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How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. UpWork and Other Platforms

    • 3. Finding Freelancers

    • 4. Posting a Job on UpWork

    • 5. The Interview Process

    • 6. Interviews and Communication

    • 7. Using Google Sheets For Organization

    • 8. Paying Your Assistant

    • 9. Training Case Study

    • 10. Resources

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I'm going to walk you through the process of hiring your very own virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can be used for various tasks such as:

  • Data entry
  • Data research
  • Customer service
  • Email help
  • Organization
  • And lots more

I've typically hired freelancers for anything from web design to writing content. An assistant can be a great asset for you to save tons of time in your business so you can focus on growing your own business.

This course goes in-depth on how I would hire an assistant on the platform UpWork. This is my preferred freelance platform and it works great for finding freelancers of all skill levels and talents.

After completing this course you will have a solid idea of how you can go out and start outsourcing many of the tasks that you may need help with.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? My name is John Shea, and in this course, what I'm actually gonna be teaching you is how to go out there and higher your very first personal or virtual assistant. However, you want to look at it now, the reason that a virtual assistant is someone that could be really helpful in your business is this is a person that you could utilise toe, actually get a lot of small task done and essentially take a lot of this workload off of you. You could hire virtual assistance for anything from content writing to, um, aging spreadsheets, organizing documents, things that you really just need regular help with in your own business. I generally have used a lot of freelancers and virtual assistance for content writing. This is probably one of the biggest things, and the next biggest thing would be organization when it comes to trying to get things done . So one really good example of this would be I have a lot of online courses, and I decided that I wanted to upload my courses into another platform, and I realized in order to do this, I would have had to upload the files, I would have been had to relabel all the files to have the correct names, organized everything. So they're all formatted correctly. And if I did all of this by myself, it would have taken me hours and hours and hours to do it all alone. And what I realized was that I could hire a virtual assistant to go and help me with a lot of these tasks. And I could pay them, you know, a reasonable fee to help me out with this. And it would basically speed everything up quite substantially, So I don't I can focus on, may be creating more courses instead of doing a lot of the smaller work like re labeling files and doing things like that that are just very simple task. Generally, you can use virtual assistance for just about anything you could possibly imagine. Though I want to give you some examples in this course of how you're gonna be able to go out there and basically hire your first virtual assistant using a freelance platform called up work. And then I'm gonna show you some of the interactions that I've done with virtual assistants I've hired. I'm going to die a little bit deeper into some of the examples of how have utilize them. And hopefully, by the end of this course, you'll have a little bit more confidence to really go out there and hire your own virtual assistant. I can tell you that when I first started doing this, I was very, very nervous to go out and spend money because I thought I could do everything on my own. But I want you to feel like confident to go out there, maybe even spending. If it's just 30 to $50 you could actually get quite a bit done for just that small amount of money by hiring a virtual assistant for anywhere from like three upwards to about 8 to $10 an hour. Now, as we go through the course, I'll talk about all these things a little bit more in depth. And for now, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out, started discussion or to send me a message. Anything you have questions on in the course, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have 2. UpWork and Other Platforms: Hey, what's going on? Everyone in this lesson, what we're gonna do is actually break down some of the websites where you can go and actually hire your virtual assistant. So I just wanted to break down some of the sights, kind of talk about them, share some of my experience with them, and mainly what we're gonna be focusing on throughout the course is just a single site. And I'm gonna talk about, um you know, basically how to use that site, and we're gonna walk through kind of alive scenario of how I would go out there and actually hire my first virtual assistant. Well, in my case, it would technically be probably my third or fourth virtual assistant. But that's perfectly fine. So the very first sight I want to talk about is called up work and up work was formerly known as a site called Oh, Desk. They actually emerged a Odette's change their name in tow up work, and another site called E Lance actually merged with the company as well. So formally Oh, desk, formerly the lance now all big one big website here is up work, and this is probably one of the best places you can go. It has tons and tons of freelancers. I mean, there is