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How To Grow Your Local Business With Facebook

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Why Facebook Marketing Is The Solution

    • 4. Creating & Growing Your Audience On Facebook

    • 5. How To Set Up A Fan Page In Less Than 5 Minutes

    • 6. My Favorite Design Resources

    • 7. How To Customize Your Fan Page

    • 8. How To Share Relevant Content With Your Audience

    • 9. A Little Known Fan Page Feature - Geo-Targeting

    • 10. How To Build Your Fan Base For 2 Cents Per Like

    • 11. QR Codes

    • 12. Introduction To Local Awareness Ads

    • 13. How To Create Local Awareness Ads

    • 14. Four Proven & Tested Strategies To Grow Your Local Business

    • 15. Conclusion - We Are Done!

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About This Class

This course will reveal how to grow your local business fast & cost-effective with proven & tested Facebook marketing strategies.

You’ll learn how to create a professional Facebook fan page, grow your fan base and harness the power of local awareness ads to sell more products & services instantly!

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Reap the Benefits Of Growing Your Local Business With Facebook Marketing

  • Quick & easy way to create a professional Facebook fan page in less than 10 minutes
  • How to build your fan base for 2 cents per like
  • Best practices to incorporate social media into your offline communication channels
  • Step-by-step instructions to grow your business with local awareness ads to reach people nearby your local store

