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How To Improve the CTR in Your Newsletter?

teacher avatar Mariusz Szczerbal, Founder at Video Courses Academy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Understand Your Target Audience

    • 2. Know Your Strenghts

    • 3. Promotional Constraints

    • 4. Personalization

    • 5. Social Proof

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About This Class

In course "How To Improve the CTR in Your Newsletter?" you will understand how to improve level your newsletters to achieve better CTR your mailings!

You will be know how to stand out of your competitor and create great newsletters, which will be selling your products or services better than before.

For many years I wanted to know how to create better newsletters. After many trials and errors I could give you many information how to implement my tips in your business!

Who am I?

My Name is Mariusz Szczerbal and I work as Internet Marketing in one of the largest football schools in Europe. Thanks to their experience I am ready to help you beat the competition on the way to create better newsletters than your competitors.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mariusz Szczerbal

Founder at Video Courses Academy


Welcome. I'm Mariusz. About for 4 years I'm interested in the subject of e-commerce. I am a young entrepreneur, but for a long time I collect a very rich experience in sales, but also in the creation of video courses.

Currently I am working in one of the largest football schools in Europe as Online Marketing Specialist. This work incredibly develops me.

On Skillshare I want to teach people who have problems with the proper development of their online stores.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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1. Understand Your Target Audience: We started this curse from two lessons which are not much related with newsletters. But I thinking deal will be very helpful for under sent how we should build our business and extension our newsletters. Okay, if you want to know how to improve City are, our newsletters will have to know everything about our products. It's clear, of course, but how we want toe, understand our target audience and sell our products. If we don't know much about our products and how potential customers could use it, let me give an except example. Let's assume that you sell Elektronik gadgets, for example, tablets how you can sell it to your customers. Can you tell them that your tab wrists are the best on the market? Yes, but you have to know about your tablet every think, because you have to be ready on customer questions, and your declaration that your tablets is the best on the market is very serious. So you have to know everything about your products, and in addition, you have to know how to stand out with your product. OK, but what you have to know about your product off course, you have to know any parameters, but the loss off sellers don't know much about how potential customers could use it in practical situation, so you could show your talents here. Okay, so now you know how to teach about your products. But if you have customers now, you have good situation. Toe. Analyze how your present customers work out with your products if they have problems with them, or they want to buy new one from a year because previous product has ended. But why I talk about your present customers. The good way is create a survey in which you can ask some things can ask about some things like generally happens, possible mistakes in creation and so on. Then you received many results. How you can create and said your product to your target audience. OK, but what about delicious? If you saw mineral water or pants, you probably don't have any problem of target audience because everyone could be your potential customers. But what in situation when you're so very specific product, for example, smartphones for blind people what you should do in this nation. First of all, you have to determine how many people could be interest in your product, it will be 100 people or 1000 people. If you don't determine your target all years, you can be sure How maney could you spend? For example, on email marketing? If you spend 10,000 doors on the nine campaign and your target audience is only 1000 people , it will be very and provide herbal. But of course I may be wrong, but because I don't know your products and your business, OK, but what about location? Your uses? Do you sell your products Onley in your city or all over the world? It's very important because there is no need to send any information to people from USDA and that you sell your products Onley in Australia. So remember, divide your contacts in terms off geographic. Next, you should remember that products which you sell could be on Lee for men, for example, a hammer drill. But of course I'm not the night that woman can be liked it, but in most cases, if you send that offered to woman they don't be interested in next Criterion is a very gentle criteria. It's about money. You should use discrete area if you know that your customers and you know how many money they could spend on your product. So don't send toe poor people. Products, which caused many more off course, is only my advice. Next, you should look on culture in the country's. If you conduct your selling abroad, you have to remember with when its holy days. In countries where we want to send our newsletter, for example, that could be affected. An open raid and click able are were mailings. Now I have one question for you. Do have created the profile, your perfect customer. No, it's a big mistake. You have do this. If you don't do that, you probably doesn't know what types