literally no lack of people on here. You can sign up on up work is obviously a freelance of yourself toe sell services. But you can also sign up. Is someone looking to find freelancers? So that's really what we're gonna be doing here today. If you're someone that's ultimately looking outsource things like writing. Um, graphic design, really more data focused task. Maybe you're doing some s CEO, and you're looking to have someone help you with link building. That would be something you could hire virtual assistant for doing other things, like maybe helping with phone calls handling customer service. I mean, the possibilities are really endless. So as you can see here, when it comes to up work, they have all different kinds of people, from anything from Web development to design, sales and marketing customer service. And then they have personal assistance, which they kind of quote unquote would be people that could do things like transcribing doing Web research data. All that kind of stuff is really what you're gonna really utilize a virtual assistant for, so really, how the system works is you come in, you set up an account, you place the description of what it is you're looking for. You'll get people to apply, and you kind of vet those people. And then as they do the work, they will basically come back and report on what, What has actually been done. You give them instructions, you work with them and I'll be talking about all those things communications, setting up, the job, paying them and all the different things that kind of revolve around that. So, um, you don't need to pay anything to get started with up or if they do take fees from you. But ultimately it's free to get started. We're gonna be focusing on up work throughout the course. But I did want to show you a couple other platforms that you could utilise the higher virtual assistance. Another one here is guru dot com. This one's got 1.5 million members, and you know, you can come in here pretty much the same idea. As you can see, they've got all different kinds of categories, and you could find people to do all kinds of different work for you. so you could also utilize this platform is a way to find virtual assistance. Another one. You could take a look at his freelancer dot com. This one's been around for a very long time. I haven't used it in a little bit, so it's been a little while. But last I did, it was still really awesome platform and very similar to up work. So this is another one you could take a look at in terms of actually sites that are specific to virtual assistants. This guy, Chris Tucker, runs Virtual Staff Finder, and this is basically a business that's revolved around the idea of helping you find a virtual assistant. So they have a whole platform set up and ready for you. You know, you sign up, you find candidates based on what you're looking for. They test their candidates, and then you set up interviews with the top candidates, and then you go and hire them so they kind of systemized the entire process for you. And really, you're going to get a much higher quality kind of freelancer virtual assistant out of this process. But ultimately you're gonna end up probably paying a little bit more than what you might have otherwise if you went through, say, like up worker guru or any of these other sites. Another sort of extra mention I just thought I'd throw out is top tall. And this one basically has a lot of really high end freelancers. So maybe you're looking for an assistant that you know, could be us based or just someone that really, really knows their stuff. This would be a place to go find some really top talent. And ultimately, you know, you confined people again. For a lot of these same types of things, like developers, designers, finance experts, This may not necessarily fall quite in line with virtual assistants, but it's another one we're looking at if you're really looking for high quality help. So in the next video, I'm gonna walk you through what it looks like to be signed up on up work. Once you've created your account, I'll kind of bring you into my account and show you how to actually go through and start looking at some of the freelance profiles. And I'll just kind of give you an idea of what things look like. They're 3. Finding Freelancers: Okay, so I'm actually logged into my client account inside of up work. You'll see here, up at the very top, right? Once you've signed in, if you are signed up as a freelancer, you'll have the ability to switch between freelancer and clients. I'm actually using one of my web properties. Is my client profile. So basically, when you come in here, what I wanted to talk about is finding freelancers. So if you go up here, you can choose between my freelancers, finding them. You can look at things like Work, diary or even bring your own freelancer. So I'm gonna do fine freelancers, and what we're gonna be able to do is kind of look around based on different skills. So let's just say I want someone to do some data. Research will probably dig into some of the categories here. We could do, Let's see, probably trying to think of the best category. I'm thinking something like data extraction. You can check all the different categories so ultimately, what you want to do is find the best category for what it is you're looking for. Um, we'll go with data entry. That's pretty general. There is also a personal virtual assistant. So, you know, technically doesn't necessarily really matter which one you pick. Your going to get more options here is you can see with data injury, so I'll go