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be ready to grow your business with paid Facebook ads and increase your revenue instantly!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick. You're and I like to welcome you on behalf of my partners and orchestra ready training called local business Mastery. In this course, you'll discover and easy to follow strategy to grow your local business fast and cost effective with proven tested Facebook marketing strategies. You learn things like a quick and easy way to create a professional face. Defend page in less than 10 minutes. How do you build your fan base for around two cents per like best practices to incorporate social media into Europe? Offline communication channels step by step instructions to grow your business with local awareness, asked to reach people nearby, your local store and much, much more. So if this is something that you want, then this course is running perfect for you joining this class today and learn How do you grow your business with Facebook and sell more products and services? I'll see you on the other side 2. Meet & Greet : Hey there, Patrick here. And I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partner, Sandra Kiss to our brand new training called Local business Mastery Things for being our student. I really appreciate your presence. So let me ask you this Do you have in local business? Probably you do. Otherwise you wouldn't take this class, right? If so, then Facebook should be an essential part of your local marketing strategy. In fact, there's no better and no cheaper wait to acquire new customers and to make more sales almost instantly. And I want to warn you, forget about print ATS seriously, that something will not cover in this training. I know that many local business owners use them sometimes three even work. But in most cases, paying money for a newspaper advertisement equals to flushing money down the toilet. Why? Because he left in the 21st century and there is something called Facebook for Facebook marketing that's just hundreds of times more powerful. You know, I talked to hundreds of local business owners over the years, and they can tell you that I can only see happy faces of a local business, deploys Facebook marketing strategies. If newspaper ads or radio jingles would be the better way for growing your business than I would probably do a course about that. But unfortunately it is it. Anyways, here's the thing. I worked with many great local businesses one on one, and I really loved it. There were really some great people that I met, and I really enjoyed skinning their businesses together with them. It really made me happy to see how Facebook marketing changed the economics of these businesses almost instantly. But unfortunately, many small businesses couldn't afford our services. So eventually I decided to create this step by step trainings, and I could hopefully Seymour happy faces out there. And in fact, this training includes everything you need to know in order to grow your local business fast and easy with Facebook marketing, even if you're busy without having to pay tons of money for expensive social media marketing agencies. So this training is designed to increase your revenue and to acquire new customers also to re engage with your existing customers. I know that is something that you want, so let's take massive action and I'll see you in the next video 3. Why Facebook Marketing Is The Solution: The first question is why Facebook marketing? Well, there are three major reasons. First of all, you can create a business fan page. It's not a secret that fan pages are a powerful tool to acquire new customers and to build lasting relationships with your existing customers. But for local businesses, they offer a bunch of really cool features. For example, you can share information about your business, like open hours and parking options. Or if you set up your Facebook page as a local business, you have the option to collect testimonials and reviews from your customers and showcase them on social media. This will attract more customers, right? And besides that more people will find you, since your fan pages indexed by search engines like Google based on the key words used in the business page title Second, your harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing. It will be easier for your customers to recommend your business to their network and their friends and last mental illness. You can harness advanced Facebook marketing features like local awareness adds to give your business more exposure instantly in your city with just a few clicks. How cool is that a long story short. There's a virtually infinite number of reasons why your business should be active on Facebook, but I hope that these three reasons are enough to prove that Facebook marketing is the route to go if you want to grow your business today. 4. Creating & Growing Your Audience On Facebook: Okay. Are you ready for the first step? Great. And the falling videos? I'll show you how to create a fan page that your fans will fall in love with and how to grow your audience on Facebook so you can reach more potential customers in your city very easily and also re engage with your existing customers. I'll see you in the next video. 5. How To Set Up A Fan Page In Less Than 5 Minutes: Okay, So in this video, I want to show you how to create a fan page on Facebook to get started, log in, enter a Facebook account and then click on this little arrow and the top right hand corner . Can you see that? Just click here and select Create page from the drop down menu. Now, as you can see, we have to pick a category. Now, if you're a local business or a place, then you want to select this option here. As you can see, there are six different categories to pick from, like company, organisation or institution. Brand of product artist, Bender, public figure entertainment, cause or community. But again, if you're a local business than that, just the perfect category for your business. So first of all, you want to choose a category that's completely depends on your business. So let's say I'm in the food niche, okay, I'm running a restaurant. Then I would select this one here, right? So just go ahead and pick your niche, your local business category. Then you want to enter the name of your business. So let's say I'm running a steakhouse in New York, so I would enter old homes. That steak house, right? You wanna add the address? No. Avenue. We are in New York. Perfect, then, Andrew zip code and has been the least enter your phone number. Awesome. You're definitely gonna get started. Next. You want