to chat with the police. Have responded a little bit, just the way you would talk to good friend again. Totally forget about business that they have the capacities to promote. To support your upcoming product launch. Just talk to them about different topics. Ask questions, but don't overdo it, right? So you want to talk to them a bit. Position yourself as a friend. That's only one that you or at least the person, is not interested in their business, brother. Private life really, really important. Then it's important how you finish the, um, the conversation like this first initial chat. The worst thing that can happen to you is that the athlete of the person that you contact it stops responding because you talk too much with him. So if you see that there response, we're getting shored or you know they're not. That's responsive, as they were in the beginning, that here's what you should do. Tell them. Okay, man. Gotta go meeting with a friend for drinks or whatever be the one who finishes the conversation. Whose ass? Goodbye again. The worst thing that can happen to you is if they stop responding, because then you have to follow up with them again. It will be a little bit like, Okay, you're begging them to promote your product launch. So chat with them for a bit. If you see they're not super responsive for, you know that it's not clicking. Then, um, kind of stop the conversation by telling him. Okay, I've got some more important stuff to do than talking with you or Hey, I have to go through a business meeting. That's always great. And, um, also, what's important during the first chant, they will ask you what you're doing now. If they ask you what you're doing, don't seem that question an opportunity to talk about your plans to go like, Oh, I'm launching a big product is four up sales and I'm giving you 100% of commissioner crossing terror funnel at Super Awesome and e p. Cesaire full $4. Don't do that. Undersell. Tell him out. You know, I'm in Internet marketing to, and they will go like no way is that yeah, you know, doing product launches and stuff. So you want to mention that you do something similar, that you can be a potential partner to them. You remembered as one of the three things they care about. But don't be like, Oh, here's something you might want. Okay, so this is really the most important, the most important or three mess important things to consider during the first chat. So chat with them very casually ask questions if you see they stop responding or they're not super responsive. Save Got to go to business meeting. And they ask you what you were doing under herself, mentioned that you're in the same industry that don't mention more. Then number two, Give them a break. Okay, so don't fill up with them the next they give them a break of 3 to 5 days, maybe a week. But don't wait too too long, because then they will totally forget about you. So wait for 3 to 5 days, maybe even the week and the number three reciprocate. Now you start talking business, so to get something you have to give first, that's my philosophy and that we have to think, How can you help him? How Can you help that inflate? What does he want? Well, what does he want? He wants to sell more products if he's in the filleted. If he's doing product launches, he needs some help with that. Everybody does. So what can you give him to make his launches a bigger success? And there were two things that I like to do. The 1st 1 is at testimonial, so use. Write him a message. After a weekend, you go like Heyman. I So you're launching a product in in three men's or in two months? Um, is the truth and he would go like, Yeah, I'll do that and working on it. And then you go like, oh, just I had a crazy idea. What if I provide the video testimonial for your product? Video testimonies, air really hard to get, and it's a big opportunity for you to help that a fully so if you offer him Teoh, review his product to give him a video testimonial, he'll be totally excited. He will go like OK, yeah, sure. L Central review copy of Off the product and with video testimonials. I really got a lot of big affiliates because I gave them a tremendous amount of value. Onda and they also know that video testimonial will increase their sales. Their conversion rates. Who they were really, really grateful. So, um, what's also important about the testimony? Don't do a casual one do really high quality professional video testimony Moon. You'll that will blow their mind will have to invest in little little bit of time and effort. But trust me, it's really pays off, because if you deliver a good video testimonial, then they will see. Okay, here's someone who delivers quality. I got a tremendous amount of value from them, so they will want to reciprocate later down the road. So you're basically giving them a reason to support your problems because you gave first if you ask them later to do something for you. When you launch a product, well, that's a consequence, right? And so you're opening the door for some value. They can add to your problems, but first you have Teoh support them, so video testimonies are always great, and the second thing I like to do is making a connection. So once you got to know a few people in the industry, here's what you should do Check if they know these people on Facebook on. Do you know the hardest part about product launches is getting to know new affiliates and it's the part of approaching another person, right? So it's really hard to get someone to respond to email or to your message. So what you can do is in so again you can provide the video testimonial. If you don't want to do that, you can just go for