with that and then you can start filtering. You can say, you know, percentage of jobs success, making sure they're 90% or above, or any job success. And obviously the people that are higher there is a lot less of them. So we'll say people over 90%. And then now you can really drill down into the hourly rates. And I generally would say recommended, depending on what this person is going to be doing for you would be likely under the $10 an hour mark for a basic, basic virtual assistant. So I'm gonna do under $10 an hour, and there are some advanced filters so you can really dive in. You know, you could see how many hours they've been billed. Make sure they're fluent with English. So maybe we could say, you know, we want them to be really fluent. Um, we want them to be active within, let's say, active within the last two weeks, so we know that there really active. Now I've really filter this down. So now what you can ultimately do is really start looking through. You can save the freelancers and ultimately open these up. So let's say we wanted to go with, um you know, you can kind of see here the earnings that they've made. This guy's earned over $10,000 this guy's air over 2000 and then some others. It's very small, you know, $30 or $400. Eso some of these people you know, again, it really depends. What you're ultimately gonna find, too, is that ah, lot of the people are gonna be in foreign countries here, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, um, things like that. So and that's where you're going to get the lowest rates. You can also filter. You know, maybe you did wanna work with someone that was in the United States. You could come in here and actually filter for that. In my case, depending on where it is, you're really looking to work with someone. Obviously, you could be from another country, maybe want to work with someone in your same time zone that could be very important to you . So let's just pick one. I'll go with this guy. Uh, let's just do the 1st 1 Meet Kumar. He's got 100% job success. So now you basically have the idea where you can come in and kind of look over their profile. You can see what they've done for past work. Um, look at what they have for skills. So you can see here some of the skills, like virtual assistant Data entry and research Legion. You can see that he charges $5 an hour on and then he gives a little bios. Over the past few years, worked in administration team support known for my can do attitude, flexibility, high quality, work, organized, efficient, hardworking. Take pride in my work and priority the liver work of the highest standard, offering accurate, efficient performance to aim, meet the required goals of any clients. And then they kind of go on, you know, to talk about some of the other things like that. They have experience with different word processing tools. So a lot of the jobs here you can see is likely the same person just hiring them to scrape data from eBay. Um, you know, copying stuff from pdf. So this is something you could use for something that's really gonna be a lot more like tedious in terms of the type of work. And, you know, you're gonna be able to get away with it for a low hourly rate, only five bucks an hour. Sometimes you don't even necessarily have to go with that rate. You could pitch them a lower rate. You could even raise the rate over time. Which maybe we'll talk about a little bit later. And you can also view a port portfolio. So, you know, you could see, um, he was something they did with data entry. Enough. This looks like it's just a image. But I see you looking back out of this. Just an image there, but yeah, I mean, that's generally what you're gonna be looking for. You can see the test. They've taken their employment, history, education and any other experience that they might have. So ultimately, what you could do is start looking through. If you had a specific need, you could look through. And actually, once you've created a job, you could later hire them, invite them to join, you know, apply to a specific job. But generally in most cases you you won't actually need to necessarily go looking for people. They'll find your job and apply to you. So in the next video, I'm gonna go through the process of actually creating your job and some of the things you can look for when doing. 4. Posting a Job on UpWork: Okay, So what you're gonna do is once you've actually come into post the job, you're going Teoh head over to jobs up here at the very top, and then just click on this post a job, and this is going to send you to this page here. So we're basically going to determine the type of person we're looking for and ultimately with the virtual assistant, you're gonna, you know, most likely be looking for someone that you're gonna want long term. So I'm going to say I need a dedicated freelancer for a longer engagement. 