to add a description and a website to improve the ranking of her page and Serge and to just provide more information about your business, to your customers, to your existing customers and to new customers. Okay, So, basically just described in one or two sentences, what your business is all about the year would do something like visit the city's finest place for prime be in 2015. If you have absolutely no clue what to end her here than well, just check out your competitors. Take a look at what other restaurants are doing in your market, or I don't know what your business all about. Just take a look at what your competitors do. Stock them a little bit on Facebook, and you'll get some great eight years what you can enter in this section. Just make sure that a new customer knows right away what your business is all about. Next one. Enter a website here? No. If you have a website, then just go ahead and enter it here. Right. If you don't have an actual website, But you have a YouTube general, for example, or a Twitter account. Then you can link that your as well. Ok, so if you have any other type of online property, your social media property, go ahead and choke a zit on your fan page. Well, then Facebook is asking us. It's old Homestead Steakhouse, aerial establishment, business or venue? Yes. Will Old Homestead Steakhouse be the authorized An official representation of this establishment business or venue ERT on Facebook, right? Yes. If you're done, then click on safe info. Next, you want to upload a profile picture, you can upload it from your computer or you can import it from your website. Now, the profile picture should physically represent your logo. I assume that you have logo already in case you don't have a logo yet, Then don't worry about it. In the next video, we'll show you how to get a logo for free or just a few bucks. So seriously, if you have a logo, Pablo, that if you don't have one yet. Just wait until the next video and click on Skip. Next, you can add your page to your favorites to easily access it any time you can do it or just skip it. Then you want to select your preferred page audience. So you want to tell Facebook about the people you'd most like to connect with. Obviously, anybody can find your page, but Facebook will do the best to put it in front of the people who matter to your business than most. So if you have a local store, local business, I assume that you know your audience. So just go ahead and answer the location here. That state's New York right? Then you want to define the age range. Let's say the my target audiences between, like 30 and 50 gender only when they reach men and women. You can say you wanna reach women on Lee or men on Lee that these air the most relevant to your business and then you want to add some interest here. Okay, In this case, it's like steak house steak. It's try beef Perfect. Okay, so you want to enter a bunch of interest here that are relevant to your business. If you're done, click on Safe Perfect. You just created your fan page. As you can see, it's really as easy as that. If you want, you can even like your own fan page. And well, in the next video, we'll show you how to get a stunning design for a fan page. As you can see, the profile picture and the timeline cover is missing here, and I'll also show you how to customize your fan page a little bit more well, at a little bit more information to it, so your customers, your existing customers and potential new customers will have more information about your business. 6. My Favorite Design Resources : in case you don't know where to get your design from, don't worry about it. You're three. Great resource is to get a timeline cover for free or for just a few bucks and even a profile picture or a logo. So the first resource is five, or fiber is the cheapest solution from the paid ones. And while you can get a stunning fan page designed for no more than $5 okay, so just enter fan page design on fiber dot com in the search bar and then just select the seller with top writing. Right. Like this one has more than 2000 ratings, 2005 star ratings and so on. Long story. Short if you're if you hate doing the design yourself. And if you really want investors $5 for a professional design than just check out fiver and , well, book a gig. The seller will get in touch with you. He will request information for you and usually takes like 23 days, depending on the seller, and then you will get your design sent to your inbox cape so fiber is a great resource. The next website is called 99 designs 99 designs a little bit more pricey bat. I think it's one of the best designed Resource is out there, So go to 99 designs and then check out the categories here. Now, in case you don't even have a logo that you can showcase on your profile picture, right? Like like here these Air fan Pete covers. In case you have nothing to put in your probably you'll need a logo designed. Then select this package here in case you have a logo already. And you just need basically the timeline cover and somebody to put the logo into her profile picture. Right. Then you want to go to APP design and select Facebook. However, from the drop down, you can get a really professional timeline cover profile picture for, like, $39 which is like nothing. Okay. And these guys do you really terrific work? Actually, when you book a package, something like a contest world start so will not only get one design, but like a dozen off designs to choose from, depending on the package that you get. If you even go for one of the more expensive ones, 99 designs will assign a design manager who will help you to select the best designs. We provide a bunch of information about your business, what you want and so on. Then they will get, like, dozens off different designs to choose from. Then you just get one that you like, and that's it. And besides, that 99 designs test even maybe 100% refund guarantees. So if you don't like the design for any reason, hey, you even don't have to pay for it, Okay? And well, in case you don't even want to spend $5.5 and you say a 99 designs is a little bit too expensive. There is a tool called can va dot com. Candidate comes a free tool that you can use to design, like different things and even a Facebook cover. So just go to candidate, calm Obama and account and click on Facebook cover. Now, if you look in, they have a short in true that will explain how it works. But it's pretty easy, so you can just select different layout. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. They just cost like $1. But they have a ton of free layout. Um, so you can just drag and drop it too, to to to this free space here. Right. You can add some text, right? You have headlines, have headlines and different text elements here that you can use. You can select the different background and you can even upload a photo. A background picture. Okay. And if you are done, just click on download, and you can export the file. And you didn't have to and created a great Hamlin cover for free. So if you want to do the design yourself, go with can va. And if you have a little bit of money to spend and go with fiber or 99 designs, I can highly recommend all three. Resource is 7. How To Customize Your Fan Page: Okay, great one. To go through a design, You want to have a little bit more information about your business on your fan page. First of all, the about section is really important. So you want to add opening hours, people in the price range? That's something I wouldn't do in 90% of the cases. Bet it is really important to show the price range. Then do it. But generally speaking, I would not provide any information about this topic. Well, if you're a restaurant, add your Manu here, okay? So people can just check what they can order in your restaurant. And well, in case you haven't done yet at your website, then if you click on the about section, you can provide even more information. Well, first of all, you can choose a Facebook Web address again. You can show your menu. You can enter the start date of your business, enter hours of up race. We already cover dead Really important. Enter and impressive for your page for liability reasons than right and longer description for you. Page this. Provide more information about your business. Maybe it's history what you do, why you do things then enter the type of parking that it's available is really great of some customers reach you by car. Do you want to enter email address and maybe even the official brands? Elaborate your organization. Your page is about OK, so, generally speaking, tried to enter as much information as possible. And then you want to add a call to action right so you can choose a button here. This can be booked now. Call now contact. That's send message. Use AB play game shop. Now sign up, Watch video, whatever it ISS if it's like in local business. Typically, what you would do is a book now Call now, Contact us or send message. Okay, but it's statistically proven that if you include a call to action that actually more people will contact you Long story short, customize your fan page, enter as much information as possible about it, then also important. You can add some photos to your page. So if you have some great pictures off your local business of your local store showcase, it is really important if you if you're running a restaurant, right, a one to showcase it, how beautiful it is and well last battle needs. Don't forget about adding the profile picture and the timeline cover. It's really easy. Just click on this simple here to add the profile picture or on this symbol here to add a cover. 8. How To Share Relevant Content With Your Audience : before we start building your fan base Before we started getting likes, we actually have to fill or a fan page with life. Nobody will like an empty fan page, so what you want to do is make a couple of posts. If you have a business block already, then it's going to be pretty simple. Just post the links to your articles and, well, this should be absolutely no problem to come up with content. So if you have a block already, that's great. But I know that some of you don't half a block, and I also know that some of you don't want to write block articles. But you still want to share relevant and valuable content with your with your fans. So here's the best way to do it. I knew that a ton of people are struggling with coming up with Condon eight years and finding content, and there's one tool that's free and that will help you to get massive amounts of contents . That is really valley bone that people left with basically just a few clicks, and that tool is called best sumo. So go to best to move that come and well here we can see the paid version. It's like 300 bucks a meant that we have. You don't have to work with the paid version. The free version. The basic version is totally fine. So here's what we did in the social media marketing space. We researched our biggest competitors, right, and you should do the very same thing. I don't know what your business is about that tried to find the biggest players in your niche market. And if they have only properties, then you can just search for them. So, let's say, in the social media marketing space, Joe Loomer is one of the biggest guys. Okay, so if I enter the his your l here and if I click on search, then I get all the content that he released. But here's the beauty about Massimo. Massimo swords, the condom by the amount of shares on Facebook linked in Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, so you're a kind I consorted by the amount of total shares, or maybe even just a Facebook shares. Probably. You're asking yourself why shares now, as you know, social engagement on Facebook, is really important, meaning, like commenting on the post and liking a post. But sharing opposed is way more than liking it. If you're sharing opposed for someone than you are saying, Hey, I didn't only like this. This is so valuable that I have to spread the word about this article about this video. I have to share it so share sharing is the most valuable form of engagement, and it's like a pure quality stamp. So you can basically find the most shared content in your niche market very, very, very easily, and I can just encourage you to do that. So then you can just go through through the articles and won't just post them on Facebook. You should post at least one once or twice a week. You can even schedule post on Facebook. As you know, and well, this will just take you a couple of minutes to find great and valuable content in your niche market for your fan base, right? Here's the thing you can do with best sumo. You can define the language, and you can even define the content type. So if you say I just want to look for articles or info, graphics or videos that performed really well just go ahead and filter filter the search results. So long. Story short. Trying to define some big players in your niche market that are active on the Internet on Facebook, competitors that have a block in place and then just check them out. Take a look at the content that get shared the most and then just posted on Facebook. And if you say articles are great, but I wanna mix Mike Condon strategy a little bit, so adding more videos and interviews to it. Hey, that's the tool that will help you to find the best condoms in your niche market, right? So go ahead, check out both suit Best sumo and start making a number of posts like at least 34567 post before driving pate traffic to your fan page. And that's something that will talk about in one of the next videos. 