How To Grow Your Company or Small Business Sustainably

Sam Chin, Process Scientist

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome and Introduction

    • 2. Defining Growth

    • 3. Defining Automation

    • 4. Defining Scaling

    • 5. Balancing Operations and Projects

    • 6. Sustaining Profitability

    • 7. Common Roadblocks

    • 8. Creating Profitable Growth When You're Not the CEO

    • 9. Tying It Together


Project Description

Assignment: Practical application of the principles to a real-world scenario. Respond in writing to the following prompts.

Use the attached blank worksheet for your answers. We've also attached a sample completed worksheet for reference. 

  • Using the principles and definitions learned in this class, what are some ways that your business could grow profitably using the following approaches? (give at least one example of each approach)
    • Automation
    • Scaling
  • Given your business context, which of these strategies would you choose if you could only implement one?
  • Is there a way you might integrate both of these approaches to create a more holistic growth strategy?
  • Would either of these approaches NOT be a good fit for your business model? Why?
  • What is an action step you can implement today to move your company towards profitable growth?

When you complete the exercise, share your answers with the community and make sure to discuss and share feedback with each other! This will help you develop the learning even further. 

Plus, Sam will give individual feedback on the first five projects shared by students, so get sharing!

Note: Students are encouraged to use the context of their own company for this exercise, however if you do not have your own business or work in a role related to this area, you can instead use a real-world business that you are familiar with, or create your own fictional case study example for the purposes of the exercise.

Student Projects

project card
Sam Chin