off Customers are interest in your products, and it will be very low Z for your business. So now take a pen and paper and write what your perfect customers should have. 2. Know Your Strenghts: Okay, We talk about how you can know everything about your products, but next step is understand. In which parts we are better than our competitors. Now take sheet of paper and pen and write was the most important advantage your products, right? Five or 10 examples. Now, you can just stop this video and write this, okay? Do you have it? Let's go Next. Now you can see which advantages you can use in marketing communication with customers like in for home website, social media newsletters and so on. So now you see what advantages your products have in the next step. Police look on yourself and on your team. Yeah, I said seriously, if you won't build big and reach company, you have to based on solid team and on to trust. You have to trust your marketers that they prepare next newsletters very well and level off selling will be higher down before. So think about it. Every person in your company and look, we are are dealing with. I said that you should not all me advantage your products. Okay, you have five or 10 advantages. But now you have to decide in which part off business. You're better than competitors. Faster customer service, faster delivery, but their quality you have to measure. In which place do you stand and in what examples? You're better than your competitors. It's very important because if you don't no how much you are better than competitors doesn't done competitive companion companies and how you should develop your products. Okay, now, let's reverse situation. Find five or 10 examples in which your competitors are better than you. Yeah, I know you want to say I'm the best about I don't believe that you're the best in your market in all aspect. So please find these aspects and try to improve it. For example, if appearance your newsletters is worse done your newsletter competitors, you have tow change something. Toby. More competitive. It's very easy, but many seller forget about it. But if you're a big company with many years of experience, you are probably well known in the market. So now you could write on sheet of paper things inch in which you are absolutely the best. Not only your direct competitors, but all of your business, then you. Then you probably see how many good work you have done for these many years. Next step in marketing customer service is very important aspect. You have to know how to speak with your present customers and potential customers to be on the top off brands your business. Yeah. Also, newsletters are kind off talk with customer. We write some information for our customers, and then they could write back on our message. And second example, do you do your employees work as cold center are likeable and helpful. If not, you have to tell with them because if could be on Lee s tired. You're serious problem. Okay, next, And do you select testimonials from your customers? Know it's a very big mistake if you don't gather and the feedback from users you actually don't know what for what things people of your bent and your products. So let's encourage your customers to live. And if it beg your products, for example, through newsletter off course, you should give some price for it. For example, special discount or burners. Gadget. You probably receive a few opinions, but from this moment you will know how to improve your products and your business. We talked about We talk a lot about your strange, but we have to look toe face. The proof you're probably have also week sites, which you want to improve, but don't be ashamed. It's a natural that you have weak sides, but you want to cover it because nobody from your customers shouldn't know about it. It's OK, but you have to know about these this advantages. You will be more effective and truthful with your employees and your customers and their last one Do you are present on the interact. Do you have your own website or Facebook page? Do you send newsletters and them information? If you say yes, you might to go to the next lesson because from that lesson I will start give you information. How to improve City are your newsletters? I kept this advice in past, and it brings good FX, so I want to encourage you to stay focus in the next 15 minutes. 3. Promotional Constraints: Okay, now it's timeto first lesson, which is more we rated with newsletters. Firstly, we talk about promotional con Strange, but first of all, I want to tell you what is promotional constraint. That is a marketing activity which lived our selling and quantity our customers. In related of short time, you probably say wow how it works. So it is closely related with our brain because if our brain recognized situation that we could buy something in promotional price, we want to get it now and that's all. We are forced to buy something because we don't know when next promotion will take place. So we bite now. It's very simple, but very effective. And this method, we could sell anything in very short time. But of course, you have to prepare strategy for this because I don't Garant you that your promo achieve sectors. But off course I want to give you all my knowledge and experience. I know people who conducted this type promotion, but they felt because they told that day for sure, Annals of money and so many products I know cos. Which in about 30% overall incomes from Onley promotional constraint, do you hear more about it or listen further. We have two kinds off Promotional Arkle, strange time, constraint and quantity constraint. These types bring awesome FX, but I will talk about it right now. So first time constraint is used in most of cases