9. A Little Known Fan Page Feature - Geo-Targeting: There's a little known fan page feature I want to show you, and I'm pretty sure that it will be very helpful since you're running a local business. So here's the thing. If you post something on your fan page, it will be visible by virtually everyone. So the audience off opposed. It's basically everybody, right? But here's what you can do. You can narrow the potential audience off your posts. So first of all, we have to enable this function. Now, if you're on your fan page, click on settings and then there's this setting year newsfeed audience and visibility for post the ability to their the potential organs for newsfeed and limit visibility on your posts is turned off. So this feature here is turned off by default. You have to turn it on. So click on edit. Just check this box here and like unsafe changes. Great. Now, if you go back to your page, you can see that the symbol here appears Now you can narrow the audience for this post, so if you click here, you can define your target audience. First of all, you can search interests, so if you say I just want to reach a particular audience that is interested and a certain thing right. Then you can go ahead and do it here. You can narrow down the age. Then you can also define the gender. Well, maybe you're running a promotion that is like geared towards women on Lee that they get, I don't know, 30% discount next Thursday. Obviously, men are not really interested in that type of offers it don't bother them with it. Then just go ahead and select women. Or if you say I just want to reach out to the ones for at least 30 years old or between 30 and 40 go ahead and do that. Then you can even define the location a little bit more, and you can even define the language. So if you say I just want to reach out to the Chinese speaking folks living in New York or in Berlin, just go ahead and do that. If you're done, click and safe and then just right to post click on the publish button, and that's the way to make your posts more relevant. 10. How To Build Your Fan Base For 2 Cents Per Like: there is Homer thing I wanted to point out in this training wouldn't really talk about how to grow your fan base on Facebook, since it's actually beyond the scope of this class. However, if you want to learn how to get fans for no more than two cents per like with paid Facebook ads, then you might want to check out or course Facebook marketing set up your first like and pain. It's a shortened spring to the point training that will cover everything you need to know. To set a laser targeted campaigns from scratch, you can either search for it using the search bar on sculpture or just had over to my portfolio by copy, pasting the link that you can see on this light. So I hope you start building a fan base today because there's really nothing easier than converting your fans into customers and leet. So now it's time to take action get started, and I hope to see you in my new class 11. QR Codes : Another thing to consider is incorporating Facebook into your offline communication channels. And the best way to do it is to work with our coats that were redirect the user. The visitor, the person who's Canseco to your Facebook fan page, right? Probably you've been to a restaurant and you open the menu and you've seen a QR code on the back on the Manu. And, well, if you would scan that your coat, you would just land on the Facebook fan Peach off that restaurant. And, well, it's really very popular and really easy way to build up your family's on Facebook, actually, for free, and the future I can highly recommend is called Q R Dash code dash generator dot com que Oracle generator right? It's a great feature. The even have a free trial can test it for 14 days, and it's very simple. It's it's very easy to use, So here's how it works. You're starting by choosing your coat type, so let's say you wanna redirect people to her Facebook fan page and build up your fan base on Facebook. Then just enter the Facebook page address just entered the your L. Then you can customize your design. You can choose from different Q R code templates. Okay, just do something that you like. It's really easy, as you can see, then just download the file. You can print it out. You can send the fonds your designer so he can incorporate it on new menus. Or we can just put it on on your front door. You can include it on the Flyers. So there was a thons of ways how you can use that that tool here, and at the end of the day, you can even track the scans. QR code generator has a pretty advanced tracking tool that rex a number of scans, unique scans, the countries that the scans were coming from and even the city. So this striking tool is really great because you can track exactly how many people scan your QR code and how many people actually land on your fan page. And how many people like your fan page. It's a long story short. This is a fantastic tool. It's a zay said Before you can test it for free. You can see many big companies like England flickers and scare using that tool. If you're unsure about using it. You can even get give them a call. They have a fantastic support service and how more than 500,000 people actually like this. This to like their service Soak Jarkko generator is a great tool. It's very easy to incorporate it into your offline communication channels. It's a fantastic way to grow your pan base for free and something else that I can recommend as the e book that they've got here. So it's the complete guy to marketing with QR coats of they explained the basic of QR codes . The purpose of key Archos advantages of dynamic coats, printing cure coast correctly QR codes tracking and so on. So this book is for free, just requested if you want to give it a try, so go ahead, check out this tool and I'd be really happy if you incorporate Facebook marketing into your offline channels. 