the connection part and then you don't do something like this. You send him a message and ask him Hey, man, I have seen your launching a product in three months. By the way, I got to the really great if elite in the CB market marketing space, his name, this volume Sousa, do you know him? And he will go like I know I don't know that time. And then you go like, OK, then, like, let me make an intro. Probably he can be a big help for your problems and maybe even promoted. So then you will be, like super excited, like you actually helped him to get in your filleted and they're willing. Sousa doesn't know the other guy. Well, he will be grateful to, because William is launching products as well. And he knows if he meets Alex Jeffreys, for example, that can be new partnership. So you're kind of the middle man. And, you know, the fully that you approach in the first place in this case is would be Alex. Alex would be like, Oh, God dammit. He does only added tremendous amount of value. He also seems to know a lot of big affiliates. So it's important that you don't don't connect, you know, a big affiliate with a small one. Try to see if there any big guys in industry that you know that they don't know and then just make a connection, Right? Um, asked both of them for their email. Or, you know, if you have both of them on Skype, just just open and you Skype chat or open the new Facebook group and then say like, Hey, how come that you guys don't know each other? Alex made William. William did a six year problem. Longe blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. William, meet Alex good friend of mine, and talk to each other. OK, so this is the process to recruit affiliates chap with them, give them a break and then see how you can reciprocate by supporting the launch and the two things you can do. You can even combine both being a video testimonial first and then making a connection, introducing them to another super affiliate. And when it comes to promoting supporting your product launch later down the road, there is something very easy you can do once you get the product together, went together of sales page, for example. Then, um, you can just send them a message and say like, hate. Um, Alex, By the way, it just got a quick question. Here's a sale speech that together for my product launch and is there anything you would do ? Different. So you ask them for advice and you don't tell them. Hey, have got to practice on. She asked them for advice about your upcoming problems. Really, really important what they will say in my experience that 50% of the times that will give you the advice and offer themselves to support your launch because they remember. Okay, I got the video to Somalia and he introduced me to you in the Philly that even ended up promoting my lunch. So trust me, 50% of the times they will promote your problems. They will actually even offer that. If they don't do it, don't ask them straight. If they want to promote your launch, ask them if they might know somebody who's willing to promote or to support your launch. Right. Andi, you could just again keep it casual like, Hey, I've got this product. You're crazy. Eight years or anything that you know who might be a good fit for for the launch. And very often they will say then two. Okay, I knew that person. But hey, I can also help you if I got a free spot in my mailing. This Just send me a review. Copy. If it's good, then I'll definitely promote it. Right. So this three step process is the door up opener for basic virtually anything. The only thing you have to do then once you really start working on your lunch is asking, asking them for advice on either they will offer you right way to support your lunch. If not, don't ask him. Hey, do you want to promote my lunch? No. Ask them if they know someone who might be a good fit for your product. And that's the magic for recruiting athletes. Trust me, it works. 8. Introduction To Section No. 2 : welcome to your section two of this training. In the following videos, you learn how to structure a launch funnel that will result in high E PC's high earnings per click, as we figured out before the primary concern of affiliates is how much money they will earn when they support your product launch. So let me show you how to craft a sale sequence that is attractive to fill eight. 9. This Is Not A Sales Funnel! : Let's talk about sales finals for a moment, sir. The kind of phone you see very often is this right? It can be even called the formal. Yet a lot of people do your product Launch that destructor this way. You just have one product, right? I like to call it the flagship product. So they have one product that the cell. And they expect F elites who send their buyers to that offer to the product and guess what they want. Do it. Why? Because three e p. Cesaire going to be horrible. I mean, usually you scored, like 50 cents to a dollar on earnings per click. If you just promote one product what those people are missing out on having a sales fall in place. Meaning not only selling one product, but multiple products with different price points. Starting with, like a $7 product all the way up to you have $5000 coaching program, right? So don't do that. That is not the sales funnel. You have to have a product launch phone. But again, this is not a sales funnel. You have to sell more than one product. And hey, let me show you how a sales phone is actually structured or with the different ways, or how you constructor as sales phone, especially if you don't have a product yet. They're also setting called cool options some JB options that they're waiting for you. So again, this is