30 plus hours a week, three plus months, weekly commitment and availability needed. That's essentially what I'm looking for. You know, someone that's like a dedicated person to really help me over a long period of time. That's usually how most versatile virtual assistants air used. So we'll select this and you can choose to use a prior job if you want Teoh. Um, so you could easily put in a template. Maybe you didn't. You know, maybe you had posted something previously and never hired for it. And you want to reuse that? You can then pick a category. So let's say I'm gonna just more or less fill this out and give you guys kind of an idea of how I would do this. So let's say I needed someone a za virtual assistant. I'm gonna do personal virtual assistant, and you know, we'll leave it pretty generic. Will say I need a virtual assistant. Help me with publishing my online courses. So I actually have a lot of these courses just like this one on producing now. So maybe I needed some help moving it into another platform. That's something I've commonly found that I need help because I'm publishing this on not only my own website, but maybe some other marketplaces. Things like that. So describe the work done. You know, they give you an example here, and really, you get 5000 characters. So what I like to do is I'm not gonna write out this huge description, but I'll kind of give you guys some of the bullet points. So you want something that's very descriptive. So you want to really just lay it out there? Everything that you want this person to be doing, Um, how many hours you want them to work for? So let's say 30 hours a week. Maybe it's less. Maybe you want them for five a week. You know, depending on your needs and how much money you have to put into this, That would really, very there. Um, you know what they will be doing, you know? So are they gonna be doing data entry? Are Are they gonna help you with customer service? Those would be some common things. You know, the answer. Support tickets. You know, like those could be things you could do e mails. They could help you organize your emails and answer them. Maybe you could have someone come in and help you with. In my case, I have a lot of these online courses, so maybe I need help, you know, uploading course files. So I'll give you an example in the next video, actually giving an example of one that I previously posted. But those would just be some real things you want to do there. And then at the end of the description, what you want to do is add something in that says, You know, if you read this post or this job description, whatever it is, you know, add in the word online course in, you know, I would say something like at the beginning of your application. So what this is going to do is there's a lot of people, especially on this platform, that they literally just copy and paste the same exact message over and over and over, and they don't even read the job description. So this is gonna immediately weed out those people that didn't even take the time to read what it is you're looking for. And you want someone that's obviously going to be very serious and they're gonna be good to work with, So that's gonna help we that out and just make sure that they're actually paying attention to what it is you're trying to accomplish. Then you can attach a file if you choose. So those air really some basics there, what type of projects you have. So if it was really a virtual assistant, I presume it's gonna be ongoing. And generally, you know, you could want one person, But if you want to hire more than one, you can choose to do that and then you can add in skills. So maybe I want virtual assistant, you know, maybe I want data entry. You can add all those things there. You can pick the start date. How would you like to pay? I highly recommend for a virtual assistant that you generally pay by the hour. And if you do pay by the hour, you can ultimately pick here. What skill level and again, as I mentioned, you know, the higher you get up in price, you know, you're going to get better skilled people and potentially people that are gonna be more on your level, like, make sure they're really flew in English, things like that, if you get up to this intermediate level. But there's definitely going to be people who can help you with a lot of what I would consider sort of tasks that are just gonna be time consuming versus things that are necessarily difficult. So I would generally go with the entry level base pricing. And then how long do you want this to last? You know, you just put in the time frame. What kind of time? Commitment. So again, you could mention that in the job description, and then just sort of add that here, maybe say I don't know yet Maybe one week it's five. Maybe the next week it's 30 and then you can add in some preferences. So whether or not people only inside of up work and find out whether or not search engines could find it someone searching if you have people you previously used like here. I've got a list of people I previously used So I could say I need this guy toe Come in and I want I want to invite him and I'm also gonna open it up to other people. You can add preferred qualifications as well as some of the screening questions. So this is also super important is you can ask them very specific questions and they've got some base ones. You can create your own, and you can also pick from a whole pool of them that they give you by default here. So you can say, Do you have any questions? You know, do you have any suggestions to make it run more successfully? What? You know what? Some challenging stuff in this job, what appeals to you? Pretty generic stuff. Why did you apply to this job? So you have a lot of stuff. You could incorporate. And you could add this in, and in order for them to actually apply to the job, they have to answer this question. So this is ultimately going to be an even better option. If you're looking for someone really serious and you want them toe, take the time to fill this information out and make sure that you're getting good applicants for your job. You can also require that they include a cover letter. So that's kind of like a brief introduction to just you know, what they're all about, their experience and something very minor so they can sort of introduce themselves. And I always do that because that way they're you know, they're able to write in some extra information, talk about why they're a good fit for the job and generally, what's gonna happen. I'm not going to do this because I don't want toe, you know, just put something out there that's bogus where I'm not hiring someone right now. But if you do post job within probably about a 24 hour span, you should get a whole flood of people coming in and applying, and from there you'll start getting emails trickling in and you can come back and actually look at the job in the next video, I'll show you a sample of one that I posted, and I'll show you kind of some of the results of that, and we can kind of go from there. 