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How To Happy Mail: A beginners Guide To Pen-Palling

teacher avatar BibbyBookish, A Happy Mail Enthusiast!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction to Penpalling

    • 2. Where To Find A Penpal

    • 3. Creative letter writing

    • 4. How To Turn Your Letters Into Art!

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About This Class

Follow along with me @bibbybookish, an experienced "pen-paller" and happy mail creator!

Learn how to find pen-pals and create meaningful friendships through the art form of letter writing. 

I will be teaching you all about the basics of happy mail! This class is suitable for beginners and people who just want to get more creative with their letters and writing.

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Meet Your Teacher

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A Happy Mail Enthusiast!


Hello, I'm Libby. OR @bibbybookish an experienced snail-mailer and pen pal enthusiast!

I have written and sent so many letters all around the world! Some simple and some with very elaborate designs! It is my passion, I have made so many amazing friends and found confidence within my own creativity.

I am hoping to be a leader In the snail mail revolution and bring this gorgeous hobby back to life and possibly into the mainstream!

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1. Introduction to Penpalling: Hello and welcome to this beginner's guide to pen palling, an introduction to a longer course, Bye baby bookish. In this introduction, we will be talking about three topics. One, what is pen palling to? How can I find a pen pal? And three, what do I need to get started? Simple. So what is pen palling? The definition as a hobby or form of communication through lattice usually sent to a person you've never met before. This can either be in another country or your own, and can actually really be people you do know in Paris it is this the right hobby for me? A lot of people might ask this question that I think this is the right hobby for most people, as long as they enjoy relaxing activity is on our hoping to make some new friends. It's also a good way to explore a creative side. You may have not known you had. How do I find a pen pal? It's a lot more simple than you might think. If you're nervous about contacting someone you don't already know. A great way to start is by contacting or relative or close friend reaching out and saying, Hey, I would really love to start something new. That is, this is how most people start. This is how I started and it's a brilliant way to get involved. To social media groups. This is Instagram, Facebook, all your big social medias. You can find people who are interested in the pen palling community through hashtags like hashtags and colleague. Obviously I will go more in that into this particular topic in my full course. And how to happy bale. Three, private services and websites. Again, we'll go more in depth. But there are private websites that will match you with other people looking for pen pals, looking to exchange letters, postcards, and barriers are the male. What do I need to get started? You may have seen on various social medias that people like to send lots of stationary, lots of elaborate different males when they start compiling and it can be intimidating. But all you really need to get started is a pen and paper to write your plateau is you can type if you are unable to manually write your letter, to envelope, to send your lats are off on the three posted psalms or a way to get your latter on its way. If this brief introduction has caught your attention, you may be interested in how to help email tips, book created, compiling a course by the bookish. This covers how to find pen pals or make a long lasting connections. How to make your letter writing interesting, really make it pop, make it fun, and turn your pen pal letters into Opt, how to make them shine. So thank you for listening to this introduction. 2. Where To Find A Penpal: This is how to happy mail, where to find a pen pal by people like fish. Some things to consider when looking for a pen pal. Are are you comfortable contacting someone you don't already know? This is a fuel made ie adding younger age and you probably need parents permission to do so. And if notched, are you comfortable reaching out to someone and saying, Hey, I want to start writing that says Would you would you like to write to someone I'm a similar age group and has some land trusts. You need to work this out really before you start looking for a pen pal. Just so you can set some clear boundaries when people are asking you if you want to compile, you will say, Do you like this? I like this. If you have similar and dress, it could lead to a better pairing, longer lasting friendships. Where would you like to be sending lattice to national or international? This is quite important because it really depends on how much you can afford in regards to use stamps. Postage, national keeps postage quite cheap and you can be something lots of lattice over a period of time. International, it can get quite expensive. So really think about where you want to be sending your lattice. Do you want to be writing short, long letters or do you want to along and replies? I think this is really important because you can accept the PEM file and then when that letter arrives, it might be a lot shorter than you're expecting are a lot longer and you might feel the pressure to match the size of the Atlantic. So think about what you want to be writing and what you'd like to receive him. Where to start? Well, I think a, really an idea for starting with a pen pal specially from their base is in Britain's people you already know in real life, maybe moved. So my recently that's a bit further out. You don't see them as often. Ask if you can start suddenly lances with that just to get used to the postal system and know that you're doing it with someone you trust. Now social media, this is a great one. Stock bio. There are many, many platforms which you can find that Paul's on. Promote yourself, ask a pen pal. These include Facebook, YouTube, it dark. All your regular social medias. I will go into that now. So talking about social media, this is Instagram. Most people know it, most people have it. And there are account specifically of all finding, finding pen pals on