not a sales from I see that civil often. Then I really get pissed off because 95% of the problems has failed because of that, what you're seeing here, that lousy little product that you expect fully, it's to promote. It just will not work out. And don't get me wrong. When we started out center and I, we did just that. We haven't done bad because of progress. Break it. But still, once we start to think in terms of Okay, how can we build phones? How can we make sure that the affiliates don't see a 50 Cent EPC about like a $345 a PC? When we realize that when we start to build fouls, it was big game changer, right? Follows ruled the world of Internet marketing and if you have a really great sequence that's proven tested if you have some stats. If the PC is good. If the product is good, affiliates will jump aboard because you're just telling them, Hey, here's a phone that works. It's prove mints tested that has a $34 a PC promoted. And why shouldn't they promote that if you can score really high PC's than everything will change? But a PC's of 345 or sometimes even $10 are not realistic with with just one product with just one sounds page. So again, this is not a sales phone. In the next week, you will actually take a look at how destructor a phone, and there's really lots of cool stuff waiting for you. 10. Here’s How A Converting Product Launch Funnel Is Structured : in the previous lesson. We figured out that selling one product, it's not enough. Affiliates are looking for IPCC if it least $2. So here's how to meet their expectations. The first product you sell should be your flagship product. Your main offer. It can be an e book, the online course, or maybe from a piece of software. So after a customer purchases your products, you can see that he gets offered a whole bunch of other products. Those products are called up cells or one time offers. The big question is, what products should you offer in the up sales, right? What should you sell? That that? Well, here's the question that you should ask to find an answer. How can I help my customers to get towards their desert and results faster? So absolutes are nothing else than an extension off your flagship product Again, ask the question. How can they help my customer to get towards his dessert and result faster now, up cells can be anything software, a plug in group coaching program or a one the one coaching templates Webinar series, firm excess or maybe even case studies. Now let me give you an example of a funnel that we've built for a Prague lunch. Some time ago, we had a product on C p, a marketing called hypersonic Commissions. It was the trading with about 30 videos that explain how to drive PPV traffic to see P a offers. The first upset was a collection of 40 prove Mint has to landing pages that Absolute had a conversion rate of 40% because everybody who committed to master C P A marketing had to build landing pages. So the landing page templates speeded up the entire process of her customers. Absolute Number two was a webinar series, walking people through the process of scaling a converting campaign, and absolute number three was a higher ticket item group coaching program. Again, your capsules are an extension off your flagship product. Don't try to sell something you if you're flagship. Product is about how to generate traffic with Facebook at Don't try selling a product on YouTube ads, for example. Instead, think about how you can help you customers to get the results they want to see faster 11. How To Legally Spy On Your Competitors: Here's another great tip I have for you. If you aren't sure what products you should include in your launch, follow. Then you can go to your side called Munch i dot com. And well, on Monday I will talk about that side, actually later, About that side, you can find all the launches in the Internet marketing industry, for example, and alternative number of other industries. So on this website you could simply check out the big launches here and, for example, this one just Ra Samora. So try to find a product launch that's related to what you're actually planning, right? So if we take a look at this launch here by Josh, you see the DRI V page and if you click on the JV page most of the time you're seeing the entire launch fund, right? So on the juvie pain tree actually tried to attract the FA leads. And there's plenty of information about the product launch. So if you scroll down a little bit, you are seeing here like how the funnel is actually structured. So this is a software launch. Eso If I was doing its after launch codes, probably take a look at that one here. And, well, the AB cells he's having is different licenses, right to complete licenses and so on. Right? So Munch, I is a great resource. Check out products that are related to what you're actually planning, and then you can see how you competitors are structuring their funds. And if they're using a certain soft resting up sale or ah, planning page template or a group coaching that can really inspire you to put together your product launch in again, your competitors are the best case study in the world. If you take a look at the really big launches from from the guys making multiple six figures per launch, you can be sure that they do the stuff that works. So by spying on the biggest competitors in your niche market, you can just model your launch after what they're doing. It's what I always left you'd use if I'm not sure how I should structure launcher, you know, just generally with business decisions. I always like to analyze my competitors. So really trying to find the biggest launches in your industry related to your