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How To Increase Your Sales Without Using A Money Back Guarantee

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Increase Your Sales Without Using A Money Back Guarantee

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About This Class

A money back guarantee can make or break your sales. Do it right? You're golden. Do it wrong? And you'll be wondering why you're not converting as well as you should be. In this quick course I'm going to be going over NOT using a money back guarantee and how to increase your sales with a simple little process. This isn't rocket science, but it certainly is important. So if you want to know how it's done, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's up? It's James cans and all, and welcome to my course how to increase your sales without using a money back guarantee. That's right, Not gonna be using one at all. And there's actually a simple little process to it where you don't want to go out there and to say, Hey, there's no money back guarantee Doing that is definitely going to decrease yourselves, which is obviously the opposite what I'm going to be showing you. So it's very simple to do, and if you want to know how to do it properly, you're gonna have to go ahead and enroll. So go ahead and do that now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. How To Increase Your Sales Without Using A Money Back Guarantee: Hey, what's happening? It's James. Ken's in L. A. And welcome to my course how to increase your sales without using a money back guarantee. So what this is going to be all about is any time you have any type of offer, you're selling anything, whether it be a digital product could be a mastermind coaching, consulting, whatever it is a service. I'm gonna show you how you can actually not use a money back guarantee, but actually persuade in the process to increase your sales because there is kind of an art to it. Any time you're using a money back guarantee whether you are or you aren't, you gotta basically sell them on the benefits of why you're doing that and give plenty of reasons, which is what is going to be the meat of this course. I'm going to be walking you through a few examples of reasons why, in terms of benefits and then walking you through quite a few more that I have off the top of my head or raise. So without any further ado, let's begin. And as always, the process is very simple. So the things you're going to need is obviously any type of offer to sell. This isn't going to be about how to create and offer him. It's going to give you some examples, and then we can move on quickly from there next. Going to be stating that there are no refunds? Are you actually want to let them know that? Okay, I'm gonna tell you why then, Of course, the benefits, if you've ever seen any course, have done in terms of marketing or selling, there's always if I feel like there's always a section about benefits because it's very powerful, you have to actually sell the person on the benefits of why you're doing whatever you're going to be doing. And in this example, it's not using a money back guarantees. So first and foremost, let's jump right into is having an offer to sell and the higher price the better. Okay, and I'll let you know why. As we go so first and foremost types of offers I'm sure you're familiar with it could be any book. Could be a video course could be in audio and going from there, usually in terms of value and price. You're gonna have any type of live training, which could also be group training as well. With coaching, you could do consulting a mastermind. I know a lot of these Kenly thoroughly be mixed and matched. You can literally use the same word in terms of like a coaching is going to be our live training. Or it could be our live coaching. It could be a group training Facebook, coaching whatever it's going to be. This works for any type of offer. And, like I said, usually the higher price, that better. Which I'll get to. Okay, ways to sell it. Okay, starting probably from the I wouldn't say the worst to the best, but it's not that their worst. It's just you're better off doing the ones towards the end, right? So first and foremost is a sales letter. Okay? The reason I say that's going to be at the bottom, so to speak is that you don't have the opportunity to talk to the person. It's much easier to sell something any time you have your actual voice, because then you can go with your atonality. How you say you could be much more persuasive as opposed to someone reading words on a page in their own kind of mind, so to speak. Next you got video sales letters and then you got a webinar winners A. Great because you can interact with people and answer their questions. Or it can be automated. And, of course, a Skype call or any type of call. Pick up a phone, pick up their iPhone, pick up your BlackBerry, pick up your razor phone. I don't even know if they make those anymore. But either way, you're gonna be talking to someone. Probably the easiest way to sell anything is one on one call, because it's only one person and you can deal with any type of objection that they have. Okay, so that's having an offer to sell. Not much to it. Next. This stating that there are no refunds. Okay, they probably know about your product, the benefits of it. And of course, they might ask, or you're just probably going to state that there's not a or zip when it comes to refunds. OK, so state it. This isn't something you just hide. Sometimes on sales letters. Have you ever seen it before? There will be no money back guarantee. Usually that's