12. Introduction To Local Awareness Ads : great. Once you set up your Facebook fan page in filled it with continents. Time to use a feature that is helping thousands of businesses every day to get more foot traffic. The total we're talking about is called local awareness. ATS. Local awareness adds, represent the best way to reach people when they're in your your business. Whether that means within walking distance or only a few miles away. This the ant objective is built to be more cost effective than traditional advertising channels, like newspaper advertising, while offering MAWR precise targeting and greater reach in the following videos. I'll show you how to use the today to get more sales, new customers and great results. First, I'll walk you through the basics of creating ads than will cover a number of great strategies that you can deploy instantly to grow your local business. I'll see you in the next lesson 13. How To Create Local Awareness Ads: Okay, great. It's time to take action. And in this video, I'll show you how to create a local awareness at I'll walk you through the basic process Now, to get started logging into your Facebook ads account and then just click on create at Can you see that? Just click here now. The first step in the process is to choose the objective for your campaign. As you can see, there's a number of different objectives. Now we want to reach people near our business, right. We want to harness the power of local awareness. That and the campaign objective that you have to select this this one here, reach people. Your your business. Well, then you just want to select the business you want to promote. Okay, if you then click on Continue. Perfect. The first thing we have to define is specifying who should see our at. So what you can do here is defining the radius. So first of all, you want to enter the address here or basically want to make sure that the address that you provide it on your Facebook fan page is your actual business address, and then you can define the radius, right, so you can really expand or limit the reach of that at. We have a number of options here, right that starts with one mile, three miles, five miles goes up to 50 miles, and you can even customize it. Two like two miles if you want. Right? So here's what I recommend. Always get started with, like, one mile and see if you reach a decent amount of people. Track your results. And if you see the things are working out and you want to reach more people, then expand the radius. Gradually. You really want to reach out to Facebook users first, who are very near your local business so seriously always could started with, like one mile and then expand the reach gradually. Next, you should define the age and the gender. Well, if you have a local business, you I'm sure you know who are the people who are buying from you. I'm sure that you know your customers. So just define the H right. If you know that the majority of your customers is between, like 33 40 and if you know that there female, well, that's it. You're done fright you just defined your target irons. So again, even though your your your customers just think about it, who these people are, who buy your products, who claim your services and then just define it here. Next, you want to define how much you would like to spend, so always select the option. Daily budget. I don't like lifetime budget so much because you're at budget will not get spent evenly. Always work with Dany Budget and yours a mistake you shouldn't do. And there a lot of people get excited about Facebook ads, and what they do is is entering something like 100 euros here for the first campaign. Don't do that test small and then scaled. I would never spend more than five euros. Five bucks for my first campaign, right? So spend $5.5 euros, Run your first campaign for 24 hours and tracked the results that you're getting. If you see that you're getting the results that you're expecting, then you can scale your budget gradually can scale your campaign gradually, so start with five euros or $5. Test it for 48 hours and if you see that you're getting getting great results no than just increase the budget to, like, 10 euros or 15 euros owed 20. Okay, with everyone test small, then you can schedule your ad. You can run your ads it continuously starting today. Recon set a start and end date. Well, it completely depends on your personality. For example, I'm the type of person who completely forgets that I set up at, You know, we're also working with lots of clients. I really have to you work with this function year because it can really happen that I forget that I'm running a campaign for, like, 1000 bucks a day. And then I'm surprised when I'm getting a bill from Facebook. Um, So if you know that you tend to forget about you know these things. If you know that you're a busy person set to start and then end dates of your first campaign, you want to make sure that your run you're at for 48 hours, but no more. But if you know that you will monitor your at very closely, well, then you can just leave it to the default option and just past the at after two days or at least to check it and then decide what they want deposit or to scale it perfect. Next, you have to define the the at picture and the at text. Now, in this video, I'll walk you through the basic steps right and the falling video. We'll take a look at a number of different strategies that you can deploy to scale your business. The first step is to select images for your At first of all, you can browse your image labor library. You can upload pictures from your computer if you have some already, for example, pictures off your restaurant. Or and this is an option I absolutely love. You can use free stock images from shutter stock. Shutter stock is usually pretty expensive if you want to buy licenses from them. You have to pay quite a lot of money. But shelter is stuck close to deal with Facebook, and you can basically use all of their pictures for free if you run ads on Facebook. So as you can see, you have a number of different options here. As I said before, we can upload your images from your computer. You have excess your image library and then you have access to the stock image library off shutter stock. Now you wanna use relevant pictures, right? Pictures that are relevant to the products use you sell or the services that you rendered. So let's say you're running a restaurant. Well, what would you do? Probably would showcase some pictures up fruit. I don't know what you do. Maybe you do. Maybe you run the sushi restaurant. Maybe you run an Italian restaurant, right? So let's say you you sell pizza. Well, then you have probably show pictures of some really tasty pizza here. Right? Let's go for something more generic case. Just make sure that the food, for example, looks like really fresh. Um, And while I'm getting really hungry, if I'm if I'm seeing this year well, something else that you should do, you can select up to six images. Here's to think Facebook will split. Test these images for you automatically. You