5. The Interview Process: Okay, So in this lesson, what I wanted to do is actually walk you through a kind of an idea of, Ah, another sample job posting that I actually made live a couple months ago. And I wanted to give you an idea of what would happen after you actually published that job . So he was one where I was actually looking for someone that would technically be more of a virtual assistant. You know, here you can see I was basically looking for someone to come in for just under a week. You know, they wouldn't have been a long term project, but potentially someone I could rehire overtime was looking for under 30 hours a week entry level. So low rates and basically everybody can see, um, stats on how much I've spent. You can see I spent over $1000 I've hired, you know, about 50% of the time out in a firing people. Sometimes I'd close jobs, and on average, I'd pay around about seven bucks an hour. And overall, I have hired people for up to 143 total hours. So this is like total life span, so people can see that, and they also get reviews about working with me. Ultimately, what it came down to was I would post something like, You know, hell, I need help organizing some online course files for various courses, looking for someone to help me with organizing my online courses for the membership on the membership site. Teachable, basically uploading files and having you organized as much as possible for me to rename everything at course. Information on another platform. Workers fairly straightforward but may take some time to complete. I ended up hiring someone that I had already worked with previously, so I didn't go through up work on this one. But you can see I invited a few people manually. I was able Teoh, get a lot of people coming in and applying for this. But unfortunately, because of time expiring that a lot of the applicants won't show up anymore, I'll give you kind of an idea of what would happen. Here's another one that I did a while back on adding products to a shop of I store, So this was a very specific task. It wasn't really anything necessarily going to be ongoing for a real extended period of time. I just had a whole bunch of products. I wanted to add it once. So if I were, you know, say this was a brand new job I just created. I could come in here and manually invite people who, you know, likely would be a pretty good fit for this type of work. And then I can also review people that would have applied to it. So again, this is where they would show up. And I'd be able to see all of their applications, their cover letters in any of the information they gave me about the job. You can then message them within here and see who message from that candidate pool. And if you ultimately hired someone which I did hire someone on this one, it shows me a log of this. And at the time I paid them, this was a year ago. I paid them $3.33 an hour to go in and add a bunch of items to my store. So the great thing about this was that you can actually come back and really, you re hire these people, you can work with them long term. And in the next coming videos, I'm gonna really start to dig into one's. You actually hire them? Um, you know, the communication points and also talk a little bit about maybe interviewing them over Skype, things like that. 6. Interviews and Communication: So in this video, I just kind of wanted to talk a little bit about the interview process and ultimately, what you can really use for communication with your team members or a virtual assistance. So what I actually like to do is immediately upon the hiring process. In your kind of vetting them. You can. What you can do is you could actually have a few people that you hire for a very small job . Maybe this is something where they're going to do some work for maybe an hour. Two hours we're gonna ultimately want to do is give maybe three or four of your best candidates. So, you know, you had all these people come through up work and, you know, you're ultimately getting all these review proposals coming in. What you want to do is actually higher the top three people. And of course, this is optional. You don't have to do it, but this is going to get you a better result. Higher three people and then each give them one task that takes, you know, roughly the same amount of time. And you all want to give them the exact same task. If you can. So maybe this was some sort of data entry job. So you want to basically give all those guys that same task, give him an hour to complete it and see, you know, kind of measure the results, like, who was really good about getting back to you? How did they communicate with you? Were they able to complete the job really quickly? Were they able to do it within a reasonable timeframe? You know, maybe throw like 40 or 50 bucks at this. And, you know, don't