a good sign that you can expect that there isn't one. Usually there's also gonna be a refund policy or terms of service. But either way, just stated, because you want to boldly explain you want to boldly state and then explain the reason why you're going to be having no refunds. Okay? This does a few things. Honesty first and foremost. Okay, You want to go through and have a guarantee that way, someone can say like, Oh, there wasn't any guarantee I should get my money back, which kind of doesn't make sense, kids, it's pretty logical if that there's no guarantee there's probably going to be no guarantee at all and what I mean by that no guarantee on the page. So muzzles put one first and foremost. Secondly, this is very important is that it's going to remove a lot of the tire kickers and chronic re funders. And these are the types of customers you don't wanna have in a 1,000,000 years. They're just gonna be headaches. They're gonna buy it the next day, they're going to refund it. They're gonna do whatever they're probably gonna I don't know, like give it to everyone else. It's just people you don't want buying in the first place, and it allows you to sell on the benefits of not having a refund policy, which is going to be they said, the entire rest of this course, which is the biggest part of it. But either way, those are a few reasons why you want to state. I mean, you don't have to, but I'd highly recommend it. Okay, Just you can also avoid that whole like Oh, well, didn't say there was no refund policy. So I want my money back anyway. You'll probably get someone like that. Are a few people depending on how many sales you're doing, how much volume you're doing If you don't have one on your cells, letter your video cells that your webinar or on your Skype, call whatever you're doing. So benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits. Let's get down to the biggest aspect of this. So you have any type of offer, and you have basically letting them know that there's gonna be no refunds. Now you gotta let him know why. OK, money back guarantee Zahra Funny thing when doing them, especially if it's going to be via webinar or via phone call. You always want to do much more than just saying, Hey, there's no refunds. A guy that person's gonna be like, Why the hell are there no refunds? Okay, kind of the ah, Leipold might go off, they might get a little skeptical. So it's very important that if you're not going to be doing refunds, that you sell them on it. And in case you're asking, why would you not do any refunds? Well, first and foremost, if you're doing any type of coaching group coaching, live training as an entrepreneur, you gotta realize that your time is very valuable. So you don't want to get someone going through, like, five months training with you, Then be like, Hey, I'm re funding cause you can't get your time back. That's ridiculous. So I'm gonna explain that a little bit more, so let's get going. So starting in the top left, you basically have come across saying that you're not gonna be doing a money back guarantee you want to do a little bit of an introduction before, so this could be worded anyway. All right, a lot of this I swiped from really good sales letter. Ah, few other sales letters. Actually, every now and then when I come across, good reasons why your objections all kind of put him in a little no pad, but a lot of these air from a really good one. I don't remember exactly. I think it was something for software. But either way, start often introduction and say in the past have used an NBG, which is money back guarantee, just so you know. Okay. However, I decide to change it up for you in order to help you. Big benefit are in order to help you generate five figures a month in order to help you get you know, 10 clients a month in order to help you raise your prices in order help you to build your online business in order to help you drop £20. OK, notice how we started about a reason why and we're already talking about the most important aspect of the person reading the message, which is you. So I capitalized it. Hurry in order to help you get whatever it is they want. Okay, so we see how we are just started that out. Next, we're gonna go to the right so starting off on introduction. Look to the right of that. We have reasoned and benefit. All right, Now we're gonna go into the benefits ladder. The reasons why you're doing this, OK? It's gotta be okay. Now I can see why is actually not giving the money back here. And do you make sense now? Okay, that's kind of what you want going on. So you can treat yourself into succeeding, okay? Putting skin in the game, not procrastinating. And this isn't a $7 ws. So when I've when I've talked about this before when I was on Skype calls, I don't do money back guarantees for coaching. So this whole trick yourself into succeeding is one of those things where if you put a lot of money on the line, this isn't something you're going to be able to just kind of like say Okay. Uh, yeah. I don't feel like doing that. All right. Like I said, this isn't a $7 ws. So when you put 8000 or $10,000 on the line, you have so much skin in the game, that would literally be painful for you to not do anything So just because of that, you trick yourself into succeeding, taking action and getting what you want. Okay? Also eliminates procrastinating like I just talked about. How many times have you picked up a product? Maybe it was really awesome. Was, like $5. $10 maybe 47. $97. It was really great. You went through it, but, you know, you didn't do anything with it. You procrastinated because you have