matching you up with a pen pal. This one is hairballs and disclosure. What did you basically just send them a private message and they will post it on account. And people can look, get in touch with you and see what you lie, how old you are and really just, it's a good way to get in touch. You can also look at the ascites, read through the profiles of you like I like the look of any of them. You can reach out, start swapping. It's really simple. It also helps to have a good account of your own that shows that what kind of pen value or maybe just a few short letters long lattice. My account shows that I am a particularly gravity. So this is some of my work on there and this is what future pen pals might look out when they come to me and ask if I want to start swimming with that. Surprisingly, YouTube is also a very good way of finding pen pals. There are channels dedicated to craft a pen pal videos, how to write your letter. Britney bitcoin is one of them. She's an excellent gravity Pamela. And sometimes it's in the video. She will ask people to put in the comments if they're looking for pen pals and some details about them, really look out for those posts because you get conflict that way. They'll put the social medias, you can find them and maybe start a good friendship through this way. Or their accounts include the Paypal or a blog, beautiful gravity tutorials and of course, the same posts in the common section. Made a medulla ASMR. Really gorgeous pen pal videos. I highly recommend checking these out. And of course, pen pal website groups. These include swap bot, which I will show a more in-depth look at. Patriarch met. There are certain groups you can join, so an artist you can follow that will match you up for the partner to swap with global brands, which is a very similar website to swap bar L, match you up with someone with similar interests my age, and why you want to swap with all really good places to look for them. Okay? So this is what it is one of the few website specifically for finding pen pals. So when you sign up, you will come on to a page like base, although a lot more empty. This is my personal page. And you just do a bit about you, your interests, what you like, what you dislike. And I'll just show you whoever is interested, Hanbali, with you, what you like and whether you'd be a good match. It has a rating system. You are rated in stars and hearts. Fives for reaching the brief of the swap, for being a good compile heart. So being amazing. People really loving what you've said. Threes are usually for just doing the bare minimum. And ones are if you didn't complete the swamp or it's bad, you just didn't say anything at all. No letter. It's really good because this way, you know who's a reliable. And well. You can also see the reviews on people's pages from where they've said things. It's just really nice to get that feedback. This has been how to have you mail app, where to find a pen pal IAP? Yes. 3. Creative letter writing: This is how to help him out creative letter-writing by maybe bookish. So when it comes to writing your first letter, these are some things that I think are really good to include. A friendly greeting. You want to start off by showing you a welcoming, but you're a nice person. You want to say hi, hello, Hawaii. I hope you've been doing well. Things like that are really easy, casual, friendly greeting to at least three things about you and your very first, let's add these can be around them. Something personal. I like to keep my face lattice quite lighthearted, so I will usually tell them my favorite color. So my favorite things to do and we can do something I want to do in the future, like a holiday I would like to go on or something. I would like to load. Three. How you started writing letters or what made you interested in family. I think this is a really easy topic to have on your fears lighter because you might both be whose time is or maybe not. But each one of you has wrote a famous letter at some point. And it's interesting to see how other people have got into what made you interested because you might relate to each other, you might find in the store is quite interesting. For example, I started pen palling that when a friend of mine moved from where I live in the UK, although it's New Zealand slots how I kept in touch with her. And it's a story I always include in my thirst latter two new pen pal. So this is how to ask interesting questions. So a plain, basic, boring question might be something like, what is your favorite color? Nothing necessarily wrong with this question is just how could it be more provoking? How could it let your partner or your writing partner and delve more into that personality. How have you ever been on holiday? What is your favorite food? When is your birthday? These are all questions that can be improved upon. And here's how I make it thought-provoking and Fern by changing what is your favorite color into if he could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be wide? That way you learn nothing. Hello. You learn why you like that favorite color and it just brings interest into it. So question, they might not have heard of fall. What would be your dream holiday? Describe that. See this leaves more room for if you want to receive on the light is by telling someone to describe what they want. Tally feel at least two longer, more insight, more, more insightful, more personal letter writing. What food would you take on the perfect technique? It's just that little detail to make it a bit more interesting. When is your birthday and how do you plan to celebrate it? Favorite song ends and two, how would you describe your taste in music? It's learning extra details, not just that one tidbit, that much, much more. And that can lead to a more thoughtful friendship and a longer-lasting right check. So at great upgrading your writing details and how to do it. So one way is by getting into a good mindset, how do I want it to sound? Do I want to sound excited? Do I want to sound thoughtful, whimsical? Some people I know get into the headspace that they are living in a different age. They want to sound like they are woman of the Regency Era. And they will write as though they are the Lord's all ladies. And it just really makes for these wonderful, brilliant lattices. And I just think it's a really fun way of getting your mind really calm and creating a really fun outcome