product and see how those people are structuring their launch funnels 12. Proven Commission Structures : Now it's really important that you have a decent commission structure, so it's really attractive. Tufa leads to promote your phone, and basically there are three commission structures that work really well, the 1st 1 rather intuitive, and you see that very, very often ISS offering 50% inflates across the entire funnel, so they earn 50% on the in the very first sale, the making also 50% on all the up sales that you are offering the 2nd 1 is. And that's actually my favorite, giving 100% on the first sale that they makes on the first broadly cell and then 50% on the up sounds. Now you might be thinking how gosh, that's 100%. It's quite a lot and giving the first product away for free. Well, don't forget that GV traffic is the highest quality traffic out there, and you're basically offering an additional incentive to phthalates to build your list for free. Right? So you're getting really high quality leads and you know, if you make all the money on the app sales and then on the back, and that's also totally fine, you will see with that model a lot more people will promote your product because that's pretty remarkable, right? 100% of the first sale. That's a model. You should probably go for now. Then there's another model. It's a little bit risky, but you see that also sometimes. And that is offering 100% across the entire funnel, sometimes even 300%. Um, Alex Jeffreys, in case you know that guy, he sting that very often. Well, 300% on the Internet phone. That's quite a lot. And you might be thinking, OK if I over 300%. That means accessed making, Ah, horrible deal because I'm I'm I'm not making profit. I'm kind of losing money with that product launch. Well, if you really have approved untested offer responder sequence and really strong beckoned templates will talk about the back and later then that those problems are not designed to make product on the front and or making any profit. Those launches are designed to get as many people as possible to mail to their lists so that you can get leads and convert them into higher ticket product. So if you have higher ticket items to sell, that's something you see very often, Um, primarily with a book launches. So sure recap. You have these three options basically 50% across the entire federal, which is the most common one. The 100% on the front and sail and then 50% on the up sales, which is great because they're just offering an additional incentive. Deflates to male, and you will see it will pay off. And the 3rd 1 is rather extreme. I don't recommended to go for that option right off the bats. If it's your first launch offering at least 100% on the tire funnel, well, do that only if you really have improvement test back. And if you know that those leads will convert into higher ticket items and that you just make all the profit with the backend. 13. Don’t Forget About Your Product Backend : and this lesson, I want to talk about something called the back end. So what is actually the back end and why is it so important now if you take a look at the product, launch any product launch. It consists of two parts. We've got the front end and we've got the back end. So the front end is actually the visible part of the product. Hunch. It's what, fully etc. It's what customers see right, so the front end is really important. However, the back end is kind of the invisible part off the product. Launch the back and is all about the products and services that you sell to your list to people who joined your email is because they purchased one or more off your front and products. Now, why is it so important to sell, you know, products and services to the back end? Well, just think about it. If you if a consumer purchase the product, especially if it's a product that it costs a little bit more, it's not the $7 E book. Maybe it wasn't $97 membership access where a $297 product that you sold him, so he actually committed right with a $7 product, not so much that was rather an impulse buy. But if you really decided to pay more than $100 for your product, well, that's something, right? So he's really excited about how his life will change. He's excited about his new product. I don't know what your product is about, right? Losing weight, fighting a girlfriend, getting divorced I don't know. You can be excited about anything getting more traffic, getting more Facebook fans. So if people want something, then you can make use of that. Because if you offer them a an opportunity to get towards their desired end goal faster, then they will pick up on this offer. And an easy way to do that is to sell products that will speed up the entire process in the back and that he or something you shouldn't do. And that is selling, you know, $7 e books. Bonus E books. To them, no go for the more expensive stuff, go for higher ticket items. Group Coach Ing's one. The one Coaching and Membership Special Forum access can be anything just more expensive stuff that also offers a tremendous of amount of value, but it just costs more than any book. Now, if you don't have your own products in place or something you can do, reach out to the biggest players in the market and ask them whether they have any higher ticket items that you could sell. You could ask him that they were willing to coach her customers and, well, they just get to keep have of the off the money, right so you can agree with them on the rapture deal and you you will be surprised how high the response rate will be now during the 1st 2 launches that we that we haven't actually even included a single back and