don't have to do anything. And then Facebook will push the image that delivers the best result. So before Facebook introduced this picture split testing was a big pain in the ass because you had to say that multiple ads, multiple campaigns and Now you can just select six images, and Facebook does all the work for you, so it's really it got a lot easier to split test your at. So, for just reasons, select up to like six different images that you wanna use to selected three in this example Here. Then, if you click on this simple, you can reposition the image right, so you always want double check that. There's nothing weird about the image. It's test that one here. Perfect. And then you have to enter a headline and some text, right? We'll talk about that leader. What to enter here and what will you want to do? Something like, Do you love food? Always start with a question, right? You really want to define the problem that your target audience has? Maybe it's maybe they're hungry. Maybe they're looking for a softer skin. Really. Try to pinpoint the problem that you're solving indie handling, because if a person sees her and there, they will be immediately like, Oh, that's something for me. This is for me great things a lot. So always start with a question and try to define the problem. Or, like, do you love food. Are you hungry? Then you want to enter some text. Will you want to include a call to action? Tell him what you want them to do. They come to Henry's for great organic food at unbeatable prices, so make sure to explain what's in for them. Tell them the benefit that they can expect if they visit your store if they call you, and then you should include a call to action, as you can see there, five different calls to action like page learn more call now, get directions and sent message. Well, usually it's this option. Here. Get directions. You want them to actually go to your local store. The default option is to get directions, but if you want your target audience, he call you. Then you want to select a different call to action here, right? Perfect. And if you're done only have to do this. You click on place order than it will take Facebook up to 12 hours to re veer at and to make it life and well, that's the basic process off, creating local awareness acts 14. Four Proven & Tested Strategies To Grow Your Local Business: OK in this video. Want to go over four pretty fantastic strategies to work with local awareness at the first , Reggie is about increasing local brand awareness. So the purpose of this campaign is making people aware about your business and that you are out there. So just saying Hello and here common visit me. But here's the thing. You don't want to create burning campaigns like get the best pizza in town. That's not excited. Exciting at all. Probably would just go to McDonald's and get burger right. You want to tell people what's special about your business? What's passionate value now Marketers called this special thing this special, something unique selling proposition. I call it the Tell a Friend test. It's a reason you would provide to your friend to go with you to a local store to a local business. So let's take a look at this ad here because it's a great example. So the local business is called Fuki Sushi, right? And the At Tells. Founded in 1978 Fuki Sushi was the first Japanese restaurant and power Palo Alto. So what's special about this? Well, it's the first Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto I personally love sushi. I could live in the sushi restaurant, but if I would have to have to go Teoh a sushi restaurant, then I would probably just go to this one if it's nearby. If I know that I love sushi and hey, it's something special because it's really the first restaurant that the opened in Palo Alto. Heck, I would go there right so seriously provide a reason why someone should go to your place to your business, to your restaurant, to your beauty salon and up to the business of your competitors, Right? Tell people what's special about you. Get them excited and can be anything. It can be the history of your business or a celebrity. Was her customer awards that you want or the number of reviews that you got on Yelp or Trip Advisor, or maybe some special products that you sell that people cannot get somewhere else? Be creative, and don't be boring. Get potential clients excited about you and your business. Tell them what's really special about you. And please remember the tell a friend test. It's a great test to make sure that you created the great ad that will perform well. Next, you can encourage your visitors to shop in your store. Right? So we have two ads here. You can either ask them to buy something like a gift that's on their wish list or well, you just asked him to take a drink. And this is a great at your rough day at the office. Good thing Happy hour is just around the corner. So tell him Hey, come to come to my bar, take a drink. You will absolutely love or drinks. Just relax. So there's pretty intuitive user is basically asking customers to come to your store and you leave money on the table. Then you can inform potential customers about happy hours, for example, about happy hours that take place every Monday from 8 to 10 p.m. If you do something like that, there are some regular specialty deals than inform nearby customers about that. Don't forget about it. People always love to save money, and if you tell them what's special about your business and also they can save money, they were Ulta magically come to you. And last but not least, you can inform your customers about special deals, right for example, a 20% discount on everything on the 1st December of 2015. You can provide a link just as in the left at, so the person you're buying can get more information about your promotion or which is a really great and sneaky way together, like is to ask for a like to get more details, just like in the right at. So these are four different ways to use local awareness adds to grow your business. Now go ahead, pick one strategy and take action that will start growing your business today. 15. Conclusion - We Are Done!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learned. We covered everything you need to know to harness the power of Facebook, to grow your local business very fast. So just go ahead and take action. Give your local business more exposure with Facebook. And, hey, if you have any questions than feel free to reach out, we are here to help you and will answer all of your questions. So good luck. Take massive action to they keep me updated on your progress. Have a great day and I'll talk you soon.