be ashamed. If this is someone that you're gonna be working with for a long period of time, you know, you could be working with them, potentially paying them hundreds of dollars over months and months of time. Then I definitely recommend doing this because ultimately what's gonna happen is you'll find you're going to get a better result out of one of the one of the people you will hire , and you'll be able to really narrow down your top choices. Now, in a lot of cases, I haven't done this, so it's not necessarily 100% required. But the other thing you could do is get on Skype with them, you could potentially do a video call. Sometimes they're not able to do that. But you may even find there's language barriers depending on the people you're working with . But if the tasks are simple enough, you should be old. Teoh, put together something where you can kind of give them, you know, Hey, this is what we're gonna be doing. And, um, you know, here's how we're gonna proceed with it in an upcoming video. I'll show you kind of an advanced way that I would train maybe a virtual assistant or really put something together that people been used to follow very specific things that I want them to actually complete. What I highly recommend for communication would be Skype. You know, here is this guy that I use for some outsourced Web design work. And we basically just communicated over Skype. So, you know, if he said something to me like, Hey, can you send me the payment? I said, yeah, sure. And I just go toe up work and send it. So this was very easy to communicate over Skype. You know, they leave you a message. When you're offline, you'll still get it. But If you're really looking to step things up, I would suggest maybe even looking at slack. Um, this one's I believe the base version is free to use. And if you go up Teoh one of their paid packages, you get a lot more functionality. But this is ultimately going to be a great system for utilizing teams and allowing you toe do a lot more things. Like maybe if you were talking over Skype and someone sent you a file and you wanted to find that file, it's gonna be really hard to do that with Skype, like you're gonna have to go dig for that information, start strolling through old messages. So I highly recommend may be looking at slack. If you're looking for something that's just gonna be ultimately a good place to keep the communication and have all that stuff integrated together and really just build a team. But Thea other thing you could do is also use Google drive and use Google sheets where people are actually filling in data through one of the Google sheets and keeping track of things there. So I use that quite often as well. I figured I'd give you guys. Just someone Someone of an idea of what I would do if I was going out there and I was gonna be getting started with this. 7. Using Google Sheets For Organization: all right. So I wanted to sort of follow up on the last video. This is something I thought I'd share with you all. Basically, when I work with a lot of people, whether on its team based or project based, I also love to use Google spreadsheets or Google sheets as they refer it to. And what you can technically do is set up something where you've got some kind of outline where you're just laying out all the different things that you're working on. You could use this with your freelancers or virtual assistants. So this is an example of a software tool that I'm actually building. We have a developer currently working on it, so in essence, they're not necessarily. I would consider a virtual assistant, but really just a developer working on this product. And what it really comes down to is we have a list of different things that we want them to do. I'm I shot these quick little videos with a tool called Jing, which I'm basically giving them direction on what I want to see inside the software. And then I'm making my own notes as we make progress based on what they've done so they've been going through and marking things is complete, and then I'll respond and adding more notes so you can see I originally added in like a video. Um, today is the 26th. So in the 17th I added these videos and said, You know, here was kind of what I envisioned. They went and tried to make some progress. I went made these videos and said, What can we do this instead? And then, you know, made a little bit of a note on what was actually going on. And then I just added another column. Um, this may or may not be the best way to organize this, by the way, but obviously it's going to depend on your project. So I made another column as of today and just said, Hey, here's some new notes linked to a couple of new videos and just kind of gave progress on how I felt things were going in That way we can go back and forth very easily, and everything is split up into small little bits and sections. Um, you know, having little videos on different little tasks. Uh, I'm gonna show you another example later on in the course as well, about how I set up a whole training system for some people that came through, and we're looking to work with me on one of my websites, and you could totally use this exact same set up if you're hiring a virtual assistant to get them trained up on what you want them to do. 8. Paying Your Assistant: Okay, so let's talk about paying your freelancer now. When it comes time to actually complete the job, there's a few things that I'll just have you keep in mind and right off the bat. The biggest thing is that you may be tempted to take the freelancer off of the site and