product that we're kind of new to marketing, and we made all the money on the front and sales. But we haven't even heard about list building and, um, you know, monetizing analysts. So right after a customer purchased a a front end product, we kind of tooling door to mend, forgot about him. But then in the upcoming blanches, we really start to think like OK, there's a customer who purchased the product. He's excited. How can we increase the revenue that we generate well in something that we did was over hovering higher ticket items, too. The people who approaches one of her front and products and the revenue we made was so much higher than just relying on the front end products. And again, it's something easy if you don't have your own products in place, for example, because you don't have the time to put something together or you don't want your you don't have the knowledge. Just reach out to the biggest players in the market and ask them whether they have products to sell coaching programs, something that that just costs more. And then you can position that as you partnered up with Frank earned, for example, and it's a very exclusive offer. He's just offering Hiss Black label coaching program just to the people who you know who are part of this list or part of this product launch. So the back is really important. It's super easy to sell higher ticket items to your list within the 1st 7 days, because again people were just super excited. The bathroom product. They're excited about getting more traffic, making more sales. Um, you know, mastering Axel. Whatever it is, make use of that opportunity, sell higher ticket items and you will see that your product launch will be much more profitable. 14. Introduction To Section No. 3 : welcome to Section three of this training in the following lecturers will cover the most important aspect of executing a product launch. You learned from mistakes Sandra and I did. Some of them even killed entire product launches. I'm sure past experience will help you inviting some of the deadliest pitfalls when it comes to launching products. And hey, I'm sure you will get much better results than we did at the beginning of our launch history. If you consider a few things that will cover in the next couple of videos, hope you're excited. So let's get started. 15. How To Harness The Power Of Launch Announcements: now it's really important to give your product this much exposure as possible. An easy way to do that is submitting a product to three product launch sites. Munch I. Then we've got JV notify pro and warrior JV those three sides of very popular, especially within the marketing and business space. Now the three sides that you saw all basically, all about connecting you as the product vendor with potential of FA leads so you can get your product launches. List it and these websites here get a lot of traffic. They have big groups. Chances are you proud can get the hell of exposure if it's really hot product, and it's a really easy way to connect with floods and lots of the fully. It's right, so you've got to have your product listed here. Do it as early as possible. As you can see some of the product launches to bigger ones, they are announced Well, like 456 months in advance right here, 8 November 2016. So really important. If you decide to launch a product, give it as much exposure as possible. So the 1st 1 is really months, and I just submit the product. It's very easy click to submit button entered product details when you plan to launch it, and it will either be elicit here and the big launch section. If it's you know, if if you're not, then you be. Or if it's really a high quality product and the owners off months, I really like it or it will appear in the all launches section. The next one is JV. Notify pro. There are also lots of athletes hanging around and, well, just open an account and submit your product right. And with JB, notify Pro you will get a lot of exposure to. They have a big Facebook group. The people are very active here, so make sure to submit your product. Teoh JB Notify Pro just takes a few clicks Super Easy and last been leased. Very JV is also pretty hot. That's run by cancer in case in know him and, well, JB, Notify Pro has also big reach. Lots of loyal affiliates hanging around here, and what I like about J J be notified. Pro is really following. First of all, it's free to submit the product, but you can pay them if you had advertised launch. You can pay them to give your launch extra exposure. So if you take a look at the launch exposure options, we've got banner advertising for 75 bucks a day. Pin post 75 bucks a day in the very JV Facebook group email blast to 2200 affiliates. $750. Sporting package seven days. Benner. Three days pin posed JB Blast for $1000 then the JB Brokering Management service knows puts currently available. So they shut down this the service here, but still right. If you only have very little money to spend, go with one of these options here, you can be sure you will get a few F elites. It's a service that definitely paid off what we used in the past. This the sporting package with seven dies Banner ad, three day pin post the JB blast. It really paid off. We get to know lots of affiliates, especially if your product is hot. It definitely paid off. That was a pretty good long. We did, um, with a C b A marketing product. So really, if you have a little bit of money to spend. Get the $75 package, at least. And if you're really serious about making a big launch than, well, get this $750 package or that $1000 package, even it's it totally pays off. And to do that, uses have to submit an advertising