by doing some simple. You can get personal, you're writing to a friend. You need to remember that for the first letter they may be a stranger, but you want to create those connections. That's what writing is all about. So you can talk about your life. You can talk about things that are personal to you that you like. Obviously, not personally. Should know Buck details like wow, that's not what I mean. I mean like what inspires you? What really gets your creative creativity flowing? This is something that you need to talk about what your friend. Don't be afraid to describe mundane tasks. This sounds really silly. Telling you to write more interestingly by writing about something mundane, but it is a really good way of making a lattice interesting. I have had letters, people just describing that morning routine but in such, that, such detail, but just in thrills, really fun to read about these little things. So topics, topics, topics, there are loads of things you can talk about what the pen pal, and I know lots of people tend to get stuck after asking the first few questions that like comfortable asking. And we'll forget that there are so many things you may not know about this person that you can talk about, ask about, and just have fun learning about each other. So good ones like films and TV. You can talk about it. You can maybe seem, you'll let her out around it and find what characters you relate to. Find the cart, does they relate to you and what is similar and different? And what you have cooked, bake made. You can share recipes. You can do all sorts of stuff with these lovely topics. How to finish your 100? And a lot of people will be like awkward at the end of the latter. Might just say, or I buy. And I think a really good way of making it interesting is finding your own way to sign off almost like a personalized some, but at the end. So an example, well, that's it for now. He might say this, that the end of every single letter, I'm not just makes it sound like it to you saying goodbye really puts a voice behind the written word. And then you'll sign DNA. I put you'll find baby because sometimes I'll put baby is like my nickname as well. I'll put down. Another example is until next time they beat. So you can't just write your name at the end. That's as simple as that. Ps. It's always drew out a PS. And trust me, that was how to happy male creative letter-writing by the people cash. 4. How To Turn Your Letters Into Art!: This is how to have e-mail, how to turn your letters into art by maybe bookish things just to keep in mind when getting more creative when you're lattice. All letters are appreciated. I'll opera Elson Paul, you will never have someone turn around and say, Oh, that letter isn't colourful enough for creative enough or anything. Whenever I got Atlanta, I think is the most beautiful thing in the world, whether it is just the letter itself handwritten, or if it is so elaborate and crazy and spilling with all sorts of papers and glasses and everything like that. There is no skill required when it comes to your pen palling, lots of writing healthy male. You've just got to a you feel is right in gray. What you think is nice, pretty whatever you have to like it. Minimal supplies needed. You do not need all the stationary in the world stop and falling. Although some people might think so is not the case. Simply a pen, paper and a stamp is pretty much all you need. On the topic of supplies, Harris, a simple supplies like you may have around the house, but could make your letters. It does something interesting. Colored pens, you can draw a picture. You can use some interesting curves is to make things look more interesting. And then there are some more outside big ticket items that can become a bit more expensive like sealing wax and white stuff there. I think that's a really classic way of making Alaska look really fun and really make it pop. And then some things you could be looking now at random stores like paint jet cars, they usually free from a place like being key or adding other cells, paint, these little paint chips, samples are really cool way to collage with. And obviously things that are just around the house. Scissors, whole Penn, She just need to be looking around, collecting or you can, it doesn't have to be expensive. So there are some tiny techniques that you may not have thought about to make your lattice really fun, really pop alanine, interesting. Origami. I forgot this one pound of really long time when I first started that palette. You can make little flat origami pieces with just a little colorful but a paper or a plain piece of paper you may have doodled on to give it an interesting pattern. And you can find plenty of tutorials on Instagram or YouTube. Really easy on our gall me, but you can include in your envelope doodles, doodles, doodles. I think a lot of people SCAP out this as well, like a little picture of a flower or plant that's just over the latter, over the and below. It's just really queue and you can really tell when someone's taken the time to just do a little drawing. And I just, I love it when I got these in the mail collage. Now this is for your people who want to go even a bit further with it. They want to just use glue and paper, different textures to make that law really pop and stand out and show that style. This can be with anything to scrub peaks around the house, old magazines, newspapers, all books you can use to create these ratings. Maybe elaborate collage is latter stocks. Okay, these are really fun. So you might just have a couple of envelopes and the house in each envelope. One I'll include the latter. One might include T1 likely had some little pathos to decorate with. And then you'll tie them all together with a string and suddenly off. It's a really key way of making something look interesting. Where to find inspiration. I have a few hashtags here that I really recommend you go and look up because this is where I find a lot of my own inspiration for crafting and Panhellenic. One is pen pal with me. You can find this on Youtube, tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest hashtag, snail Latter hashtag, happy male ideas, many mole. You'll find so many images, so many tutorials of different things you can do Hotmail that you can send them the male with really no cost at all. This was how to have e-mail, how to turn your classes into buyout, be bookish.