How To Hire A Salesperson Successfully & What To Do If It Doesn't Work Out | Keith Wymer | Skillshare

How To Hire A Salesperson Successfully & What To Do If It Doesn't Work Out

Keith Wymer, Sales & Marketing Expert

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. How To Hire A Salesperson Successfully: Introduction

    • 2. Planning For A Successful Hire

    • 3. Planning The Mechanics a)

    • 4. Planning More Mechanics b)

    • 5. Salary, Commission & Job Spec

    • 6. Finding Candidates, Should You Use An Agency

    • 7. Planning Fantastic First Interviews a)

    • 8. Holding Fantastic First Interviews b)

    • 9. Planning & Leading Fabulous Second Interviews

    • 10. The Admin - Job Offer, References, Contracts & More

    • 11. Induction & Training

    • 12. What To Do If It Doesn't Work Out


About This Class

Hiring salespeople is a high risk undertaking. Get it right and you're in profit. Get it wrong and you could quickly be out of business.

  • Ever hired someone who seemed "perfect" at interview but was a dead loss just one month into the job?

  • Struggled to craft meaningful questions for those business critical second interviews?

  • Just let your new hire loose without a structured induction and training programme.?

This fast-paced one-hour video course will enable you to learn from the author's successes (and mistakes) from hiring more than 1000 field sales and telesales people.

You'll quickly grasp the importance of planning for a good hire, how to find interview and induct great candidates and learn what to do if t doesn't work out.

The course is packed full of practical "how-to's" and the accompanying project work means you can build a solid foundation before launching your recruitment drive.

Learn from the author's 25 years plus experience of hiring salespeople successfully and get it right first time (at least most of the time)!






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Keith Wymer

Sales & Marketing Expert

I started my first sales job in 1970 and since then, I've been a Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Marketing Director and Managing Director.

I've started up, bought and sold 9 businesses including training companies, a detective agency and call centres in London, Glasgow and Mumbai. In fact, I was a pioneer in the rush to move call centre work to India back in the early 2000's!

My businesses have ranged in size from one employee to 1000 employees and have always been cha...

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