How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: Our FULL 1hr Presentation at Vancouver Community College

Jewel Tolentino And Auret Esselen

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    • How to grow your youtube channel 2017


About This Class

We were invited to speak at Vancouver Community College to a 4th year Hospitality Program Class on the power of social media and of course, because YouTube is so close to our hearts, we shared some major strategies for how to grow your youtube channel and get more subscribers.

In this video, you’ll hear:

• How we went from being depressed & unfulfilled at our 9-5 jobs to being full-time YouTubers / social media business owners

• How Auret successfully launched her music career online, eventually leading to a National Music Tour

• Our complete YouTube timeline and how we achieved 700% growth in a relatively short amount of time

• 1-on-1 advice directly from YouTube: what they said to us that started the snowball of subscribers on our channel

• The 5 actionable strategies we used to grow our YouTube channel that you can implement right now

• Where you can go to start your very own custom / branded youtube channel and grow it from scratch







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