when company have to offer products or services. But you want so everything in related short time. So if you have film which offer holy days on trip, next example could be for you in use. Later, we could write that Holy Days to Spain costs 30 40% less. But you have to decide on it in next 15 minutes. It's very tension situation because we have to act immediately. We have not much time to think about it. Okay, Second constraint is quantity constraint. It's very similar constraint to time constraint. But in this situation we want to sell something which is easy to count. So if you're sell books or something like that, this example will be for you. Let's assume that you have the last 100. It ends your new book. So you decide to make promotion which is based on quantity constraint. In the newsletter on your website, you place information that you have on Lee last 20 books to sell, You will see how it works. Okay, so now you worked. Do you know what's types are promotion? Our constraints we have now I give you one very important advice. You have tow inform that you don't plan next promotional like that because people probably trust you and wants to buy something from you right now. From my experience, I did use that promotion. Arkan Strange which is conduct fruit email campaign is more better than campaign conduct through website or social media when I use it for the first time, I have only 1000 200 people in my list mailing list almost and almost 30% off this. People buy something from me. Now I will show you how I did it. First of all, I assume that my campaign will keep on for three days. Thursday I sent information that I started this promo right now and I have 300. It is my only encouraged to sell. I write also that if every person who buy something from me today he received free bonus lectures for free And the end of the day I have near 100 customers. Second day I sent information that there is a second day my campaign and today I have two bowlers lectures for free. These days this day brings to me 150 customers. And in the last day I sent information that I have only lost 58 times my own Lakers and Onley. One born lecture. I salt everything in the next five hours. It was really incredible. It works. It was campaigned for customers, customers which buy from me even one product in past. But for example, we could assume that you have 5000 email list. So if you send this information, tow them, you could achieve big success. I think you try this in the nation near future. The razors are really awesome. You could earn lots of money and bring to your company many new customers. So don't wait and create your campaign right now, there is no need to wait 4. Personalization: okay. And this lesson we talk about personalization. What's the personalization in marketing? It's M IX off price products and promotion for each customer. In our market, you probably see personalization and passed. You probably received may many mailings which with your name entitle and products which you could be interested in. It's very effective marketing activity, but you have to know how to do it correctly to avoid too many mistakes in marketing personalization. OK, now it's time for some curious statistics. About 90% marketing specialist believes that personalization is very important in these days. It could be a lift level off selling, but also it can bring your customer closer to your brand. So implement personalization in your company could be a great solution. Next statistics is very terrifying. About 75% websites users are not satisfied with offer which companions present on their website. Wow, we lost about 75% our traffic because we show information which are not interesting, we have to improve it. Let's go further Onley 25 companies use personalization in these days. When I see these statistics for the first time, I was shocked. I told that in 21st century at least 70% companies use personalization, but unfortunately I was wrong. I'm the online only human being. Okay, so where we can find personalization on the Internet? First of all, we can see this on website. When we enter on the websites, we are catch in re marketing. So after these marketers could show their ads which we probably are interested in, next way is remarketing on Facebook. When we enter on website, the pixel off Facebook could catch us. And after this it show US ads in Facebook. It's a very simple dependence, but many marketers and for unfortunately don't understand it. But of course, we want to be focused on a personalization in newsletters. Okay, so how we could use personalization in this way, For example, we can use name our customer entitle off in May. It's old but very effective way to improve city are your newsletters? I conducted experiment, which brings curious results. Newsletters, which is sand with name entitled Off email is open about 40% more often than newsletters send without name Entitle. Yes, it works and it is very easy. Next way is presentation product Which customer? Cute. Be interested in, for example, when when he bought from you sunglasses four times, he probably is not interest in by, um, smartphone from your from you or something like that. You have to offer products which are related with product, which he bought previews. But you have to know that personalization is also in traditional offline marketing. For example, if we know what our customer like very much, we can call to him and offer some things in promotional price. It could. We worked because we probably provide to him product, which he needs in this time, so results. This campaign could be very interesting, but if we want to do personalization in this way, we have to be more motivated in conduct database, which include many information about each of