try to pay them outside of up work. And first of all, the things I'm going to tell you is that that's against the up work rules and that can actually get your account band or potentially get you in some legal trouble. They've even had notes about that pop up. When you're using your account, you'll see that. So that's a first, very first thing I want to mention, because a lot of people will try toe circumvent the system to save some money. But honestly, it's not really worth it. And there's other reasons for that as well, which I'll I'll tell you about now. I actually hired someone on this platform to write an article, and I hired them for introduced several several more articles and we paid, you know, I ended up paying them through up work. Everything was fine. Andan, I finally decided him still going to use you. Why don't we just work through Skype, you know, and technically, we continue chatting over Skype as we would, And I just said, Yeah, I'll pay you outside up work. I continue to give them work. And what ended up happening was they basically just completely failed to deliver the work on time. And I was having these articles written for some of my own clients. And things needed to be done by a certain time frame in order to fulfill these services. And they just completely dropped the ball on me and left me hanging. I had to go find someone else to do, do the work. It was really difficult. So, you know, that's something. I couldn't do anything about it at that point because I had gone outside of up work and, you know, it really makes things just very challenging. So I highly, highly suggests that if you're gonna hire anybody, you want to keep them through up work and keep a full transaction log. Just keep everything going through up work. In that way, you don't ever have to deal with any problems like that. Some of the things that I like to do, though, is that I typically will rehire people like this guy Stefan. I hired him several times telling me with some work and even if I were to come to him, say I hired him for one job and then two months later I need him again, I would still go and create the job on up work, put everything in terms and writing and actually opened the job is a private job. And then I would rehire him through the platform with a specific amount of money and, you know, basically make sure everything goes through the system. The other good reason for that is that you're going to get some good feedback on your own freelancer profile. As you can see here, I left him really positive feedback about the work he did. And then he came back and said, Thank you. And this was actually something where I believe I came back and rehired him at one point to do this in fact, that no, this was actually the original job I hired him for. But there was another one that I had him do as well. And you know, one of the other things you can do when it comes to paying. As you can see here, over on the right side, you can actually give them a bonus. So if you pay for that set amount of job and maybe maybe they've done several jobs for you and things were going really well, you know, don't be afraid to give them a little bit of a bonus. And people were gonna obviously want to work harder for you. Stick around. They'll appreciate you as an employee, so to speak. And, you know, they're really just continue to keep delivering. So that's something else that I would definitely consider. But again, the biggest thing I wanted you to get out of this video was that you don't want toe, you know, really go out there and start taking people off the platform when it comes to payments, because that will really come back to bite you. And it has for me 9. Training Case Study: So in this video I wanted to break down a way that I actually trained some of my very first assistance before I even used up work to actually hire anybody, and you could sort of use the sample of your own to go out there and do the same thing. So I actually run another website in the metal music community, and at the time, I didn't really have much of a Facebook page. I do now. It's got a few 1000 followers, and what ended up happening was I teamed up with someone else who was running a fan page in the same kind of niche, and they ended up posting for me, and they basically asked if anybody was interested in helping me with my site. So I got all these people coming over to my site. Here it is here, and they were basically, you know, filling out the contact form or messaging me on Facebook, whatever it was. And it just got really overwhelming to the point. I couldn't sit here and talk to all these people, sort of one off explaining what it is I needed them to do, let alone trying to train them on how to use the website. How toe submit content and just help me out in general. So really, I kind of had, you know, over 20 people. I think it was at the time just sending the messages and trying to get started. So what I decided to do is I built this page. This is a couple of years ago now, and I basically said, Here's how to contact me. Here's my Facebook, my Skype. Here's how to get started with the site you go register on this page. Here's a video on how to do it. Here's how you submit videos to the Web site. And then I basically gave them step by step directions on everything they needed to do to actually submit this site. Mostly host music videos. So I was showing them how toe, you know, set it up with YouTube in beds and how to do that properly and everything that they needed to do step by step. And then I even made another tutorial later on on how