How To Increase Blog Revenue Using Public Domain Images

Sumant Sahasrabudhe, SEO Evangelist | Growth Marketer | Explorer

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6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. What Are Public Domain Images

    • 3. My Favorite Sites

    • 4. Ninja Trick

    • 5. Class Project

    • 6. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Find More Public Domain Image Sharing Sites

As a final assignment in this course I would like you to find more Public Domain Image Sharing Sites using the ninja trick I shared with you.

  • List atleast 1 site in the Project Section that you found using the trick.
  • Also tell us what is special about the site.

In order to encourage you to take the first step in increasing your blog revenue, here is a picture I download from one of my favorite Public Domain Image Sharing Site.


Student Projects