request in the guise of worried JB will come back to you within 24 hours, so this additional advertising option is not amassed. Half. I'm just saying it's a great investment. It's a good investment, but the bare minimum is to really submitting the product to munch, I JB notify pro and very JB. All of that is free, and you can be sure that your product will get a lot more exposure because all the athletes and industry that their big all deflates that promote upcoming product launches are checking these sides, checking the Facebook groups almost daily. So if you want to reach war affiliates Munif elites than you've got to check out the sides 16. Why You Must Test Your Funnel: There is just one minor thing I like to mansion. But if you really don't do that, you can kill your entire product launch and that's actually something that happened to us. So we're working on the product launch for, like 34 months and here's what happened. We acquired Thanh of FA leads and everything was just perfect, right? We warmed them up. They were just about to male or product to their lists and then when we launched their product, there was a glitch in the system. There was something wrong with the membership software that we used and here's what happened. People bought the product and then the Commons on the threat where you know the problem was launched that, hey, I can't access it. What is wrong with it? So we had some severe technical problems and we just couldn't fix it. So the complaints started adding up and the IPCC is dropped. The affiliates saw that there was some negative feedback on the singles threat on the forum threatened, so they kind of stopped mailing and there's really killed our entire product launch. This was really one of the worst days of our lives began people in this and so much time into creating the product into making a successful launch. And then this happened. We were pretty upset. So really, what you have to do is making a test sail before you launch your product, make a tassel, make sure that everything works, that the other responders sequences are in place, that a customer actually gets hiss customer information sent to his inbox of its membership . So make sure he gets his password. Make sure he gets, ah, user name. Make sure, you know, just make sure everything works because something you don't wanna have his complains or instant refunds because there's something wrong with the funnel. The worst case scenario. A customer is kind of dissatisfied because things didn't work out. Believe in contact there. Phthalate. Blame him, The D promoted correct crap to him, and you kind of just lost GV partner. So it's really minor detail. But really, before you launch your product, make a task sale super important 17. Why You Should Not Approve Every Affiliate : if you launch your product. If Leeds will start applying but don't get too excited and the proof everybody make sure the fully to accept half a proven track record of sales. Here's the reason 50% of the if leads with no track record at all will send low quality spam traffic to your sales page. They'll try some shady marketing tactics in the by traffic on some low quality spammy traffic sources, and your side will get flooded with traffic. Your sales page will get exposed to a hot off crappy traffic, but since nobody will buy, right, people will just land on your sales page and then just leave your E P C will drop too few cents per click. And if this happens, you can be sure that the bigger affiliates who line up to promote your product will not do that. They will just say goodbye, Leaf. So a proof of Felipe's, who made a few 100 sales already, people who have a proven track worker that they really know. How do you promote products within your niche market and be very, very careful with unexperienced Phil? AIDS approved the wrong guy, and you can be sure that he will destroy your entire product. Bunch 18. Take Your Launch To The Next Level With One Big Player On Board : I know it's not always easy to get the fillets on board, especially if it's your first Prakan shin. You're just starting out. However, the bare minimum is to get one big player to promote your product within 24 hours, and that's a realistic goal. It's doable. It has to be someone with a big and highly converting list. Now here's the reason. If a big player stored sending traffic to our sales page, you immediately jump in their rankings on JV Zoo, for example, since you'll make sales almost instantly. Moreover, your E P C will also skyrocket, since big affiliates usually send high converting traffic only. So at the end of the day, your product will get a lot more exposure. Long story short. Get at least one big filleted to promote your product within the 1st 24 hours off your lunch. It's really important you will see it will have a huge impact on your launch performance. Your product will get a lot more visibility and, well, more and more affiliates will start jumping on board as well. So really, get the one big fish on board. Get him to promote your product within 24 hours, and you will see that your product launch will just take off 19. Congratulations! : Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit off what he just blurred. We covered virtually everything you need to know to launch your product successfully. So just go ahead and take action. Start deploying my tips and strategies to date. And, hey, if you have any questions than feel free to reach out, we are here to help you and we'll answer all of your questions. So good luck. Take action. Do they keep me updated on your progress? Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.