How To Improve the CTR in Your Newsletter? | Mariusz Szczerbal | Skillshare

How To Improve the CTR in Your Newsletter?

Mariusz Szczerbal, Founder at Video Courses Academy

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Understand Your Target Audience

    • 2. Know Your Strenghts

    • 3. Promotional Constraints

    • 4. Personalization

    • 5. Social Proof


About This Class

In course "How To Improve the CTR in Your Newsletter?" you will understand how to improve level your newsletters to achieve better CTR your mailings!

You will be know how to stand out of your competitor and create great newsletters, which will be selling your products or services better than before.

For many years I wanted to know how to create better newsletters. After many trials and errors I could give you many information how to implement my tips in your business!

Who am I?

My Name is Mariusz Szczerbal and I work as Internet Marketing in one of the largest football schools in Europe. Thanks to their experience I am ready to help you beat the competition on the way to create better newsletters than your competitors.





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Mariusz Szczerbal

Founder at Video Courses Academy

Welcome. I'm Mariusz. About for 4 years I'm interested in the subject of e-commerce. I am a young entrepreneur, but for a long time I collect a very rich experience in sales, but also in the creation of video courses.

Currently I am working in one of the largest football schools in Europe as Online Marketing Specialist. This work incredibly develops me.

On Skillshare I want to teach people who have problems with the proper development of their online stores.

If you have ...

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