to utilize the radio station that I have with this site. I've actually got a radio station, so I showed them exactly how to connect what passwords? To use how toe set up on FTP profile so they could basically upload music and pretty much gave them everything that they possibly needed to do this. So it pretty much made my entire one on one experience just completely. Hands off. All I had to do is send them to this page, and they had all the training that they would need in order to get started. So ultimately, this has worked out really well. One of the virtual assistance I now use in my main business was actually one of the girls who applied to this position. So she helps me today with some of my Internet marketing business stuff, and I now pay her for that work so is worked out really well. And this is something that I'm just giving you as an example. If you're looking to bring somebody on, use a tool like, uh, have the page up here, but it's screen cast a Matic. You could use something like this. It's free to use. Go record some videos explaining what it is that you're looking to have done what you need help with. And this is ultimately the best way that you can really trained someone. You don't have to put it all in text. You can make it a lot more riel, but putting it on audio screen capture and just uploading this to YouTube and then letting them understand what it is you need help with. So I thought I'd throw this little video together, give you kind of This is a little case study of how I train a lot of people and of course, me doing these courses just like I'm doing now. This is something that's worked out extremely well. Just being able to go in, create training videos like this and give people step by step directions so they know exactly what to do. And I don't have to explain it, toe, you know, multiple people over and over again. If I ever needed to hire someone in the future to do the same kind of work, the trainings, all there and it's ready to go 10. Resources: So I wanted to share an article here over on the entrepreneur on Fire Blawg. If you're not familiar with him, he actually runs one of the biggest podcast. His name is John Lee, Do miss, and he's also got kind of his sidekick slash girlfriend. I'm not sure they may even be married at this point. Kate Ericson, who also helps John Run entrepreneur on fire, and she's got some of her own stuff. I found this really awesome article over on entrepreneur and fire that Kate put together on hiring a virtual assistant, and I thought I had referenced this as something you could take a look at. They ask a lot of really good questions and just kind of break down some good things that you should be looking for. They obviously have a lot more experience doing this than me because of the vast growth that they've had in their business. And they also talk a lot about Chris Tucker's Virtual Staff Finder, which I mentioned in one of the beginning videos. And Chris also has this book called Virtual Freedom, which is all about basically working with virtual staff. So if you're really serious about getting a virtual assistant, then this would be a book I highly recommend you check out. You know, Chris is basically like the go to guy when it comes to virtual assistance and sort of scaling your business, having more time for yourself, really working with outsource staff, so to speak. So again, I'll leave a link beneath this video, depending on where you're watching. Somewhere in the description of the course you can won't read about Cates, you know, information here on hiring a virtual assistant and then also leave a link to go check out Chris Tucker's Virtual Freedom Book, which I do highly recommend taking a look at Thanks again. 11. Conclusion: Hey, so I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to go through this course again. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Just send me a message or started discussion. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I just want you to walk away from this course, realizing that don't be afraid to go out there and try hiring a virtual assistant, even if it's for a small task. Something like a mini project, maybe something that even takes just the day. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant is you don't have to bring them on full time for 40 hours a week. You could have them do something small for maybe five hours. And generally, if you use a platform like up work, you can hunt. You can hire people for a little is about $3.33 an hour. So depending on the task that you're looking to do, you know, I would just go out there. You take the time to actually do the interview on Skype that I talked about, and from there you can basically have them do some small tribunal task and just test this out for yourself. You'll feel a lot more confident once you've actually done it and spent just even a small amount of money to try this out for yourself. You'll be really amazed once you've gone out there and done it and taken action on some of the things I've shown you in the course I found for myself that again. I was very afraid to really do this for the first time, and I always thought I could just do it all myself. But I realized that that wasn't really the case, and I would have saved myself a lot of time and money if I had just hired someone inexpensively to help me out with some of the projects that I had myself. So again, I wish you all the best of luck with going out there and hiring virtual assistants. Any questions feel free to reach out, and I wish you all the best of luck