customer. It's difficult, but effective. So you're probably not. Is that sort off people is very important personalization. If we conduct in Middle East, we have to create many smaller databases which are divide in lots off terms. Personally, I have new 20 smaller databases, and I'm sure that I could reach to my customer with customers which product which they need . So my level off selling could be very nice because because if we send one version toe one of Asian, our newsletter toe all off customers, it won't be effective. So place, Let's divide your database Right now. Lots of experts say that you have to make creative EDS. It's very difficult toe set apart because in these days lots of ideas Waas executive before . But in my opinion, if you want to reach toe new customers and bring closer, you're currently customers, you have to create added quite arts, that's all. If you don't have big team to make creative at, just send other quite offer to each off your customers, it will be more effective, I'm sure. OK, now it's time for a short, summary personalization. It's a very good way toe increase City are your newsletters, but you have to save any information about your customer to do this in good way, because I think everyone wants to received Onley interesting offers 5. Social Proof: okay. In this lesson, we will talk about social proof. What is the social proof? It's a kind off our from customer to your company. By way off. Good opinion about your company, which is creating social media channels are on your website or forum, where users right opinion about companies. Social proof is a an evidence that our company is fair and friendly. So, in my opinion, you should show testimonials from customers in many places, like your website and newsletters or Facebook fan pages. So why we need social proof proof in these days, we know about many companies work on rightfully and hoodwink customers. All of customers know about it, and unfortunately, they became distrustful to other companies. They think that it's not important that company work and make a bully or not. They don't trust anyone. So if you want to know as FEMA, which is friendly and nice, you have to show other people that your kind off company we don't give happiness to customers. If you are a small company, Social proof could really increase your selling and confidence to your company. It brings many profit, but I want to talk about them later now. I talked about how we can save money. Use social proof. Yeah, I say that, sir. Social proof. Save our money. OK, but how? If we show testimonials toe our potential customers, they automatically like us because they think that we're trustworthy. And we are different that other companies. Okay, but how? We could show testimonials in newsletters. First of all, it will be good if you received photos. Your reviewers, it will be very professional because users will see the users. We'll see text off testimonial and also his photo. So confidence, your newsletter and Brent will be higher. Next you could show history. Your exemplary customer, for example. You can write something like first. He could something. Ah, small think. But then he by something bigger from from you that will show that you want to build relation with customers. And many, many years, we talked about testimonials from our users that really works. But if we receive opinion from a person who is well known, our confidence will will be much higher than before. We will build our position on market on many, many years. Yeah, I know. It's a very difficult task to receive review from person Chris Kind off authority. But if you gather at least one review, it will be very, very good. So don't wait now and search people who are well known in your business. OK, but was the main advantage off social proof. First off, all it accelerate decision to buy something from you it if potential customers It was Deli Deli and he see opinions about your company. He will be more decided than person who doesn't read reviews. Many months ago, I conducted small experiment with my user. I send newsletter with testimonials toe 50% my subscriptions and the use letter to others subscribers without testimonials. The result was very interesting. I gathered more click from soup sky bers who received testimonials for over 50%. Social proves really worse. So what's about amount off? Testimonials off course. Here we have here we have a simple dependence if more testimonials that we ears more money . But of course, it's really difficult to receive many reviews at the beginning. Our business journey. So you have to be patient. Okay, but OK, but you probably ask Ma ru sh how I can get more testimonials. The good way is giving small price for testimonials. It's it's really friendly and show that you are a human being. The people are more willing if they receive something instead off testimonial. In my case, in my case, it waas 30 minutes off lecture about WordPress. It was really nice campaign. I received 10 reviews. So if you want received many testimonials, think about price for your customers. Okay, if you want to make a better impression, you could use many numbers in your in your test among us. For example, User, which read new stutters or website. Firstly, they search for statistics than the rate full newsreader, so you should show many statics is static sticks in your communication? Oh, I must almost forget. Don't lie Ukraine's right testimonies by yourself. It's a very dirty activity, so I devise against doing that in this way, if your customers will know about it, your level confidence fall to zero, and the last thing I prefer show at least free testimonials in New Stater's. So if you have only one or two, you have to decide to show them on your own