enough skin in the game, okay? Those are a lot of reasons and benefits. Why someone, you know? Like Okay. Now I can see why he's not using the money back guarantee. Okay, so it's moved to the right top, right? I filters the winners from the losers. Okay. The entrepreneurs from the entrepreneurs, okay. Describing tire kickers and described getting ready to get ready. I love that phrase. Anyway, when you say something like by not putting a money back guarantee in here, we're basically going to be filtering out the winners from the losers. All right, We're not interested in helping anyone who's gonna purchase and then refund tomorrow. And we're not interested in anyone who likes gathering information, listening to every single podcast in the world and basically do nothing. They're gonna waste their time. They're gonna waste our time. They're gonna waste everyone else's time. So by not offering a money back guarantee you were only going to be hanging around with the best of the best. Okay, which kind of moves to the next door on the bottom left, you'll be with the best around, right? There's not gonna be any enrolling in failure, which means that if someone comes in, then you start saying Oh, my God, this is hard to do is impossible. This is never gonna happen. You're not gonna get any negativity. You're not going to get any crap like that because you're only going to be hanging around with people who are very similar to you, who also want to build their online business where full of positivity and are ready to get results. Okay, so you see how I kind of blended both of those in in terms of, you know, filtering out tire kickers and people you don't want in their compared Toa having Onley like minded people like yourself hanging around you, helping you out, giving a helping hand, and it's gonna be a much better environment for you to learn succeeding, get results. Okay, so next reason. Benefit the one with no safety net in the bottom middle. So we talked about before. There's no safety net. I got this little analogy, like I said, from that saw for one. Where said birds fly by being pushed out of their nest by their mother or whatever, right. And the same goes when it comes to losing body fat. And the same goes when it comes to building online business. And the same goes when it comes to getting I don't know, 30 clients a month, right with no chance of turning back, you remove the ability to give up alright. How powerful of a benefit is that? As if we didn't talk about that enough with putting enough skin in the game, not procrastinating. It's literally you half to make it work. Isn't that what you want? Those type of results you want to get? Let's make it happen so there's no point. There's no chance of giving up, and you only get what you want. All right, Last one on the bottom, right. Once you know how to do this, you'll know for a lifetime. I mean, how valuable is that? That's priceless, right? Imagine where you'd be six months from now. Hack, even 12 months from now with the knowledge that you have in the ability to go out there and get the exact type of results that you're looking for. You know what? You probably wish you'd started sooner. Okay? You see a lot of those benefits there. Also another great one. I was looking back at the top rate. You could literally describe two types of people. I got this from Russell Bronson, where it's like Tim and Tami, and I don't know action. Ellie. All right, let's just say you're on a webinar, and usually there's gonna be two types of people that are on this webinar. Let's just say you just dropped like there's no money back guarantee. And the first person is the timid person, and I don't like them a lot. You know why? Because they usually try and grab a lot of information. They'll want to step up. But you know what? They'll never just fire away. They give excuses. They'll say they can't do it. They'll blame someone else. And for a lot of those reasons. I don't like those people. The types of people I do like are people like you that people are ready to step up. The people are ready to take action. People are ready to do what it takes so they can get to where they want to go sooner rather than later. Hang around with a great group of people, be filled with a lot of positivity, get the help they need and then get the results they want. Okay, so that's just an example of us versus them. You can throw that one in there as well. All right. Obviously, I just made that up off the top of my head. The wording can probably be a little bit better, but those are a ton of great benefits. And I hope you now see the reason why if we're not going to be using a money back, guarantee you to say you don't say no refunds, Okay? You're just losing out on sales. And even if you are using refunds, you still got to give benefits. Why, Okay, it's very I'd like to say a scientific process. It's very simple. It's not rocket science, but There's definitely much more to it in the same Hey, no refunds or refunds. I could understand if it's like a $7 product. It's probably not gonna make as big of a deal. But when you're using higher prices, you really gotta dive deeper into the benefits. So as it talked about previously benefits, always selling the benefits. Okay, I went over that. That was the main slide. Those the hold me of the presentation. And that's basically if you enjoyed this, Have you got at least one golden nugget out of a Give it a thumb's up. Give it a like to comment. Let me hear your thoughts, cares to hear what they are. And with that being said, MGM scans and Ella, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.